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Daily Globe Newspaper Archives Apr 3 1965, Page 1

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Daily Globe (Newspaper) - April 3, 1965, Ironwood, Michigan Temperatures 14 or. Period to 11 . 39 25. Previous 24 or. Period 38 year ago High 43 Low 15. Season s Snow 171.2 in. Snow year ago 182 in. Ironwood daily Globe and not so cold tonight with occasional rain probably mixed with sleet. Sunday Cloudy and a Little warmer with occasional rain. Low to mint 28-34. High sunday in 30s. 46th year number 114. Associated press leased wire news service Ironwood Michigan saturday evening. April 3, 1965. Ten pages single copy 10 cents. Reds Challenge planes for first Russia charged with harassing . Warships Taylor planning to increase u. S. Force in South Viet Nam by John m. Hichtower a special correspondent use of air As Well As ground forces against Viet Cong can Washington a am cent rations in the South. American officials claim 4 instances Bassadore Maxwell d. Taylor is1 the is to convince North going Back to Saigon with plans Viet Nam it cannot win in the to add several thousand and that it can get peace cans to the . Force in South Only by halting infiltration of Viet Nam. I troops and arms i he also intends to see another. A round of air strikes against by Lewis Gulick 160.000 South vietnamese added j infiltration and Supply Washington a the to the fight against the comm Degan United states charged Russia Joist Viet Cong this year raising1 today with four new instances country s total to about 700. Harassing american Romni Ppd a week of War on the High seas. With Presl there have been reports from in a protest note. Washington j Jent Johnson and top officials he leaves Wash f i vials Here say so far told Moscow responsibility consequences it will Bear my for if the serious a collision in ton tonight to return to his Nave abroad of a weakening in Hanoi s determination but these by offi embassy heavily damaged by a vials Here including Johnson Taylor told a news conference comes from further dangerous actions of soviet ships interfering with . Navy operations. The . Note delivered to the soviet embassy Friday and made Public by the state department today is the latest in a series of angry exchanges Over alleged nautical harass ment. The russians have been ac-1 Cusing americans of buzzing i their ships. The United states complained in a note feb. 24 that soviet Craft had interfered with . Carrier operations in terrorist bombing tuesday Security Council Friday he i no turn costs eds thinks the chances of red including coihu1ucu an in Tho vips by strikes North Viet against communist Nam and extensive weather is dry in most areas Many think economic Boycott wll Hurt racial relations by Rex Thomas Montgomery Ala. Api Many of Alabama s leading i businessmen and legislators believe or Martin Luther King s economic Boycott of this tons if the Boycott should be successful it can serve no purpose than to Worsen relations in the Crawford Johson Iii a chinese intervention in the Viet namese War Are very slight. He did not elaborate but officials said privately there is no evidence of red chinese preparations for intervention. They also said they believe intervention would be against Chi a s interests since it could Lead to a much larger War in South East Asia. Johnson said of Taylor s visit by the associated has completed a very use rain and Snow fell in sections jul Anci productive week of Exchange of views and discus Johnson said Taylor would return for consultations boy s satellite goes telstar one Belem 15, displays the communications satellite. Star which he built. Belkin. Pictured at Chicago students science fair included a laser communications Channel and a weapons laser to defend itself against any interference by hostile Satel Lites. Us Navy planes today knocked out a Bride a 65 Mil is South of Hanoi capital of communist North Viet Nam challenged for the by red planes. Three communist Mig jets Alabama Banks. King said jumped the planes As while the third stage would Spe tacked a Road and railway civic ally single out items Bridge at Dong Phuong said items Bridge produced in the state which capt. George h. Whistler Navy King feels the nation should spokesman. Navy planes the migs but lost them in the Boycott angry s. Air nit Ham Rong Bridge at thar a Hoa. A City of More then a Mil prevailed in most other areas. The precipitation in Southern that 1. On Jan. 7 the soviet ship vertical. With a Lookout on her California started wednesday months using spa Mart after one of the driest Winters by Frank Cormier Thurmont my. A president Johnson discusses with prime minister Lester b. Ranged a informal afternoon conference with Pearson no Agenda but Pearson s various questions have been the Boycott brought asked regarding the Road Geloca responses from Alabama state at the same time 50 Tion at Copper Peak. Following legislators. Force fidos and floss the White folks if they so is an explanation desire can Boycott said the present county Black Riv rep Jonn Lewis Cates of Shel lion 15 Miles South of where Tiia or Road passes Copper Peak on county accusing King of Navy planes struck the East Side and adjacent to being Power mad i a us. Military spokesman the base of the Hill. The outrun a can to see now with several hits were scored on of the proposed Copper Peak Type of rash thinking the negro the Bridge but could not say ski jump would Cross the Road people of Alabama can believe whether it was destroyed. It is a at this Point and naturally pre that King is helping their single Span suspension Bridge seated a problem requiring ser-1 cause said sen. Jimmy me j 800-Yavds Long. In the action farther Norm. Whistler said he did not believe ions consideration. Dow of Shelby county. Countless numbers of meetings in intervals of six weeks to two1 Pearson today the Canadian s 1 moratorium on . Bombing of ing in the final decision to run Bow to within binoculars steamed 75 feet of the rear of the . Ship Dutton. The Amer on record. Rain measured up to five inches in some areas with of three Jean naval vessel was in accumulations feet in the mountains. Heaviest was in the los Angeles Eastern Atlantic towing a magnetometer Cable. Despite the Button s warning rain area. City election is set monday was various groups concern King said the Boycott would got close enough to suggestion for a were held Over the years on until these conditions Are during the Pursuit of the the raid was the closest 10 Call for a respite in air strikes i North Viet Nam was certain to the Road relocation around the by helicopter Friday night to Camp David. J a presidential Retreat in Mary 1 land s Cato tin mountains a Given met an end to the elections. Poll tax in All rrt shredded the Ca blk Hen paved on the a ton Wale amounts of rain were reported held in Ironwood monday a South Central Kansas Witheril 5. At which time voters a Ignis the More than one Inch near their ballots for seven com Triol tour triple the Obrok in. To in a six hour period. Winds of j missioners. One supervisor at tried to let eve the broken 6q per swept the Large and one municipal judge. Ton feb. 16 the soviet ship Kansas City mo., area in a polling places will open at 7 Zond six times crossed close thunderstorm ahead of the . Navy Summa Freeman blasts Ada farm policy Pearson meeting in less than three months were announced by the White House shortly be lore Pearson in at times t to Ork people and a n d also considered was the plan of appointment of negroes to Hanoi yet made by . Planes and this May have accounted for the presence of the migs. It seemed Likely the migs were not sent up spoiling for a against the More numerous crossing the Black River to the policy making positions on state i East. This presented another boards and in state agencies. Navy planes but were already n r n1ps of Whistler Aid not say what soviet built Mig was involved or what National . And close at 8 More Snow fell in the Northern seeking a return to office Are t afar pts Poshont uni Fps off Rockies with fairly heavy seven incumbent candidates for ram is i amounts reported at great Falls i the City commission who Are in 3 on feb 4 the soviet ship and Helena Mont. Freezing i Dorset by the committee for a Arban mane Vered of Pfeif Ere rain pelted sections of the Dako better they in with fueling operations Between tas and Western Minnesota. Elude Alfred Wright. Stan l y Utin fueling operations Oen Veen temperatures Kern Ajner be. Nezworski. E. William Ludberg. Low seasonal Levels in most s. Chester Walters Martin Kop i Northern areas in the Eastern i Nick William Kleinbrook and 2. The soviet i half of the nation. The Core of John icy air was in Northern by James c. Munn Washington i a i c Sec n a p measures he the us and the of be. Told the to take asap Meas free Nan took the Liberal he has used re a heatedly in talking about bomb ing missions North of Viet Nam s 17th parallel Pearson a Veteran rotary of agriculture Orville l. I ornate and fitting and California coast. 4. On March trawler Sverdlovsk a Atell interfered with iras for democratic action i Ada to task today for what he said was a reactionary farm policy that would inaugurate an Era of scarce High Cost food. He said the organization s d Patrick. Running for supervisor at Large is Eugene r. Zen. Also an incumbent. I i r o n-1 major general still in coma air eastward into new England supervisor at Large Post endorsed Early morning temperatures by the honest committee for from 4 above in Pells representative govern me n t ranged ton. Tex. To 74 at Brownsville they include Jerome f. A. Frank Rundell and r. Cor no factual of these actions will even begin to equip the nation to Deal with Complex challenges of week in strategy he met Zorin May get Chilly k. Hester reception in Paris Moscow fap1 _ the soviet Wiesbaden. Germany api maj. Gen. John remained in a coma today Fol lowing severe injuries suffered in a Parachute jump Friday. A medical bulletin released by i May the . Air Force said Hester s in Paris. He is to condition was very serious. New Post soon. The 48-year-old commander of a Book by Zorin the 17th air Force underwent tons of brain surgery a the air Force Friday and rav j. Danielson for super convention. Phasing out visor. John j. Path sky. Once a member of this group with Drew his candidacy one week of the Viet Nam Rural America in strategy Sci thursday and Freeman said in a speech i Friday with Maxwell d. Taylor. 18th annual the american ambassador to i South Viet Nam. Taylor was asked Friday at series of computations such As end to june air when the raid began jail of 10 which Tiloi my not eat tc7 costs excessively Sharp turns Talvity and the Assurance Cost of two Bridges Over deep equal police Protection to the ravines through which the River citizens. To to the and land and Timber hold denunciation by officials and i they bore. But North while in itself it would civic leaders of violence and provided a Scenic Roadway the use of racist ideas in Politi some mig15 and Mic Rij an Over the River and a Beautiful Cal statements. I Craft they a not of View of the ski Hill. The Cost this is no attempt to destroy i possess any of the sophisticated would have equalled the total the Economy of the state of Ala j project Cost and had to be abandoned. Ultimately the Road will run breathe life and health into that on the West Side of the Peak Economy by making it possible said he it will be approximately two for the men of conscience and j migs responsibility to assert did and had Low degree turns and will be themselves and Lead their state plane. University surfaced with Black top As is the out of the clutches of racism present Road providing a ignorance and telegrams Are being at least 25 industries ering expanding their present facilities or locating in Ala King said asking them drop All such plans. Legislators also denounced Diplomat made his suggestion in accept Miles in length with three Shal i social ing the second annual peace award at Temple at he said that unless Steps Are taken soon to reach a peaceful settlement the War in Viet a Fai it also provides through Road to the Black River Harbor Park at the same time a separate a Cess Road into the Copper prepared for Ada ski Hill site allowing much More Freedom in the development of the facility and parking areas. Tion is a line item of the cop be Whistler said the red jets a a pass on one . Aircraft. He did not know if the assumed missed the Navy apparently the Navy planes did not score any hits i either sent to Whistler said the attack was consid completely successful in sever ing route 1. Thirty aircraft from the 7th Fleet carriers Hancock and Cor Al sea had attacked the Bridge across the Nam a River tins the bombing of a negro s Home morning but caused Only in Birmingham Labelling it the Erate damage. Pilots reported a the commodity programs Duce net he said would re farm income from by news men Friday if he had sought an intensification of the air strikes. Work of inhuman the condemnation came in a Resolution which swept through the House with the endorsement of 95 co sponsors and gov. Union s ambassador designate but due to the late Date to France Valerian a. Zorin. Rime will still appear on the bal receive a Chilly reception take up the says that lots. Herbert c. Williams is running for commissioner As an inde pendent published incumbent municipal judge president Charles c. Keeton or. Is also s126 billion a year to less than he said. I am quite satisfied by the pattern followed Johnson was asked thursday if he thought the bombings me he billion. And at a time when fewer than 400.000 banners earn As As skilled labor wars. I found Hospital Here. A spokesman said Charles de Gaulle s government. Seek Illg reelection. He is Knop would consign successful to the Freeman has Long pressure and remove a blood1 Zorin former Deputy foreign clot on the surface of the minister wrote that Between 1958 and 1963 France was trans Hester s Parachute failed to formed from a parliamentary unfurl correctly during a prac Republic into a presidential form Tice jump in southwestern Ger of government and de Gaulle Many from an air Force trans established a regime of per port flying at 1250 feet. Sonal right wrong Way to Mark ballot x the right Way to vote the wrong Woy to vote paper ballots will be used for City of Ironwood election monday. Because persons have never used a paper ballot having become to voting by machine for Many years some Are not familar with the right Way to Mark a paper ballot. A ballot must be marked with an a in the Square before the candidate s name. A Check Mark in the Square a ballot and it can not be counted. Roman Catholic priest Calls for vote on liturgical changes new York api a Mary bothered him. He said was that land priest who is leading the traditionalist movement in a protest Over roman Catholic liturgical changes has called for tans a National referendum to deter music mine the sentiment of catholics Chael. The Rev. Gommar Albert de Pauw 46, of mount St. Mary s Seminary at Emmitsburg. My producing results. Although the 4da proposal to declined to speculate on that he of the most said will try to take such poverty measures As Art approx Ripic and fitting and measured and been a Are calculated i Pressor i at the same time. Johnson said he and his advisers a willing to do am thing honorable in Pursuit of peace. Canada Poland and India comprise the International com Mission set up to enforce Rhc Par air How Ever the commission has Benn win club. An agreement has been entered into with the Rogeb i c county Road commission to Exchange roads when the new one c Wallace is built having taken into con-., House Side ration such things As right to the of Way. And Timber. The volume of to be generated in this area will no doubt bring about other Road considerations and construction but currently arrangements place the club in a heavy Haze restricted a second attack was ordered this afternoon and 30 Al raiders and a4 Jet attack planes dumped 500 and 1.000 Pound bombs on the Bridge dropping pointed one Span into the River. In All Wai 60 tons of bombs were dropped. Aal violence one Navy f8 crusader Jet was hit by antiaircraft fire the Al a Gui with psalms set to the of such tunes Asmi Row the boat ashore Anc he stressed he was not press ing for a ban on the vernacular to deter the a position to proceed and build the project. Sincere appreciation is extended to various individuals. The county Board of supervisors the Oliver Iron mining division of u. S. Steel corp., the Pewee naw land association and the go Gebic county Road commis s i o a for the cooperate i o n and open a i n d e d attitude taken to bring this Road problem to this Point of development said the system failure. A City wide search concern 01 officials Over a Alabama. Wallace was for ifs raid. The comment on the Boycott but i nuanced safely at Danang air a speech before the in South Viet Nam Woltil a chapter of the National Honor i society at Dothan. Ala. Friday1 he belittled the economic j of recent racial unrest and destined or a try. Aorist attack on the . Unit mation service or the nearby Caravelle hotel. American and vietnamese Security forces swung into action As intelligence sources re state. Said aia Oama recently i sold some Bonds out of state for per cent interest he maintained that the state s claims roman Catholic doctrine mass but for a limitation of in current Church use to some sunday Low masses and not More than once Dur is at stake trends. He repeated his charges in Ine the week Day that american catholics asked who the have been brainwashed by extremists of the clergy who he said have sold the people the idea that changes in the Liturgy Are mandatory. They Are per missive. Father de Pauw said. He also maintained that cur extremists m Fiu conces grrr Ruthei do Pauw named several internationally prominent Cathalu scholar incl dec fathers Bernard a ring and Hans Kim european theologians and fathers git go by Baum Frederick Mcmanmie. Rent influences were Down George Tavard and John court grading Devotion to Mary and Ney Murray a nod american scholars father trygg to destroy the sacrificial character of the things have gone so tar a do Pouv movement had the said hither de Pauw said that Cele expressed backing of 30 bration of masses at Ford Nam of hundreds of priest and we University turned into a tenancy the site of the Johnson Pear son meet a is Aspen inside the close Miardex Cairn . It was Hen in 1959 that president Dwight d Eisenhower conferred with so Viet premix i in a of u a so Vii t Goodwill a known spin of Camp Dai id earthquake shakes greek capita today Athens a quake Shook greek capital this morning for s few seconds causing panic therr v. No reports of a Arnner it or third Hin Atn rns in he pcs in s in can ral withdrawal of men demanded Budapest. Hungary api soviet president Anastas i Mikoyan today demanded withdrawal of troops from Hrict Nan. 3nd Saio communism s lending amps should Bury the Hatorne and stand together against imperialist aggressive act the communist countries de Mand that aggressive acts be stopped against North Viet Nam issued an Stening controls on dynamite bought and used by state agencies. The or Der requires that All depart ments using dynamite or other Only last cons drove tuesday a a c loaded _ explosives keep careful records approximately 200 pounds of Exon its handling and to been in keeping inventory on inc allowed killed such "2 americans and 20 other items meantime at Tal Ariega. 40 Miles East of Birmingham. Sheriff Luke Brewer said an undetermined amount of dynamite had been stolen from a county Road department Stornie shed he said a lock had knocked off a door of the build ing King said the Board of his 2 americans and 20 other per sons and wounded 52 american s and 134 intelligence sources said then similar attacks were planned on the Usis building and or a com plex of buildings which an american Bachelor Lotfi cers quarters in Cholon. The chinese Section of Saigon. Vietnamese of Upis Southern Christian leadership were evacuated Fucai Hie Bui d conference would Atlanta in two weeks meet in to deter and that us troops be with mine if the first part of the boy from South Viet Nam. " Cott has been effective. If not declare cd in a speech the second part will be before t Niento hungarian Parlia launched he said. Asked what he would do if he was speaking to a special president Johnson should ask Maine at their desks Nril Noor the Normal quitting on saturday. A Skeleton Stref manned the building this Aitro noon. Activity at the Caravelle in Tel. One Block away from the Hoo believe it represents the Majon tied or destroyed Moio than 1. V what to of american 000 Homos. N killed four pm sons and dam session marking the 20th Anni him to Call off the Boj Cott. King information service appeared Rosary of Hungary s liberation replied m world War ii. Have to i m afraid i would say no to Normal. See 8. Go to the polls monday to vote in Ironwood to City election newspaper a news Laferr

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