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Daily Free Democrat (Newspaper) - October 20, 1854, Milwaukee, Wisconsin My a1ie mar a i aug inc nil in Mfd i Toek Corn and wow if Smirti. Or wkly. ticket. For dihtk1ct Spooner of Law Rulli. He Cost West Ktut c. C. , Lawn. This Tell District. Iia. ?. Tooter _ o v. �. Wai Miha con err Bepp Elicah ticket fou h i k k i k Cham. �. . R Olf Kwi Frith Khaki Vemta ugh. Ruk i i Kkt of the cof itt k. To. A. Ton of or the i , ii. Ii at ii. Foil t k k a a k k l. Muu Atio k. A aim. Kok Irist Atto Hsk k. Ill it Chi t. R Uli h i / h v k v o Foj. O. Lohf Roku. Rol t i o i u l. N k a. Vui i k. What Al Amelm. We copy the following precious Morceau from the Chicago journal to show the temper and arrogance of those whiff editors who oppose the Republican party and insist on maintaining the old whig organization the Mil. Free Democrat pronounces us stupidly foolish for claiming the results of the re cent whig triumphs. Be Hare made no such claim. We claimed this results As a Triumph of a Jiuu Princi ple and a Uch we still Point to them with glowing Satuya Etiopi. The Many stood mud True men of other Par ties United with the entire whig party and contributed to thou glorious Triumph a not to Boli nud that tin course of the majority of the who diem by it of Mig rus Hace been endorsed is no lean True and it in Only such stupid fools As he of the free Deli crot that Are in n a ipod to snarl Over the claim to which those who Havi borne the heats and Burden Fth Day lire entitled. Take the vote in 1852, of thu thru great Statun which have just spoken against the great iniquity Aud see How the account St Titu Pierce whig j. H. Tar at Dunn it urm in Chr rising Chr fulfil of Fern Veliju a / Hon of Nam emf Lintt to to i n. For mrchi r Trot to Tki vah kick. Rit a mini inf the Turin Summit l Itti. Jit t a Mart a Tittl i rent Milr to i. Ii. R the v a of Ritj for. Matrona Fifita Hinl Otto Kwh. Nim of i Uvick a county arc to Llo Inri t in r no ,.a Kulir i or Ali a iii Len City ii ."ntnh.iy. ii no firk a. M., h a Niin Tri in he intr fur i Init Olllie i i. Knusli a Hwy District will Bon it it to Lwi a up Ulni. A it Mary Tiru n no print i in flip r in run rtt a or Rit Zirini intr a to he a at the plier of tin tur in i both mini rift. No Tobii Molny hip i Atli to a. I j ii Olih k 1. In t own. Nyrl it 1 u clix in Nln Virnin in lir never tit Wrin if tin1 Rily. Luah. K. Vini t , Cir Nusun. Minority Ohio. 1 in ecu Hintt i Buhl Ishii Llu if the Impi rail d i l i i i t r � l n l l i i Lime ill Sci a i Mali Aupi Noty l i Rii int the Lime of Ulici i Delej ilex to thu county to omit lion. U meet u t Tho cd int Llwin in on Kitun Loy. Oct. ,al3 Nykirk i m., to omit k a Nili into for i in liar. C. K. W t n o e i t l cd n com. . A 18.m. And Mytr Toul Ricl Cove Ali. Of tin Al stun of he Irei ii Fli lit Aupi oilily do Fth a will Ivi Nirmla a Canty c on vellum fir Trio pure it if Quinin Tinq Scundi Ileto to repro int Hiil Flint Rrt in Ilio next a rally. Inch Towo in entity no to Izreo . H4.liwld by order of comm Tarp. Although the Senate will consist in the main of the same old fogies and slavery propagandists yet there will be a few addition to the band of men who had the heart and Tho nerve u stand up against the repeal of Freedom s or i wince. Vermont has j tint elected judge Jacob , a in i Tbs t t l advocate of free soil and Kiver and Lunko improvements. At the least calculation the North will have Joor j8senators in the who will be firm of the slavery qty Minn and the admission or leaving n who minority of j6,6 4 Luil Annii. 1 i a d 95.b99 Scott so,�u1 a Viii minority j4,3yd it re then in Trio Throe status we Laid the Whins in u Mir Rity of 50,538. Where then Iivo the Vutci Bueti obtained which have changed this minority of fifty thousand to a majority of n Hundred and fifty thou hindi Thi Chicago Tribune answers this question there in but Mie Ianswer to those questions but it u a Tery imply not self evident one. Tho Victrin Over Ali Iol i Trio whole country Are now rejoicing Are nut whig victories. They were tint won by a Lily prowess nor 8eenred by whig strategy. They were won by the Good and True i ii of very a tarty who threw away for the time being it it it to very distinct Ivy Bado find every old party Appel Littion mud United thu to Helves it Ono mania one heroic i Turki Tineil mud Nettni a on slavery Aud it fume of a Jib try. True ill Oil thu Battle had not Lioen won and not the which Cariie up a one inn to the Holu of the lord against to to mighty. The Bat the Liml been lost Lutil thy not co operated with nil Tho other anti slavery men of their states. Hut equally trim in it that the Battle could not have been won had not the Freen oilers and Tho anti slavery democrats nude sacrifice of their own parties and joined in this crusade not As part inns but a republicans and patriots. With equal propriety might they claim the result of Tho United labors of whigs frees oilers and anti Nebraska democrats As a free soil Vic tory or an anti Zebra aka democratic Victory a for the whigs to claim it a whig Victory. And the new York Tribune of the 16th, in an article on fusion and the future in which it shows that Tho whigs have been shamefully beaten in California in standing on the old National whig platform and that All the Victorius obtained have been the result of partial or Complete Union Speaks thus of new York. If new York fails to show a popular majority against Douglas & co. Of at least one Hundred thousand with a delegation to the nest con Gress substantially unanimous against the Nebraska Bill and its bettors the sole reason will be that the people Are not permitted to Voto distinctly on that Issue. There is no such majority for the whig party if any majority it All but there is As much is you please against Pierce Douglas and their Nebraska doings at the late session if it can Only be permitted to display itself. If St. Lawrence herklraer.&o., vote against us the fault will be our own. And since it in too Lute to make changes in the state ticket we entreat Earnest and Liberal whig opponents of the great iniquity to Manifest to utmost liberality to free democrats and other opponents of slavery Extension in the support of candidates for Congress and the t r Ture. Senator from the fifth duty it. We have teen a Call in circulation numerous by signed by Ripon Bible Citi Ieni calling on Joseph a. Phelps to be an Independent Candi Date for senator. The Call is in the fallowing words the undersigned citizens House Trio noblest net of men that Over Stoulil upon the Fluor of the Capi Tol. Tho Nebiu Kaif will not in All probability be Able to limit or ten men in their sup port from the Northern states. As things now look we shall have Bont one Hundred Alt Tir to Good Republican in the next a Ulusc arrayed by the treat heroin acts of do Ligtas St. Co. Again the administration Ami in schemes for Elway Extension. Now will the Hunker Gentry sit Down am count up Tho Niue ont they have gained by the great outrage committed upon the Honor of the nation the Clu Rishad sentiments of the free state. How different will be Tho state of thing in the next Houne from that of the Lait. Instead of tit Northern Doug face and about the utne umber of Southern fire eaten Aud slavery Propati adits to do the bidding of mob. Info Noil Cound Reli a Pierce Douglas and Cush will become thirty majority of North Era men. Bwe Northern men Are not milk Tod water Antul very men but men who come feb from the midst of an excited and justly indignant people who Are pledged to oppose any and every a Beme of toe Tare Power who will do All that a Home of representative Ean do toward bringing Back the legislation of the country to it tin purpose. Or. Dougla and i Follower told a that to repeal of in Ftp Laouri Compromise would take to question of slavery out of Congwei and it ii to the pep1e. So it Baa and the a Opl Hae event it Back to Congress a Force and meaning not to be misunderstood. If to minority will be Content Witk legislating for to Eoy try instead of for Lur try Aid Ita ext to All will of of fee ably. Bat if they per. 1st in the Drunken and Bolly lag coarse purged in a at a of As there Wilt be warm work a to aka in for Tuta Molt. A few with and few in to to Reeter to i Iram pm of Southern pour of he do Tab be lot Eno cd but waa la conversion s Tothy. Republican cause Are multiplying with wonderful rapidity. We do not know How Many there Are until Occa Sions Call them out. We should judge that a majority of those who attended the Republican eau ii in Hie fourth Ward last evening and who controlled Ita action were old line demo unt Many of whom took an Active part in Tho democratic caucus at the Fountain House last Molny unit fail aug to secure their Man Are thoroughly disgusted with the old Hunker party and Ore now going heart and hand for the Republican candidates both delegates to the county convention have formerly acted with Tho Hunker party and or. Chandler Woun de stand fraternize and sympathized with the fugitive slave att prosecutions against us and told tis be regretted very much the decision of judge Smith in our favor. We dont know but republicanism and the fugitive slave act will " mix up Well together but we dont Swallow any such dose. We noticed also our Riend Beecroft acting at the caucus As Busy As a Bee in a tar barrel at he we also at the Hunker caucus at the Fountain House last monday. We tru to these conversions Are a genuine As they Are sudden. Another candidate for Congress. Martin Mitchell is put Forward by some of the Electon of fond do Lac a an Independent candidate Force Nareia. The Fretman May we know that it a despite of bit positive re fugal to become a candidate but at the ume time he hold that if they vote for bin he can not guard the polls to prevent them. The idea i in opposition to our own views of the Best Mode of procedure but we know that there Croud Ward Hep Boirun Cali Chiw. At a meeting of the Republican elector of Tho second Ward held at the mansion House on thursday evening oct. 19th. To elect Dele Gates to county and senatorial conventions a. J. Laug Worth was culled to the chair and r. P. Loughton appointed Secretary. Of motion it was resolved to ballot for delegates to county and senatorial conventions when Isaac Neustadtl und b. L. Phelps were elected to attend the county convention and Charles Hepp Wui. Burke r. N. Meszinger Aud win. Caton were elected Del gatos to the senatorial convention. On motion resolved that any delegates who Are Una ble to attend Are authorized to appoint substitutes also resolved to defer the selection of a Candi Date fur ass a Nib by until a future meeting and the Ward committee to Call such meeting at any time they think proper. The Secretary was ordered to publish proceedings in All Republican papers in the City. On motion meeting adjourned. A. J. Langworthy cd n. R. P. Hough Tom Sec y. Iowa co. Republican senator Amasa Cobb. Hollenbeck John this miserable Sham of a Man Rose to Emi Nence like a rocket and a come Down to the ground like the stick. He obtained distinction through the Force of pretension and a now purchased infamy from the Force of truth. He was originally a Mechanic and if he had remained so might Bare still been honorable and honoured but slavery made him a " gentle Man and pretension made him a politician and now when his ambition and pretension have both been exposed he stands before the world As the embodiment of selfish nest and meanness. If worldly Success constituted great Ness this Douglas will be a great Man. He is Rich he sits in the most August Council of the nation and his visible rank a equal with that of the demigods of american Liberty. But the circumstance of Success is not greatness. It u sometimes the result of greatness but it is As often the result of egotistic impertinence. Egotism often perches itself in the chair of greatness but greatness alone can maintain the Royal throne of Eminence. Douglas obtained consideration Iti Illinois through the Force of his own pretension and the Gene rats indulgence of a democratic Community. He hurl been a poor Mechanic and was now though a lawyer Trio bully of poverty and humility he was pushed Forward nut for what he wag but for what he had been and what he pretended to be. He wan sent to the Senate of the United states not because to was fit to Send there but because his simple minded constituents thought he was. Like the Drunken greek poet at the feast Douglas reached the Goat of senatorial dignity while far better and nobler men were not in slight o i t but he Felt at the goal when he gut to it and an indignant people Are now dragging him from it by the heels. To is found put and disgust and condemnation follow him into ignominious oblivion. Douglas is a traitor to Liberty and a mean selfish demagogue. He is in object of disgust and contempt without Tiu Quality of Genius or manhood to invest his descent with by Dittri Buto of admiration. Worcester mass spy. The report of Hie a Mac Ivin Luff commit Tec of la Lirly uni lond. We publish in another column the report of the committee of investigation into the Ute stirs of the Erie Railroad company which Willon Tho whole be favourably received As it opens tip better prospects under a better Iviana Gejeu us its affairs. The report Points out is we Sta Ted it would certain misstatements in the published accounts o the company in their recur of september 3 1, Iffie when the floating debt was stated to $1,1k3, 53 55,whereas it was $2, 334,40 3 83 and Tho earnings Wero overstated some $2lrf of. Tho discovery of this misstate mint rather alarmed the Eom Mitten but their subsequent investigations found every statement of account since the period of the 30th of sep tember 1852, to be Correct. The report Wil be read with general interest. The amount of debt and Billa payable on those Ali u l t Imo is stated at $34,850,1 1/1 90. The float ing debt cannot be exactly Given. Tho interest and boating debt paid in july August and sep tember amounted to $2,1379,303, for a great part of which Viz $1.700,000, the company had to borrow Money which it did $350,000 on acceptances endorsed by some of the direct ors who were secured by Hypoth cation o the Bonds of 1853 $400,000 from c. Vander bilt s endorsement secured by a mortgage on the locomotives cars and other chattels of Tho campany and $981,168 20 from Daniel Drew to whom was granted another mortgage. Many contracts for Selling Stock have been cancelled. The Gross earnings for the year ending 30tb september Are Complete at $5,367,278 14, and the net at $745,030 73, after paying interest the committee report that further Economy in the management is possible and desirable that the construction account May be closed site Hhd High c9lored Wool plaids Bich plaid ak9 Pladt old it tote Frt Neh .gtrlnan-. c0tr�. It catch we a a i 9hre Shaw i 8upkbi r by Crk shawl. Fifty different shades of All Wool be lain elegant a Tomb 8hx velvet a a Bluh it Mill in Marc and trimmings in great abundance Are offered to the . Cheap Cash Stork to. 19 West Watr-3t, Milwaukee. A la the above Are of recent importation mostly fax made tour own express order and will be uld k new Jork prices in any Quantity More or Lew. High Gutrad All boiled Black Silks a style exclusively the vital Start of Iki in appearance value an i service Superior to in Mil Ket. Nind sold at i aces Lully As Law As Lex Beaud Lul Ami Lei. Durable Nodi our Pliml. In Wool Gomul silk. A Primie. De Laine. Prims and Gingham Are be ervits of More a Ami ins notice i Vatu been Ivy our partner or. H. Mack from Ai Annir Ilich i stocks r i in Eulojio exp Reilly Toi our own retail Ancs Domesek to Ojah , Fli ainu a ticks Irish , Din pers and window int Perira. E lilt Nasik a to sell Nuuuli to War than before. Our department for men and boys Wear i full of every article trom a Tine cloth to h common of iii. We have every variety Mill in lat to nil Kikuts of a incr a i Staple Irr i Oviand fore be iii a crypt fall in the Price of h the i stuck Cifu Oil at n. A jobbing prices and Wolful do Well to Call before a Eduabe Hab Dwale hah Brahe k. Williams 33 Spring Rcpt one door Art of tit american Loute pc fide of Dit uni note in be Fol Sli a Complete Assort Nuri her narc Assembly Stephen p. Love. Sheriff Levi Sterling. Clerk of the court James Hutchison. Clerk of Board of supervisors Ernest g. Redet. Register of deeds Nathan h. Thomas. Treasurer John j. Uren. Prosecuting attorney Louis h. D. Crane. Surveyor John b. Whitelaw. Coroner Richard s. Vivian. Are ome who will either vote for or. Mitchell or not vote at All to totem tit Rummi. We Koto the right to vote according to one s conscience As stored but we in Hope our friends if they can do so without Riole Aoe to their vote for biking Hurtt. He can and we believe he will a elected and we better a will botanic to for Dom. 8. J. Toj a Beau Blean candidate for Dit Trio at Toner Eipl Aina that he was appointed u. 6. A Nafi loner to take affidavits and of Ball Alao a Natter in Eha leery and that the Are the Only duties of the Flo pipe lifted in he menu Teion that Kendaria the put tit slave aet now Mitita Tio Aal aa4tki�alitobfth supreme court oftua9tatwbtodtactbd Kou to u. & Supra Cartr to that opinion a wild Hla. Calumet co. nominations. For arson Btu Man Almond Merrill of Charleston. For county treasurer of. D. Fowler. For clerk of Board Russell Breed. For clerk of Board of Board of supervisors b. J. Sweet. For Register of deeds Reuben d. Waller. For sheriff David w. Halstead. For District attorney Lemuel Goodell. For county Surveyor Almond Merrill. For Coroner John Hammer. Green county Republican member of Assembly avoid. Kirkpatrick. Sheriff Joseph Smith. Register of deeds Ezra Wescott. Clerk of the circuit court. Clerk of Board of supervisors. District attorney Hiram Stevens. County treasurer Edmund Hill. Coroner Charles Thompson county Surveyor Ransom Drake. . P. Dewey has declined the nomination for the Assembly for Grant county he Sayi that bit political Fet Lingg and private interests will not allow him to become a Candi Date for the office at the coming Hon. J. Alle Barber is an Independent Candi Date for the Assembly from thume District and will be elected. He is one of the Best members we Hare Ever seen in a legislative body and is always dreaded by those who that to anticipate earnings and receipts a been highly imprudent that an inert in Price of freight arid fares is politic that to dividends be paid until the floating debt is paid that a sinking of Hucl be established to work the funded debt Down gradually and that the pres dont and vice president should give their whole time and attention to the company s aft airs. The future welfare of this important Enterprise depends entirely on the skill and prudence of the present directors. They have the Means to work with but those Means should to in the hands of those who know How to use them. The elements of Prosperity exist but there Are just sufficient difficulties and complexities to ruin the concern if the management is not More judicious than it has . Y. Even ing Post. Asking learn from the Mineral Point Tribune that the democrats had a meeting at that place and after their guns had been fired into the Republican Camp pretty freely they called out or. C. C. Washburne the Republican candidate for Congress who happened to be present. He occupied a few moments to very Good advantage in exposing the Fallt scion of the argument used by former speakers. He called upon or. Hoyt to say whether he approved or disapproved the Fugi Tive slave Law which that gentleman at firs declined to answer but finally said that Heap proved the act entire. J17bgk of her will address the citizen of Racine county the Prepend week it the allowing places wednesday oct. 18, in the town of it. Pleasant a the Centre school House. Thursday oct. 19, in the town of Raj mond atthe by tilt Church. Friday oct. 20. At Union Grove. Suture any oct. Is in the Village of Rochester. Lorri. Ukr a. Trade. Ii Liu a Complete Nnaji 1 " Tea Ink Steid Anco Okha a Sjuls i a u l u s a a d at Ikic Tytul Tal Imi i Ementi. Straw Culler Corn shelter tie nov try churn ii a. Cir Plene Mil him Pant Mike i Cru in Ami Tricon for a Niti d of policies iwed in the above name cor0p,i, settled to office. 3, Oer the each Hank earner lust outer Ami Huron Street a . A. . Berkshire county in anal lit. of Fitts retd a 0. N. Brkk., Preidt. B. F. Jot,s8n j John c. Smith. Orn l Lei Dlf a d. Iio Tox holt01� Joi inc s xdre1v 4 Jim hmm Mith. 1. Aikex8, j rom Immitt. Al estate in City and country for tale on commit on . Mad Voit and a. Is. 1ss3. K. Waldo s Siy licht Degl Eikos Gulley i7j 13.6oo at Kwh of i, Vok . To colonists. To a to it of s8so Aure in Calumet countr near Lake . A True of 94oo acres in Oul Gamie county cur an Mileton on the Fox Kiver. To on the opened an -1 1 a dior apparatus. . Taken in warrant to i it Tofaute who Kkt Ever variety of f.,7 a tract of 8 too Aeron and a tract of 9uo acre in Brown county nun Green Bay. Title direct t Lom the United St the to the under Isnard 1 or terms &c., apply to aug. L. Mccrea. _ Mihov nuke aug. On. 1?r,4. Nufi3lrt3m a t a .Tino of the of Thia cite held Fri. evei., Ort i Thio Tuk into Puonti Ileria iii the elomiii5 tit our Siopa earlier in the sol Ibali. The to lung Ini Rusol Tiou wan adopted in Hatved. That Nib r the it of nor Ember we the in , Barbers of Milwaukee will Loi Thene Ommo ii Iori of Imre ummers keep our shops open on Satur by night unlit 12 o clock turn clone on so Lav morn info at Lofe o clock. A. W. Josetz s Bra Kwh. Sr01 Heller. Martik a Street he fir to Clase picture ii take r u i a fall style. Beebe & c0. A Fatt 8ttlb Elkiv a and Tom ale j. H. S1lkman, Milf nuke october 13,lg3ooksa new purty. We Motetey n element of , " of her orig erne Sou d a Days second Dei Ien " Adorf Sefc and lectures. Pc birr in satire men Auto i Rophy of a ctr Hillord g Italy hip. And i whip the Dodd Fanny Abrol tors Liml to Reci ived it a. Whitt mob for men and Boyi. Some very Ich and desirable silk Plush cup and a great variety of hots and Cna for g.w1u.am8 g. A Schleier. Children and Infanta. Oct Dow the name of the Republican candidate for sheriff in Waukesha co. A not cynus. Hawley e. Stan boil and not Stanbury for beg Row and i. H. Ani j. H. Castle for Assembly in think . Barstow of Tua state we tto Piaf a in alter House fat 9w toil on to ilk. I. Ford. G 0 i. If the . Emfs heretofore existing be 1 % to i to i Lime. 1 be said Newhall Milwaukee sept. 30,1s54. S. C. Newhali., u. F. Bigot in. Sepsy Lelm. Old ugly in Ink practical office 13 vue ontto re. S Noi ice to Cost a of hive. Sealed 1 o .idco�.p.n,.-in.iv. Orr Sikyr Dato Erst ? of u in i a Lay of next inclusive for the a diag us by in of about eighteen Miles of jul to i net it the of Ibex it the 25-a eighth to the uth line of the Bute o o the Ville of Phocbe it. 1854. C. A. Buttles 1854. ind retail Deales in Cook parlor & Box stoves also manuf Cicma of tin Sheet 1hok, copped & it Etc Wake. Sect a8 it Wtcr-t., Mil Wmk of. Fott a totem. Ver t Large ni1 h " n Stock t id Many oth East water epic Henry a mar o & co. Proprietor. A few1ck ,i,kt8 a1vi ick a not these very desirable not Lyle which arc of much cd Thi warm weather just received Ami for lain a s3 Henry j. Nazro & co. Milo Smith chief Oil that a Iranna Stab i Kotsos Nan co 21 the Skahl c010o1ic3b1cehti dry goods Abb to he Solo Tow Tri fag 199 East water stat Kew Ankara. The fall Trade is Sass ass Rich plaid Ich non chickkill�3 s5. Gulf Stowit we � k new Floreal � r 1 � Ftp of Complete Stock of so Shne Eloot to be the. For Tom in the Worts music. Cad Rhian Una Priam Csc if i t u Llu of mint the " 11l " by T Epst Vuk Hamto Otell its pm w. Of ii tt. it

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