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Daily Capital News Newspaper Archives May 27 1972, Page 4

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Daily Capital News (Newspaper) - May 27, 1972, Jefferson City, MissouriA conservative View news Tribune company William h Weldon publisher Robert Blosser president we shall not fear to follow wherever truth May Lead nor to tolerate error so Long As reason is left free to combat it Thomas Jefferson us precarious Security demands people speak up if sen George Mcgovern a presidential contender and some other liberals had their Way they would greatly reduce our already inadequate National military posture these developments Are shocking in View of the present precarious state of the world and our nations Security two of americas Foremost defense experts spoke on the National Security Issue recently and they run directly counter to those of this nations peace Niks Admiral Arthur Radford former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff pointed out that the u s military Security today is totally at a Low ebb for the last 10 years he says our military strength has steadily declined contrary to the propaganda of the left he insists the United states did not Force the soviet Union into an arms race in 1945 he pointed out we rushed to disarm by 1946 our military was Cut 85 per cent in the next four years we kept disarming yet Russia never disarmed and what did we get for our disarmament we got the korean War or Edward Teller father of the bomb picked up where the noted Admiral left off Mcnamara Secretary of defense in the Kenned Johnson administrations was wrong when he said we have nuclear deterrent and it will deter Russia for All time he was just As wrong insisted Teller As British prime min Ster Neville Chamberlain was about Czechoslovakia in 1939 or Teller continued we used to have nuclear superiority it is gone we used to have parity it is gone now we say we have sufficiency but the Way we Are going now he warned sufficiency will be gone in a very few years the noted scientist stated emphatically i am not arguing for superiority j am not arguing for parity but we must struggle very hard to keep sufficiency we must Tell our people what the score is or Teller insisted that America is at stake if we do not strengthen our defences if we do not find ways to cooperate with other nations of the free world the United states will not survive the 70s the thought should be chilling to every american the big question is what Are the american people going to do about it will we demand that the United states attain at least parity or sufficiency in National Security or will remain silent Deputy patrol car drive new move toward gun control by James j Kil Fatzick Washington four years ago the assassination of Martin Luther King and Robert Ken n e d y led directly to congressional approval of gun controls history repeats this summer in the Wake of the attempted assassination of gov George c Wallace Congress will try once More to draft an effective Law it wont be easy in this highly charged Field where emotions have a Way of out running reason it is far easier to define the problem than to find a workable solution the problem itself is universally recognized in 1970 the Fri reported an estimated 15800 murders in the United states More than half of them were committed with handguns that same year saw an estimated 350000 robberies nearly two thirds of them were armed robberies Between 1961 and 1970 More than 600 Law enforcement officers were slain 466 of them died of handgun wounds the figures give no account of the hundreds of tragic accidents that occur when children discover loaded weapons around the Home no accurate tabulation is kept of persons wounded by firearms in cases of aggravated assault but at least 80000 such assaults occurred in 1970 the gun problem in our country is grave and it is getting worse that is one Point to keep a mind in contemplating new Laws there is Little to indicate that the two acts approved in 1968 have done much to curb criminal violence the first of them embodied in title in of the omnibus crime control act prohibited the interstate shipment of pistols and revolvers to individuals prohibited the Sale of such weapons to convicted felons and fugitives and banned overt counter sales of handguns to nonresidents of a dealers state the Law also required that detailed records be kept on shipments and purchases it was this provision that enabled the Fri instantly to track Down the weapon used against gov Wallace in october of 1988 Congress extended generally the same provision to Commerce in rifles and shotguns together the two Federal Laws provide a tight system of dealer licensing and record keeping and they flatly prohibit the Sale of handguns to persons under 21 yet thousands of Young hoodlums manage to acquire concealable weapons anyhow and the ugly wave of crime Rolls on what to do about it it a easier to suggest what ought not to be done we Are hearing once again the fatuous demand for outright confiscation the idea is that a 30day period would be provided in which every person would have to surrender his firearms to his local police there he would receive a receipt for them subsequently he would receive compensation the idea is absurd it would leave criminals armed and their victims defenceless neither is there Merit in the idea of licensing and registration Here the argument goes that men do not object to licensing of their automobiles if a car can be effectively registered Why not i gun one answer is that automobiles by their very nature can be publicly observed an automobile licensing Law presents no problems of effective enforcement but this is not True of firearms for every la abiding citizen who registered his weapons and paid the heavy License fees proposed a Hundred criminals would simply ignore the Law one measure does make on wednesday less than 48 hours after the Wallace shooting a Senate committee approved sen Birch Baths Bill to ban the so called saturday night specials these Are Small snub nosed handguns useless to the sportsman if a Law could be drafted that defined such weapons precisely the Law should be passed Over a period of years it might help but my own thought is that Congress can do less than judges can if our courts would crack Down hard on gun toting criminals hitting them with Tough additional sentences for the use of a firearm the word would get around in the shadows i f reveals Law order support Max Rafferty column Henry Taylor shinto by Ivy inf what started out As a Campaign to help Purchase finer vehicles for the Cole county sheriffs office for patrol work in Rural Cole county has also evolved into a show of outward support of Law and order the dollars for deputies drive was originated by several Apache Flats businessmen Orville Smith and Murray Webster it has become a countywide Campaign Smith and Webster say a successful Campaign will have a dual effect 1 demonstrate citizen support of Law and order and 2 pay costs for the remainder of this year of the new patrol cars Cole county will become a second class City Jan 1 1973 and the remaining debt can be assumed by the county through the county court Law enforcement officers and individual citizens agree patrol cars clearly marked As official vehicles of the sheriffs department would have a salutary effect against potential crime and traffic violations in Rural Cole county the sheriffs office has received numerous requests for upgraded patrol service in Rural communities and other areas in the county contributions to dollars for deputies May be sent to country Kitchen or Gateway West Mobile Home sales Apache Flats a Bank account has been established for the fund we concur that marked sheriff patrol cars would represent a step Forward in Law enforcement in a growing Rural Cole county we especially like the theme of the dollars for deputies drive its time for citizens to stand up and be counted we Hope postal service returns to one tradition the idea at first seems a Little startling but really theres nothing so wrong about the postal service opening its own retail stores in a test program in four cities postal stores in Post office lobbies have been Selling such items As philatelic supplies Renoir prints and even some books and apparently have been doing rather Well if the stores spread and Prosper they May help to mail service a Little less of a Burden on taxpayers and Tif True As one postal official says that the new setup bears a vague resemblance to the old general store where the local Post office was a walled off enclosure in the Corner Over beyond the Pickle barrel in favor of tradition we do Hope however that this new activity Doest deter the postal service from to return to another old tradition you know the one that used to be epitomized by a slogan that As we recall began something like neither Snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from Wall Street journal Reader writes an ode to undisciplined child by or Max Rafferty q our family enjoys your words of Wisdom i feel Iti Good for parents to take the responsibility for having family Reading enjoying an interesting hour while helping the children improve in Reading by looking up that Arent understood youre fond of poems and fairy tales this is a poem i wrote which carries a Point even in my Day when my parents kept a switch tucked out of sight for use when we giant keep within the Bounds of the rules they had for us there were some such As the one this poem describes spare the Rod and spoil the Thild but Little Sonny running wild his fists Are clenched his jaw thrust out Hes always anxious for a bout if he were grown instead of five hed be a menace Man alive mom dares not curb his evil Bent for fear an Einstein she will stint but moms firm hand May Well avoid a 1990 prey boy Floyd h c Eui Tii Fla a Ana on behalf of schoolteachers everywhere permit me to add so he wont turn us All to witches mom now and Sonny britches then warm q am i imagining things or is education losing its ancient race with superstition and ignorance i get the unmistakable impression that absurd notions like witchcraft and Devil worship Are actually gaining ground even among so called educated people can this possibly be so and if so what Are the schools doing to combat it r m am Anllo Tex a m yes its not Only possibly so it darned Well is so 2 the schools unfortunately seem to be helping that old Black magic along for example consider thu recent statement made by Yale physicist d Ajlan Bromley ant science or an anti intellectual activity is much More widespread than even a few years ago there Are 10 times As Many american College students enrolled in astrology courses As in astrophysics courses astrology courses shades of Merlin and old nostradamus graduate seminars Interleaf Reading As a taxpayer if i found that of my Home state in Sti Tutoni of higher learning were teaching Young people that vast Stellar masses 30 billion Miles away were concerned with whether Paul Newman should Start hit next movie in july or August t would sue that nest of quackery for making an illegal and idiotic gift of Public funds and ill bet 1 could q in enclosing Book report lists handed out to our 12yearolds in Junior High Here Catcher in the Rye catch 22 and All the other dirty books even manchild in the promised land1 is included and its horribly worse the Way it is now puts the Burden on the parents to read every Book their children bring Home from school what Ever happened to the Good books that used to be available and which Only mentioned hell As a place you would go if you we rent Good m k Oak Ridge Tenn a there still around write to americas future inc 542 main St new Rochelle n y 10802 for their exhaustively compiled list of Good books for children in various areas of Reading its a nonprofit organization which does a world of Good and while youre charged up m k How about telling your local school Board members exactly what you think of them for permitting dirty books to be assigned to your children in tax supported schools if they dont Rouse themselves and pass Board regulations defining what books should be used in your schools then you might con Sider organizing your Community and running a slate of Reform candidates against these pornography purveyors in your next Board election remarkably few parents want their children exposed to smut in school As a lot of permissive Board members have discovered during the last few years or Rafferty welcomes questions for use in this column once each week but regrets he cannot answer All mail personally please Send your questions to him in care of this paper dont let soviet advances fool you by Henry j Taylor form to us amt Tum on to we see in our living rooms president Nixon exposed to the advances of the soviet Union careful looks the tube can fool you in simple truth the soviet Economy is geared for two main objectives scientific Progress and military Power just As the political engine is geared for a single objective the continuance of the communist regime for two Long periods after 1885 russian growth rate in Industrial output actually out distanced that in the United states great Britain France and Germany but Princeton prof Cyril e Blacks Book prospects for soviet society Tor one documents the in disputable fact that in economic development the user has not overtaken any Western european country since 1917 the user it trying to destroy eur world position but on the economic Side it has some distance to go in that destruction Here Are a few specifics that occur to me 1 destroy 90 per cent of our paved highways on which americans will travel 12 trillion Miles this year and wed be at the soviet level 2 destroy 19 out of 20 u b cars and trucks this will nicely solve our traffic problem As it has in the user you will not see president or mrs Nixon shown in Moscow at an automobile outlet there is Only one with a waiting list of 60000 dreamers 3 destroy two thirds of our railway mileage and Roll it Back to 1917 although Russia was then building railroads faster than any nation had and at the same time had More Oil production than we had in both categories pre soviet Russia led the world 4 destroy our commercial airlines except 20 per cent Aeroflot the government and Only airline Doest even Issue a Domestic service timetable 5 destroy 60 per cent of our houses and then tuck in 241 million people you will not be shown president and mrs Nixon visiting a soviet apart ment Moscow has about 90000 apartment buildings More than half the apartments Are shared with other families Many with three and four families soviet officials agree 16 million More would be needed in Moscow alone to provide unshared apartments 6 destroy half our 120000 schools and colleges 7 padlock most of our 320000 churches 8 destroy nine out of every 10 u s telephones comatose Moscow Doest even need a publicly issued Telephone Book 9 destroy 70 million of our w million television sets 10 destroy two thirds of our Petroleum us and 10 per cent of our natural Gas use 11 destroy half our Coal mines and two thirds of our Coal production 12 move 70 million Farmers Back to our Russia was an immense food e x p o r t c today Povlot cannot feed even its own people while the american Farmer is literally the most productive Man on Earth he feeds himself and 17 other people 131 Block our travel one Quarter of the user is not Only prohibited to foreigners but to travelling soviet citizens and an additional on Quarter totalling half of the entire soviet Paradise might As Well be closed because in tourist the government travel control Agency wont take you there 14 destroy the free Enterprise system that gives us americans the highest wages and the shortest working hours in the world and lets America with six per cent of the worlds population account for 33 per cent of the total world production free Enterprise makes for enterprising freemen the vast users Gross National product is less than half of ours 15 enact the soviet work week 51 hours with six hours in saturday 16 outlaw our right to strike 17 build our Federal bureaucracy to 14 million 18 put two million More men and women into the u s armed forces and change their pay a lieutenant in the red army is paid 100 times More than a 19 duplicate the soviet Kobs 250000 secret police Seal our country with 200000 Border guards and carry the death penalty Down to children at age of 14 20 make everything that is not prohibited compulsory 21 Stop the free press 22 Stop our right to govern ourselves Secretary impressed Brezhnev were the Cole county almanac from the tiles of the news Tribune age sunday May m tent the Home economic department of the 1963 Jaycee Cole county fair has announced regulations Premium lists and classes for the fair powered by Luther Browns record setting feat in the triple a3 Universy of City to placed third a the Mcaa regional College division track and Field meet at Cedar Falls Iowa saturday generally rated behind columbian athletics in preseason speculation Central trusts bears begin quest of their third successive Centra Missouri ban Johnson league championship tonight when they take on Boonville in both teams Eastern division opener at Vivion Field 25 years ago monday May 26 1947 narcotics Fountain pen and Pencil Seta and cosmetics valued at about were stolen saturday night in a robbery of the g a Fischer drug store 105 e High St rallying in the last three innings of their Central Missouri league contest with Eldon yesterday the Tweedie baseball club came through with an 87 Victory j t Wren manufacturing co today signed contracts with Benjamin o Good route 3 former Navy chief commis Fruy Steward by which it will manufacture two Goodin inventions at its new factory on Dix Road 50 years ago May 26 1922 the municipal Golf links in Hough Park will be formally opened for the season on saturday june 3 at which time ground will be broken for the new shelter House which will erected within the next two months Lincoln University glee and mandolin clubs will give their annual entertainment at the second Baptist Church at 8 Oclock this evening a finish wrestling bout for a purse of each posted by the participants and All Gate receipts has been arranged Between Jake Reed and George Tragos Tetter to the editor new Tribune publications Welcome utters from of the Missouri area there Are no restrictions on subject matter Ether then that the material must theft reasonable Standard of pod taste All letters to the mail bag must be signed with Correct find Telephone number Home numbers and those at wort of possible however on request writers name will not be published will be edited Only to Correct minor letter must be limited to 250 words or teas preferably less longer letters we act m printed Shoum be addressed to editor new Tribune Public Itobi 810 Monroe 81 City to m10k

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