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Daily Capital News Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1970, Page 1

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Daily Capital News (Newspaper) - September 26, 1970, Jefferson City, Missouri Rain rate to 6ta Oear fag around m vol Lix no 148 soviets said building sub base in Cuba Washington a Pentagon said Friday it has sol id indications the soviets Are building a permanent submarine base in Cuba and the White House said it would View a strategic installation there with utmost seriousness the defense department did not Rule out the possibility that the facility reported under development May be designed to support missile firing subs now cruising off us Waters a White House official who declined to be quoted by name Drew a parallel with the cuban missile crisis of 1962 when president John f Kennedy said peace in the Caribbean could be preserved if soviet offensive weapons were removed from the area and were kept out in the future Kennedy statement remain us policy the White House official Eaid soviet ships s have moved heavy barges and other equip ment into the Harbor at Cienfuegos Over the past few weeks which makes us feel they May be seeking sustained capabilities in the area Pentagon spokesman Jerry w Friedheim announced asked if the base is intended to support russian new Yan Kee class submarines each of which carries 16 missiles and is similar to the us Polaris subs Friedheim replied cant Rule out that possibility the White House official said such submarines clearly would be offensive in nature and thus would bring into play the policy Kennedy enunciated he added that thus country would vie the establishment of a strategic base in the carib bean with utmost seriousness he said no representations of the subject have yet been made to the soviet Union adding that the United states is keeping close watch to determine what kind of weapons could be based at the site where activity has been spotted at the right moment the administration official said the United states will take the action that seems indicated the russians have 13 of the Yankee Type nuclear powered submarines and Are building 15 gee soviets Page c Jefferson City Missouri saturday 26 1970 guns fall silent As arabs cease e and the Bear a soviet missile Cruiser rides alongside the us aircraft Carrier Independence under the nose of phantom jets sitting on deck russian and us ship activity in the Mediterranean sea has increased since the 6th Fleet was ordered to stand by 150 Miles off the Eastern Shore of War torn Jordan in Case help is needed in evacuating americans from Jordan a wire photo Amman Jordan a the guns fell silent in ravaged am Man Friday firing Between guerrillas and King Hussein bedouin army ceased promptly after the announcement of a ceasefire agreement Between guerrilla commander Yasir Arafat and the monarchy to end nine Days of civil War a great pall of Black smoke from a fire on Jebel web Deh one of the capitals seven Hills and the scene of some of the most bitter fighting still drifted the City on the Northern outskirts of the City about 400 guerrilla fighters were held in a barbed wire stockade alongside an Camp almost simultaneously with the ceasefire came the announcement that 15 of 54 Host Ages held by guerrillas from three hijacked airliners had been found by jordanian sol Diers in a heavily shelled Refu Zanfor thays he would help Missouri gee Camp outside Amman none were americans later Amman radio said a 16th hostage a Swiss had been freed from guerrilla Captivity but it did not say where the hostages found at the ref Ugee Camp included eight britons five Swiss and two West germans they expressed belief the remaining Ameri cans were somewhere in the Vicinity a group of 64 foreigners including 22 americans were flown out of Amman to Beirut but the freed hostages were not among them at the Airport wounded were being loaded aboard aircraft for evacuation to Beirut embassy families and other foreigners clutching a few pos sessions took their turn to Board evacuation aircraft chartered by their governments evacuees were taken by a roundabout route to the Airport bypassing the Center of town although the artillery bombardments had stopped diehard snipers were still at work the Airport was still ringed by concentrations of tanks and a Mored cars soldiers guarded every plane the ceasefire pact was jointly announced by Hussein Arafat who Heads the Palestine libera Tion organization and president Jaafar Al Numajiri of Sudan mediator appointed by the Arab Summit meeting in Cairo after failing to make Contact with Arafat on an Early peace Mission to Jordan wednesday Numajiri finally got together with him at a secret rendezvous Early Friday to sea the Deal Arafat had rejected ceasefire two Days ago there was no immediate explanation for Arafat change of mind except that the guerrillas were suffering under the remorseless pounding of the be Douin guns the resignation thursday of Jordans Premier Brig Gen Mohammed Daoud while attend ing the Cairo Summit appeared to be an important Factor it was guerrilla hatred of the new military government that precipitated the fighting wer a week ago but the information minister maj Adnan Abu Aouda told newsmen that there willbe a military government in Jordan for at least another year the terms of the ceasefire were of guerrilla bases from Amman and other towns to the Israel Jordan ceasefire line of the 1967 War on the River Jordan Jorda Nian army to positions consist ent with their duties of main Taining Law and order anode fending the country by the guerrillas for the sovereignty of the Jorda Nian government and the coun try Laws ordered to kill hijackers if necessary linked to radicals ice Tewksbury mass sought Pace 3 news about worm 5 weekend t comics to Tab burning marijuana leads to arrest of 7 in the Holdup slaying a Boston policeman fought a gun Bat Lewith police Here Friday then escaped the Man was one of four persons including two coeds sought in the slaying which police linked to Rad ical Campus groups police said about 30 shots were fired at the suspect believed to be William m Gilday 41 of Amesbury mass during the gun Battle in a wooded area behind a greenhouse he escaped in a car stolen at gunpoint police aided by a helicopter which cleared motorists off the High Way followed a Lowell policeman Edward Morris was wounded slightly when j forehead during the Exchange of gunfire Boston police commissioner Edmund l Mcnamara said ammunition weapons and other military gear found in the apartment of Katherine a Power 20 of Denver Colo showed a positive link Between wednesdays slaying and Radi Cal revolutionary Campus groups Mcnamara said the fatal shooting of patrolman Walter a Schroeder during a Bank Holdup was part of a conspiracy involving a Campus oriented Organiza Tion he added As far Asim concerned there damned Rad ical and damned revolutionary see gunman Page c Independence map under a Revenue sharing pro Gram proposed by president Nixon More than million would be returned by the fed eral government to Missouri atty Gen John Danforth said Friday he of the amount returned would up directly to local governments in remarks prepared for a fundraising dinner in Independence the Republican candidate for us senator said Revenue sharing is especially important to the state of Missouri because it is not getting its fair share of Federal revenues Missouri is ranked 13th among the 50 states according to popu lation Danforth said and ranks 28th when the states Are ranked according to the number of tax dollars they get Back from Washington Danforth said he would per form probably considerably better than his democratic opponent sen Stuart Symington see Danforth Pace Washington a the Nixon administration toughened its stand against air pirates Fri Day warning that Federal guards will not hesitate to shoot if allele fails in halting an air line Hijacker we will do everything in our Power to prevent shooting on the Saj Secretary of transportation John a Volpe shooting will be done As a last resort but he asserted when it comes to the lives of 200 Ameri can passengers and crewmen As opposed to the life of one Hijacker there is no question of what were going to do Volpes remarks came As he signed an agreement with the Justice department that gives jurisdictional responsibility for hijackings to the Fri while a plane is on the ground and to the Federal aviation administration when it is in the air atty Gen John n Mitchell signed for the Justice depart ment while Fri director j Edgar Hoover and retired it Gen Benjamin o Davis or presi Dent Nixon director of civil aviation Security looked on Mitchell told newsmen the memorandum of understanding merely formalizes current procedures but should eliminate uncertainty in a crisis situation Volpe said about 200 armed Federal guards Arenow on us flights overseas and Domestic the guards who include Fri and Treasury agents and Faa air marshals will be supplemented by military personnel trained in handling potential hijackings Volpe said at least some of the military men should be on the planes within a week he said Hoover said Fri agents act ing As Airliner guards will any regular sidearms he said Fri will Exchange information concerning Hijack ers or potential hijackers with governments of other countries Mitchell said administration efforts plus increasing pressure on foreign governments to take harsh action against hijackers will go a Long Way toward thwarting future air piracy Volkeand Davis stressed that greatest Federal emphasis will be on preventive measures Volpe said the most important single thing would be preventing a potential Hijacker from Ever getting on an air plane mail clerk charged with theft of Money one woman and six men have been arrested and jailed on charges of Possession of Mari Juana they Are Frances d Pendle ton 18 109xjackson St Fred Erick j Brodhacker 23 109 Jackson St Gary Berry 20 1012 Dunklin St Tom Rhoades 17 2307 Hinsdale or William l Torreyson 23 109 Jackson St Steven Turner 19 1901 Chicago re and John c dam unique 18 1830 Clover Lane Brodhacker Berry Rhoades ind the Pendleton woman were arraigned Friday in Cole county magistrate court a preliminary hearing for them is set for oct 28 their Bond was set at each Torreyson Turner and Domin ique were arrested late Friday afternoon j the charges resulted from a fire thursday night in a third floor apartment at 109 Jackson St when firemen and police arrived at the scene they found a Large wooden drawer full of marijuana burning in the oven police said the Mai Juans was put in the oven to dry but was forgotten the drawer caught fire causing minor damage to the apartment police found the 15 pounds of marijuana both Green and dried stashed in the apartment no one was at the apartment at the time of the fire police said the fire was reported by a neighbor who noticed smoke nuclear waste Washington a the atomic Energy commission caught Between pressure to save Money and fear of another uproar Over safety is taking a second look at a radioactive waste storage plan once criticized As in its essence dangerous under project Bedrock millions of Gallons of hot highly radioactive muck would be poured into manmade caverns in the Bedrock 1500 feet below the dec installation at Savannah River so and kept there for the 1000 or so years it would continue to Emit radioactivity the project was stalled in the juror touched off when a National Academy of sciences committee said it seemed possible the mud like waste could ooze through undiscovered fissures in the Bedrock and eventually contaminate the Savannah River there is doubt that it will be possible to prove safety of the proposed Bedrock storage system the committee said in its 1966 report a majority of the committee recommended that project Bedrock be dropped and More Effort be devoted to solidification of liquid waste and storage in Salt mines in Kansas however some members disagreed and recommended further research into project Bedrock the dec had budgeted million two years ago for research into feasibility of project Bedrock but that Money was never spent following the disclosure last year of the Nas report which also criticized waste handling at other dec installations see nuclear Pace s David William Jones 20 of 622 e Mccarty St has been arrested by the Missouri Highway patrol in connection with the theft of Money from mail delivered to the Missouri depart ment of Revenue Jones was employed As a mail opener and had Access to Cash mailed to the motor vehicle Sec Tion of the department of reve nue department of Revenue officials had been receiving complaints from persons who said they had sent Cash to the department for vehicle title transactions and the patrol reve nue and Federal postal officials started an investigation about three weeks ago the patrol arrested Jones Fri Day after finding seven marked in his Possession the patrol also found about 400 pie Ces of Revenue department mail in Jones car the patrol is checking further to determine the amount of the loss postal investigators and the Revenue department say they do not know the extent of the loss prosecuting attorney Byron Kinder has filed mind meaner theft charges against Jones in connection with the seven Bills Jones was employed by the department of Revenue of nov 41968 at the time of his arrest and his dismissal1 department the 20yearold negro was paid a month As a clerk ii a Post office inspector said the Federal government could not file charges in the Case be cause Federal jurisdiction ended when the mail was delivered to the department of Revenue Hearnes Danforth Swap slaps Joha Danforth political gov Warren e Hearnes has questioned the efficiency of the operation of atty Gen John c Danforth office and Danforth has countered that Hearnes brought up the subject for political reasons Danforth said Hearnes should concern himself with the operation of his own state agencies Danforth is the Republican opponent of sen Stuart Symington Missouri Democrat Hearnes a Democrat sent a letter to Danfort saying several state agencies have complained to him they have to wait too Long to receive Legal advice from Danforth Hearnes said the state personnel Board has complained to the governors office that it still has not received an answer to a request made several months ago for a Legal opinion from the attorney general a spokesman for the state personnel division said the Board asked Danforth for an official opinion about seven months ago and has received no reply the question asked was whether the state personnel division in determining salaries has a right to place a value on meals state employees eat 2b state hospitals the personnel division received a letter from the at Torney generals office on March 3 of this year saying the question had been assigned for further research other complaints have been voiced from time to time by department Heads who were in need of Legal advice on pressing business and who were forced to wait for lengthy periods before receiving such advice Hearnes said Danforth office said Friday there Are 95 requests for opinions from the attorney general that have not been filled but so far this year the attorney general has issued 364 opinions and Dur ing All of 1969 the office issued 425 opinions this compares with 284 opinions issued in 1968 by former democratic atty Gen Norman h Anderson Danforth office said requests for opinions have doubled this year Over last year which also had a big increase Danforth office also has a larger workload in criminal cases so far this year the at Torney generals office has participated in 205 Hareas Corpus cases compared with 196 in All of 1969 and 64 in 1968 Danforth office said Anderson had 22 full time attorneys on his staff and 45 part time special assist ants scattered across the state Danforth office has 29 full time attorneys and 11 part time special assistants Hearnes asked Danforth to give him a detailed report covering the past six months on All opinions issued by the attorney generals office Hearnes said he wanted to know the Date each request for an opinion was received by the attorney general and the Date each opinion was issued see feud c gov waste action

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