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Daily Democrat And News Newspaper Archives Feb 14 1860, Page 1

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Daily Democrat And News (Newspaper) - February 14, 1860, Davenport, IowaB9fppwr? 11 we j map daily news. Richardson West & co. The greatest Gorp to the greatest number ,. L. J Jan subscribers five Dollar or Alai i cheats per weak. Volume 5. Davenport Iowa. Tuesday morning february 14. I860. Number 100. Fly Morral and ears. Tuesday morning. Feb. 14,1m. 1 Mil District court. Emu i i v Tiv judge John f. Dillon residing. Isa ii. Wiki obd clerk. Mondat feb. 15, 18c0. At the opening of the Coart this morning c. Al. ,9fl, Dearborn Street Chi Sirc ii j a prisoners Ritner and i Lowman were authorized to receive advertisements for this a j brought in to receive their sentence. Ritner a manslaughter was sentenced to three years i in the Penitentiary a fim of on Hundred lol j Lars and to pay All the costs of prosecution. Ruino a Lano ook 155 Randolph Street Calarc a Paier. To. E e authorised to receive advertisements tits this mini Arron Grisenti. By r la daily except sundays. Blie i ass m aii., arrives at 2 m. Closes by 12 m tuesdays thursdays and saturdays. Amt m ah., Urr ves and closes at 12 a tuesday b i 1 in jays. Anamosa mail arrives Aud closes at 12 a on thursdays. The office will in open on sunday during the summer f rom 9 to 10 a m. T h e c i t y. Times of opening and closing mails in the Daven i u. # port i Ost office Bowman for horse stealing sentenced to two want bin maii., arrives Atje a m and 8m closes i jars in the Penitentiary and to pay the Cost at 5-i a Szmir prosecution. Nonn fits min., via Ituau due and North Iowa. Arrives at p ii clo.e.-. 50 a m. 8 Lormi a Tatj and Trad b to dict sol m aii., from st Louis and Southern j of not. Guilty. Missouri a Rives at 4 l a closes 30 Aat. A. West san Avn Soi Iowa mail arrives at i l a Arber Tell. This Case was be. R n closes it s r m. Fore the jury during the greater part of the Fri a Wiz a thursday and st url in clones at is p m Sun j l to the court had no jurisdiction of the Case Day Leo lays and 1 ii or Daya. The Section of the Law under which the indict of i Vbk 11 ail to Lyons arrives at 0 p m closes a #. In it was formed having been re pea led the defendants were therefore discharged. The Point being a Nice thing was quietly held in a serve by or. , who appeared for the defendants and who was disposed to take the prosecutor by Surprise when it be Cam important to give the matter vent the prosecutor has Ridden a rather High horse this term and the i a was somewhat pleased at his discomfiture. At the opening of Coart to Morrow tues Day morning a motion for a new trial in the ease of the state Mclaughlan will be made. Court adjourned to meet at 8 s a. M. On tuesday. Lie claims Brick Mills lift a been leased by messes. Johnson oration. From our prs Oil knowledge we should say that the author is Well acquainted with the Aub Jact of which he writes. A a Keno prophets predict an Early and pleasant Spring and we must Sny that it has very much such an appear Ance just now. The ice Bridge is not at All Safe for musing and with two or three Days More of warm weather we can safely look for a move ment of the Rotten stuff Down Stream. Bets Are now freely offered that Boa s will be run Ning Between this Point and st. Louis by the first of next month. Not Imp Rebal a. Tiu al a floss Iii m. It m. Hail boat three months prior to Janu Ary 1st, 1860, there was 7,83.i persons crossed the Railroad Bridge on foot. The Herriage for this number at five cents would amount to the snug Little sum of eight Hundred and ninety one dollars and seventy five cents. Of Thia amount we suppose that the ferry company would have received 5uii, had the Bridge not been built or in other words the Bridge re dates the profits of the ferry Compaan two thousand dollars per Lunnum. �-0 the Luu by dates of All popular papers and Magazine a to be had at staub s. Til Saku time is Trinu is fast approaching when our agricultural friends will be called upon to procure seeds for planting and when doing so they had better procure the Best those that Are warranted to thrive under proper culture. L s. Yield it co., no. Front Street have a Vry Large Stock of Fine fresh seeds of every variety known to the planter. We noticed peas of Twenty one different varieties Beans of seventeen and other seeds of like numerous kinds. These will All be open and for Sale on thursday of this week and we suggest to eur Farmers gardeners and others desiring anything of this kind to give Tilton a Call before purchasing or planting. Complimentary Halu for a Long time Leclare a been without a Good hotel As far As the building a concerned and we Are glad to learn that they Are soon to have one of which they May Well be proud. Regard ing the hotel and the opening the Register says a complimentary Ball will be Given to Geo. W. Alorton esq., on thursday evening on the Occa Ioa of his opening the new hotel. The Squire has concluded to cull it the Howard Bouse instead of the Alleghany which change we think is commendable. This Ball we have to doubt will to the Ball of the season As the Squire and Bis family Are very highly respect a by All and on the occasion of the opening of such a Housa in Leclaire every Good Citi zen should feel it his duty a Well Aahis pleas ure to contribute something towards it. It is a Good Deal of a undertaking these hard times and it is partially on this aeon it that or. Horton s friends tender him this Benefit. These who have per taken of his sumptuous table in tha hotel will be satisfied As to the kind of supper they will get and everybody who has danced to the Minsio made by kilo White and the celebrated Strausser will enter Tain no fear of the music not being a no. 1. A general invitation is extended. The Bay Isama Dap �. I your. T. Valentines at. a " by yesterday judge Dillon Ceu tended Frank Ritner the Youngm a convicted of manslaughter in killing we. Herrig during an Ati Ruy at Weidman s dance House on a sunday Eveni a some months since. The Youthful prisoner seemed to feel deeply the disgraceful position into which he had been brought. Previous to the sentence Jas. H. Lane Esq one of his counsel addressed the court alluding to Tho Early histor of his client and the circumstances which placed him in his unfortunate position. It App cats Young Ritner is a relative of sex governor Ritner of Pennsylvania of which state Frank i a native Llis parents re id in rending they Are poor and Firtik being compelled by circuit Uncas had to seek his or. Let the future fully atone for and More than redeem the i past. Though the morning of your Days is thus overcast the Meridian and the close May nevertheless be cloudless and i Rig t. Take i and keep a Resolution that you will be belter and will do better that you will abandon i Idle habits and bad associates and vicious associations. J in View of your extreme youth the Many mitigating circumstances which have been i brought to my attention and especially in con sequence of the recommendation of the jury the judgment of the court is that you be confined in the Penitentiary of this state for a term of three years and that you pay a Fine of $ Loo and the costs of pros Oulion. William e. Telegram from new York brings us the intelligence that win. Is. Burton the famous actor and manager is no More. We. Burton died at his residence in the City of now York of disease of Tho heart on Friday the 10th inst. Few members of the theatrical profession in America have done More to elevate dramatic Art and some expression of borrow for his loss Home acknowledgement of obligation for Hie ser vice is therefore due As Well from us As from those whose lives were daily cheered by his inimitable humor. We. Burton was a native of England where his father was the editor of an influential provincial newspaper. After receiving a thorough classical education he became connected with the paper and on the de the of his father became its sole editor. Whilst die charging the duties of the editorial chair he proved his profound acquaintance with All the intricacies of the greek language by correcting Tho proof of a valuable edition of the tragedies of i Oahu is. Though with a Brilliant career As a journalist before h a he choose to change the labor and honors of editorial life for the Drudgery the disappoint cents and the excitement of the stage. He made his appearance if our memory serves us at Brighton and though he gave some evidence of comic Talent there were but faint indications of that Brilliant Genius which afterwards made him a worthy Success or to Liston Dowton and Munden. Before arriving at Eminence in England he came to America and settled in Philadelphia where after the usual Vicissitudes of an actor s life he became manager of the Arch Street theatre Philadelphia at that time though extremely populous was nothing More than a sprawling country town and though the pit of the theatre was tolerably Well hired wit i River men and Dock loaf is at a shilling a head a beggarly account of empty boxes chilling the Hopes and dampening the spirits of the players presented but few incitements to extort or improvement or. Burton therefore temporally Abi Joned Tho soak and again aet Fload the pen becoming the editor of the lieu Leman s Magazine. The Magazine was an extremely Well edited period ical though never a pecuniary Success. In is-17 or 18, or. Burton saw that the Metropolis afforded a wider yield for professional exer tin Thau any provincial town und removed to new York where against Tho advice of the most experienced an astute Thea Trimai Mana Gers he leased Palma s old opera House on Chambers Street and began a career of pm purity Seldom equalled in the history of the stage. He gathered around him Harry Placide Blake Brougham Lester Marv Taylor mrs. Limey and other Oelzel wieties who formed a Constellation of rare brilliancy and Power. Is entirely ignored the starring system that curse of the profession adopting the belief that Tho Mode to secure a steady and lasting sup port was by presenting a play compete As a whole rather then by allowing a dim Star to Tret und strut his hour upon the stage at the expense of every other , and the sacrifice of the Point of the play. At Bur tons he produce i the toddles the serious faintly Dombey and son David t Copperfield and Ottier Well known favourites of til play go ing Public and soon realized a handsome Fortune. With increasing Means he adopted a style of living becoming a gentleman of refinement and health lie built a Villa Ile Neove a mansion in Tae City and entertained his friends with a sumptuous Eis bordering on Megui licence. He added to his private Library rare editions of the classics and every work upon Shakespeare which the labors of two Hundred years have produced. Be was then at to e Zenith of his Fame and popularity. Stran Gers never visited new York without going to Burton s. He was one of the institutions of the City. Meantime the tendency of Trade and population was up Brodway and Chambers Street which had been in the neighbourhood of All the Large hotels became Down town and o it of Tho Way. Bur ton therefore determined to follow up town and leased that stupendous failure the metropolitan the tre in b. Oad Uay opposite Boud Street Llerve Fortune deserted him. Wal Hick and Laura Keene had drawn from him his most popular performers and after resort ing to every expedient and employing All the stars in the country lie was admonished by heavy losses to close his doors. With great reluctance be took his Farewell As a manager and started on a starring tour though the South and a eat. A Lew Weiks ago whilst performing at Troy his physicians informed him that his life depended on his immediate withdrawal from Tho stage. Hacked by a painful affection of the heart and harassed by corroding cares be returned to new l Ork to die. He is gone and his Fame As an actor everything tradition al will too be forgotten. He was one of the most completely american died englishman we Sver saw. As an actor with the exception of or. Buckstone he was without an equal in his line either in America and England lie was moreover a Public Benefactor for he furnished to the overtaxed and care burdened people relaxation entertainment Aud amusement. It is whispered that he died in embarrassed circumstances. We Trust such apprehensions Are unfounded. A whose flashes of merriment lightened Many a weary heart ought not to die in misery or want. The radiance of an affluent Prosperity ought to have lit by the last hours of him the did so Mel to in it life pleasant to others. Look to i Helm la bushels Timothy seed wan wans Chew co. C m m e 1 1 c i a i 1-4 us sport Market daily report. Oprics daily Dau Octav As news monday evening feb. Is 1s#0. J wheat was firm and steady to Day at saturday s quotations the bulk of the receipts averaging 87c. Corn unchanged but not so Tiro. Oats diet with but Little demand and that enly for Home use. Barley in fair demand but irregular in Price owing to Tho Competition Between shippers and Brewers. Nothing doing in dressed hogs play Active with Good demand. We quote As follows Kloi a shipments 100 bus. Market quiet and unchanged with but moderate demand. We quote Good Spring extra at i retail. it Crane m i 4 5 j. Kye flour 25. Buck wheat flour $4 per cwt. Corn Metal $1k 1 25. What copts 2370 by shipment 360 by. Market steady at 7i� a with excellent demand for both milling Aud shipping. Con Luce its 10 by shipmcnts370 by. To quote somewhat Weuker at 30 381c, a few loads of very Choice White and yellow bringing 32 ji53c. Oats rrceipts250 by. Market quiet at80 �i32c. Balky receipts ?6o by. Market irregular prices varying from 4"ij� s2c. Dib Billous finn and steady at $504 for Light and 50 5 75 for heavy hogs. Hay in Large Supply and Market Active at $3 00 �4 of for Prairie and $6 00 for Timothy. Iii oks firm and steady with Good demand. We quote Green at Green salted 6 6 dry salted i0 � 4l2c dry flintl2 u,12 4o. Butter Market quiet and steady tired Roll i3 �l5c. Ecu in moderate demand but quiet at 16c per dos. Retail @ l in a wholesale. Skim quiet and transactions limited. Small sales of Timothy at $1 s5@l 90. Hungarian seed 7u &7oe. Coca a Market. Saturday evening feb. 11. Flock quiet steady. Spring extra $4 65 l�4 7 Hock River super $3 75. Kye hour f4 6. Wilkat Market Dull buyers offering Only Pic for no. 2 Spring. Josted 88c in Storo. Conn Dull and declined la. To. I in store tio rejected 4ue in store. Oats steady with a fair demand. No. 1 on track 35c rejected 32c on track. Barley in limited demand. No. 1 by Sample on track 5gc no. 2 on track 52c. A kissed Ollous heavy firm and in Good do Mand by shippers. Light hogs Dull. To quote a 2"u tint 7c under Joo lbs $6 25 div on 15o f cattle More Raiot and sales limited at s j 503 hikes Market steady at 6% 7c for Green country Grun salted s7 dry salted 11 % 12l�c dry Flint is ,14c. Emus fresh in demand at 14 il5c. In to tar Dull at u i us for Choice and 9 gl0e. For common. New York Market. New orb february 13. hut wit Brut material change sales at 5 05c5 15 super state s5 3ou 5 40 extra do i 41to 75. Kyd floor quiet. Willi at quiet and unchanged jts Les 60,000 by very Choice m1m Hartr at $1 Kyd Dull at so. Uarley More a Tiro at "5e. Corn Dull heavy and lower fair request at 44 41tic for state and Western. Pouk firm. Sales 300 bbl at $17 50 old mess 1s 25 new mess $12 25 old primo$14 37 new prime. Common Berf. Steady and unchanged. It t meats firm and Active. Cd bks steady 10 10 a. Maui quiet. 1 on 1 i by fair request at la j@125�c wuiskky24c, firm and in Lair demand. Leport of the m. A n. Railroad Bridge for the weekending feb. 11th, 13g0. Date. Water. Mercury it. In. Cam. 12 a 6pm. 32 above 34 above 82 above feb. 5, 6, 7, 8, % 10, 17 28 5 " 22 13 43 12 " � 1 below 15 21 above is the whole number of foot passengers crossing Tho Bridge during the week is 78. J. It. Eked Bridge master. 28 20 43 9 22 18 As just received a Small lot of the new Patent Pate \ i is i ii t j h. B. I o o ii t t l e h k e r o s e n e j l a m p Talso the Best kerosene Oil which he will have Fer Sale at sickle s hardware store on Brady by Trees first and second st bets for a few Day Only. I am also agent for a Large lot of Chi i crockery & glassware which will be told at Cost Call immediately. Feb lid old. Settlor i teat Val the third annual festival of the old settlers society will by Uklid at the Bur tvs Bouabsi february s2d, 1mo. Single tio Keta. Too All who Are entitled Are earnestly requested to at tend and can procure tickets at the Pasette office. Febu a Titian 1a iks spit est Trade r to conform to the times the Scott j. House has reduced the Price of transient to one Dollar per Day. And permanent boarders Are now taken at three dollars per week and upwards. It is our determination that this shall be the Best Dollar House in the state. J. J. Humphrey. Ugl5 j. W. Stewart attorney and Counselor at Law and notary Public. Office no. 26, Rickoll s Block first floor. In Tralee on Brady Street Davenport Iowa. De july j. J. dentist successor to or. Chas. Goodrich would invite your attention the his great reduction in prices of dentistry and would invite All persons needing his services to Call and examine work and prices at his rooms next door to Shepherd s ambr Type gallery no. 57 Brady Street nearly opposite the Post office. N. B. Teeth extracted All hours of the Day and night and All operations warranted. Nov5 of c m. C. Paukei n. 0., physician am surgeon. Office with messes. Reger a Bowers no 58, Brady Street. Orders left with them will tee Eive prompt attest on. Nov tip fare one Dollar per Day. T e l e j r a p i i t c. T o d a y s a o v t s. Xxx Ltd Congress Firat see Atoa. Washington feb. 18. Ii Oise. Or. Knight was appointed a Mem Ber of the committee on the District of Colum Bia in place of Arnott who was excused from services on the same committee. Tin motion of or. Craig of mo., a Resolution was adopted that on wednesday at 1 o clock the clerk shall Call the states con mending with Maine when the members May introduce Bills and ree Lutious of which previous notice has been Given for reference Only and without debate. Or. Lurch presented the proceedings of the Pae Itic Railroad convention held at san fran Cisco in sept. Last Cid moved that the subject be referred to a committee of v. Or. Sherman objected saying that he had previously moved that the House proceed to the election of a Printer. Or. Maynard asked Bat failed to obtain leave to introduce a re solution providing fur the selection of seats by drawing for them. Or Houston thought there was no necessity for this As every seat belonged to every Mem Ber. � the House voted on the motion of or. Burch to suspend the rules to enable him to have the Pae Itic Railroad re it no favor expressed in Kansas to the proposed Chango of Boundary of the state. He says that the territorial legislature now in session us Lawrence wll unite with the Wyandotte s in memorializing co Gresa for the immediate and Adin usion with the Constitution As it now stands from Pike s Feak. Lea ves Worth feb. 10. Pike s Peik express with dates to the 3d has arrived with to ii 0 in Gold. Of eat excitement prevailed in Denver City on Decout of the jumping of several claims within the cite limits. The jumpers commenced the erection of buildings which were destroyed in the night time by a Committer by themselves that oust Challou of kerosene Oil will produce the same amount of Light As 8 Gal. Burning fluid at 80 cts. Of 4c� or 2% sperm Oil at 1 50 m 4 12 � " 3 " lard " at 1 25 4 5s " 3 " whale " at 75 " 2 85 " 18 lbs sperm can los 45 " 8 10 " 45 " tallow " 15 " 6 75 Call at c. T. Webb s crockery store no. 16, be Claire hew. Feb 13-Dtf. I f. Mitchell Agram for Tho following Well known company Girard Fike and Marine insurance co., of Fhi Ladelia a. Of pice Brady Street East Side Between 2d and 3d. Jnne4 it. A. O sea c1ivil Engineer and Surveyor is j prepared to attend to All matters pertaining to his profession vis surveying leveling construction of dams levees and Bridges. Plans profiles and with accuracy and dispatch. Office old Council Cham Ber Cor. 3d and Liady its. Oct. 14. To i a s i it to or c of fire Marine and life. Edwin fat agent. Peoria Marine and Fike insurance co., capital $5ti0,00. The great West eke in Skance and Trust company capital $5co,n00. Office no. L j Brady Street with Parker a de wan oct25 Lyfurs Page Bill virus Anu tilt polls j k e r w i n 8 billiard and Bowling Saloon has become one of the fixed institutions of on City and any peons wishing a quiet gab of billiards or ten pins can be accommodated by dropping in at the Corner of Brady and 2d streets Down stairs under Nichols Block. Try it. Jan 4-Dtim Taylor 4c , no. # West second Street decl re Row Davenport Iowa wholesale and retail dealers in Dru is medicines chemicals paints o window Glass fancy articles perfumery Mineral Teeth Gold foil ac., a. Ina Rob Kew a Usborne of fourth and Iowa 8t8., Davenport Iowa. Davis a sok8, proprietors. Freo omnibus to and from the cars. Orca for stages leaving for Leclaire Prine Elpa Lyons do Witt Maquoketa and lost i fir Muffler a Liberal Reward will be Given if left at the today s aim s. Iowa Book rooms 58 Brady Street. Febi4-2t bu3b j. Mox4m1i, Ratku dkdh1ck, Job. Morgan & co., wholesale Aid retail dealers in b o o t s & s h o e 40 Brady Street first door above Post office. Feb 14-Dtf a taxi of tue posit Fox of the North american fire insurance co. Of 1iabtford, Conn., on lie 2d Day of january 1800. To the auditor of the state of lok a. The Samk of Tilk company is the 1. North american Fork Insik. Ante company and it is located is the City or hat Kobe state of Conne Lieut. Capital. 2. Amount of capital Stock is hot Jpn 3. Amount of capital actually paid in Cash is. $165,626 amount of Stock notes endorsed and approved and other Wise secured by double the amount of the Stock of Tho company. .134,375 $300,000 assets. 4. The assets id the company Are As follows m. P. P. V. 20 a Hartford City 6 per it. 20000 10 Ohio state to per cent Bonds .10000 6 Michigan state per cent. I soils do our 10 Missouri state a per cent Hon is oooo amount of state Bonds at 175 shares Phi Enyx Bank. Hartford. 17iu0 32 Sharon a Hartford Bank hartford3250 101 Farmers and mechanics Bank a Hartford Lolo 215 shares Exchange Lalk. A Hartford. .10750 107 shares a Quirt Roak Bank Hartford. Iu700 45 shares City Hank Hait turd 4500 70 shares Una Bank a Hartford 7000 135 share merchants and Manuta Tores ,had Ford. 13500 100 Shales mercantile Bank a Hartford. 10000 Loo gaiety fund Bank Boston oooo 50 share Maverick Bank Boston 5000 50 shares metropolitan bask new York. 5000 0 shares merchant Bank new York. Jiw 250 shares Phamie Bank new y Ork. 5000 50 share Continental Bank new y Ork. O �00 5 0 h a r c i b a n k o f America now y Ork �000 amount of Bank Stoks 100 be h a res Hartford and new Haven r. It. Co 10000 amount of Bills Receiva ble with collateral of Bank Steck and real estate amount of Bills Recotta to Stock notes endorsed and approved Aud also secured by do Ahlo Tho amount of Stock of toe com Pany amount of secured in Terest of Bill Receiva ble. Amount of Cash of Kand Anil in Piank. Attio Uii of in baids of agents and a transit 20000 1u300 5160 3475 16450 4s2o 11716 10v Ujj 11235 6220 7630 13770 10000 10300 50 $0 50m 2675 5450 5150 50o0 448 5 auditor s Orrice Iowa i drs Morvin Jan. 3.1w9.1 it h hereby certified. That on the 23th by of january a sworn statement to filed in this office showing the condition of the City fire instr Zartt oaten by located at new ii Iven in the slate of Connecticut on Tho fir Day of january. , in. Accordance with the pro. Idiu of an of the general ass Eudly of the state Omowa entitled an in relation to insurance approved january 2t thud an Ai l Aten Datura thereto approved Aid s Ataii int shows a Sedot to Rimle vested Aii required by february eth to iat Tomt Erin paid n amount of capital and Law. Authority is therefore Given to the above named coup any to transact business of insurance in this st in accordance with the Laws thereof until the 1st Day of january a. I. 1in m also ask Tiriro that a Kaciff Man. Of Baen july a Miinte dby company their lawful agents and attorneys for the county of Soott with full Power to Uke risk of insurance therein and to Jacklo ledge service at process As p by Law a of their tiling with the clerk of the a District court in and for Iid county a certified copy of Tho statement on Lilc in this office. It is further certified that the attached is a True and Correct copy of the said statement. I in the tii Nony whereof i have Hereunto it. Set my hand an i affixed my snal of Oso a this o 1st Day of january is60. J. W. , auditor of state. S t a t k i l l c i v t or Tok condition of ti1k pm fire i is Rah e Oti pm at new havin Conn. To the state of Iowa january 1st, 16 10. Chartered capital 00,00 1 capital actually paid in. .200,000 .t4. Cash on band in hands of a its and other Persou. Ailt vol 3 22,401 9a n. Real estate owned by the company. 6 Bonds Torre and Richmond it. U., 7 per rent interest 6,000 6,000 3 bunds Evansville and Illi Nois k it., 7 per cent in Terest 3,040 3,000 1 Bonds new Haven au4 Northampton co., 7 per Cunt 4,000 Jno v Bonds new Haven Hui be 10 per cent 500 404 1 Boiu Railroad Bridge co., 10 per cent 1.400 131131 o0 12404 12400 of 4c25 00 13445 00 189040 00 9483 56 0105 77 12940 28 19045 00 1351084 6ft total amount of a cts liabilities. 5 amount of liabilities due or not due to Banks Irot or Credi tors none 6 losses adjusted and due me 7 " " and not due. Vi.1012 8 " unadjusted an 1 due 1464 it j. A other claims against the none but a Small amount for currant office expenses. 10. Largest amount injured in any one risk $5o00, except in some ski Elia in is. 11. Largest amount in any one City town or Village a positive Rule ilex bonding on Circum stances of location. 12. Largest amount in any Eno Block no Posi Tive Rule depending on circumstances of Loca Tion. Is. The company have no deposits in any state As Security for looses Throin or for any Pur pose. 14. Tho charter of the company dates from May 1857same As furnished in i "3v. James g. Bolles pres t. A. F. Hast Kos Sec y. Ii Abt void Jaa 19,1460 state of connect ice to is a Lati our c 1 qty i personally appeared James g. Bolls Preiti Dent and Andrew f. Hastings. Secretary of the North american fire insurance company and made oath that the foregoing statement by them subscribed i k True full and Correct statement of the affairs of said coup any and exhibits so far As can be ascertained its actual cond Tiea As stated on the 2d Day of january i860. Before me Robert e. Day Justice of the peace. Is,5 0 477 shares Gawain anal co., West Springfield. 23,850shares new let even Gas 4,%7i i shares Fugle Mills co., South Suffield Conn 2,4oo i. Buret South Worth manufacturing co Stock Wist Springfield n. Y 4,644 21 allure no i and car Spring co. Stock n. Y2,400 2.ii shares new Haven and Northampton co Stok. 2." ,1 � al i i res u. A Stock 1,004 30 shares Danbury and Noi walk it. It. � cd 900 5 shares Western mass., in. It. Tick 5,040 in Boston and Worcester muss Stock 2,200 i u shares Elm City Bank Stock new Haven Conn. 4 1,200 -72 shares Batik Stok new Haven Conn. 27,240 i7"j to Liares merchants Bank Stok. New Haven Conn. B,9c0 111 shares Bank Stock new Haven Conn. 11,500 6 i shares City Hank Stock new Havon Conn 6,300 Shairs new Haven Hank Stock new Avn Conn. 800 20 shares i eau Bank Stock now York 1,004 10 shares barter of Bank Stok a Hartford Onn i,o00 4 Liares Aga Aoi Bank Stock Spring Tim mus 54y 1 shares Bank Stock sprint Fie a . 800 10 share Farmers Fank Stock Bridgeport. 219,925 amount of mortgage first loan i of real estate Worth double 24,7bo amount of mortgage second loan of real estate Worth double. 1,444 39,191 98 25,658 5,s50 2,m 19,500 2,m0 15,044 1,504 494 5,540 2,244 54,338 31,418 4,010 11 500 v 15 1,044 1,050 1,040 524 864 1,000 354 5j09 4/.s0 5,200 ,15o 554,155 94 9,450 34t� 2459 91 7,404 544 392,801 8v auditors office Iowa i e3 Moirs Jam Amy 31st, Loco. It is hereby certified that on the thirty first Day of january lh60, a sworn statement was filed in this office showing the condition of the North Aner can fire Inaura company Loca Ted at a Hartford in the state of Connecticut on Tho Day of january lbs in accordance with the provisions of an of the general As some sly of the mate of Iowa entitled an aet in relation to in Sauee companies approved Jan uary 2stn, le57,and an amendatory thereto approved february ,9th, 185b that said state ment shows that said company is Jsse de of the requisite amount of capital Aud invested Asru haired by Law authority is therefore Given to the above named company to transact business of Iaser Ance in thin state a accordance with the Laws thereof until the 31st Day , a. I. 1wi. It ii Folso Cert fic to to l1 i Kilt a Kalfman. Of Davenport have been duly appointed by said company their lawful agent and attorney Fer the county of Scott with full Power to take risks of i Suranee therein and the acknowledge service at process As approved by Law upon their filing with the clerk of the District court in and for said Donn to a certified copy of the statement on file in this office. It is further certified that the attached is a True and Correct copy of the said statement. J la testimony whereof i have Hereunto. To set my hand and affixed my Seal of ease. J this 3lst Dey of january 1864, j. , auditor of state. Fel Cru Sovsa. Of Iowa Davenport Iowa. Worser and fifth 8tr1kt8 11,288 81 5,504 254 17,084 81 10,044 14999 amount of Hills receivable secured by endorsement and collateral amount of inter to duo a. Amount of All other property belonging to company. Debts Lor premiums see Cash in hands of agents. Tota amount of assets in cladding capital nothing duo to Bank. Losses adjusted and Doe. Bosses adjusted and not due losses Una Justi d Lomes in suspense waiting for further proof All other claims against the company the greatest amount injured in Aalf oae risk Seldom Cic eed the amount allowed to be insured i any ine City town or Village 14 not limited the greatest amount insured in any one Block usually not to exceed. W e i an t11 Worth presi Iea. Lin b. Bad lev Sec y state of Connecticut new ii Abs cot st. Wells Santa Worth president Yodlis b. Ban Lef Secretary of the City fire insurance com Pany of new Haven,Conn.,being severally sworn depose and say that Tho foregoing is a full True and Correct statement of the affairs of raid com Piny that said company is the Bona fide owner of at last one thousand Dollar of arts a capital invented i Stock it at least Par value and that they Are the above described officers of said insurance company and that said insurance company has no deposits in any other stator ter Story of the United states subscribed Ami sworn before me thie 90th Day of january 1". Signed John s. Graves Justice of theh mme. State Law a vim Colkitt 88 i Alfred h. Terry clerk of the supreme court Fer new havea county do hereby certify that John s. Graves whose name s appeared to the Jurat the foregoing deposition was of Tho Date thereof a Lastiee of peace in and for the county of now Haven duly authorised to administer oaths for general purposes and that i am Well acquainted with the hand writing of said Graves and verily believe that the signature to said deposition is genuine. A testimony whereof 1 have Hereunto set my hand aad affixed my official Seal this 20th Day dec january i860. 1 lev h. Terry Olariu w fel4-Dmwl y � ? in John n. La Rok at a aim 4t a aad notary of web a Thieu e week a Tai
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