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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Oct 9 1905, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - October 9, 1905, Bakersfield, California I Kern october Row an Irwin opens the defense in Emmo Scase i who has been assisting District attorney Seymour in the prosecution of former senator charged with brought his which saturday morn to a close shortly before noon to he made a powerful argument against the defendant and reviewed the entire in concluding he said my do you believe that it Emmons were innocent he would have allowed Joe who testified that he bribed to leave the capital alive on the Day that he made the charges against him Rowan Irwin of the Law partner of opened the argument for the defense when court opened this he will be followed tomorrow by prove John chief counsel for the District attorney Seymour expects to be Gin his argument next fire threatens buildings of the University thousand cadets hurriedly dismissed from Drill and recitations and person ally led by president Ide wheel Erand Captain commandant of the student soldiers president Wheeler declared there would be no More drills or recitations the collegians willingly accepted his a spectacular scene in fought Brush and grass fire sol bearing wet today and saved the exposed College Acksel other improvised buildings from possible marched up flames were fought in the face of i Hills in commanded by Cap n Strom North wind Ami Honro Tho a n Nance and various the Brest was est gutted Over t hundreds of acres on and about the n d Ahalt of hard work ranch men and placed the names under citizens joined the collegians and effectually protected the barns and build Ings of several including the Dairy conducted by the University agricultural As soon As it was seen that the fire was sweeping Over Hills Back of the University president Wheeler rushed Dur no the fire dense Clouds of smoke the town of supreme court the supreme court of the to United states to w u Vav Vij in we Vav from and requested the Stu Day convened for the term of 1905 Enta to join him in battling with the 1906 with All members k insanity will be his plea defaulting school superintendent will plead not signs of with the within Shadow of jail the defaulting school us this afternoon first signs of Hia former friends have refused to go on his Bond and it was stated As soon As the grand jury should finish its work he would be placed for the first time since the dough remained at his Home it u said on Good authority that he will not but will plead not and put up As a defense caused by a fall from a horse several years ago Gaynor and Greene Are now in Gaynor and who fought extradition to the United states from Canada for so Many arrived Here today and were at once taken to stage is held up highwayman single hand de tries to get away with valuable but made a i single High Wayman held up the Reddin Delamar aage today at 11 Oclock and shot and perhaps fatally wounded Well Fargo company3 express the stage was conveying Money to the City to the employees on the bully Hill the messenger occupied the second at a three Miles West of the pit River Bridge b masked Man halted the when levelled hid Shotgun at the Rob the robber one Bullet pierced Haskells Abdomen and the other hit him near the the sheriff arid a big posse Are now Tho wife of the with injunction against the Wabash was denied today the Louis circuit judge Daniel Taylor denied the application of Joseph ram deposed president of the Wabash for an injunction to Ros train the Missouri Pacific and Iron Mountain roads or their trustees from voting Wabash Stock held by or for those railroads in the annual Wabash election to be held in Toledo Tomor have gone to the of Haskell is and the specie was Hughes declines the nomination for mayor new Charles my duty As i see in my judgment counsel for the legislative i Havo no right to accept the no mind Durance investigating Toj a Paramount Public duty Tor Day declined the Republican Nomen aids Tion for mayor of new York it is not necessary to enlarge upon stating his grounds for refusing the importance of the insurance in which was tendered to was tendered unanimous vote of the City ill can convention last Friday Hughes this is it is detailing with questions vital to the ends of millions of our fellow citizens i throughout the it presents an this Diteman i have a 4o for Public service second Adler clothes honest uncommon select it no thai new suit a fal1 suit that will proclaim your do it dont be one of the Fellows that always come out in new clothes in time to Wear the latest style before every other Man has appeared in a new latest for fall is longer wider collars and More fullness than Ever in the Chest trousers Fuller in the Knees and front and less on the Side vests Cut slightly the fabrics Are the Rich est and most gentlemanly patterns that have yet scotch Cassimeris and Fine smooth none arid involves a correlative re this work commands All my it la imperative that i continue in you have frankly recognized that i must continue until embarrassed and with unimpaired Effi but it is entirely Clear to me that this cannot to if i accept the Nom new belts the Princess new j new the newest and most popular j est idea in silk and velvet com styles in handbags in Var ions Fri to new Pillow handsome and unique de modish suits modestly we desire t6 Call your attention to two j lilies of very stylish tailor made suits received this Are reasonably considering the elegant trimmings and ladies tailor made suits of unfinished red and Blouse neatly trimmed with Black silk braid velvet Vest Satin lined throughout full perfect one of the latest j in l ladies tailored suits of handsome Tan Covert close fitting Satin newest style Collar and cuff neatly trimmed with skirt is full separate the separate like the separate has become a its the standby of the woman of limited dress allowance Tho tide Over Between our separate skirts Are Cut on style very latest with plenty of swing and these qualities mentioned Here Are built for the style that lasts till the skirt is actually worn Brown Silicon handsomely made in half length finished with tabs and silk very and perfect Rich Black Panama cloth dress made with panel and Box pleats and folds half splendid Chi laity perfect hanging with workmanship River Steamer ashore on eel River the record develops the fact that at the annual election of the Wab Asli company the hold ing the the then and now owners of these very shares of Tho voting of which to now seeks to have voted All of them for Tho election of the very persons whom if so As to injure t am of Tho View this action of Tho plaintiffs la sufficient to compel Tho i court to deny him the Relief which to 1 seeks in Tho absence of proof showing that something has transpired since the time of such voting of this Stolf i by which would indicate that the purposes of those who will to elected by Tho voting of this Stock at Tho meet1 ing to to hold on Tho 10th of october will to different from those of Iho per Sona elected by Tho Tho order will therefore to that the Rule heretofore made on Tho defend ants to show cause Why a preliminary injunction should not to issued we to vacated and plaintiffs application for a injunction expected the ram received from Tho associated press his first information of the de Nial of his application for an injunction restraining the Gould interests from voting the Stock held by the mis Souri Pacific and Iron Mountain rail Road companies at Tho annual election of the Wabash Road to to hold Tomor which Means practically against him in tomorrows when shown the dispatch he smiled pleasantly and remarked this is the first that i Havo Hoard of when asked if to had any state ment to Ramsay replied with a laugh there is nothing that i can the decision scorns to speak of this thing is not in any Way it merely disposes of one trick in Tho if Ramsey was surprised or Dis appointed at the decision his manner failed to show lie seemed to take to be voted at the this morning Bis attorneys submit Ted a list of names in addition to that of Ramsey with an affidavit that they were All holders Stock in Wabash Road Ami in the aggregate presented much More than of the capital they asked that the attorneys for the Wabash Road compelled to bring into court Stock Book of the Railroad company to show that these men were actual saying that there wag no Way of providing this fact unless the Stock books were Tho attorneys of the Wabash Roath decided that they had not been set with proper notice to bring in Stock books and denied Tho Power 6t Tho court in the matter of the ment of inspectors because it jurisdiction in that there was to show Tho names appended to the affidavit wore those of bonafide Stock it was admitted that v Ramsey owned 100 shares of the com Mon Stock of the Wabash Road and Dei Benturo Bonds to the value of beyond this the list showed the argument lasted for the greater1 part of Tho 4 i equitable May be debarred from not ft1 has come to to from law1 Bon about this new York equitable ins Ifranco of which i i read in Tho said Hock Ana consequently i have done a new York newspaper wired or nor asking him what he do about the Lawson governor replied that to had nothing Ami Hod nothing to u is expected that por intendant of at take action on Tho letter sent out Oak can ing upon him to Dis bar the new equitable from Tho Steamer Argo running Between port Konnon on the eel Over and san went ashore on Tho eel River bar yesterday while attempting to Cross after j the action of the court As a matter being bar bound several which made very hello difference to the vessel was caught by a heavy sea him in any none of Tho import while on the bar and swept partially j ant members of Tho Gould interests Back into the River and High on Tho have As yet with the except she had no but was loaded with mostly butter shipped by the eel River transportation which owns the Captain Grimm is in it is believed that the Steamer can to floated at High water it is impossible at present to Tell whether or not much damage has been the vessel is Worth about no loss of life or accidents Havo been report the Steamer has been on this run for several years and has been very notwithstanding the fact that it is a dangerous owing to the treacherous victim of shooting is wife of Boatswain Radcliffe of the one of the victims of Tho shooting done by Nathaniel Melvln last is improving is progressing favourably and has Chance of murder or Les of miss Margaret a has Kell school and that of a Man j from were found in the Road three Miles North of Haskell to i the couple had been dead Sov 1 eral there were no Marks of violence on the bodies and it is Botlon of colonel Blodgett of Louis Tho general counsel of the and like seemed to take the decision with no evidence of sur i guess that Speaks for to there is nothing that i cart i expected the decision and really do not boo How it could have Boon any thing the application for the removal of three inspectors of messes Colton and who have Wolfl Clulow Many annual moot Ings of the Wabash waa argued for the greater Pant of Tho Day in Tho court of common pleas before judge those by i heir Power to pass upon All proxies submitted practically control All Tho votes to he cast at Tiv election and they Havo in addition tin right to count Iho vote and certify to Tho of the through ills claims that they Are All employees of the Wabash and while they have been Able to Ful full their dulled in a satisfactory Man nor at previous it was because there web then no contest and they were not called upon to Doc do close quest Riih of Logal rights to As must do in the present of Thor Lack of education in this respect he claims that they Aro not competent and that the court appoint Turco disinterested inspectors to take Ilion a judge Al Skald on saturday declared Royal Blue Tii Twenty years one entire factory has been devoted exclusively to making Royal Blue the Quality of materials is the Best the soles of the Best Oak leather where Many other makers of shoes use a Grade of leather which goes into the cheapest the upper Stock is line Box calf and Colour calf also russian the lasts Are the latest and most stylish anybody who once wears keeps the the Price is j Stacy and oafs Leved miss Lindsay and the Man that to Gaw no reason Why three other melted when last seen alive inspectors should not be sunday evening they were leaving provided or Ramsey could show that Haskell in a represented on tenth of the Stock we carry the finest line of jewelry stationery a a a a in Bakersfield look will convince army and Navy surgeons at from South american republics from Tho army and Navy and from the american Public health and Marine hospitals service attended the i ing Hen Felon of the general internat Lou Al sanitary convention surgeon general Walter chairman of Tho International health pre Tho address of Welcome on behalf of the Washington government was made by Tho Secretary of new Indian presi Dent today appointed Blackh of Oklahoma to be Indian agent at ther Kiowa vice handled and Edward Kelly of South Dakota to to agent at the Flo Pobud Agency in that to Mirr cod of Melon who cd Boon appointed he Elul agent l lie in Dunn the califor Nalaa Vinton a pure food tonic a tonic wine of pure cod Over fresh malted cereals and creates Rod blood health and makes you not Only the guarantee of the but our own personal guarantee with every if it is not As claimed return Tho empty bottle and get your one 0 trial bottle loading prescription free delivery and phone main nineteenth and Chester l

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