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Daily Capital News Newspaper Archives May 27 1972, Page 1

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Daily Capital News (Newspaper) - May 27, 1972, Jefferson City, MissouriShowers into ter noon and pret diff outward Matt Westward t r the weekend otherwise partly too or to Ete Ody of fire today the Tow is Law the night in the Hick soladay in the or vol Lxi no 62 Jefferson City Missouri saturday morn into May 27 1971 Nixon Brezhnev sign Summit treaty aimed at curbing nuclear arms race Moscow a president Nixon and Leonid i Brezhnev have signed a Summit agreement of historic scope aimed at curbing the superpowers nuclear arms race and blowing the spiral of potential death and destruction born with the atomic age 25 years ago in the glittering grandeur of the Kremlin vaulted Vladimir Hall Friday night the leaders of the two strongest nations signed the twofold Accord to limit their stockpiles of both offensive and defensive weapons the ceremony demonstrated Nixon said an hour earlier in lifting his Champagne Glass to Toast his soviet hosts that the two in world War ii but opposed in the cold work together to build a peace soviet Premier Alexei n Kosygin touched in his Toast on two of the problems still perplexing the leaders to go Forward to a durable peace Kosygin said everything must be done to remove the hotbeds of War in the Middle East and Vietnam the arms curbing agreement was forged at the eighth meeting Between Nixon and soviet leaders since he became last monday the first american president Ever to set foot in the Kremlin the agreement coincided with abandonment of efforts to negotiate a Broad Trade agreement at the Summit the leaders decided instead to create a joint commission to pursue the Complex economic talks the arms agreement signed in a 12minute ceremony is in two parts the first a treaty requiring Senate confirmation limits each nation to two defensive missile Sites with no More than 100 an Tiba Listic missiles on each site the second and interim executive agreement not subject to Senate ratification basically freezes land and sea based offensive missiles at their present Levels the us abm defensive Sites will be near Washington do and grand Forks and the latter already is built but the one around the nations capital is not the soviet site will be the present Complex near Moscow and another to be built about 780 Miles from the soviet capital see Nixon Pace t tougher drinking test becomes Law by rate associated press gov Warren Hearnes signed a Bill which toughens the chemical test Given to Drivers who Are arrested for Drunken driving another of the eight Bills which the governor signed Friday will make it easier for Green county officials at Springfield and Clay county officials at Liberty to accomplish their transition from second to firs class counties the governor approved an additional judge for the Springfield division of the Missouri court of appeals he also signed a repeal of the provisions which set specific salaries for employees of the Missouri supreme court and the court of appeals this opens the Way for the setting of salaries by a court administrator working from a Lump sum appropriation the Bill on chemical tests for Drunken Drivers has to do with the alcoholic Content of the blood if it is More than 10 on hundredths of one per cent there will be a Legal presumption that he is drunk the present figure is 15 one Hus a Reths most states have adopted the lower limit the change will become effective in Missouri about the Middle of a gust the accused continues to have the Legal right to Challenge the chem ical test with direct testimony the governor signed a verion of the drunk meter Bill which originated in the House and vetoed a similar one which started in the Senate he said the Senate version had some technical defects present Law sets up a five year transition period for the conversion of a second class county into first class status the Bill signed by the governor will reduce this to three years the key requirement is that a county assessed valuation must hold above a prescribed level for the period in the meantime the ceiling on the county tax rate is reduced the Law applies to All counties in the two classes but Green and Clay counties Are the Only which have been struggling wifi the problem of having bigger jobs to do and less Money to do it with see tug her Pace 6 fees by oost6ci sub missile project defended Hanoi tank column strikes Korntum Saigon a a column of North vietnamese tanks swept Down on Korntum from the North saturday in a third Day of assaults on the Central High lands provincial capital South vietnamese spokesmen at Plesku said seven tanks were destroyed during the night it raised to 19 the number of North vietnamese tanks claimed knocked out by Allied air and ground forces during the past two Days South vietnamese spokesmen said the seven tanks were knocked out by a twin engine us gunship m72 Light anti tank weapons and artillery fired by South vietnamese de fenders casualties in the Korntum fighting continued to mount South vietnamese spokesmen said 370 North vietnamese troops were killed in Dawn to dusk fighting Friday while government losses were 42 men killed and 126 wounded the tank attack was reported stopped us b52 bombers carried out More than 30 strikes in support of the defenders of Korntum unleashing 800 tons of explosives on North vietnamese troop positions on both the Northern and Southern sides of the City some of the strikes were As close As two Miles to the City heavy fighting also was re ported on the Southern front at the besieged provincial capital of an Loc North of Saigon erupted along Iway 13 just South of an a which has been under siege since april 7 Field re ports said 104 North Vietnam Ese troops were killed half of them by air strikes while government forces suffered 20 troops dead and 30 wounded enemy gunners poured More than 650 rounds of artillery into an Loc overnight Field reports said seven North vietnamese tanks were reported sighted three Miles Northeast of the town shortly before Midnight and at least one of them was reported destroyed by a us gunship associated press correspond ent David j Paine reported from Plesku in the Highlands that North vietnamese troops breached the Northeast perimeter of government defences at Korntum overnight although the tanks were stopped shortly before dusk Friday government troops were advancing on pockets of enemy resistance still entrenched on the outskirts of Korntum ear Lier american military advisers in Korntum had described the situation As under control and said the enemy had been contained Paine reported the North vietnamese first penetrated the City Early thurs Day pounded it with some 800 rounds of rockets and artillery see Hanoi pare 6 Columbia a the curators of the University of Missouri voted thursday to raise its incidental fees and out state tuition h it is any Comfort to the Stu dents or their parents they or anyone else can charge any thing the University has to sell on their master charge or Bank America credit cards that includes fees tuition Board room books supplies and admissions to sports and other special events the incidental fee which must be paid by All students will be a semester starting next fall instead of out state tuition will a semester instead of the out state student faces a total Bill of a semester not counting Board room and other expenses the curators also took a blow to the pocketbook although it will Cost them almost twice As much they agreed to buy a higher Grade of Coal so that the Power and heating plants at co Lumbia and Rolla will comply with air pollution standards they approved a con tract for the final step in an expansion project at the Power Plant at Columbia the extra capacity is to be available next year also approved was a contract to build a Road along the East Border of the St Louis Campus before voting to increase fees and out state tuition the curators heard a report on preliminary planning on the University budget for the 197374 school year the information presented by or c Brice Ratchford univer sity president touched off considerable discussion or Ratch see student pare 6 Secretary of defense Melva r Laird arrives at Andrews air Force base near Washington do Friday from nato meetings in Europe Laird told newsmen it is absolutely essential for the United states to go ahead a new Long Range submarine missile system despite agreement with the soviet Union on limiting strategic weapons a wire photo Bank protest stirs state official by the associated press h Duane Pemberton state director of finance said Friday he had made no secret of his reluctance to Rule on an application for a new Bank near Columbia which is being hotly contested by Columbia Bankers and the Bank of Hallsville attorneys for three Columbia Banks and a Hallsville Bank appealed the decision to the state banking Board thurs Day they asked the Board to revoke the charter charging a conflict of interest by Pem Berton who was one of the original organizers of the proposed Bank before he be Carrie director of finance i called a meeting of the banking Board in july shortly after my appointment As director Pemberton told the associated press i explained my position and talked about problems that could arise if i had to decide on granting a charter i even asked Charles Black mar our attorney in the attorney generals office for an opinion Blackmar advised me that in no Way could the banking Board nor the Deputy director act in granting a Bank charter and that i had to make the decision when it came up my judgment As director is always subject to question Pemberton said that is the purpose for the Board hearings but this is the first time my integrity has been questioned Pemberton said investigation of the application for a charter by Century state Bank began in december of 1971 the Bank would be located in White Gate shopping Center Northeast of Columbia about 10 Miles from Hallsville he granted the charter in March 1972 his action was appealed by the first National Bank and Trust co of Columbia Halls Ville state Bank first Bank of Commerce of Columbia Boone county National Bank and the Columbia National Bank the Columbia National Bank did not participate actively in hearings thursday and Friday however thursday Ray Lewis attorney for first National Bank and Trust asked the banking see Bank Page 6 safety warning fail families Todt to v Mich cemetery remainder Day weekend As associated press wire photo and recreate Wal have americans Start Holiday weekend by the associated press millions of americans loaded their automobiles with families and fun gear Friday night and rolled out on the highways to cram a min vacation into the first warm weather Long week end of 1972 by tradition memorial Day has been the Date for official openings of the big summer hotels and of Small family owned or rented cottages and Cabins that line the shores of lakes Rivers and oceans under the old Calendar the Holiday would have fallen on tuesday but with the change of some Holiday observances to provide More three Day week s monday is the new red let ter Day for the Holiday that originated with decorating Graves of civil War dead because of the Holiday traffic volume the National safety Council estimated that Between 530 and 630 persons might die in motor vehicle accidents Dur ing the weekend the period covered by the estimate is the 78 hours Between 6 pm Friday and Midnight monday May 29 last year also a saturday sunday monday Observance the associated press counted 553 deaths coming sunday its the stinkers who need help says Richard Dunn administrator of boys town of Missouri an article examining the work and goals of boys town will appear sunday in the women Section of the Tribune Good morning hic move fails pare 2 Church Centennial pare 3 pare 4 news about women pare 5 morning report pare k summer school pare t 1011 pare u pare 13 graduation pare 1c con kick us Trade deficit hits near record Washington a the nations 1972 Trade deficit climbed Over the billion Mark last month As the value of imports exceeded exports by the second highest amount on record the Commerce department said Friday in Only four months the nation managed to exceed last years Trade deficit of billion for january through april the deficit was billion for april alone the department said the value of imports exceeded exports by million a figure topped Only by last october million in 12 of the last 13 months the nation has turned in a deficit in us merchandise Trade balance and last years deficit was the first since 1888 a Trade deficit puts additional pressure on the strength of the Dollar overseas since it Means that More us Money is flowing out of the country and it reflects on the competitiveness of american Industry with other coun tries but As far As Consumers Are concerned a Trade deficit is not necessarily bad since it Means a wider Choice of goods to choose from in april exports actually declined from the March level by 34 per cent largely because not As Many jumbo jets were shipped out As in March the drop in exports however was combined Witk Only a Small 03 per cent decline in imports a Commerce department official said the main reason for the continued deficit is that the american Economy is expanding fast making it a Good Market for imports while the economies of other countries Are still sluggish making them relatively poor markets for american goods until foreign economies really turn around its going to be awhile before we get a substantial increase in exports the official said the april deficit worsened from the March red Ink of see u s Trade Page

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