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Daily Capital News Newspaper Archives Feb 25 1961, Page 1

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Daily Capital News (Newspaper) - February 25, 1961, Jefferson City, Missouri Pinky Falls in love1 the roaring twenties p m today Krc gov Channel 13 vol l no 1 daily capital news Jefferson cites leading newspaper full leased wire and services of the associated press Jefferson City Missouri saturday morning february 25 961 airline dispute rumblings remain Kennedy named commission seeks solution Washington a Ameri can airports started a return to their Normal bustling Pace Fri Day while the head of a pres denial commission quietly sought a solution to the airlines dispute but despite this hopeful air of trouble still could a Federal judge ignored one element in the formula that brought the nations most rumblings be heard in Miami unanimous vote advances feed Grain measure five bursaries Friday Osage Miller breaking show similar patterns a dozen business breaking at three Osage and Miller county towns running up a loss of thousands of dollars in Cash and Merchan Dise were attributed to the same burglars Friday Osage county sheriff August Schaefer said he believes the wave a single judge Emett c Choate held the Eastern air line chapter of the flight Engi neers International association in contempt of court and the strike continued at Western air lines which still re fused to take part in the Settle ment initiated by Secretary of la Bor Arthur j Goldberg Northwest Case in addition president Kennedy acted in a separate though re lated strike he created an Emer gency Board to investigate the Northwest airlines strike and or dered the night engineers there Back to work the Union said the men were ready to go Back to their jobs meanwhile Nathan Feinsinger chairman of the presidential com Mission in the major dispute conferred with lawyers for the air lines and the flight engineers he presumably was arranging the course of the inquiry the two other members of Feinsinger commission have returned Home a formal hearing will not be held until late March in the truce thursday flight engineers of six airlines agreed to go Back to work while the presidents special commission investigated the Case for 90 Days reprisals in turn the airlines 1 there would be of burglaries beginning around the first of the year indicate pattern of operation the most recent occurred Early Friday with the looting of three firms in Meta one in Argyle and another at Tuscumbia the four Osage county firms at Meta and Argyle were the same ones struck by burglars less than a month ago at Tuscumbia in Miller county the third business breaking there year turned out to be the big Gestas thieves escaped with Between in Cash from the Riverview poultry shift of Kansas inmates to Tipton faces Legal bar Topeka a legislation providing for the Transfer of women prisoners in Kansas to a mis Souri prison for women May run up against a constitutional Barrier committees from the two states agreed Friday to submit enabling legislation permitting them to use the same facilities the Missouri women prison at Tipton but a provision of the Kansas Constitution states no person shall state be for transported any offence from the committed Promisee no reprisals against the returning Union Mem Bers and 2 an attempt would be made to Stop All court actions started by the airlines to Force the engineers Back to work but Eastern was unable to Stop continued on Page 2 col 1 Hodges pledges no make work Washington a Secre tary of Commerce Luther h Hodges pledged Friday that if the Job of reviving depressed areas is Given to his department something organized labor opposes he will not let it become a Boondo gling or make work operation urging Swift action on pres ident Kennedy s390million de pressed areas program Hodges told a House banking subcommittee More than 100 City areas and an Asyet undetermined number of Rural sections must have fed eral help in curing persistent unemployment supporting Kennedy propos als Hodges sought to quiet con Cern lest industries be pulled away from some economically healthy areas in the course of pumping life into ailing regions Hodges was Lead off witness As the banking group began hearings on the depressed areas proposal one of those near the top of Kennedy priority list of anti recession measures he backed the proposed Loans and Grants to encourage Indus trial growth As the Best approach for spurring the recovery of chronically depressed regions it is better at least to try this kind of thing than just to hand out a Dole the tested Cabinet officer Sug within the same attorney general William m Ferguson said if the enabling compact is passed he would have to Check into its constitutionality As yet the question has not been formally presented said sets commission the proposed compact would a Thor Zethree representative from each state to organize a Missouri Kansas correctional commission the work interstate out the Agency would arrangements of transferring the women now at Lansing to the Missouri institution sen of Doty Pittsburg said the constitutional implications were discussed at the meeting in Kan Sas City he said the assistant at Torney general of each t a t e agreed it could be carried out but some Kansas senators expressed doubts sen John Mur Ray Leavenworth said the mis Souri prison Woi ild not accept any Transfer for less than a year and a Good percentage of the women at Lansing Are there for less than six months several reasons have been advanced for the proposal Doty said the Transfer of the 50 women now Lansing would not Only save Money but would be to the prisoners since said All the Osage co Schaefer burglaries Are believed to curved Between Midnight and 2 am Miller county sheriff Wendell Hensley said the breaking at Tus cumbia took place sometime after Midnight at Argyle the burglars pried open the front door of the Missouri Price seven cents Washington House agriculture subcommittee Friday unanimously approved Friday an administration Bill designed to Cut Grain surpluses and government1 storage costs and boost income of Grain growers the 130 vote sent the measure to the full committee for consideration next monday and possible House action later next week the emergency measure is applicable Only to the 1961 crop with minor revisions it follows recommendations made to con Gress last week by president Ken Nedy it would allow the Secretary of agriculture to set for 1961 a Stevenson shocked of Congo slayings Africa for africans stirs Row conservatives in British parliament charge Williams meddling in Africa London api g Mcannon support for Corn not less than 65 per cent of parity support prices would be limited to a volume of Corn and sorghum equal to the average 9591960 production of Williams was accused in Parlia ment Friday of meddling in Brit Ains african affairs a member of the governing conservative party the matter be called to president Kennedy attention the Mark storm blew monday in up Over a re British Kenya those grains special program for the 1961 Corn and sorghum crop the Secretary could establish a special conservation and land retirement program under which he could 1 make fair and reasonable pay ments to producers but not More than 50 per cent of the Normal yield for Cash payments and not More than 60 per cent of the nor Mal yield for payment sinking 2 require a 20 per cent diver Sion of Corn and Grain sorghum Farmers association store for payments in Cash and fled after looting a soft drink machine of change and taking a car ton of cigarettes Meta breaking Schaefer said two men driving by the store about 2 am noticed the open front door and spotted what is believed to be the Burg Lars car heading South out of town the sheriff said he and the High continued on Page 2 col 8 radio brain satellite Falls the state beneficial continued on Page 2 col 7 Brookshire files two libel suits w a Brookshire Boone county Farmer lawyer Friday filed two Ibel suits in Cole county circuit court one against the news rib Une co and Joseph g Majersky managing editor and one against 3aul Wolf rum a prospective juror n the Ralph ceilings murder trial Brookshire petitioned for 5100000 actual and 5100000 punitive dam Ages in alleging Tribune carried that the falsely Post Mali weather piously and libellous by published accounts of ceilings death on May 25 1959 which he says so pre Jud ced readers As to prevent an unbiased trial a circuit court jury found 3rookshire guilty of manslaughter last Spring and sentenced him to three years in the Missouri state Penitentiary the Case is ii rent Clearing Jefferson City and Central Missouri Clearing and a Little warmer today and tonight High in its sunday increasing cloudiness and warmer the thermometer midnight39 2 nrn36 33 Cape canaveral Fla a of the upper stages Fri Day night ruined an attempt to orbit a radio brain satellite de signed to study the effects of the ionosphere on Long Range radio and television communication the 75pound satellite and the three stage upper Assembly presumably plunged into the Atlan tic Ocean the satellite was to have been called explorer x Good Start the 76foot Juno ii Booster rocket wasted off to an apparently Good Start from this test Center at pm est its mis Sion was to eject the satellite into a Cigar shaped orbit ranging from 240 to 1600 Miles above the Earth but 40 minutes after launch the l and space administration announced project officials Are unable to confirm firing of the upper stages of the Juno ii Booster the failure sets Back us plans for continuing a far reaching study of the ionosphere an electronically charged Region surrounds the Earth authorize a 20 per cent further diversion for payment sinking 3 require in 1961 a net Addi Tion of acreage devoted to soil con serving practices in 19591960 4 require Weed insect and rodent control on the retired acre age 5 allow producers to meet the 20 per cent land retirement qui rement by planting no Price supported and no surplus crops As designated by the Secretary total acreage 6 allow Small Cor sorghum planting 20 acres or less in place their entire acreage in the program the Bill also would require that producer of Corn Grain sorghum soybeans and any other feed Grain or oilseed crop designated by the Secretary participate in the land retirement pro Gram for Corn and Grain sorg hums in order to be eligible for Price supports authorize a general appropriation and the incurring of Advance obligations not in excess of million plus the payment kind costs allow the release for Sale in the Domestic Market of government owned surplus com and Grain sorghum at any level not less than 17 per cent below the established support Price for Corn and Grain sorghum in 1961 which the study started last novem Ber with the successful orbiting of explorer Viii the ionosphere reflects radio Waves Back to Earth and thus is vital to communications map operation the previous satellite of this Type successfully launched last november relayed information rotary of state fairs endorsing assistant u s Sec for african Africa for of Anthony fell a conservative introduced the Williams question in the House of commons fell said he wanted to know if prime minister Harold Macmillan in tends to make representations to Kennedy about Williams inter Ference in her majesty govern ments colonial and common wealth affairs in Africa Macmillan will reply March 7 africans a slogan of militant african nationalists his state ment previously had provoked an Gry words in South Africa parliament in Uganda Williams paused on his fac finding tour to reiterate what he said in he meant Whites As Well As negroes when he referred to Africa for the his government now the africans in Africa the word african generally refers to the original inhabitants of the continent in other words the negroes criticism continues but British critics were not mollified by Williams explanation is getting information on just what Williams said and what he meant the prime ministers reply is expected to try to Calm the diplomatic flurry but the Issue is embarrassing for Macmillan because the rank and file of conservatives in parliament have threatened to revolt against his policy of speeding up self Rule in african colonies tories protest conservative party members protested angrily against Wil Liams statements at a party meeting thursday night John Jelley columnist in the daily continued on Page 2 col 3 charged in Russellville thefts four captured in Colorado waive extradition hearings four Cole county youths arresting held in the de m Colorado agreed Friday to Colorado jail Boulder county Castro appoints Guevaro to new Industrial Post waive extradition on charges of burglar izing three Russellville business firms after receiving word that the group would not fight a move to return them to Missouri sheriff Horace Debo and Deputy Fred Miles left by automobile to bring them Back the sheriffs office said Debo and Miles Are expected to return with the youths on tuesday the four suspects were arrested Early Friday morning in Long Mont Colo and Are presently be employee of Bank admits fraud St Louis a a former employee of the first National Bank in St Louis pleaded guilty in fed eral District court Friday of defrauding the Bank of 52400 sentencing of Vincent j Duello 32 of St Charles was set for next Friday Duello who received 5490 a month As credit manager in t h e instalment loan division of t h e Bank said he obtained a loan under a fictitious name and used the Money to pay debts Blue card plan thwarts fraud the chamber of Commerce through its Blue card plan has been successful in heading off the efforts of a Salesman to get promotional funds from Banks and savings and loan association under a false premise chamber of Commerce officials the search which started tues Day ended when officials Learned that the suspects were visiting a girl in Longmont the investigation had revealed Havana a Fidel Castro moved economic Czar Ernesto Guevara into his Cabinet As chief of a new super ministry of Indus try and reshuffled other posts to tighten state control Over All economic life Broad that one of the four Danny Jackette c son of Paola Kan knew a go phases cuban who had offered to find him a jobs Guevara an Argentine born if he would come to Colorado who fought in the Hills the suspicion that the Castro was might be in Colorado was reportedly confirmed Friday morning when the Mother of one of the boys told the state patrol her son had called her from Longmont he reportedly called her about report says 10 parliament members killed United nations by a ambassador Adlai e Steven son declared his revulsion and Shock Friday at reports of it More political assassinations in he Congo they were reported carried out this time by Luzum bist leftists in Oriental province taking notice of reports that sen Alphonse Mongolo and about 0 other members of the Congo parliament had been executed by the leftist regime of Antoine i Zenga in Stanleyville the us chief Delegate said he will seek new Security Council action condemning political revenge kill Ings he said he will consult with asian african nations on the move Mongolo and the others All political foes of the assassinated sex Premier Patrice Lumumba were taken prisoner in Stanleyville weeks ago support pledged the Stevenson statement was issued As president Kennedy and australian prime minister Robert g Menzies in Washington joined in pledging support to in Sec Retar general Dag Hammarskjold and in deploring attempts to twist the tragic events in the con go into an attack upon the United nations reports from Brussels told of a new blow by the Stanleyville rebel forces and an attempt to carve out a new state Loyal to the Leopoid Ville Central in secessionist Katanga province the belgian news Agency said forces of Eizenga entered Lulua Bourg capital of Kasai province the congolese army Garrison at Lulu Bourg was said to have taken Refuge at in Headquarters there ulu Clu to to i Powers Friday to reorganize and f is win a Lethe rebels am thursday but say where he was he called again about am Friday and said he was in Long Mont with the others Calls patrol his Mother then called the patrol the other three who were implicated in the burglaries by state ment made Here wednesday by a youth who admitted being present Aegan a systematic Check of other Chambers of Commerce and of better or business bureaus after the Man applied for a Blue card he fold the chamber he was affiliated with a merchandising com Pany and wished to solicit local Banks and savings and loan associations for advertising in a new Comers promotion the inquiries chamber of com Merce officials said resulted in discovering the Man no longer was i ing inc ill Elf ii Ifcic was now working As an Auto Sale associated with the merchandising Man Duello has repaid Sloop however he had kept com the Money two women pleaded guilty of Bank embezzlement in separate which enabled scientists to and were placed on Proba extensive mapping of the i sphere it measured positive Lono Ion and Electron concentrations Unke that explorer the radio am sent aloft Friday night no measuring instr brain carried ments in the supremely under Appeal court in a separate suit against Wol Frum Brookshire is asking s10000 actual and s50000 punitive dam age for allegedly libellous or Slan Derous statements the prospective juror made during Impan Eling proceedings before the trial in the petition Brookshire quoted Wolf my assaying i had my mind made up the Way i actually led toward the Man and toward 4 am 5 no 8 am 10 am noon 32 33 31 clings f pm31 10 pm301 mldnlrht30 33 everything about it we had he give sick me a Twentyfive Dollar bad Check Wolfrum Brookshire alleged was deliberately selected for the Kwh yesterday 19 a i Low panel to make the slate mint yesterday30 at pm mho f ult of item hich pan years 83 in 1930 Low Pat create prejudice and 43 years 6 in ims v in the verdict of new Tribune weather Bureau reads 00 for the past 24 hours ending at mid night last night heaviest rain same Date in 43 years 38 in 1840 total to Date this month 156 Normal this month to Date 126 same month last year to Date 183 Normal 336 weather Book barometer 3094 Palling Kel Atlee Humler Titor 7f per font wind new 8 Mph at pm the sex Sunrise today Sunset Oday 522 River stages Missouri River Kansas City 44 Rise i 74 fail 1 cite t4 14 it guilty newspaper stories of the col Lings death Brookshire contended so inflamed and coerced the trial judge that he did not afford the plaintiff a fair and impartial trial As he would have done if said articles had not been published circuit judge Sam c Blair was the presiding judge at the Brook Shire trial the trial change of county was held Here on a venue from Boone it contained Only a single radio transmitter designed to bombard ground stations around the world with on six different frequencies of varying Power Tion for three years they were mrs Carol Rae to is a cooperative pro q Gram aimed at stopping the a Disman 19 a former Teller of out town salesmen Pany credentials they pointed out his request for a Blue card was rejected the chamber of Commerce Blue card plan develop this Island nations Industrial life along lines Here reported some sources f i tool of three provincial Stanleyville and Bukavu Kiva and Lulu Bourg drafted by cuban and communist pm Novitc Itaf were experts last year in Varia state control was extended to All sports activities through the creation of an Institute of sports physical education and recreation mayor Jose Llanusa of Havana who recently returned from a tour behind the Iron curtain was slate i the belgian radio said ise Dwe former Central named director the Bonilla named cuban Cabinet Jason govern ment commissioner for Katanga announced the creation of the new state of Lula a in Northern Katanga in an apparent move to take Over for Leopoid Ville part of secessionist Moise Tshombe province m at the Burg Rares Are William me extending into the Early Connell 23 Virgil Morgan w and Orang Aleo named Raul Melvin Hutchison 20 All of Jeffer Bonilla mini ser t u tuck of m i c of All four Are said to have records of previous offences and action to release Mcconnell from a three year probation in another development pres ident Gamal Abdel Nasser of the 1nnrunited Arab Republic was said Long to have urged president Kennedy British prime minister Harold of Commerce As chief of the National Bank when Bank he headed the Macmillan and soviet Premier Khrushchev to keep hands off the Congo lest they touch off a War that would set All Africa ablaze a us delegation spokesman ing Guevara used it to Cut Cubas is presently pen economic ties with the United ution of Mongolo and the others states and connect them with the were not official but that they Here said the reports of the exec communist bloc Mcconnell according to the Board of probation and parole is under Ciprero Bonilla one of presently on probation on a few remaining ministers of of grand larceny in Wichita Cou castros original Cabinet the to Tex Banks capitalization was decreed he had been on probation since at 100 million pesos this repro 1958 and was scheduled to be resents a Rise from 25 million pre leased As soon As Texas j receive a report on his activities in Missouri they Yvere implicated in a state continued on Page 2 coi 1 admitted taking s939 from the St Clair to Bank and mrs Shir Ley Ann Rost 28 former Book keeper who admitted taking s2 and others whose activities a r questionable businesses Are asked to display Blue card poster and not to do business with anyone 400 from the North Side Bank of who has not been cleared through suburban Jennings j or Todisman also was fined s250 chamber of Commerce Ted Poteet executive t j a tvs l Wicki Fream of signals and court costs both women said of the chamber of Commerce said they Are arranging to pay the Money Backshat about 2 inquiries were made Lin this one Case i inside dear Abby Page 3 Hollywood today Page 3 Lippmann Sokol sky Page 4 jays win sports Page 5 Church directory Page 6 double comics Page 7 markets Page 8 were based on sufficient information to justify the Stevenson state ment tragic episode list officials Here and in Leo Goldville have expressed fear the prisoners have been killed but there has been no reply from the continued on Page 2 col 4 new storms lash flooded Southland Bess considerate Mamie had temper former White House maid compares employers to new York a White House maids of the future May have to keep mum about their experiences but a Veteran of the past has plenty to say Lillian Rogers Parks says it in a Book to be published feb 27 Advance copies were released just a Day after the White House announced that of chief usher at j the suggestion Bernard West Domestic personnel pledged to re Frain from publishing memoirs hereafter among other things in her Book mrs Parks related mrs Harry s Truman was the most considerate first lady in decades mrs Franklin d Roosevelt was Quick to fire servants if they an gered her mrs Dwight d Eisenhower had a hot temper but never fired any one undecided Herbert White House in the most turmoil because she could never make up her mind How she wanted things arranged household servants never knew what to expect to hide out or to be seen going about their duties mrs Parks Book is entitled my thirty years backstage at the White House Roosevelt had great wealth an Parks wrote that mrs Roosevelt t r gave the impression of much Gen considered the White House to be Antral de Rosity but was a Penny Mchar Long to All the people and that he also was very sensitive to the they should be made to fool Soj feelings of others a Quality that j whereas mrs Eisenhower Conidi made him most kind to the help ered that it belonged to her and hid in closets Hoover didst want servants her husband Toi but mrs Parks said mrs ii be seen or heard the servants Isenhower was considerate of had to Dodge into closets but generous in Many ways and in n he when for arrived on the scan endured a terrible ordeal because experiences As Well As those of he gave the order to Stop this of her health her Mother who also spent Sonand just act natural1 Truman Many ailments years As a maid at 1600 pen was the most insistent that we she suffered from headaches sum ably covered by assets of nationalized us and Canadian Banks the ministries of Commerce and agriculture were abolished direction of agriculture had Long since been taken Over by the Ern ments agrarian Reform Institute Board revived the government also revitalized by tin associated Prosr the Central planning Board to a new outburst of storms Flung oversee development of Cubas Neavy rain and tornadoes at the fou year economic plan starting Fod ravaged South Friday Rock Jin 1962 Castro As prime minister eting the damage estimates into Heads the Board and his brother the millions and thou who is also defense from their Homes her becomes Deputy chairman Cross in Washington foreign experts said Castro ap5aci about 2800 families have up eared to be reshaping his re been affected by flooding in four dimes administrative machinery Dixie states Mississippi Ala into a form similar to that used Louisiana and Georgia in communist countries Hattiesburg miss 6000 per the sem official newspaper sons have left their Homes a third revolution promptly fell into Soof town of 40000 is under i Jet style by referring to the water with some streets covered planning Board As Juc Eplan by As much As 12 feet j derived from the first few letters a heavy Rains continued to of the words in its title Junta pummel the Montgomery Ala the weather Bureau flashed a Spe Cial report this is a major and severe flood take All possible pre cautions added Montgomery chief meteorologist a r Long were in a hell of a fix Clouds to add will provides Chapel at it Vernon to the Sylvania ave know All the a v her account m which she sets Eisenhower Forth what she considered the Best and worst Points of those she knew also gives her views on the presidents themselves she spiced the Book with Many amusing and embarrassing Inci As the pregnant Wom an who showed up at the White House and claimed Hoover was be at ease made no Effort staff by name Truman and Roosevelt did and he had such a temper his wife in fear he could burst out at the wrong time asthma a heart condition and to disturbance of the inner ear which As upset her equilibrium and made walking difficult concerning the latter mrs Parks wrote i that is Why the false Rumor Calvin Coolidge didst like to occasionally arose that mrs i the father of her unborn for child mid Lalk and made his guests feel in Welcome but he told his wife whom she could see and whom she could not other observations Benhower drank to excess i pm truthfully say i have never seen her drink or seen any aftereffects of alcohol nor have i Ever noticed tha Edor of alcohol left a s300000 Trust fund or the building and maintenance of Chapel in or near it Vernon Jone who Grev up in barns and houses Stotts City died Jan 31 in and fouin8 it Ltd i darted a Cluster of tornadoes several Small twister cleaved Rural area in Georgia fell lines Delphia where he pioneered in hit scale Ala operative apartment building but damaged Only Trees one the Chapel to be nonsectarian reported injured is to be a memorial to Jones j in Alabama and Mississippi As Mother mrs Katherine p Jones Rivers spilled out of their Banks and his wife Edna Withers Jones from six consecutive Day of work is expected to get under the forecast called for More rain Way in the Spring on the building at Gadsden Ala volunteers which also will House Jones private Library and Art gallery a nonprofit corporation is being formed to hold title to the build and administer the memorial built a Dike of Earth to keep press ing flood Waters from a new school backwaters from the of a River spread through some residential areas there

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