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Daily Democrat And News Newspaper Archives Jan 13 1862, Page 1

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Daily Democrat And News (Newspaper) - January 13, 1862, Davenport, Iowa� f i Kwh pc 4m k a Srhir i to 4 a daily Democrat and news. Richardson West & . The greatest Good to the greatest number. Maitha Merit is Dollar per Anaam. C ii Bokn Rimini i i Cumi few week. Volume 7. Davenport. Iowa. Monday morning. January 13. 1861 number 75. Of Socrat and Ile irs. My Mil Piper of tie Cut. Mono to Moran a . Is ism. I East this H. , bark Iii uni Kina mluriu4 to Graniti for i lift Borm a Amadou 145 Rte Jelph Imit Chi a Are authorised to receive Edvertis a saints for t e i t y. Board of Mph timid. C. 8�vtn , Che Irma. In m. Mirrow Clark. Ii1tn Dat. Batch at. Jea. The. 1861 Board it Ltd of order by Tea Claire san. Roll called fall Board present. Minutes of yesterday s proceed Oge Reed and to of Law " d edme a proved Porpora of preparing useful articles for Tea Taliaf of Tea tick and wound hoi diera Aid society. J a few items local interest. J at a meeting of tha ladies of Davenport Jar Asa Forrant of it. Vernon has invent Bald to it Bac meat of the is Baptist Church m a Tow a Ven part and a liver i lecture upon tha american people usable i . Taylor would Bale Davao port about Thau to inst. Are i one of aching a ugh common. m in fir to that which in a ginning we in via � id Rynio by. If Laete-1, soon at ask Lunga ii Row 13roi i a troche col no Lefiu Layat to Grid tilt Allan Ai Irti motion. Two Hains to our advert iting Ludovit \ base n thai tha managers of Tea u. I Railroad a a Druid Dufoo two Dail train weat oaf a a Iowa cite Iba extra la Iun i it at 815 1. Man i Arns 8.so a. Toia i i a a Capit � Arran a Lent and very Onvall of to tra Al trs bound Welt. A litter from de Moinet tote vivid Bour Lay Vetog i. Forn a Tia that Tea stale agricultural society have Aue Toj a fallow aug Geu Turnsen As indic a Lor tha nest two year Trident zijo Tico � Wil is kept Tina. Vict r. Sprays Liu Ilar. See t Ary a. Sluce muc�4i a. To Reiburn. Us Milur n aim of fur 7 m Ivar . ? in Brook Polk of. K. Mull Scott to v to fld Jack it . . W. Kun Bioano a Ooin a Oliver m la l so Ujj re t o it. We. It. His District Clark u Lurria n Cuvo a i Oahu 8iate, waa in dietary by grand Roati Cit with the i trial court of the United state at Smo at for treason wat tried acquitted and Ditc barged Frt in custody was by night Pijut d by oos Lio in marshal for Iowa and Takao any a fort Lafayette. The lets a re tie phed on Ihui Day Oft cocoon to the of. A proper papers were l i of hah a fut obtained. Tha Pasti Ware p 1 d hands of the Bevitt for ser vice we. Med Opoka Cloaie on the inward Western i to Noo Friday evening St Wolcott. Will was b High Bra and placed in jail to by am to w1 we authority Relea d Der for id 11 o Click Friday , a Vii Ali a to narc of warranted outrage Law i not to a fun a in the a wire not Depoi ast. 1 hot Tea Suri Bof Thi. Arifi to furthering Bis Puco Ory reason to Eloiie could Al Hae obtained the pe.00 of Olill without his ass too a. We toll Gie this Natter a Forth to oing whoa to Coo onto o Tea Mil Aota to cae. Of proved. Biola of to Voirol portico received is referred to committee of finance. Coma Tiee on Public of Fierro reported a re lotion to the Recap Taimee of the official to rid a of Joha g. �. of Pleho by Grov which was approved of the Bond of Samuel 1 Errio Jii Etiene of the Poce of Blae Iraa which was approved Ord then took up the Newe cob Rood Oose bleh Volt Lune i Ontell Adjo Orni Ait soon Sneila. H 11 fall so quorum present petition of Zaveral Road sop Vieo a of i Ven port and Rock logjam township build no and Livick a Law Creek lifer red official booed of Lynon car pan tar Eoo to Hie of bin ate. And the Hond of a. F. Masts treasurer giving 20, addition Al Mccari to receive e Ollow no form shall the Pra Arol the p Eti Tienor be Gro upon which the Board vote a follow a a Ile sirs. Tier Btl and Pinuco two. Nay a afters. Arnt re � i Frost i400, la tube Murray w-1 to she. Holder i a i e is twelve. Camittee 00 Brilec and i Ign re. Rani id Irahim Road on thib Gas Naoi have silly Daje irom Dale 10 tit a to l a the damage Khlot being coie it i e Sua 1 in Folly eatable used approved. . Fret Tom e commute 00 poor am poor Ili a reported that the of 11 Rai de to Frau \ the of Cath i j e \ the for Tridiv on of taxes. Ai o Spiro i 1 g spot o f t 0, for re do jump of vols Tion of Prcic Ity ase aet in i a to Ted the imn it tee on i Public officers Teposte it of the additional Bond of a f Taurman Zeolei i Psi Baltao t a. S ids aunty Joi n a Vii files Atid Suddit Iorii. of i 0�i Aio Annuel Statem i of mor Gen Styf Teu s. Erk Al l to n you. Iii tee appointed to Rue Toh . I u 01a. Tordoer A k of Battalo on the we do january. The report if the committee we adopted d the chair named the Ftp origin a Mimi use it the cattle tent with her do Boi. . Jon. Fem the committee a Public Taro vol reported Infa Oro Thev tog Pone arrant Emest for Urr in i Ofemi. Looking to tin Security of fun Vod a re easy transaction of Hui Tets report adopted and auditing committee Cicai Roland and c3ark i Aud with Power in the pre mitts. . Snyder from committee on claim reported Back Acme unimportant Otic Sibeo business. . Fluke Froio finance committee made a report Tea Eymelt of several bid. Over soc a of them quite Enin ated contests took i Ace but they were generally peered. The District court clerk made a report run Wing the am not of fees received in Hie office irom sept. I Fath 1s61. To . 1, 16c2. Fruto in sources to be 25. Be Ferrod. Mestra. T. K. Take b. O. Neal and John Bechtel were elected by ballot directors of the a . I Resolution of . Rom in favor of making the Tepee f to. Stale Bank pay Abu for Tases woe taken up and lost. Yeas 4 nays 8 a it Tolu too of Flik. The the b sri indemnify eave Horo Iless the a a by reason of Grin on Bonda in of Tood a tera. The accounts of the sip a visor were then Ellow a d to a Boa . 38th, Otlo o clock & m. Frau Fri. If Cavalet t m 9 utter from � wot which gives o and s ears we ivs we Kad sol All fit Lor duty. So feat Tquary. Of Taslitt in to second Ato Daf we were shown a Sbar of to e 21 u to cavalry g Okay aces not of the Beono i that regiment. The writer Rived Hare bet Lon Barrack bodied men in our company we Are confined i Hove with to vet Latina and filthy noddy of is. In ground s4 men Are Etc k 10 the. Jaa. This. And Aeve Iol Are in the keep us with Ike � Oslee. They die at the rat of per. Law i 1 a regiment. The Hoe vital a Lull. It u a � apology for a build org. Ike roof mkt and the get Vetura Ted every time a Ralo w sT1 have died in Cor a Quebec. We floor aged. The coct Eric not ppr to a in for in Yebio f but pay Dav a l n to \ a Boice a. Tea willingly give their Lack pay to re cosed cation Kooms i Jai Ivory 11th, Bill f the Byrd met of per adjournment. P event Collins Cook blood and Peck. I ounce of dec. 19th, read and approved. Petition of j g. Crene and other to Annex the a out weat one fourth of Section 21 an n rth weat one fourth of a action 28 to tar township dist Iet wee referred to Mesre col lit Cook an 1 blood. The Folio win Bills were ordered paid hit a a turn t5 p. Jitter on. Repairs no. 2 .75 t. T Eon Ard repairs no. 4 f-1 on motion the b Ard adjourned to meet at the Call of Tea Pree Dent. E. Pics Secretary. soldiers of Iowa the following is a list of Artielee made end famished by the society to the up tals 1 f Camp Mecl Etlen and Davenport Barr eks the Iowa 2d, Bih and 11th regiments vis Tow. I i7 site .6 pairs f res Nir 400ns, 17 p allow Case. 2 j Pai a . 6ft Oens hex kerchief a flannel adage 14. Airt 80 drawer. ?5 Ai c " toners used hews to Ilion , 4 met tech lib Lippers 2 pair Feather Pillow. In Ai Altra a. Is 2 Cotton Bandage 67 undershirts 2. Be ice these Auriol up quite an Aooie 0 iroc Rie have been both purchased by society and donated by the to Xref note Lor the czae not to the different regl Mente. The thanks of the so i to Are tendered to i. Wiil Era. F u e of Hall on the eve no g of the festival in beb a if the a d of Ietje to . Ind Elon for the suced in rce nop to the Baptist Church the Cit Council and the Odd Fel lows Tor the use of their res Active rooms to the so Cist tender the sincere thanks to editors of the Gate the end i no Crit. For a a list hid the notices of the ciely from Ime to time. The Folio Wirg is Ike to Casner report of society com proceeds of festival 1.1 lenses of festival Ita Aoee in unt received by it libation. To Al receipts Wiher Jil a intents Fot the piety. 44 1 Aat to a Taucil on band St this Date f 16 the Ladie of Summit Shureb and vie Init til of Roi a Larfa tos on air it n a tul article f tie ick of the b Reamer t re hour society. Lee won end be of Iii a i. May others Laitta e t air Aib e Timpe until want Ard Pirow Rtia Littan a far fro o our ,t Ion troop. I Eatie factory to to a who inv Niri used to this work to know Tea Hoie of to Itol i Oil forts which have a rent the regiments by be �1. Been think fully acknowledged and Are not Laid away for future use a a a been said it Are now actually i ene Tilting those in whom were Inte Deci with their Tien d the boxes which have been ent within the St ten a.\f, my it i it i t it Bete gone us enough to a received. By Reter Ercyl to the treasurer s report. To -111 be Seon that we have now but f 1 to the Treasury there seems Raul to t great j dec a i y for the labors of the Patrk Iii. Ladiero be continued in behalf of the Rick Soldi Eif the 1 a regiment Al of the in creating Zniber of Patirei Itjin the Hospital at Cam Sens wag in it. Vernon a few Daya before new year ire oed a urge Comber of Tov 1 Batione to a dinner at the Bouse of oae of the principal cities a of the town. At2 the Apt of rated time the Queete arrived and their Surprise and Chagrin in fio ing the Etc sold mss be it signed Bat not described. of Mart Sll Are glorify a Over a tits placed in Teie Grabie communal cation with Tbs rest of the world. A. John East of Keokuk was very bad j named a few Dys ago a the hurtling often tank in the pork be lie Aiea g t one of t � j boy into the water t e other boy a Trec de in Theu Atal Way the Lenuit wart Bai the cupid with Akin unbroken old rut frred by Lutie in even hence. The boy a was put in the water e Ueo i of the Waer Ireat Meni in be a scald. When wat an readily be the be to remedy for Een lds Uri is to p ung n Bur t part to mediate in into w to keep in there Esol Ujma the air until Fie pan. Leases. I. Richani it to. Proprietor of the do que a. Lower had his i in by a n a for us since by tie Fiji k a of a who b a stored some 40 tons of Lead Lii Cape for m in Tant death was i Ircul a 1 to other men who were in the room with latest news by Telegraph. 9iij. Wight l poes com of la Flinos m. It Rui Pimmit cart Trici Tuenker Ohk Bankers it financial Sci Eric. The St. Loais chamber of com Merce difficulty of a ranch a hed at a turn of y As anticipated attack of Norfolk. Betti egg Victory it Eist tra Elf fill later Baltic skirmishing on the Potomac. Afternoon dispatcher new Yaik. New Yon 11. A special coat Ali the full using important Itou s the com i tee Onweyi and Means have Agre d o in j. I i n an Mil Road Pat englise Oats i Iirth of a debt for fix Mie. in tree on the Condret of the War had ii rate Mut be a the n for enl h . 1 ret e Prete Bic an e a Orait is Teu ent i in Pigo in to. Hew v Ili Binkert were a Foro Hway an i a t a Anu Leutmi Tei a new i i Neil to Hittne .01 the Gok Sinai Eutana to Cobu by. Tricy Pipo a a Lureau it the Treasury l � Artu in e a new i Iko sacred by a lir Appo used the re i .t and in a Juii t ate Hare charge f the loan of tit , him. Ai d went Down nub the Mata escaped j Aad recent and to Burse with Powar to Lur Titi j Jurj. I in in curency to ail i eos banking institutions to a re we Jeu s. Ii a toe Bureau the currency to t u t d u b t q n e 7 s s p e a k n g o f t e l o a t i o i i of the Aru Iory say there of a ii thirty e candidate now in the Field fir the Loca to of the tie1 Nti a. Grrr Ory Wili tech i o. T. in i of him a Island a l steel the we re in favor i it having l i Liatto at , l in count. the loll win if a i d rearm # Licca Ose i i ought to Loe Ateo Here. Beaune we own Tome town lots it Eie l Fabii Etha Wargi Piscop y i 3 Ulroan was Survey Dho g i the i Iive year a of. I because t it m it to by Nart Iosa. Becciu it is twelve m a fran it riot be be it u Laneive Mie Tion in Firlit because to is to Eive Miles from an where because in i out of the Achot t i u f i a to Handy for the not a West Licaus if would the a p Ace to borrow guns when our Chicken Hoot it g. Ii Cau. Maui Ai i a amoral Dace and the inn would not tie Ai owe ii to go out of Loai without their bus Trachea. Lucause there a no Penitentiary in Nair Mcclellan requiring an additional Supply of j t piece Sarie. It has been proposed that ail the 1 Asylum hoarding a Hoci there nor no think1 until j ele for that matter b Taffet Atill thai Don i rep�0�a. Run half the Lime a raw Mill a Blacksmith hop a store without Auy gods in it and a Xen so of houses. Beccie the Folk in that Vicinity Are hard j up e d want a enhance to Cerve their of unto a d s t e a l e m o n e y. Because it is a right Good place to go fishing sundays. I because so Tut body a killed oar old Blue i. In. I because tic a i d to Ely Pool. A sea. To e Turners Are Opi noted to the Bill now before in c the m Nyi Ani committee will report by i in t liw Das Tor a Branch mint in t Euve 1 be president o Dav directed the appointment of Nai Cleon 1. J Dana of ailon., brigadier Geue my Volunteer could Arnes i. And 1. Of the Penoy Vinia lists , Sujer of Ioian d o. Captain m to Onald f Gwent to Prairi vie Lart n Ghi and Tuntti this Intro my. The a Neuzy Banc not Btu Iraq Tiff due Baule. Nut re us a l free beyond. The Huck Aili counted 17grave on the Battle Fitl 1 tuls it i i Iii in tie t in Reanier Freeborn. and Island Liea go under Way a ii #tu4i Oval tie Viri to re Opp nne Sci web p it d b Kiuta the tit ceased. 1 b to vessel stood . F. R Aqua i reek Jiunti. E i a to Bari the Battery Ai that up. Ome Plas for replenishing the Treasury for the future. The place of needing is Odd fellow s a l. Mast l d Putnam Sec y. Davin Post . 11th, 162. J i i Blyn f. Leads us a Little in Ibe Matrimony line. During the past yer the la Trad says. Three Hundred and thirty seven marriage licenses were issued79 More than in Scott county during the same litre. The unt expending any further Suma of Money to i judge s clerk thinks the number would have Lefroy the expenses of the armory committee been much greater if be bad issued ii census on re Bijj jut of a sense of Justice u Hiu Leif bet in Worbington. We do question the j u of in anxious to bis_ad.= country. And legality of . Hubbell a proceedings but we i Tox Bureau . Ill Republican speaking of i my. Lil Uhll and the Amory a re Ornati . Geo. E. H a Bell of this City a procured t a Iesu Anc of an injure icon restraining the City officials from appropriating from sit. Louie. R t. Lot is Ian. 1#. The split Between recession Ani Union it Ersnt n the chamber Commerce a a cation Coap Ete. The i Mon Exchange was organised to Day. 12 i joined Ai d Utthi in fun Rij ions. A Lett Torii Leban n dated l a avs i Wright hold Itiat town Mith z2 Nir. Cary la i Goi Eback to the u scoop de Cau in Lipri eat Lebanon Devens Robel Pri Joers bad by 4n . Toe Xcvi few is of a3 a a in on the Secas Sioni Tii has a Urie new notice a being served on ail artus by the Voit guard Ien. Igel complaint. The it be bad been Hurrie i by Gen. A Leek irom a sick bed to take T it a. And that Oay three Days alter his arrive us. Cirtis arrived and without exhibiting an Orde term Gen. A Halleck giving him notice m used Ini nand. Gen. Sigel say that a if a o question the propriety. If five Hundred tar Umi d Dol Ara will secure the armory loll i land we a it so cold be cheer full Given. The chances for its Locatis in our Ibe Arret of another of the to a state Bank coun Erfil Gama female shia Lime a the tops were l Jurch to Liy be us Mirch Ith . To tur her a Sis that out of in Retro men s in i name by Riead Only Lour Hundred my Are left to a. Con . He a Pes a Barrac Gimont will be on Friday evening f last week a Ady of j nude by which my lot by Ici urn to ser genteel appear Nee seceded m in outer a about Ixia do Hare in uner Feit five Ooth is t Are Verv no and no impediments. Be Wjk i j f,.r her Houd be thrown in the Way of those who Are j the passed one to . Inter lie looked for her and found her at Tho american Llose. When informed her that she had Given my a counterfeit she sex slated trn Possis Send a Bat not to a Tion ton. House l Ucola an Wafai Tea me Jot do Nokia Tea Mea Xoai ebbing paste la to Kow cola a Cooke i u Boring to accomplish this desirable end. We to not think . Gursey was jut the to us a puts donate regard hard labor. Be is 4 capital talker and Atory Teller but will not Een secured to Kitaek Island. We Trust Oai citizens Ali tee thai the committee Ere Forn Isiede with the Mecca to Gentinne their labors if the Money cannot be procured from the City Treasury. We think . Ilu Bueil and his Frienda have taken an inns Casary and what will yet prove a very unpopular to. P. Was very willing to n Ake restitution Tor the 0f Ibe amount Ai the Iron at Rolla Are ready to ave to a s to ice. At Rit. Charles ma., a few Nic Tiago a l Rafid but a Oneal output dollars Money put up. A i made Between a be each and a l in n wan ital Price would have p use to i. If Attiat Ace before new Vea Day. 1 Jitney was paid to the Winner Rone done Hui Bat had her arrested and 39t in counter Oit Money was found upon person. 1 is said that she resides in Brad Ford. Stark county 1 1 she is now in jail a watling an examination. Thi Folio ing item of tin Archal Newt taken from the Cincinnati gout will satisfy our readers of the soundness of the currency of the three great Western St Stee Ohio. Id Ena and Iowa. Bills will be five per event. Over Eastern suspended currency the Board of control of the state Bank of Ohio has resolved to continue to pay the in this will place Ohio currency on a fun inn Slih Indiana. Both Are getting very scarce. Bankers pay out email Bills Ocea to Aliy but beyond his a might put into his pipe and Matrai was arrival Beret rom yes iday that the Secci rest i invasion of Eastern Kentucky Bas ended m a Dis in sixty Days Iowa Benk j monday la .ifi�ld a forces Pinciu Ling at a Premium of from three to t a 42d Hij. A the Kentucky Ani ear Alty Bud proceed i up the Uig a Sci t i Ain Svide within seven mile of the rebel Camp when they were by a Fig of Truee Naring a message from Humphrey Marshall asking i Darters us be settled without a Chat. Cel. Gar held in mediately Lepied that could offer no arrangement except either to fit aur Render . Marshall then Adir eased Froais fort Jho Arwa. Foam to vac it. The. Spec Ding a Veo a Latiera in let Thi Mortim brings no tews of interval the enemy had not their appearance is Nee the f l cent bad Bec five Days on voyage. They a hat they were bred at As they i dec Eail their _,. Ent Camp equipage supplies. j 26, bushels receipts 7. I Rency now. Ibia u handled i Reedy by the i each w t permitted i take Eire i and the whole Torce sat Erelio Corfu i n Hail edition. Ifill duly 10 of lot a. I. Jew our Saai morning dispatch a have failed to come to time. Cot Tite Rickmeier bit morning at 7 1-2 o Loek stood 2 degrees be Low Zero. This was the coldest morning of be Eearon. Night Dispa i che8. From Washington. W Ahi it Uton . 11. Secretary Tia a expects to Juilet re monday Del Atin a Regentin Tho binks of Loston new York and for Oon Terenee a fila Arial matters. Siace the �u? Eity Bat been flooded with sum notes Many of them worthless. Next week Tho 11 use Jiu Kuruc us ways Ard Means Aili i four and Hope to Carr their Bills imposing Nion and Revi a of the Tarifi by an in crease i f do ii. There Are numerous application for Bemiston Home the in rth Westem use i ters to to pop Kiaie socks. The e w Suivai a for s Meelin the in a Cath Between it. V Ernon and Washington bound Muti the Fri waa thick 1 it .l that the Stei Stone waa Obi ged to by of Alexandria till i n Oming. A t non she again started to run to rebel l a it. From Cairo. F a. J an. It two of news l saturday kte., . 11s61. There is no change to note to the Market since our la-1 report. Wheat keep stiff on account f the Scarcity in Market. Fro a a o wholesale 93.80 retail. Ship ment60 Bra. A Nav in g a demand for i icing Ai j. Receipt of ,",270 a. Shipments .,750 by. A let. No. 2. Cosk.2 Cic store. Era. Quiet and Tua a. Bales at me la Etere and to on track. Uli and heavy. Soseon track and a cent delivered. . Sales at tv.7i 5fcs 0. A xxx Active demand at 2 2.7i Coa Aai n. Q diet. Green of Nitro 1 85 Irston sailed dry Liu a. Rew Tork la dec l communicated Devi Droit. Jan 11, 1m2. Mass a. A Pitons isl evening there was a Ssheel exhibition in Detriot no. 1, of Puanani Valley. . M f Joes teacher e Donald son. Esq director. The exert Reec consisting of singing the Evorite National Aire the rid White and Blue and " Star spangled Banner compositions declarations and i leagues were Well performed and reflect much homr upon heir teachers and the Sebo ars we set de their pail admirably Well. The Large school room was filled to overflowing the Best of order prevailed and the audience were highly entertained. There were Many Diston. Thu Ethel per coach from Davenport. At the close of the exercise a very excellent oration rfcs delivered by Joseph s Mckary Esq., of Rockino Ham in beet " a duration of Yoang men " Cape. C. W. Wiliiams. Of the 16th regiment made some very appropriate re Marks All which were Well received. One pans ext. District january term of the court commenced to Day. The first ease for trial in that of Franklin Ballve. Hasan Ball for divorce. Our readers will remember the canes Froais a controversy in Tea fall of 1860, about Tea Cut Odd of the children entertained. In fact it cannot be dispensed 1 dealers in carriages buggies w a i Bri it is0u Pat urns Ani Al Pruet thai Deiy me Hilton of. _ ,. A _ 1.0 Street Davenport Owa a s 4u� j of West j in be equal to the Tad Lis Miil Kii Roii Winter arrange meal 1h?9. Tavaitu run by Chicago sunday at 2 i Friend i f the family Are invited to attend. N 1 attempt was Mil to be anything except ing their ctn non. Col. dip thed Bis a Vairy i pm suit they expect t capture their guns and perhaps pick up Many of the flying 1i1. The rebels in North Eastern Kentucky from the High estimate in Wai a Humphrey Marshall i Flarv a Ity were Beld had Strong Hope of Suc Cess under nit leadership. A sufficient Federal Torce will be left in this re Gica the secure its further peace and safety. In i _ trains from the West connect at Davenport with lain of Tea Chicago and Rock islam Road for All Points East North and Swath. I Rau w. K. Roa8, agent. Tub Home Insi Kance compact naw Yoas. Cam capital of Miltom dollars passengers Are reminded of the be Cecily at Sving dist get directions at to the destination Oleir baggage. Also to Proner tickets before taking heir scats a the ears. John , geat sup t. A. I Hill ass t sep t. Davanport january 13,1881.dtf ithe Hartford fire insurance Carat Baba a. D., 1810, Cipi capital 16. O.?00. Oppici mite Opoutra licit my. Davix Post Froais was a glob. Wash notch . Ii. The skirmish of capt. Russell at Bath was Brilliant affair. Be had the detailed from Tien. e Umayal Wita to Elim its of infant re Aud two i had oos of cavalry Ani was stationed at math. On a p.ach of Gen. Jackson in of ".0 " r i i Rewe his scats gae i i Bim notice. He waa six Miles from the Potomac i nver. Lie took the infantry out about two _ and posted them As Takir mistera in a dense in cavalry was left to in Ethe Advance of the 1 in my. A Exchange of shot was the Ejon Sebuu per state $5.75tjjc Stra slate 85-5� it 5s to eater % j 1 j common to median extra Western ship. Aug Brand and extra. . Titis. Very Juiet. S.&0 25.5a super. $0.77�comm n to Choice extra. Rvs Fuca ,$3.6c�424. W heat Market Juiet and very firm. Salea Sou Bushel it .42 Amber Michigan fl.v.1 Milwaukee cab #1.26 Amber Iowa. Kate. Term at slim. Maikut Iuit and steady. Mixed Western. Oara quiet. Pork Ute if. Ill.7�ls. My i it 50 prime. . Ctr Mats. Unchanged. Land fair demand. Sales a meat text a. Birr at los Atli for Ohio of car state. at 5 to. nominal at 27 32t naw Vera Atteck Market. Naw Yoac . 11. E.ft.i.,s?K.B. Aq.,. 7s . . Pad ads 8 j do. 21 i of 2 A t. G. A c., t % is h.,2 -5e do. 2d. I m. C. 4vg Harl. A i. \ Fri. 4j4 Mfd. N. Y c., a la p. 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A per Vea thick of bid Mihe Clotis Fott an Wanica 1 will Sillat for Lei Lerr thai Ali Lewette thankful int past favors 1 respectfully licit Tea patronage of Adirce Ning pub to for the future. Respectfully i . Oct of o. O o # watch Spring hoop skirts t e f i f t a. V 1 t u a l Vsev Vax the Rio bbb sett Lils a8clltmi # f s o t t o u n t y Rill take p aae at i Ciaire Hoase of Taa Day evening Jaguar / 4 k Loti of Vaa to st7li a t full one third ,li88, in Price a than Ever before told a this Market. We have a Isris Toek and bought them la the Are tile a new Yobe . A the port Royal Newi it Tohaid be that Gene s evens was in a Toad of the expedition to the a n land. Gen Sherman and not commo Dore Dupont had sent Bim reinforcement. Accord ing to exp letters enemy works were completely destroyed and our Roofe returned to 1. J Urt Hoyal is Aad. 1 i regime Pat were going Tieb cts Aake procured f the tree Are Israel bask to Uil Toa head of it a id. After oar trop j Hail Esq. 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