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Daily Democrat And News Newspaper Archives Dec 24 1860, Page 1

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Daily Democrat And News (Newspaper) - December 24, 1860, Davenport, IowaDaily Democrat and news. K10h4bd80n, West it co. Volume 6. The greatest Good to the. Greatest number Davenport. Iowa. Monday morning december 21. I860. Mai subscribers Pire Dollar Par a aaa City r ism rim tra Cut i Par Witk. Number 50. Flu Locut and Brurs. morning dec. 4, 1&60. Ii. , Dearborn Street Chi Cage is authorized to receive advertisements for this paper. Korans a Hanopob 155 Randolph s t re Etchi Cago. A authorised Lormin for Thi paper. Sum al festival. Of tub new England society. Ail arrangement. Times of opening and c Hsiug mails a the Daven port Post of face e m a 1l, arr Ive a t a ii aad 6m closes a t m and u r m. Northern m ail v a l Ubu r tuesdays thursdays and saturdays c loses a t � t i i Sun Days tuesday and thursdays. I r Kivik mail to Lyons arr Ives a t or closes a t r m. Daily except sundays., by. Is the Muscatine papers state that the victim of the Ca Pheno explosion it that place particulars i second Page is dead. Her name a i Sarah Lee and a formerly a resident of thin City. Tvs an and new year Kut Gant Holiusa t i i r is a voc cram too of Hook Inland have Laid in the Lar Gest Stock of Holiday present Ever brought to this Nec Tiu of the West. Their store is l i t ter ally Jvn full of new and be iti articles musical instruments us. Is. They have ii ii i their Stock at Panio prices and they will 311 anything in their line lower thaa Evor before thought of. Call Over and they Wil satisfy All of the truth of the above Aaser ton. Why is Starr s s Tore crowded with customers night and Day because they get great Braint. New and after to 1st Day of january 1861, the daily Democrat and sets will to delivered to subscribers by the Carrier at 12 1-2 cent per we a and to mail subscribers at #6.00 per annul. For several years since september 6swo have been Furni tiding a paper cheaper than any other daily slice in he state outside of this City. The dailies of our Sistr cities Are furnished at l i 12 cents per Etc and afford to their readers far let a important news matter and less of what they do Furnieri than the prese of this City and in View of the heavy Audi. T ional expense we have incurred in taking full Teleg Rij Hie dispatch he and also the expense consequent upon setting up night reports we feel j Imi tied in raising the Price to the stand Ard of Iowa daily newspapers no More. We wish our readers to remember that the arrange ment takes place upon the beginning of the new year and we Trust the reasonable and Vance i made will meet with no unfriendly opposition among them. Of reflow or Black Republic am spam. La it saturday est Ning one of the most t r7ed Black Republican speeches of the Dov was de. Liver,m1 by in enthusiastic Lincoln Man in the Vestibule of the Post office. Loaded Down to the guards with forty Rod whisky and in i right hard wildly brandishing � Black bottle containing the same beverage the individual waded into one of the strongest Republican speeches we have heard for Many a Day. Much to the satisfaction of the fun Loving boys and greatly to the Chagrin and shame of those who advocate and proclaim the same doctrines though in a less maudlin manner. I ideas on the leading political topic of the Day were truly and firmly Bas l on the Chicago plat form. After having Laid out the democratic party he was collared by Cap. Littler Aud himself Laid nut out of door oot upon the cold Snow. Having picked himself up he then and there delivered another incendiary speech but this time Hia bottle was not with him that had been lost in the Fui in Renio Vul f join Thi office. Capt. Littler and another individual again vindicated the Petee by removing the ardent of id Abe to the Akeley Alonse thus tramping Pon Freedom of speech in a free land and an. Der the Shadow of a Federal office. Of 1 my countrymen what Are Yoo coming to. Can t a Man talk about Freedom and i e free a free t can t a Man protect that George Washington was not a Superior of old Abe and not be sent to jul we t Range t Ime. The annual festival of thie society look a lace at the burls House on Friday evening. The attendance we Are sorry to state. A very Nuch smaller l imn we had i f w e w e r e c a l l e d u p o n c a n d i d l y t o s t a t e u r opinion a to the cause of the Scarcity of the new kit Flanders on that one Anion we should express our belief by emphatically pronouncing the words that was the ubiquitous villain who did the mischief. We might go on to state the precise Man or in whih the thing was done a All that but we h a v e n e i t h e r t b e t i m e n o r i n c l i n a t i o n. W e state the cause our readers must Supply the rest with their Active imagination. A t n in e o c lock there had gathered together i u the Hur t i s House Par to r s about e Gilty new i a glanders of both sexes for the purpose o meeting their friends Areo f mat tin the usual i st ties Coin in Rood Earnest. The viands were cd i c a i n accordance with the Usua l s Tyle of the burls House. The i upper r having been discussed i u the m a t Able and competent manner the annual ovation was delivered by the Rev. Geo. F a. Goun. The address was ably or i t tenant l appear in our paper to Morrow morning. The ova t iou Over t h e b ast master win. T Clark ivcq., commenced Reading the regular toasts they were read and responded to As follows 1w. 7 a Day we celebrate. Response by in. Horey. Or. I rk4u knt. Law jigs and gent Lumen 1 pro poem to speak just live minutes on the Day we Celt rate. To us. N e w Kriter land men and w a e nand t h e descendant of a new l England , i. I s a Day More s Ign i f i c an t i n i t s event t h a n any other buy in tie history of the coun try. The l i t t l e c o m p of the m a y f l o w e r t h a t l a n d e d t w o h u n d r e d and f o r t y y e a r s ago a in d he snows of Winter on l by in ouch Reck were the first to build a new England Cotta a and t a t i r r t to drive a a l e new England Oil under the Lead of the Brave Blunt the Slan nist i they were the f i is t t d e f e n d a n. W e n g l a n d f i r e s i d a n d u r d e r the wide and Carver they established it is sad the first written coi Slit ution al a a uni Zient of men. They were a part of a Laigri Bod comprising the Best and noblest s p i r i t s i n g l a n Dhoi f t h e y d i d n o t a v e w e i t i t had t a t w h i c h w a s b e t t e r t h a n w e a l t h and w h i c h has proved a thousand f o l d r i Che r legacy to their posterity refinement learning a d Sei lined Baluchi a. Heroic Chur act v in i c e d a e m t o a a l t e l a Roger than lit As fable is told the Story of Auy Poi Ion of new knt and life. J u d g e t h e m by t h e severest e tan l a ads of h is t o r i c a l c r i t i c i s my a e every a l l o w a n c e t o the a r t i a l i t y of a f f e c t i on e h o l d t h pm i n the la h t w h i c h t h e y t h n i e l v e f l e s t s b l i r h e a n d which in each succeeding generation sends Back a l a re r volume o f l i lit to l u m i n e t h e i r c o n d u c tand we s h a l l r i g h t i y c o i i c l u. E t h a t nowhere have their appeared founders f sta Tes or re worthy than t hey of the splendid immortality they Titiev have won. We Cele Bra the t i i i s Day then because we know the i t w h t t e v e r i s d i s t i n c t i v e l y excellent i n n e w n g u n 1 c i v i z a t i o in s t h e o u t r o w t h o f t h e institutions established by the i ii til fathers cause we wish to keep forever for Fth in our Meinor is the i Nova Luab Lepor t Ion of our Early history and finally because not unmindful of their great example and 1 Boris g in this spirit Here on the newer and Richer Noil we too would build a al l needful l and hopeful ins t i anti oils to be the per Petrial executors of our ideas and of our charities in the generations to come. Id. The men women and into Tulini of sew England their p Culiar Ehara ter and influence. Response by k.?v. r. But t e r f i e l Or. 1 Ren Tient Zaidie and gentlemen a new York orator defines a Western Man As a Yankee in la aged if the i s be a Cor rec def in Ion then i t h i n s i Urtha t a t t h i s h or w e Are al l pre t to thoroughly Weste in sized. St l we have to Tarn our thoughts to the Home of our cd i Lahood the men of new England As t h e grand proc e s Sion rises before us we behold in the fore g r o u n d o f t h e p i c t u r e a m o n g h e r w a r r i o r s t h e Heioak Warren the new England Loving Sharks the Fursberg Tureen the Tashli Itou love 1 it foot h e Daun t l e s s Putnam and t h e i n t r up id a l l e n. Am nig her scholars and statesmen Are the Peerless Franklin the critical Noah web s t e it h e j u s t i c e l o v i n g Jyh n i j. Adios n d t h e mauve brains. Daniel w Custer. An for n e w log and women w e to in t you to the mothers of these Noble and sires r f these mothers let their works Praise them. Ami As it is character tic of the Yankee to Lake his specimens wherever he goes for fur ther examples of new England women we refer you to the specimens present although Justice will require a to confess that we selected the very lest the men a n d women of n e w e n g l a n Din their character Are a Plain cot sense matter of fact Indus rious economical in quis i t Ive energetic persevering intensive knowledge seeking Honor getting Liberty Lov ing go l hearing race. Her Inni Tuti i is their first existence was with intelligence their t st a Reath the inspirations of Liberty their first i principle the truth of a divine religion. Be i lug framed by men Thuy a Pecuil arly incl a cried to produced men. Her May j be compared to her own Beautiful Rivers whose Waters gush Forth from her Green full i s ides and t l jew on in the i r Pris t Ioe Pur i Tyun t 1 they Widen into the Beautiful Connecticut on i whose surface the Steamboat plays As her i Waters flow on t the mighty Ocean on whose to in floats the ships of All nations i her ii dunce is world wide. We know not i w h e t h e r m o s t t o l o v e t a n e w e n g l a n d o f o u r n a t i v i t to r t h e i o w a o f o u r a d o p t i o n. W e l o v e t h e m b o t because to h arc Wor thy o f i our love. Hut we love not the latter the less i Beyt Usta so is feeling in her youth the Mould ing Power of hands minds and Henrt reared a n d t r a i n e d a m o n g t h e g r e e n h l s o f n e w t go n i. And the Insi i Tut ions o f the state of our at Ivity Are being reproduced in the state of our adopt Ion. Or. President allow n e in conclusion to say we Are the Detchen wants of j in t Ruth Loving pilgrims the principles who. Heat and Burnt in their bosoms Ere dear i Lou i Hoy left their Homes their family 1 h o n o r st h e i r h e r e d i t a r y d i t i n i o n s a n d t h e Graves of their fathers and came to the land j of is Najeb dete Raould to Clear one spot on j the lace of the Earth where it might be said i i an is free. There Thev planted the tree of j Liberty. Tut i with Shtir tears i f o s t e r e d i t w i t h t h e i r p r a y e r s e n r i c h e d t h e around i t with their blood. That tree has been Thrifty it has already shot its j i ranches Over tie Rocky mountains and is or j Ping i to r ipe f re i t a Long the coasts of the 1 Pacific we love it in its giant proportions w e l Ive i t i u i to symmetrical Beauty and to i be to the hand palsied he the Arm extended i to mutilate it. Hut. F Branch of t r re c. N ust he Ere by Rast i h kinds we win is i i i worship the Rostand while to re is enough of l Lym j uth Lef t to make a fun f l int we Wil l Xen i i t. And new England Shal l continue to Leas she has Ever been the Home of the free an Asylum for the oppressed. Hit a Toto and & Hola Thip of sew England. Response by is. True. J the i Nius a t sch Wiship of new eng land five minutes Are al lot Ted die s i r. By \ our commit tee wherein to t Ravese this wide j f held wherein to Range fro a the invent Ion red minutes. Lut would you see the evidences of the Oen-1 ius of new eng ii look where you Wil la go wherever Civi l Izat Ion has reached and you wid f ind these evidences there. Whoever in j i t a pre ,. It Day i a is making i to Way j to ret in. Mentin whatever fact l i tas i to cum i t i Rou March \ of Wil l f ind the evidences of i new England t Enius and Enterprise. The i Home conf to t of the children of new j England with the disadvantages incident to or Soi l and climate bus f i t Ted them for Pio neers wherever a Reward is promised to Energy i and Genius. The world is Wel l acquainted with her scholars. In the. Logy in Jui Icart a Nee i i i Sci be and in Belle let ers. R to la i i no Ocean Bounds the Fame of Edward of Story j and Webster of Hitchcock an i is Iman of i Everet tand Longfellow and Bancroft. And in e Loquence in How few in Auy land can claim to be the Peers of adat i an 1 Oti Sand i r is Tarn. Urges in l l Lufus Choate. All these men have r tainted their impress upon the l i t Eru ture and learning of the world. And last hut not e i tor Cou Echo is must not be h i o t t a an inst i Tut Ion we i i recognizes no a i to Long As 1 car t s tand upon the unmet of the Monument of Husker Hil and look Down upon the spot where Warren Fel audio the West Ward see the Aires which i r ise f rom the of t to made memorable to the conflict t of Lexington f ind Concord und towards the southward tear t l in Waves d ish upon the locks i t i Gymoti i and though the Gray Mie. J which encircle the Eis incy that i Sec the grave of my Fate s and the l s ides where my Kindred s t l re Idt so Long whatever May befall l our common country. 1 Shal l not to to say of new England As was said of Oil Kijl my by a Man whose greatness and whose Loq hence. I May not Hope to emulate that " with All her faults / i to hit to to Lemon of the new f sign try i r ise with please e to speak to this sect Ima Taud in behalf of the exe s or society which i have the Hor or Thi Evel l l g to rept set i then Ier i to act Noble. La m its for the fraternal manner in which you have Heen pleased to a l Lude to our Slater societies the organization of these societies or. Pre deut is i self an evidence of the Progress of c Ivi l Izat Ion. New England repro seized by her s r a a t i daughters Herb Auty. Intel l gence and enter purse re on the Borders of lows surrounded by this dazzling array where but a Lew years Aero the Yel l of the Hange Aud the cry of the wild beast were the Only voices that e. I. T i led the e t r of the s tar t be 1 t rave or and imy Selfa witness of and a Par t in Piator i these scene 1 think s r1 have a r ight to say that this is t Ruly one of the evidences of the i s t remarkable Speed of in e l l i ence Arvi c Ivi l Izat Ion upon a Mere agricultural Hasis that the world has Ever yet Feen. Was 1 cal led upon s i for the solution of this Phe Tumena i should go tack to the f i t Ted h get i Tury Aud picture to you the form of the a most inspired column s land no f i pm mid Mutiny and discouragement upon the prow of his barque peer ing with t i Eye of a seer into the t fun gence of l l i i t Orr Ival led Point i Estand breathing upon i to Soi l the Spir i of h is own indomitable perseverance and Enterprise. I should Recal l to you the character of the � grims Lan led on the now consecrated Rock of your own Plymouth & band of persecuted cd is t Iau resolved to achieve the Glor ious Privi lege of worship i ing the god of their Fath ers according to the dictates of their on Cor Soi Erces. I should Reler you to the father i his George a Hinnir ton achieving arr Eric in independen the face of Unwar al be led disaster and discouragements. Re j ing on the just ice of Bis cause his own perseverance i d the approbation und support of the g d Bat t Les. 1 would the l l you of l sober t Fol ton the great Emai i. A tor of co Renerce. S standing before the american Congressi the al t i tude of a suppl i inti plur ing their patronage and favor for that astounding Effort t of h is Geni exceed ing in i to results any event Ever recorded on the paires of mater Progress. I would Point you to the fathers and Moth ers of the Ion to the a r it s to Tesmen now sleep re beneath new England a Soi land above al l. Behind al land underlying al producing no other enumerated causes to t l in Chris t Ian religion preserved in i to Pui i Toad t r a s t rut Ted p the sons and daughter through tie examples and inf Luence Ofpria ing new enl a motherland ask you or. President which of a l l these adjuncts of your greatness c. U old be spared and leave you what you Armand where you Are. They Are s i Dard Points in his tory s i r each one i. F we cd is i t ref Lect Ion Here this eve Mug an 1 a l together form elements of the i t character an 1 Agency by which this great Western Empire is mainly to be developed. They Are a combination of the perseverance Resolution Enterprise Patriot ism and Genius of a Nat Ion where every god bad seemed to set his Seal to give the world Assurance of Progress ing fre of sire l Ive in a t Ime of per and excitement and Frater icat Ion for the perpetuation of our or in cities and the principles of the la thers of our l Iber t Mesa tech i c la in to be ident Ricalde mands the new England an i new York shake hands Here upon the Prairies of Iowa shoulder to shoulders Ide by s Ide through Prosperity or adversity per and disaster f need be Bat t in for Tho a i f Reat principle of f Reedom Edu cat Ion and religious toleration which we received gratuitously from our father with the sir Gle Oil Igat Ion t. I t we enjoy t l. I to c t. R elves and email them upon our poster i to. The Excelsior society or. Presidents or galiled upon a purely social basis. I could v to wished that the a lenient of Benevola. Be might have been interwoven and incur paraded with the porn Osea of the society. But. S i i t is a i i i Eal Obj rot to come together f rom t Ime to t Ime to ex4hn?e salutation and a Era Greg of f a Erni i f. E t ing and i cordially unite with you both personally and on behalf of the sex captor society in wishing the Perm Nanee and f Prosperity of our is ter societies " the regular toss s Over the party adjoin and to the Pai scr and of tar the tables Hud Beni cleared from the i Niue Bai Lre turned to Ngegwe in the dance to be. 22. The Case of Leo. T. Hiott is m. A m. Rail Road was Given to the jury saturday and a Verc dict in favor of plaintiff for $626.37 was Given. J the Esse of Titian is the Hoor was taken i of and was pending when the court adjourned nothing like go ahead 1 f i pm of Devoe a Crampton Rock i a in l. Are in the Field again with another big thing t h e y wish to inc Rease t h e i r al ready l a re t r Ade and now Effer to give Alereo Teope and twelve j views to All who boy goods of them at retail to the amount of Between this and january 2d, 1861. They hav the beet at cd of toys work boxes ladies travel ing hags beaut i fun l gift books and Holiday goods generally to be found West of Chicago the principle they act on spend Money to make Money always wins. Of course even body will Avail them selves of this Chance to procure a Stereoscope a article affords so Macb enjoyment to j the family Circle. J tub River co de a t Rockingham of j saturday morning at c o clock aad Cost inked gorging All the Way up to this Point to three o clock p. M., when the ice stopped and at this writing it bids fair it remaining permanent tin saturday morning at 7 o clock the Mercury was 14 3 b Low Lero on the Bluff. Staer s news and Fri t depot2d Street i s the Best p l a c e t o buy y o u r Bolij in r r a i u. N a h n 11 i t. On the 221 ins by t h e line. Go cd. F. A , my. Geo. E. Wood to mls Tiati in s. o t t i n c i t y. Co m m i lie i \ l. A a v e j u o t x a e i. Daily . Office i / ail i .Jckat Ami saturday ave dec. 22, l--6o. F floor Active and business generally Good. Wheat Corn and Arley arc All a Shade higher. We quote j flour steady at$s,7o l-2 is a. J struck firm and advancing. Sales Are being made at 1-Jc common Good fair �9 l-2c prime to Choice 1 2c port Rico 8 4 9 l-2c for fair t o Choice. Tabs firm with a god demand a t an and Vance of Loc per Pound of the lower grades. Young Hyson 35m, .5a Gunpowder 45700. Black teas a Bulduc v la. Molasses Market diet. Common r to boiled s5 ii 7c, Choice Plantation 45c inferior grades of Plantation sell from 36o to 40c Belcher s syr ups 37 t445c, according to Quality Choice Golden syrup 55c crushed sugar 11 1-2 12c Panda a 11 1 2f 12 1-2j. But Tbs. Prime parcels i n demand at 17 in demand at y i75c it by. Gare but l i t t l e coming in. Jails 65c $ Doz Prairie chickens $i.5o Doi. Mallard Duks 25c35c al pair. Turnips. 15vtj20c per by. Hams new sugar cured 14c per la. Wholesale and a c retail. Plain 13 i 14c per la. Laru very scarce a t 12 44$ 15c. Hides in Good request and moderate at 4jc for Green Loc for dry and us lio for dry Flint. Wood Hickory 15.00 per corp Oak $4.00 per Cord. Coal10c per Bushel in the Yard. New \ re. L Larket. New Oak december22. Flop better with a i r Home demand. #4.30 i 4 9o up Erst i the 4. 5 d.5. L0 Ultra mate $4.sou�4. I0 super Western $5.10u�5 4o common extra do. $5.255.35 to error to goo 1 shipping brands and extra Koruna hoop Obi. I by 1 Sajur steady a t f .ao44.00 for common to Choice. Wheat Market \ 1.31 Winter red Western $1.24 Chi Cago Spring and a h i to South Etc. quiet a t 65c. Barley Market dul l. Sales 4,00u bushels a t 68c. Corn Market 2c bet ter. 66 367 mixed West Ern 61 m5 Yel Low Southern. Oats in la i r request. 35 �3s Western Canada and state. Pore quiet. $15.5016.00 for t Temh �11.25 or me. Beef quiet and s Teady. Cur meats heavy and nominal. Lard Dull. Whisky Marker scarcely so f i pm. Is 220e. Chicago Market. Chicago december s2. Flour quiet a t an Advance of 5 $�10 cents per bbl. Wheat Market c closed dul l a t an Advance of 45 cents. Sales 27,u00 bushels. Is t j soc for no 1 -1for no 2 i ing in s Tore c in Cady a t an h Ivanco of 1 �1j 0. Sales l0 ,0nu by. A t 3ujc in s Tore. Oats quiet. Provis ions quiet. Sale 300 bbl a. Heavy Mesa at %1.0i i 7 1, c. Script. �7 n. J.1 .24 c. C., �2 Pacific or. I a l t mo., 7% i a. ,79 i enn.79 pan Ama 7a i in l l. 4 t. For Kent. Or ii store of the Corner of Perry x and Secolo Street Snow occupied by t. H. Murley a co. Possession Given 1st january. Apply to John Dalzell. December 1st16m. Deo def later from Elope. Cai Kui idec. 32 the s Teamer City f Manches ter a reported to have passed Here this miming Enro Ute to new York. Her dates a re one Day late r than per the Fol ton. St jocks n. Do. 22. The screw s Teamer City of Manches ter a r � r ived this o to in ing. The China Mai l which was anxiously looked for had t o t t Een telegraphed when the Man cd t r be i t Queen s Tow n. Liverpool b leads Tuff Market f i pm with an upward lend nay Cor so s c closed a t 92 5-8 for account. Exchange do. in Stock the la Tea t sales were 1 c shares a t 28 d discount Erie 3536 n. Y. 77a78 to e report t on the inquiry in to. The loss of the s steamship co nought has been submit Ted t � the Liverpool Board of Trade. I t says tha t the invest t Iga t Ion commit tee brought Noth ing to Rove tha t the Conn. Ought was los t thro go the neglect t of her i f Fler shut i t was thought tha t More in the l l gence might have been a s p played in Endeavor ing to de Tec t the cause and Devi l ing Means to s top the leak. Var ious ung g to t ions were made in the report t re la t Ive to f e cons t r in t ions of t Nch Vense la. Bette r to insure the i afe to of passengers lord Lyons and is r Edmund head had been Crea Ted or i i t the l commander id the oath. Lord Napier has l in a n in the i Aud ass id r a t the Cour t of s t. Ive a shut. V ice s i r j l a Compton who has b in removed to Madr Ai. Fas Aga in been re nored tha t l re Cowley was to leave i a r i s a r id goes to India to assume the Dut ies i f governor. The suppose Robl e by of by i t i so e i i Saens in a Xico l Cau determined a t Ion on the Par t of the a Nish government who were Awai t ing 1 t i i c a l conf i rat Ion i the t. The Lon n limes Edi tor a l a censures the a t t i tude of the state of out l. A Rolma toward the federa l government hut admits the South Erners have the same l ight on the i r s idea Sethe r ight of f ree t Rade. The. Fren i decre re l Rac t i r g a l l warnings to journals t s Publ i shed. The Par i bourse was dul l and drooping. Per c n t. Rente were quoted 08 and 9 c. I t i s re t r stored tha t i ran Van l succeed m. Thouvenal in the fore Ign department. I to l Ian Affa i a remain unchanged. The army r f Daly i s to cons is t of 30 .1h10 hoops divided in to the nor Thern and Southern d in is Ion. The programme of the n a Aust r Ian minis � the r of s Tate j promises Many sweeping and in por Tant measure of i format Ion. The City of Manches ter h i 11 .626 lbs. In species fun l l cargo. 24 Cabin and 180 s teenage Phi i igers she has experienced very Horr Ible weather. From us shirt i Tou. \ a i i i o Ron dec. 21. The Selec t commit tee. T hand eras marshal to the cobs Uia Cour t a t. B tag god Iam. Hale and l la Hess Rui Texas re Here. They a r e couns 1 for judge a a t so whom the House Judic iary commit tee rec men led to be impeached for h High c r its and mis demean ors. The Matts r of the Commonweal the of Ken Tucky by the governor and exec l Ive author i to thereof t ins t the governor of the s Tate of Ohio was Lake up in the supreme Cour t to Day. I. Roe having read the be t i t Ion end exp in i t s and Baving moved the Cour t for a or i t of mandamus or for a Rule to show cause 1 e is. An t to the terms of said be t i t Ion. I t was ordered tha t the Ion be be t Down for a argument on the 11th of january and i t i s fur ther ordered tha t the clerk of the Cour t take for the a copy of this order and be t i t Ion and exp in i t s f i led ther in to. B served on h is exec l Lenc Yor. Dennison. Governor of the state of Ohio. Front new York. N1 a Yobe i a. S i. The Tribune s tates pos i t ively tha t or. Lin Coln i s opposed to any confess Ion or Compro Mise t a t Cha l l y held one Iota of the pos i t Ion occupied by the Republican party on the sub Jec t of s Lavery in the Terr i tor ies. Commander Kearney resigned h is portion in the Navy. A be t the r f rom the afr ican Squadron report the capture of the icon another a Lave with Yon s laves the tines Washington correspondence Saya tha t a t the meet ing o t the commit tee on the u Ion to Day the f l lowing propos i t ions w. Re discussed an enabling a t fur p Ike s Peak and new Mexico and admission of a s i which would a t t be the i f f ice l t ies concerning tha t Terr i tory the commit tee adjourned t l january 7 the. Subsequently l in Republican member held a caucus and came to the concur Ion tha t no propos i t Ion a t i s fac tory to the u l t a Southern sta Tes by Way o amendment to t t e co a t i to t Ion could be a iop de by the Peoples therefore i t i s necessary to pre a re. The same correspondent says the Cabin t were in sess Ion a l l Dayd discuss ing the a t ional c r i s i s. He a so says tha t Gen. Mclean l r n Day Arnouce the passage r. F the secession or d finance and the South Carol Ina de Legat Ion l re t i re. Miss iss Ippi and Alabama Mern bars co. Us i Ted As to the proper in to of withdrawing a t the same t Ime and decided to a n t the a t Ion of the sta t. The Herald 1 correspondence Saya the pres i � Dent l Send a Specia l message to Congreve on monday in re Ference to secession. I he same correspondent has a doubt fun l re � por t t a t a be t the r f rom a prominent c l in o i Lancas tera. Says i to t As sure a for t Moul t r in i s taken by the recess ionis t Sor. B Chan an s residence a t Tiea t land i be burned to ashes. Preparing for Bat t be. I Gael Tilton dec. 22. The House Yete Drav adopted a resold t Ion Ina t Ruc t ing the Mil i tary company to make pro v i i a for fee i ing and t Ransport t ing t Roop. Also is t fcb i t i i. A t e leg Zaph l Ines to a l l exposed Par t s of the sta. Leg iving the governor author i to t y. J r a l t t a r f War. Or apprehended invasion in was made the spec a l t order for to Day. A resold t Ion was offered making searching inquiry in to the Huai i e s of the Lanka of the s Tate with Power to Send for Perkons and to Amine a books t ransack t to t a. The covent i i n l p probably take. Amma i t Oday t l the 15t i i of Jar uary Steamer news. New Yobe dec. 22 the s Teamer Bieni l be rom Havana aad new Orleans has a r r ived. No news. It Joi Chugk or Ece sin. W Ilmet Nutak i e i i i. One Hundred gun were f i red in Honor of South Carol Ina recess i. N to day15 were f i red a t Portsmouth id the a l in t t Tea were hos Ted Baltimore dec 21 South Carol Ina secession produce not the r l i Gates t Sensa t Ion lore one Way or the o ther people seen a l re l sieved i d cheer fun land the s t r t t s were a i by c crowded a re bus iness be t the r. T e be Lva Dlug sentiments seen to i tha i 11 the North Imp Date r i. H tand make honors b be and t i Iki i by co i Icess to. A r a l repeat l t l in out noxious Law the o ther Southern sta Tes l cheer fun l by meet the i. Rum on 21 the Ace s Ion of s t uth c. T r l Ina seems to c reate a t i s fac t Ion Here. A movement i " n foot to Hois t the Palmet to t i in with 16 s tars f rom the custom l to t. Be i a to informed f rom High author i Tytha t a paper Conta in ing a Reques t to or bolts to Leav t he sta Tes i s be ing c i Ercula Ted for s Iguazu ies. I t a a l re Dyrece ived the s signatures of Many i i. F Luton a l c i t Zens. Memphis dec. 22 an Enthus is t in t r be t ing was held la t in. H t to ratify the accession of South Carolina. 15 guns were f i red and Severa l t in i old ing la Ali r a Ted. St Tilbern Newt. Bali Imi Kkt dec. 21. The timer Tvan of to now l c i. To in la Lorre ipod Dence of Handy the miss iss Ippi con mis to i in ran gov. Hicks. 1 he l i t. R rep us t " the Reques t to Convene the l a is la l l i res l id Coop. Re t. With mis i r in i in forming anew conned Tuccy and Thul a l though Man land is ident l t in 1 with t l in South she devoted to the Union her people l use a l l l Onora l i m. Ans to per e l i. A the the Union. The sent l rent of the people i s u Leo t unanimously to Mai i to i i i the i r r rights in the Union and be l Bei i i it c a t the i r not i t s l be admit Ted an 1 s. Cur not unt a l l honorable of i r t s f i i Ito l l Maryl i Tud consent to d isso la t Ion. He m t whatever l in t Loes t be done a Lue l col . L t l Ion with o ther Borders a Tesio be l in have sort in t 1 ,1 u t. C l. F i i with Foi la i i t de is aw.1itr.1r tie of the Corri Sponhem a with 1 to Oover i i t t i s ,. F the t o t Der s tates re a Ive to the course to be pursued by to a later California l o d a v s a d y t s. I f i. Aka Rev. Die 22 j the Pony express with ? Ai i f a Sci co titles to the 8 h ins Here n t .0 a. 111 pm r j d to tit of Iii to i he pros 11 Ion of the imm j he l news has been delayed t l to Day. There i i s scarcely an i tem of i. News Worth a t Inge the Pony express with s. Lou s d t t. To the 24 b u l la r r ived a t an franc 1. Co in the 7 the. 1 the so Ces Ion news from the Souther states a not los t f t ind t of i t s to to s t l l 1 j s i r be each new account Froin that quest Ion seelus but a modify icat Ion of the f i is t from l Hart Loii. Leal Lluc to. \i22. At the secession Celebration at can. In yes j t e Day a car non Burstin Jur ing Elviral or sons. The s Laver Bari to was not bound to Thi Poi t but put in Heie on account of weat l a arid with her Crew exhausted. She is bound to . The ser a iding proce Aion las t n ight was a grand affair and was Kepi up t n i ter mid night. The cuu Iier special dispatch irom new or leads says thai col Reed was Posi t ively sur rendered by the Ai. La n ii s of l loud rus. From Ron ton Bosco. Dec. 12. Gov. Banks has issued a. Proc lao at Ion for a Day of tas t ing and prayer for the i ton to be observed on the 4 t i of january in c. Of Romity with the proc motion i f the president. Several cars were us offed and the baggage master of the Hore r t i be i ran f com new York his t i i t r 1 t b Day injured. The Accident occurred near in get a r. And was caused by the breaking of the e of the locomotive. Secession meeting i Mobile. Mobile dec. 21. There is an immense secession meet ing Here to night i h e w d e s t e n t h u s i a s m i s d i s p l a y e T o e Ablest men Are t King a prominent p t r t in the proceeding. May paces were laminated in Honor of South Carol Ina to night miss iss Ippi favor t to a to Mech Ion. A Iii ton i 21 a Dis a tech from the n tor of tue. L / t Ini ii in and Stote of Tiette. Published a t Jackson to the 5i in iss in i Delegat Ion in Congi is dated ibis evening s la Tes that mis less i Jud has e elected d Leir i Tes to the state Convent Ion in Envor of separation and secession by a very Large major i today 75 in the Convent Ion of Loo Dele Gates by a popular n no l to of Voles. Suis de. Mancini Steb it to 22. Mrs. Elizabeth Fitch with or Chi t i 3 year old were found dead today in bed having probably commit Ted Suici in with pros in Uci. I. Her husband a lawyer in t Rood business i a a child Resenly died which probably Cau de 1 sanity a d Lead her to Poi ton her remaining Clad and herself. Orders to surrender. W Asci . Dee. 22a of eclat dispatch from Washington says maj and. Sou has been ordered to surrender the for s to the const t t i led Auh. R r i to Suu h Carol a in Case that the fori Are a t � tacked but not to surrender to i r repro Waible Par t ies. From Cuba. New York dec. 22. Advises per Empire City rom i Lav Tea. S Tate that two american Vessela lauded i argues of s laves in Cuba one of which Psi captured with 700 negroes Iles Tractive fire. Nowai a n dec. 22. A port Ion of the new Jei a z no works in t ins cry to destroyed by f i re las t r _ h. Less a Oil i in special notice. State 1nd town to taxes the Sute and Conety to Baba for to is of l86 f Wil l become n m it Vojt t aiti8ei s and i f Angea seats Are not f Laade before that Fay for the payment thereof Shal l be compel d to enforce collect Ion by Law. P ease cal l Earl for i f delayed to la to the col lectors off ice Wil l be crowded. Dats Tobt december 15th, i860. Moco me collector aad treasure Seoul co., Fawn. Deel7-Dawtw Blank Volire the state Bank of Iowa. Mer Chan ranch Wil l be closed on h r i i in 1 new years Days. B b. Woodward dcc24-t j l cashier. Mori g age , Nathan Jones by a Certa in Bat the l Mort sign. Dated june Hin. Lof Ioan l re Nied in took " a f g is aad cd. I t e a t Patet. I s t to Uri to. B a r. " to 11.1 " i. Wip i unto Jaci h m. Old Ridge and other the steam Kerry in a generally known As the Andalusia ant Hub Sio ferry l Loa for the Pur pose of securing the a Yuent of Niue re to in i r. Mettr. I by be now therefore Auu Tus went i ent if Naid mortgage d., hereby give Thi Pul die not ice that 111 accordance with the s t Pulat ions in i and i i r to Gage Coita ind i Wil l on monday the 7th Day of january l a t the hour of 2 in the at Tern Ion of i 1 Day a t the court i i Usem in Eity it Dat i i smrt Scot t county. I. Iwa Sel l the said slim Lerry l i a l a t pub. In duct i n to the highest l. I u. R for . Augustus Wpm agent of Morl t Agee. December 21st6o, dec4 d2w Lumi notice. T. F. I Bendetson is George l. Nickolls 1 a l la Scot t county distr c t i or t. To George l. N Eckolls James to. Smith and James a. I Luchanan defend Lan s in the above named c i a you and each of you Sre hereby not i f red that the. Re is new on f i be in the 1 of i a id the 11-r of the distr in t court of Scot t county pet i t Ion of t. I. L led Ursoi i praying the of a Certa in deed of t Rustene used on t e 2�th Day of May a. O i s by John Jol Nar id jul in m. And h r tog site i. Siakos. T trustee to a. Ure Certa in promissory notes male t v said Johns Ami a her to Charles Hulford Ani by the Suid Haile i Tuio d a Noggin a to t. F. 1 Lemler on. The put in i it and recorded in i i. Of mortgages a t a o t the re or Sot Scot t c. U t i Byan i that unless you appear and answer thereto on or before noon of the tout la Day of february a. I. L of default t Wil l be entered a our i t y 11. Not ice on personal e Len on either f the above defendants is hereby Given. A. W i i i i t plaint i t l � a t t Arney. I a t this Ricc be Puhl i. Hed in the " Democrat and news f r Tours ices be we is. I Laven North dec Ember 2�l. R t t l. I a m Gifford tic. 4d4w t Lerk l i s l r in l � or t. R i to James t. Wood sir vol Aive i her. By. Of i a that there is not on t i be in the of in of the clerk l the distr in t c Urt of Scot t i o qty. State of l. A u p. In com of Julia K l l mining from you a divorce from the Bonds of Matr i pm by now Luhsis t aug Between y u and herself tor the Rea on that you have wilfully de or Ted and Ahen of yourself t f rom Herl or a pc Rio l of More than to years with. Us in Amablo cause thereto. Now unless you appear and answer thereto on or before noon of the second Day of the next term of said court to be begun. I t i4 Hohlen on the f i is t monday of february. D. T Idear l t Wil l be entered Aulinh you and judgment rendered there i. Davyso a True. Dec-2-dl i at t is for plaint i f f. Y y a n l h. I . K v i t l l v l o m l u 1 1 i t Lue Rio Itu h 4 Heap store in and ii kit Dir sir set. Fri. It and Sorond is the place to buy the he t 4jtorrrirn it the thief jut re e Ivel 2o boxes new Kui i r i10 i taxes l la inti org cheese 2 barrels. T r in. L i t Lack err ies Loo n s. I t Ted Harr ies " or i in new codfish in Bone prime y w Herr ing. A perfect assortment and every at Tnie warranted not Only cal l an 1 see for yourselves hut the l l your friends. S. K. Ideja-d2w agent. To # f i r i of a 11 n r a i t i. I in. U n i i i. I s i i i. I s in g i v e n 1 that the or in signed have formed a l limited Par t r Ier hip under t in pro is ions of the the Nee f Lowa approve 1 March 2 Idi Tsa 4. For t r a purpose of ear. It i a on the l a i t be l l in hide leather f ending rid a l la by hardware in the City of Davenport o t t county. Iowa which rant Par t � Pership commences on d a either 1 \ t h1 i 1and terminate on january 1stl t�8. Wil l Iam Becket the Specia .1 partner has contributed to. Qty five Hundred Dol Lars capita l to the common Stock. I he by Ines Wil l i n conducted by the general partners in. K. I l ngut my i. I i. Scars under the i. name of Highta ear. We. K. Haight i. 11. Hars d e 2 l we e t e l t. To for the holidays j i i i att 1 .1/ Tki a to. A he n w receiving a a Roe Aud \ c Splete Stock of toys. Candies con i is fruits Chest i solos a l l i n 1 s n u t Arai ins. Cider. Apples so t on real assortment of dzizzix3 Pruitt such As peaches Che tries whorl berries Black a Kirles or also tub Beer o a % t i t s by far the lowest in Davenport. In town. Price. Call around a Street. Tel eclair House on second Delft j l Tho u aft powf.ll/, ii Rig ii i Iff lev Ikirt i a store 40. Shrai y strt.f.t.,. 40 a Vino adopted the Cash system of buying and al l ing Goode i a prepared Looi Ler a t very Low pm Irish to which i respectfully Ani Atte t. 1 the Public. In addition to my Well selected " of diag Medicine i toilet goods Etc., i would solicit your attention to anew arrival of goods by express Bazis a Manhine Farina Cologne i by Lubi n s kit raw f t t i t r Rah Uchbar benzine Toile t Houps american French Ard engl ish with a full assortment of Reeth hair cloth mat and Nail blk s l l pc also a few cases dark Taitl by is is p j f r ki1�l�ev him to Kwiim i t i t Lul l Kiti o i t sutly Tkv which will beheld exclusively for medical Par poses 1 also 4 look i Luvana Osara Choice brands direct from the importer. Tho Powell. Bart in House. Cio Kner of Iowa and fifth streets / Davenport Iowa
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