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Daily Democrat And News Newspaper Archives Dec 24 1860, Page 2

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Daily Democrat And News (Newspaper) - December 24, 1860, Davenport, IowaFrom rat and " Mondat morn Modic. A ism. Epoch secession. It Vii just seventy on year seven months and Twenty seven Daya Laet Mon Day a inc the United states commenced their term National partnership under the present Constitution and on Mon Day last the South Carolina Oon mention met with the avowed purpose dissolving the confederacy. 1 his it the fourth time a similar at tempt has been made. Aaron Burr initiated american treason in 1806 the Hartford convention made a feeble Experiment in the same line Busin efes in 1814 and in 18-vj, John term for the arc up Hiiter further triumphs. In n. Ii. Liebali t to e working men i j i. Ired or. Urn i a Mam the Bro Mii Viii that in v. As e wih 1 he part a whom to presented i that lie would a t p is i Iki Iol t in a is Ai. P tur. 1 new York is out in. N a tier t lie epic Opal Clur a Oil ,1 Selt site country. Lie i. A -.1 al . A a i i i lit for the j i ent s at a hinge which he deplores Iii ii length. He counsels and by r. N ,. and the pre Cei a i . H 1it Iii Urgen the i i rain i i t y 1 i i. S.\r. I to do like w-1. I the year Pasti i. I a i in in the City Chi Cago i fit. I t i it . I he total i v a lire a i7,610, which w i ii Uii to the it it i t 8.18,125,. I i. I. �. Against i i i a ,7oo. I l l i c i i i i i ? m. Ois o a s h i l c us i. I which they i \ in Elui o l a ate i in e i ". A. I. I 11 ii 11 ii i i \ t i ii in a e i r i in i the p so a 1. V 1 11 i i Lilly la. I la i All it A. I Oahu w. I feb i. I t in in mls Hilt will i t four Pei Hups ine. Air Tami la. I. Cill Pimption Merit. I a us Lii. To port the de it h did z j n Smith Oregon i. Incorrect. It had j i to Norgin in a a n to ally opposed to him speaking in Ead i a j political set. Scjcik8-ri i. Fair the Church fair at Dubuque hold last week was a a raid us Cen. The or a proceeds were $2,490 72 expenses #222 92. Net amount 42,207 80. The Kkt were 4o,ou0 visitors at the new York Central Park on sunday and probably 5,000 skater. is Eaid the Eupie intends having the mansion where her Rister the Duchess Alba died demolished and the ground sold and covered with new houses. As this mansion occupies a prominent place in the Avenue Ilea champs kick cd Tho Empress is obliged to Tsuu it whenever she goes from the Tuil eries Palace to the Buis de Boulogne or to st. Loud what a Contrat last Winter this place was the scene the Are to to gaiety the fancy Hall at the Duchess Elba s House was the most Brilliant entertainment the Winter. Now it is the gloomiest House in Paris deat i alone reigns there. To Morrow twill be razed. This Corner the ground seems blasted by some evil Eye next door to it stood the Mons. Ertile de Girardin s mansion where his first wife gathered around her the writers and artists the Day. That was torn Down the other Day she a dead de Balzac Beyle As Wiot de Beranger Are in their raves Viator Hugo is an exile de k a beggar. The vote on Adrian s Resolution. We were advisor b. Telegraph that Oil the 17th inst., in the House representatives or. Adrian dem new Jersey offered the following preamble and Resolution which was adopted the preamble unanimously and the Resolution by the decisive vote 151 against 14 w Litiskas the Constitution the United states is the supreme Law the land Aud ready and Tai Shtul obedience to it a duty All Good and Law abiding citizens therefore k solved that we deprecate the spirit Dihoff Zience to the Constitution we rever manifested and that we earn Estly recommend the repeal All stat utes by the state la in Saturen in conflict with and in violation that sacred instrument and the Laws Congress patted in pursuance thereof. The ayes and noes upon the adoption this Resolution were As follows . Adams Kentucky Adrian Aldrich Allen Anderson Missouri Anderson Kentucky Ash icy Avery Babbitt Darr Jarru beae Bingham Vilair Blake Babcock Bote Ier Boul Gay Branch lira Briggs Brown Burlington Burlingame i Jerriett Burnham Butterfield. Lark Misouri Clark new Yolk Cobb Campbell Carter Case John Cochrane Colfax Conkling Covode Cox Craig mis Ouri Craig North Carolina Crawford Davis Indiana Dawes Dejarnette de Lano Duell Dunn Edmundson Klov English Etheridge Farnsworth Fenton Florence Foi Ike Frank Garnett cil Mer to Coli Brabam irow Lyle Hall Alai Einari Harris Maryland Blair in Virginia i Latte a a Kelmick in ill ii ind Maii Illman a Loughton Howard Ohio Hughes Humphrey Irvine Jen Kins Jones , kill org Michi gan Keniyon Kilgore Killinger Lan Irum Larrabee Leach North Carolina Leake. Lec Logan l Ngn Ecker Louinie Lovejoy Moeuy Mallory mar Virginia Mcc Lerr and Mckean or Kenty Mekani it Mcl Herson Mill Ward Montgomery Moriis Illinois Niblack Nixon Noell Oiin Palmer pen Ireton i Titt l Elton l Orter l Ottle prior Quarle Hea an John ii. Key Nold Kiei Kos Rubinson Illinois Koyce Knuffle Scott Seranton Sher Man Sickles sums Smith North Catolina Spaulding Stanton Stephen son Stewart 1 Pennsylvania Stokes i Haver Tomkins train Trimble Vance Wade walk Ron Walton Washburn Illinois Webster Wilson Wood Wood soil Vav right. . Alley Carey Edwards Elliot clutch Iii Potter Edwin k. Liev no Sedgwi a Spencer tap pan Vandever a Hull Maine Wells. The Mutli the Mississippi. A great Deal is being said now about the loss the Mouth the mis Vuk Ippi by the Northwest. The import Ance this Southern outlet to the Gulf Mexico cannot Well be Over Esti rated and the Are Little surprised that tii Obj it is agitated by our people. But we Mut say that we Oen tins Road to our Commerce. Nav v e Mav go thither Ami say Tea self in a Tisot Only will induce Thein to open this Highway to , but to. I the Mississippi we Are unable to in Duje in any extreme alarm for our commercial position. The Northwest will have the Power to take care her own interests and fortunately she h a the Seil Inetie Tot All sections to Back i. R in her demands. The above very sensible article we clip from the Chicago times. We link there need be no apprehension on the part any one regarding the free and open navigation the Mississippi from Nideith to the Falls st. Anthony at All tunes the year when weather will permit Lucase the the entire Union in Twain we go in for the Mississippi liver and american Eagle All the Lime. They arc both highly important to the Prosperity the great Northwest. A sort . On monday last a wedding took place not a thousand Miles from Lawrence Horg in which one the parties at least was looking Forward to a Bright and Happy future Bliss with out a single Cloud to obscure her path Way conjugal Felicity. Fancy then i her feelings when after the ceremony i was performed and on their was to the j Railroad station where they Weie about j to embark on their bridal tour at see i ing a officers approaching the Carriage which she was Riding with h e r n e w l y e s p o s e a n d t o s e e h i suddenly alight and,.As borne by the wings the wind hew across the Fields the nearest Way to the cars which As Luck would have it were just beginning to move stepped on Board and disappeared from her sight perhaps forever. On Init lining the cause such strange conduct in her Groom she was informed by the officers that they had received intelligence that l e had besides herself another wife and two or three children and that they had an order for his arrest. She thanked them very kindly for their timely interference and returned once More to her Home a much sadder and perhaps Wiser woman than when she left it but a Short half Hoar Besoco. Lawr Gotburg and Republican. The dissolution drink la Coasaca Tulve acts. The Albany at lug and Arvut concludes an article on the separation As follows what then Are to be the consecutive Steps and consequences secession 1. South Carolina secede. 2. Georgia Florida Alabama and Mississippi Fondow. 3. Charleston Savannah and Mobile Are made free ports 4. New clean Norfolk and perhaps Baltimore follow. 5. The secession and Independence the Pacific states Are established. P. New York opens her port and keeps tree her channels Commerce to the West. 7. The protective system deprived Home markets South and West would decline and Peru and be finally abandoned. " 8. The work reparation would commence by the Means inter state treaties Lor Mutual Freedom Trade general Patent and copyright systems and the restoration a government Job system should such a scheme be not superseded by private Enterprise. This gradual Deperi Tion the confederacy would be the work years it is True but not Many years. Our old men would see it consummated All in their Day. They might see also scene the drama which we withhold from Public speculation or apprehension civil wars social anarchy the unbridled ambition leaders the decay Public and private virtue and the Iron Heel military despotism. we unfold these scenes the trag Edy that is opening before is it is not to invite their horrors but to warn men the dreadful train that hastens in unavoidable sequence upon the frat open ing . Aboriginal k Ligion burning the dead and it attendant ceremonies the indians California Burn their dead. They do this from religious convictions. 1 hey believe in a vast and pleasant camping ground somewhere Westward where Indian live together in perpetual ease and plenty and which is Over by a great spirit unspeakable goodness. They believe also in an evil spirit who is constantly watch ing every Opportunity to injure them and who having Tho Power to keep them out heaven it is their duty by conciliation or stratagem to thwart. They believe also that the heart is immortal that while the body is burning the heart leaps out and by noises or motions they can attract the evil spirit s attention the i at escape to heaven rest and is mover Safe but the body buried the evil one keeps con Linual guard Over the grave and when the Pieart would i scape it is made Pris Oner and it is thenceforth employed to annoy the living relatives. When an Indian is known to be dying his head is lifted gently upon the Lap some relative and Bis eyes softly closed while those who Are standing Aioli and recite in a Low monotonous chant the Virtues the dying. The moment his heart has ceased to heat the sad tidings Are to his relatives and the Low chant is changed to Mournful Wail Ireland beating upon their chests with streaming eyes they apostrophe be the spirit the departed. Western pin Syi a Anilou. Wells. The following summary Tho daily yield Oil in Venango Crawford Ami Warren counties on the 1st Day de Cerner is made up from the Best sour Ces inform Ion and can he implicitly relied upon As Correct Wella. Barrels. French Crek 5 35 Twu mile Hun 3 64 i Miklin Lini ii ugh 15 139 Oil Creek it Ion. .3l 434 Ailt Lauy Kivor 2i 442 total. 74 1114 this Oil would at the present rate thirty cents per gallon be Worth $13,3g8 a Day or Over $4,, per annul an immense addition to the wealth the state. Ton Koit i he Buffalo that during last summer or. Coming president id the Central Road was on a visit to that City and dining the time he had occasion to look at the Tiack the Road. On one True occasion he went along the track alone and looking around in the Vicinity the Higman s station out came Patrick hag in hand singing out Leal Tuhcic you mister lame Man be getting off that track wid yer Sei. Did be think we re intr paying Lor the lives All Sich As yees that get our track to he killed " or. C. Was fairly convulsed with laughter at the manner the Man and was also gratified to see that such careful men were stationed to watch the interest the Road. Hop following can t to heat in two quarts water put eight Good sized potatoes and a handful hops tied up in a bag boil until the potatoes Are Well done Mash them through a Sieve add seven Tablespoons Ful flour pour Over this the water in which the potatoes and hops were boiled scalding hot. Add half a cup sugar Tablespoon jul Ginger stir Well together and when nearly cold put in a cup full yeast. After it is done working add a teaspoonful Salt and bottle up for use. It will keep three months. Brtek Kim and Tell. By c. Arnora scan. I us i a my l the other night but who he we i to Flor t in were the Disimo Iii blight and Toft those Isabel Bat i never Kis Aid Tell her a Mit it Bank Virgin Snow Whereon be thought sin theal dwell her v Jice West by Weet and Low a j Ike the voice " f Isabel but i never i and Tell. We lips Asoh Ernes Sweet and red and fhe Insp by a a Gazelle she Kiei me Back then shafted Juit like our charming Isabel but i never Kis and Tell. Tackx by the has been a Rumor around town or the past few Days that John Green chief the Potto Otomie indians residing in this county had been taken captive by the Sioux while trapping around spirit Lake we have heard the Rumor Sev eral times before and we Hope the pres ent May turn out in the same manner As those former time Anntone. Marshall to. Times. A Young girl generally Loose her freshness by mingling with fashionable for Ieuv As a Bright Stream does by mingling with the sea. Special notices. New Vokk August 21, 1859. Messes. Hostetier a Smith pitt3 lil Kwh i a for Toiuo years Piast i have beef afflicted with indigestion and dyspepsia occasion ally attended with obstinate attacks Diar Ruth. Ching a medical Man myself i Seldom take any knowing that the Peculiar condition my system required both a tonic and stimulant i determined to try the effect a bottle your celebrated hitters. Before commencing to take the bitters 1 had not had a natural healthy action my stomach and bowels for three months and during that time i had lost fifteen pounds flesh. In two weeks i have gained live pounds in weight have had a ravenous appetite perfect digestion and no symptoms dyspepsia or Diarrah a. But they Call your incomparable com found bitters ? i and it a delightful pungent aromatic to the , and the tangible Effeora up on Tho system Are a delightful warmth to the stomach and an exhilarating glow Over the whole the body exiting copious perspiration without stimulating the brain Moracci berating the Ner wus system so As to leave any feelings lassitude or relaxation. This is my experience in the use this admirable preparation. Let others try it. Yours truly g. W. Westbrook dec4-Dawlm no. 17 West 15th Street Courns. The in Iden changes our climate arc sources pulmonary Bronco vital an 1 asthmatic affections. Experience having proved that simple remedies often speedily and cer Tuiuli when taken in the Early stages the Dis ease recourse should at once be had to " Crown i line phial 7rochet," or los Tiges be the cold cough or irritation the Throat be Ever so slight a by this precaution a More serious attack Niay to cell actually warded Oil. Public Kaehs and will find them Etti Luul for Clearing and strengthening the voice. See advertisement. Nov2?-d&w6m warranted purely vegetable.,000, 00� five millions a boxes Brand Ketil s pills Are sold annually. The Sale steadily y increases and yet thous ands die from colds and fevers which these tills could certainly cure. Beaudre h i pillar simple but unmatched for Efficacy. How important that to at once Securo an advantage Over sickness when it can be had at an outlay Twenty five cents. Or. C. Rappelyea Mammoth county n. J., writes March 1s�, 18" 9 i was troubled in january last with positive Iless for several Days and took grains cd Calo uial to obtain Relief. I caught cold i at any rate a severe diarrhoea set in which my medical attendant found it impossible to arrest. This was followed by dysentery. My strength was All gone. Everything passed through me As i took it. A Friend from new York or. Georgo Lewis Fortunati by called Union to and advised Brandreth s pills. I thought in my weak Condi Tion one Pill would be enough but he Adi Nitim ter cd four and the next morning four More. Much impurity came from me and to my sur prise the soreness and pain diminished. One Box cured me fully. Iam now Hearty with a Eood sold principal office no. 294 can Akst. Price 2b cents a Box. Sold Iyall respectable dealers in medicines nov Dot wlm to consumptive t the advertiser having been restored to health in avow weeks by a very simple remedy alter living differed several cais with a severe lung Alec option and that disease consumption h anxious to Mako known to his fellow sufferer Tho moans cure. To All who desire it he will Send a copy Tho Preemption used free charge with the direction for preparing and a ing the Amo which they will Sik cure for consumption asthma Itkiss Civitia in. The Only object the Alver Lii or in sending the j description is to Benefit the afflicted and spread information which to conceives to be invaluable and he Hopes every sufferer will try his remedy As it will Cost them nothing and May prove a Blessing. Parties wishing the prescription will please address Rev. Edward a. Wilson Willi amrut Ron Octal by Kings county new York. Toots and shoes insurance. I 1rls be s , on the 27th executed unto ii Eorge b. Sargent As trustee a certain deed Trust conveying to said trustee the land in Scott county , described As follows to wit that part lots Nino and 10 in Block fifty eight Obj in Tho City Davenport which particularly described As follows Vii beginning at the South West Corner said lot 10thence running North forty four 44 feet thence East Ono Hundred Aud Twenty eight l12h1 feet the twice Swul forty for 44 feet to the Alley thence West along the North Side the Alley one Hundred and Twenty eight Lei feet to the place beginning with the improvements and Apper Tena Acos said deed Trust being record in the recorder s office in said Scott county in Book " e " town lot mortgages at Pago three Hun dred and fifteen which said conveyance was made by Tho said Phineas Merwin Lor the purpose securing the payment eleven certain promissory notes signed by said Phineas Merwin and payable to the order himself dated the 27th Day january a. I. Is5 and payable a Fol lows one said notes being for the sum thousand dollars payable five years after the Date thereof and the other said notes being for the Sam five Hundred dollars $041 each and payable respectively in six twelve eighteen Twenty four thirty thirty six Akk wealthiest county in Thi is not generally known that Chicot county Arkansas in pro portion to population is the wealthiest county in the world. Tho Popula numbers 1,700 the taxable prop erty Roaches million dollars or nearly forty a forty eight months kit . 1 j ii. 3 after the Date thereof All which notes became by Trio Upland dollars to every Man the indo Fco Morit said Merwin the property woman Hil i child in tiie county. The Mary l. Barton and Only one which to wit number Bales Cotton produced Tiit i Tell not flv0 Hardro 4 dollars f5oo payable in Viiar 11. I i. Six months has been paid. 7 1 1 not tall Short 40.000. And now said two note ave Hundred dollars $. R�0uj each payable in twelve and eighteen months respectively having become due arid payable and the said Phineas Merwin hav ing failed to pay Tho same 1, George b. Sargent trustee As aforesaid do hereby give this Public notice that by virtue the Power which is in me vested by said deed Trust the 11th Day january a. Jug Worth the a t a court eleven o clock a the fore tax and that As Manv Intro r i l t l a in said Day atthe Coart Hoase door in the Alt in. ?. Cad a 5 i Davenport expose and offer for Sale together. Ill i report on j at Public auction the parcel land above sheep huf Ibao try or Quinnell urges the described or so such thereof shall be Neces importance enforcing the dog us i ill to 10 f j and w the Winou to not dogs. From returns received from the town in Thi state it appears that about 33,000 dos were licenced in 1859, paying a tax $36,000. It is eat mat. Afi that an a renal i i i t at a that an equal number were destroyed i will on monday the by their owners As not Bein i to t e h to order to overcome this impediment in Heep Herald tiie common opinion is that we should take Good care children at All seasons the year but it a Well enough in Winter to w them slide Saiy to satisfy a pay to it said Tes Ith the interest thereon to the Day Sale together with All the boats and exp alas attending said Sale posts this notice and trustee fees. Dated the Noih Day december. A. D. 1869. Go okie b. 8 a Roe it 4ca0-dt�1 trustee. H. B o t t s a n i 0 e 8. T. H. P. Mitchell no. 23, Brady Street Davenport keeps constantly on Ihns is daily his Stook and recent pkg additions b o o t s a n d s h o e s. He Baa Sade arrangements to be constantly sup plied with tha beat Goa atty Buckskin Jet tent a Glove or All Vaa Imis and Micas. Hitler s leather preservative c o n s t a n t l y o n h a n d t the above articles can be bought Here at prices which will astonish old but Albi All in be fore purchasing. Octav dwt . Rare adj Aja Job. Morgan & co., wholesale and retail dealers in b o o t s & s h o e s48 Brady Street. First door above p08t office feb 14-Dtf burti8 House. Corner Iowa and fifth streets atm part Iowa. Awls Sitf l. C. Bcrweli/8 v i i o n b t o x i b so t h e a s t c o r n e r b r a d y a n d Foa Ith at fits a kinds or it Listl Prou Ctm constantly on hand. All we Aak oar friends is a fair trial. commercial College. Cobner Luibl and by streets. Elatab Laliech to 18bo a thorough course instruction Given in All branches appertaining to a Busi Ness education taught at any commercial College in the cd states. Separate instruction Given desired in pen Manship arithmetic and l holography. Rooms i. In from 8 a. M. Till in i \ m. For further particulars Call at Tho rooms or Send for circular. W. H. Pratt ��v39-d4wly principal. Beirut Ifill Bei Dutiful i c h r t a s g o i n g i Christmas pyramids i c hlbtjhi8 the Esi toys Fortio Olill Roxi Santa Claus dlr Folk a Taoka at the Corner second and streets can be found a splendid Assort ment the above articles and Many or re. The Christmas Trees upon which hang the various Toimi Yore Ionn for Christ mrs Evo Are something new in this City and w 11 please any lady. Call and see us and to will be sure to suit you. Now is the time to buy presents. John. Schult a co. De17- Prince Inre Bial thaw Agne j. In Tim Beds respectfully to in form his friends and the Public Gene rally. That he has been appointed by messes. V. Haughwout a co., new York sole agent for thu most celebrated wine Wirich they Are the importers and which h has for years at held the first rank in France and England and the Contin it Europe and now meets with the most unbounded Success and popularity in Tho United states and Mahadas. . Ii. Is enabled to offer this wine in any quantities at new York prices in quarts pints and half pints. He has also received an importation Moet a Chandon s Green Seal without thels ble which is their first Quality that Well known Brand and which he intends to sell at new York prices. Burtis House. Datkyn Post Iowa november 13th, le60. Duvli Dali new grocery Stob a a l s 0 n s i t h Beds leave to inform the citizens at to. Davenport and Vicinity that he will open Ady meet a Laboi and will sbl1ctbd Stook Choice family groceries Cox Sirma in pah or teas sugars coffees syrup3, dried fruit preserved fruits sauces crackers etc., etc., in fart everything usually found in a first class family orrery store and trusts that by Atten Tion to the wants the put Ilic and by keeping on hand the Best and goods to Marit lib eral patronage. Faik dealing and Low pricks will alwat8 by Pound at a Lizady Street Call and examine the goods. Try goods delivered in All parts the Eity free charge. Nov24-4tf state and county taxes the state and county taxes for the year 1 60, will become delinquent january 3wt, 1861, and i arrangements Are not made be fore that Day for the payment thereof i shall be compelled to enforce the collection by Law. Please fall Early for too Lata tha collectors office will be crowded. Date Roht december 15th, i860, James Mccosh collector and treasurer Scott co., Iowa. Dael7-d&w8w Blanks Blanks we keep constantly on hand a foil assortment Blanks Wash ant8, mobtqaqb8, mob Tuaoi Abbot conc a Dimof Tim jul actions Chat Tel Moro Aubry Slot Kusiba Abba mobb did just ribs al Amu pc Ken a. K0bebt Simpson s fire life Binu Isicc Ageiew g ferry to insurers All the Adan v / tages that May be obtained in any Way by insurance. 1st. Lutes As Low As aay up a by company 3a. Fair Aud honorable adjustments losses. So. L Rouit payment . 4th. Policies in which the hulders parties data inthe pro to. Capital Obb $8,000,000. As follow Pisut Liestal fire itt Sarusce o., Cash capita and surplus $1,000,00 1, a trop club fire las. To., x. Go capital and site plus s84,. 8tate fire insurance Kew Lovei c Asa capital and surplus t2 i5,0 j0, Security fire insurance i . Verk cask capital and surplus $644,891, and Marine Ufir Ance i Ropana Hartford Cath capital and surplus. $225,000. Mutual life insurance co. Hew York Cath amet the property the assured $6,0 x ,00u. John vant1s, solicitor for the shove named companies is authorised to take risks aug Issue ulices. Blk bbb is in Davinport. 11.h. Smith. Kstj., James Mccosh Esq., messes Eldridge Williams g. It Lood Esq. a Linderman Hon. James Thorington. Q9occe Ove Eldridge a Williams dry goods Stere Nirady Street. Iunt�23 . In . F i r i \ i w &. L i r e. Home insurance company or new Toas. Cash $1,000,000 surplus 500,000 Conway insurance con pan a88achl 8btts. Cast capital and surplus $264,000 Hampden insurance company Sabin Urillo mass. Cash capital aad surplus $2iv,000 North american Ion company h Artioli conk. Cash capital $35,8#0 Lorillard insurance company or new Kobe. Cash capital $2h2,800 Manhattan life company or my a Rock. Cash capital $1,000,000 City fire insurance company new i Javan Conn. Capital $500,000 w. Soot Worth Pras t. L. y. Field a Kauffmann agents. Office no. I to Chivie Iii Ock agent Davenport Iowa office next do. R to the Post office Democrat & news. h i st 4k . . A Cutai in r. Wot to r. Arr Setik. A the Ander Sigi de the the Fol id terms so Lickl Tlok ii to. In cent or week p Sola tear Row. Mail and Post office subscribe re i a 0 i r Snaith Able in Advance. Bbelt.$2,00 or annul in Advance. terms advertising in daily. L i 4 l l o r t w b l t i l i i o i o i o i n r i a c b. One Day two Days a stays fear Days five Ila i one week. Two week three week Rock Island 111. June 1 real estate and Lam Raite. my. Sii general real estate agent loan and Ina Uradice broker com. deeds for new York Aud other states. H. Nlay naked no Tabt Public and Jom Missonak up do bib Roa inn Bota office Nickolls Mlock up stairs dav2nport, Iowa abstracts the Tttus to All Lamm in Scott Cochet. New York insurance Agency Cash capital represented,.As 000 000 wit11 lakme scr Mph. Pheni firk insurance co. n. York and Brooklyn Cash capital $200,009 Stephen Cro Well Pras t pin Lanbeck y Atlantic fire insurance comp y n. York Andu Rooklyn Cash cap11al, $150,000 d. Cocks pres t Horatio Doaa Sec y Lamar fire insurance comp a new York City Cash capital $100,000 Kanthor fast . St John 8e y. Fulton fire insurance comp a new York City Cash capital $150,000 William a. Cobb uses t jambs. Rantins Sec y. Humbolt fire insurance co new York City. Cash capital $200,00 John Rankin Pra t William Louisan. See y. New York life insurance co., new York City. Accumulated capital $1,600,000 Morris Franklin Pratt actuary. Applications for Tinmu Knack a cd policies issued in the above old and responsible companies on first relax risks Only by Johnl. Swits real estate and insurance agent. Nickolls stairs. Oct Lotf new York wire Miu. Neim a. By Hmoih Sakurao Cabbs or and Aba bbb in w i r e o a l l d e s c r i p t i o n s particular attention Given to or Ders sent to their warehouse,61 John Street. N. Y., which will be filled promptly and Hare Subbot dispatch. Circulars for Nisbet giving discount from lift or Nett Price at lowest Harbt Baths. To Kex sir months note payable at Bank with current rate Exchange on new York or 5 per for Cash. Wire Mill Kara Street j a warehouse,81 John i new octl-daw3m $0 75 j one month i i a 1 t0 j sii weeks it i 1 16 two Sonthi 7 90 1 so three months 00 1 75 i four months 9 00 8 00 Sis month 10 00 j i year a Lii be i. Co 4 00 j 2 1 year 26 00 liar re Susja Char cd at the rate $7,60 Lor each ii i ii Aal Square Rafe Nha two thirds the above business cards not to exceed lines. $10 00 ear annul a r for each Mehanga an additional Eha Geof i6ctnu per Square will l. Made. Large sets charged double the same dimensions to Type r r t i inf c Loti . Will in least the Taiin Diate Anflin ,.f the nil other advertisement sent in to the Adier Tuer will be charged extra. Advertisements not accompanied with trac Sord Gly Nimrud in i l charge Dac Edi urial notices charged for at the rate 16 Ceaty per line or eight word and up Cecial r notices at 10 cents per line or 50 cent a per Wiek a notion Lor religious and Ben. A it impose any kind whatsoever. F Ordinary nth except single a arr Irige and deaths charged 26 cents per insertion. Advertisements from abroad be paid for invariably a Darante Anleu from Aii proved agents. Contracts for yearly advertising terminable at tha option advertisers they paying an Advance ment 36 Pere eat. On tha contract a. Advertisements inserted next to Reading matter 0 per event. Advance on the above rates and or t on l-1 or 2d Page 2e per cent Advance on regular rates. All transient advertisements must be paid for in inserted ii weekly in reasonable terms. Richard son West a co Sanders a Bro. H. Olscher a co. I n s r a n c e. Juver a. I n s r a n c e c o p a n Hartt orb cons. Ash capital & surplus $2,194,100,02 Saeta Jan. I Lett. Bank stocks ac., $839, ii. S. Stocks and Treasury notes Jas state stocks Lui Road stocks ac., 8j mortgage Bonds 82 real estate unencumbered miscellaneous items. Ashen hand and deposited on Call Aud in agents hands Val. ,4oo.oo ,,o ,h0 00 ,ooo" ,000.00 Mark l Val. $yi,w82.00 2 2/,i 224,h22.ao 1 y2, 82,000.0# 75, .m,.u 37,7�y.6 s91,74fi.88 $2, dwellings and contents for terms one to five years. Henry b. Llo Femah agent Daw Iii Ort. Ornona room no. I Hoffman s Block Mnira july i def put unix insurance company. har Iford Conn. Cash capital and surplus $582,324 so ab8its, Jan. 1st, 1ha0. New York Bank stocks. 14 1,k2 00 Hartford " " .lfii,175 other stocks and Bonds 5h,-77 000.00 Henry b. Hoffman agent july def Scott county Scales. Corner gaia and front . The subscriber has erected at the above named place a pair Fairbanks platform Hay Toal aad will attend to weighing All Kinda produce Coal a at All time. A will also Aat Aagaat for Tea Pursh Aee Wood Hay aad Coal. Liberal patronage Solidi us e. L. Bomb Bao. Pria to avg a gyms. Haku Haven Feln Birtt Kkt Hills few have c0hv. S. H. Keeler & p r o p r i e t o r s. Have always on hand and offer for Sale at Tho lowest Panaes a Large Assort meat 1ew8, Book Avo Job my who h they Yua Ranu equal to any in the Market and inferior to none. These inks have been Long used in the principal Eastern aad month or print ing flies and i no Cut hat thy fat l Loyis enit faction. 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