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Daily Capital News Newspaper Archives May 27 1972, Page 2

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Daily Capital News (Newspaper) - May 27, 1972, Jefferson City, MissouriShul mews Luy 77 move to Block hoc firings fails a move to Stop the firing of three poor persons from the Central office of the mid Missouri human development corporation failed thursday night when Low income forces were unable to unite against the move without opposition members of the nine country hic area Board approved a budget slash in the Agency Central office which included the firing of six Central staff workers three of the employees were Low income people Board members took the action at their monthly meeting at hic Headquarters in Columbia the move Drew opposition last month from several Low income people and a five member committee was organized to seek ways to retain the Low income workers however mrs Juanita la whom the committees chairman reported in a letter to the Board that members were unable to meet because of employment duties her letter gave no suggestion on How the three workers might be retained but asked that hic officials be cautious in spending of future program funds Board members later voted to form a permanent committee of the poor within the hic area Board which would encourage poor persons to bring their views and criticisms before the Board i think were in the process of involving the poor More fully Robert Joplin hic executive director said one problem is the Low income people Haven had much experience in Board meetings the budget Cut trims spend ing by the Central office to for the 197273 year or 20 per cent of the Overall hic nine county budget the spend ing limit was ordered by the area Board to put More Money into the county Antipoverty programs Joplin said the six worker fired from the Central staff would be considered for new jobs in the program he emphasized that the jobs should go those who can do the work Best in other action the area Board refused to adopt a Resolution to allow the mid Missouri head Start and Day care programs to become a free agent if program officials become dissatisfied with hocs sponsorship in the future the Resolution drafted by Robert Cureton Cole county head Start Parent also asked that the hic area Board help the head Start and Day care programs find a new sponsor if hic was dropped Cureton said the boards refusal would not prevent parents of children in the two programs from taking the action if it should become necessary it just strengthens our Case because it shows the Board is unwilling to help us if we should have to take the action he said i Hope we wont have to Cureton said the programs could still become free agents with permission from the regional office of economic Opportunity in Kansas City if mistreatment or mismanagement of the programs by the area Board could be shown transit backers Ichord hits nuisance police suits preparing big push St Louis supporters of the Missouri transportation Bond Issue said daily capital news or and mrs Robert c Goshorn publisher or and mrs William h we Loon r l Rose Board chairman Robert Blosser president Joseph g Majersky editor c c awakens my editor published every morning except Mon Day by the news Tribune company 210 Monroe Street second class postage paid at Jefferson City to member of associated press the associated press is exclusively entitled to the use for Republic Atton of All news credited to this paper and also 1he local news published herein All rights of publication of special dispatches herein Are also reserved subscription rates cd ruler delivery service in Jefferson City Missouri 60c per daily and sunday 85c per week combination of morn Long evening and sunday mail rates does not include towns with Carrier delivery service Coa and idol Nung counties per year All Ottier within the United states per year member audit Bureau it circulations dial 63w131 for All departments Friday they will talk to bus riders Ball game watchers and Large corporation workers in the coming weeks to try to the proposal on the no vember ballot the group must secure 93000 signatures on petition calling for an election on the 5730 million proposal the petitions must be submitted by june 7 if the Bonds Are to be voted on at the general election petitions Call Tor approval of a constitutional amendment to authorize the Bonds the amendment would create a state department of transportation and Stop the use of Revenue from Gas and High Way related taxes for strictly Road purposes the Bonds would be used for roads Urban rapid transit airports Bridges and buses a St Louis group is Spear heading efforts to get the Bond Issue before voters Washington a too Many frivolous suits Are being used to pick policemen pockets and steal time from the courts says the head of a House committee on National Security armed with endorsements from police officials across the country chairman Richard h Ichord do of the House internal Security committee has introduced a Bill requiring anyone suing lawmen to file a Bond with the court the Bond Ichord speech would pay Vestiga Tive and Legal defendant prevail said in a floor reasonable in costs should the i do not think this would deter those who seriously believe they have been the victims of improper actions by police or those who believe their civil rights have been violated but i do think it would make those who Are interested Only in harassing our police Aid courts hesitate to prostitute Legal process for their own purposes in an interview thursday Ichord said police Are very uptight about his Effort to Amend the 1948 judicial procedure act but he said his complaint centers on a 101yearold civil rights Law covering the Legal liability of anyone acting against another person by virtue of any Law although this was meant to provide a remedy when state Law i inadequate he said it is being used As a vehicle to harass by filing of nuisance actions and it has reached a crisis level it is under this 1871 Law he said that 8267 cases were filed last year according to Federal court records a 700percent increase in five years lawmen usually Are not paid Well enough to finance expensive defense litigation on their own and such suits can reduce them to poverty even Force them deeply into debt he said while no one objects to suits filed for false arrest or for civil liberties violations when such suits Are justified he said too often suits Are brought As a ploy to delay prosecution to create publicity or to try to win sympathy for a patently guilty defendant and a said the suits Are helping overload courts if you miss yom news Tribune delivery will a Mode until emergency Calls police sheriff fire 6366161 6367158 6350191 Missouri state Highway patrol 6365171 Volunteer fire department 6350715 fish 6358639 ambulances 6355171 6368163 6366940 hospitals St marys 6358141 still 6357141 memorial 6356811 Jefferson City new Tribune 6363131 lawyer shot dead in court Oroville Calif an attorney was killed and a judge and a witness wounded in a burst of gunfire during a trial in the Cour Thouse of this fanning Community Perry Farmer 44 attorney Tor the plaintiffs died of a Bullet wound in the head shortly after the shooting thursday afternoon Karolyn Garrick one of the plaintiffs was wounded i the Arm and Side and a judge who happened along was wounded in the right Arm the defendant in the civil suit Minard o Rutherford 57 of Oroville was booked for investigation of one count of murder and two counts of attempted murder the shooting broke out in Butte county Superior court during a civil lawsuit trial Over attachment of a tractor and other equipment owned by mrs Garrick witnesses said Farmer was seated at the counsel table when Rutherford walked for Ward from his seat in the audience with a pistol in his hand and fired into the Back of Farmers head from a distance of about six inches then Rulherford ran for the door firing his pistol the wit Nesses said the witness on the stand at the time Ernest Reynolds swung a Stool at Rutherford but mixed then grabbed his pistol wrist he and a Deputy sheriff wrestled Rutherford out into the hallway with the pistol still firing the witnesses said Schanzmeyer gains graduation honors Robert j Schanzmeyer of Jefferson City graduated with highest honors saturday at the University of Southern Mississippi jury doctors agree brain controls death Richmond a a a medical opinion that death occurs when the brain Dies even if the heart and other organs continue to function has been reinforced by a jury Here in a landmark heart transplant suit this simply brings the Law in line with medical opinion or David m Hume said thursday after he and three other defendants were found innocent by a Law and equity court jury of causing the death of a heart donor i think this is an Issue that had to be decided said Hume chief of surgery at the medical College of Virginia Hospital and i thin kit will have an influence on the medical Community a Long time to come the seven Day damage suit focused on the Issue of when death occurs William e Tucker of Rich mond the plaintiff contended that his brother Bruce o Tucker a 54yearold negro labourer was alive when his heart Vas removed on May 25 1968 and placed in the Chest of Joseph g Klett of Orange a Klett died about a week later medical witnesses for the defense maintained that Tucker was neurologically dead several hours before the transplant operation because his brain showed no activity his heart and respiratory system were kept functioning by artificial Means they said merely to keep his heart and kidneys viable for transplant purposes Tucket had suffered massive brain injury in a fall the Day before the transplant and doctors testified that this no Tyanya act by the transplant team caused his death in his instructions to the jurors judge a Christian com Pton gave them the option of considering All possible causes of death and whether any one including brain damage was dominant earlier in the trial the judge had noted that Vir Ginia Law defines death As a total cessation of All body functions Man is housewife wife earns living Sacramento Calif a an inquiring reporter stopped husky bearded Paul e Kerr on the Street the other Day and asked his occupation housewife said Kerr 25 a mathematics and physics graduate of american River College a Junior College in Sacramento in not kidding he said my wife is the breadwinner and i do All the housework his wife said More people should try our arrangement its a lot of fun drop in on the kerrs at their modest apartment in the California capital any mor Ning and youll find Paul in Blue jeans and Denim just never got around to having in and washing dishes his Petite blonde wife Vicky 22 will be Bent Over her desk doing Legal Tran scribing which earns an hour they explain that the switching of male female roles is Only part of a total life concept we made a Deal after we graduated Paul said we said of lets both go Job Hunting whoever finds the Best pay for the fewest hours will take it and the other will be the housewife the Best i could find was carpenters apprentice Vickey is now self employed four or five hours work a Day is enough we live modestly and we like it that Way he said most of our friends find the arrangement pretty Cool some Are considering trying it excuse me Ive got something on the stove Simonsen holds awards session Simonsen or High held Ita annual awards Assembly thursday those students winning awards were seven smart mathematics Peggy Waisanen algebra Donna r i c h e y science Valerie Sublett social studies Linda Maier Spanish Vicki Lim b a u g h French Laura Bushko English Janet Watts speech and dramatics Daniel Huddleston Reading Patiick Shem Well Wood shop Steven Johnson Metal shop Jennifer Bauer foods Rebekah Neely clothing Coraleta Alley Art Linda m a n s u r vocal music Stephen Siu orchestra Judy Young band Elisabeth Miller physical education Stephen Jambor physical Edu cation Melissa Landrum and Rodney Burnett vow Tom n a c y memorial award Pamela Quigg Charles Palmer Davis award Rebekah Neely Dac colonial history award Valerie Sublett Dar award Vicki Limbaugh and John Ruth american legion award Judith Malone Crisco award Gary Gonder outstanding school service in the area of journalism Peggy Waisanen and Steven smart Simonsen award local girl graduates miss Patricia Anne Castrop daughter of or and mrs Patrick h Castrop 2127 w Edgewood or graduated Magna cum laude from Mary mount College of Kansas recently Fuit Foi web rental patrol bracing for weekend traffic the Missouri state Highway patrol is bracing itself for the first big Holiday traffic of 1972 by placing every available trooper on duty this weekend the memorial weekend apparently continues to be one of the most heavily travelled holidays since it occurs immediately after schools close for the year according to the patrol patrol superintendent col e i Mike Hockaday said the increased traffic also in creases chances for accidents each Driver should be prepared for heavy traffic this weekend and depart Early enough so As not to have to Rush to reach his destination on time he said col Hockaday also reminded motorists to have their vehicles safety checked before leaving on Holiday trips to insure a trouble free and Safe weekend he said troopers on duty need Complete cooperation of the motoring Public to obey All traffic Laws and prepare to defend against mistakes of others last year 15 persons were killed in Missouri Over the memorial Day weekend official Holiday traffic death count for this years memorial Day weekend begins at 6 pm today and ends at Midnight on monday Foo can Price increase restored Washington a the Price commission has restored part of too can Price increase it took away last month the commission thursday allowed four can companies to raise prices by 2 per cent pending outcome of an investigation into the effect of can prices on supermarket prices last april 28 the com Mission rescinded larger increases it had granted for two of the firms and held up a third company request for a similar increase at that time it said it had indications that can prices might contribute to increases i n supermarket prices spokesmen for the can Industry say prices of canned foods have gone up Little the commission said it gave the interim 2 per cent in creases to the four companies because of the time needed to Complete its investigation and because of the apparent need of the firms co which earlier had lost a 43 per cent increase Continental can co which had lost 42 per cent National can co whose request for 427 per cent was held up and Crown Cork and Seal co not previously Cut pizza tub worlds but Arris pizza Palace itt w Smi Man the four Are american can now Maying hit Academy award Winner the French connection hit the Boston Strangler Bonus hot Cool hand Luke ramada 4 theatres authorities seek Renz farm escapees family style Chicken dinner every sunday Fried Chicken All you can eat Fluffy whipped potatoes festive Cranberry sauce Crisp tossed salad homemade Giblet Gravy fresh Garden vegetables Choice of drafting Honey and butter Altti children under 123 the Highway patrol says it has found no clues yet to the whereabouts of two prisoners who slipped away from the Renz prison farm late thursday night Warden Harold r Swenson listed the escapees As Patrick Conaty 29 of Townsend Mont and Ronald Dean Barker 28 of Springfield to Conaty was serving two years for writing bad checks and was near the end of his sentence Barker was serving seven years for stealing and burglary Lehman me a medea liver plate Berbee oed spare Kibe m59 pm flan Fried Steak with Gravy pm Childs part teb available Southwest Hwy 54 South meeting available dance May pm to am featuring the country gentlemen for Reserva tem cad 6354238 or 782t900 Ahtam Horti store next door Mintert i available tales from ask about our free rage free Moth roofing free my Daw proofing pay Only regular cleaning prices cleaners two locettom1011 Missouri blvd and 104 i Mccarty

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