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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Mar 24 1889, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - March 24, 1889, Bakersfield, California Kylix March the final Sale of the hop ram the choicest Cru Valley land sold at Low Moira remarks by Carr those who Aud Price paid during the entire Cotton ranch town lots closed out two Hundred and sixty thousand dollars Worth of properly sold in three the last Day of the great land Sale w by far the most successful one of to like its predecessors it was per feet As legs ads the and the Iri to the hop ranch seemed More like picnic to the hundreds who it Temple than a simple business Karly in Tho morning vehicles con Inen ced to pass Down t e county uni towards Section about seven Mill from which was the appoint scene of Ami by noon ii crowds about town had almost entirely All these ranches a fid a listed because it required no its about per inn placed in and Carr slated that he in said for any Ain Nunt mid raise last h ii lot Block Sis Isaac lol Bjork Isaac lot Block it ii lists is 111 that he i ii lots Iii and Jils ii ii Lilore the Earnest manner in which Block i the straight Forward 11 u lot Bjork Iii Nessline sentiments that he lot Block w lol 7 and my the Earnest Way in Winch minced thai the great Domain would be j j lot Bjork old carried conviction into the hearts of it ii in he and at the conclusion he was Tyler lots 17 Bjork jus k lot Iii Block july the terms of the Sale it Section being were a lir i ii Wiiks ii lot ii j m ii lock i i k1iihay s Icar the was Ellered for ii u lot Block brought per the i Smi lot Block Vas and in a Short time there j k or Al s Iii the state of California disposed at prices ranging from to per in a message from Carr to All Tsas Well As to the people of Laker shield pm loin ill irk ii Sun lot Imi Sun Lillick ii a lot he lol i w Lols is and re i Ai lots mid in its ill lil win lol is i and Jil lot Jess lot lol slip nil or a lol lir a lol m ii Ima lot lot lot ii a lol 7 mul k w l and suction i w 0 it i lot w loss and a lot skit Lon it j i1 lots 17 mid be Sij 10 a lol ii 11 lots land lot was in which he invited All to come and Bellevue ranches inlay sunday and spend the As the j three Days of the Sale had expired and inane were still Jinx Loiis to Purchase property it was stated that the programme had been and a Una Sale would be held in the evening at the lot when All the remaining town properly ii c Block ill and Villa lots would be Oll Rcd without a Block Lols i Lols 7 and Bjork Ili lot Block the Large capable of holding several thousand was Well tilled1 last evening with real estate from s Oclock until Lilii the Cotton lir it a or a lots 111 unit ii lir k a Block irk Ina Smi Fri urls i Lulu and it a loth and Ito per urn san lol Al w p Ami ii lot j7 and h k Iii Misc lot w ii i and h Lols ii and is mrs m c Ulm in t loli7 and t sir Ron i Wilt lot ii u lol will have noticed that most extraordinary i formal Ion of foothill which for 10 of Twenty Miles or w Ith an even slope about Lily feet to extends Riim the Granite nine stains Jiwany out in i the level Plains to the Southern 1acilic the Best part of this body of and is comprised in the new irrigation As the appearance of this body if land is Willering from any part of the great san Val Corthe Basin of the Tulare no likewise does its geological Constitution Iller Points of extraordinary the land now so above Iho Plains was in former geological Ages the Delta Deposit of 1oso when the same emptied itself into the Large Inland Lake now occupied by the san Val the Mouth of the or then was away up in the and the Deposit accordingly received this gradual slope toward the deeper the Way this land was at once explains the absolute absence of Rockef and the soil being for unknown depth a continuous Deposit of the Linest alluvial mixed with some gravel in the local Rains have washed out hollows and mulches in this Rich giving to the whole District a singularly Wavy the High Elevation of the land and its gradual slope towards the Plains in Lucich the climate of the Dis places most of the same in what is now designated As the Thermal there can to no possible doubt about the mildness of the Winter a the same is commented upon and observed Mimi Sll 00 on no on nil Al 5h Sll i Hanch town lots were hollered and found ii c ill the tent was pitched and the Barbecue held in the midst of a Green held of a Short distance from the and in the very Center of the hop the property hollered for the Barbecue commenced at and was just the name Suc cims As that held on huge slices of barbecued beef and pork were dealt out lavishly to the hungry with great quantities of iced milk and delicious steaming the Long ride had Given All an mid As the crowd increased Tho eatables rap idly at one Oclock the tent wan full and business Lief re commencing the Sale the auctioneer announced that Carr had a few remarks to make that would ready purchasers at figures ranging from foil in All the lots marked for Side were closed and Many More could Lonh less have been sold had they been in was the intention to close out nil the remaining acre lint As the hour was getting late Only a few pieces Smith of town were bringing remarkably Low the last proper v to be sold at auction was offered at 11 Oclock and the crowd ends one of the greatest sales Ever held on this the sales of the Day and evening amounted to dwelling the total realized during the auction to h is impossible an yet to obtain a com plete Ami accurate lint of the individual hut the following approximately so had a few remarks to make that would Wim u doubtless 1m of to the of j in Bakersfield and to the visitors from Ami when that gentleman familiar face appeared above the crowd there Wax that Rustle of expectation Ami lots fronting on pics err Avenue were tin subdued murmur of applause which told How vital were the words which lie might nay to those who have known him and transacted business with him Here for these Many the importance of what he said can Best be appreciated by the older residents of Kern county Olio have so Long waited for the oth Cial announcement which he tie stated that the Sale which was such vital importance to the people of this was Only the cot Nemence Mont of the disposal of Tho Haggin prop Haggin owns acres of land hero and every Inch of it is in the from Liell Evue ranch nothing is to he withheld from those who wish to and Tho prices which Tiro Madu it this Side an an Index of what May in expected in the sold As follows per lot m lol 1 Bjork m f Taylor lot i Block m Taylor lot i ii to sell ill Bjork a Coon lot ii Bjork m Lul Block ii Fresno lol to Bjork ii Heddy lot ii Block ii la Eddy lot 111 Block w k Lolli Bjork n lot Bjork or Nelson lot is Bjork 11 w Smi Lols mid Bjork i j lol Bjork la i i lot Bjork i me Bjork in loin Ami it has taken Livleen years to bring All lot Block vent body of land under irrigation and although the Lient method the bust known Ong Vrh Vore employed in constructing Thih Groat c lots 7 mid Block i Block lot Block to it ii lots j mid Block i it ii Block a Low i mid Block 1170 ii a lot Bluck Ufi ii u a Block u i mid Bluck mrs it loin 2 and 9 Lillock 110 k Block 110 w 11 7 and Block 110 u i Lols i and Block i u k nil Block it s lots h mul Block i Lols 1 mid Block Elfi p lots slim Bjork ii a p lots ii and Block ii a i lots 7 and Lillock Sll lot bloc i it s Block Jim 11h lot Block ill Lols 4 mul Block ill a lots 7 and Bjork to id Lols ii and Block Ini it mall u Lols is nil by orc my 1 Lols Iii and Block h lots 111 mid Block Iii me lot bloc i i i lot still let ii i mra lol Lillock ii mrs la lots Block ii mis it loin i Block ii k lots mid Block ii a lol Block ii ii a lol Block ii c lol Bjork ii j m lots 17 Ulm i c lot Block 111 Misli lot mock mrs it Block 111 Lols la mid Block ill i k lots 11 mid Block 7 Mill 111 ii Lols 11 Block 4sii p i tillers Lols is mid work wih lol Block 00 j lot Block Sis 100 00 by every traveler or Dweller last no no 00 00 ill 00 00 100 00 Floo Lii 00 on 101 i 00 when heavy frosts visited Thop Kaiim Ivio Imi my Hill w ii sail Fri Nilsi it ii lot i mul Bjork w lol Block h ii lol ii Block ii w la and Bjork lot Lilore win lol Block Joe lot Block a i lots 17 nil Block m k 10 mid Block h ii lot x Block lol Block irrigation him shown i i i m k lot is Ami Block 487 that they calculated on using a great Deal 14 4 More water than is actually and h irrigated land under cultivation needs i less water every acres of land was thin year watered at Tho extremely Trilling Price of one cent per he spoke of Tho hop Hanch which had been under cultivation for a dozen wheat and Barley first ruined upon it Aud then hops and Tho Nece Wity of Obj sort labor had obliged them to abandon thew and now on 111 mul Block Block c c Blockton lot 4 Block Pur cd Simolon lot 1 Blok per acre to 1 la Valdson lot Block per acre m k Taylor lot Block u w Price lot 1 Block per m k Taylor Lut 1 Block per i p Karruli Ulto lot h Bluck s8t ii lots p undo acc lion per Saar lot Block lot do Block i ii lots 17 mid Block colons p lots 1 mid Block per i i lots ii and Block per i ii lol Sec per lot i p lot 10 see per ii lol silk s1iij lir mid Block lir j ii lots i mid Block t Lols Block ill 7 w loin la mid Block 00 Luls Mill bloc i x ii 17 and Block iss 140 in co ii Lols 111 Anil Bjork 00 t k bus i mul Block 140 00 i h Sand Bluet 00 lot Block Sill 11000 Lin Block 70 00 lots i is mid Block Ilii 00 j lot Block 1s7 10s 00 v a blocks la is m s j Lois mul Block 1j7 00 v ii ij7 117 so Lola mid Block ij7 mow w ii lol Block ij7 Siw 00 lol Bluck 1j7 jew 00 v Block 1j7 1117 m v it Lols is mid Block lj7 i mid mock ij7 ii 00 Lols 1 mid Block ii 00 i ii s mid Block ii Lii Block ii 00 Lols Block ii 00 a in mul Bjork ii ii lol Bjork ii l in mul us i Lols i 17 w j lot k 1st lol Block 4hs a k Lols i mid Block ii t Block 4w ii Lols s mid Block iss p lollies Lou ii mid Block 4ss loin is nil Block 4ss p Lulu 17 mid Block i i lots mul Block la ii lol Block in ii Lols in mid Block k a mid Block Iii a lots 111 mid Block us j ii lol Block ii ii lol Block mrs Lols i mid Block j ii surd Block 1ii do us 00 1ii 00 to i h7 he of in 00 for weeks in Only the very lightest White Frost was Ever observed among the Hills of the 1oso never doing any injury to the most tender varieties of Tho Orange and the the Eastern part of the District it eminently a rolling with innumerable valleys and Dales and sheltered nooks and is Tho True Lime and Olive while further out on the More open Uio soil As Well As climate is unsurpassed for Raisin grains and various other the object of the District is to collect Tho surplus water of i Vino Creek thai water which in Wilder see it to waste and sinks in the the water which is lost both to the Tiller and to the riparian blonds to the amount of Are now when they arc hold the work is to in pushed ahead to two or three dams Are then to be constructed ilium the headwaters of where the Granite formation prevents any loss from Krom Here the water is to heed in an enormous Iron to tin High Section in the near where Are o he established two or More secondary reservoirs for holding the i rom hese again smaller picks Are to Lead water to every or every Iii Arter sect Ion of As the occasion 100 of no 00 s7 he l fio of fio in ii 00 ii my w ii Lolli Sec ii lot see per lir a it mid we per ii err h7 u k lots ii Ami Sec Pel a Lulu and Sis Pur p lot per k lot per f u k Lols and 01 0 lot ill c lots i and so so lots ii mid t cd i 00 lot m is 00 i lot 42 so diet m k loin ii ill 67 50 v ii Lulu 211 and 47 m 1 Lota 33 Anil is m 4soo h lot Iso do per cure is per Here 4s or Curr i jut cure 40 per Sicri per cure per urge j ii surd bloc Block Block j ii blk s7 Walter mid h ill s w ill 11 lol Sec i i j Mill ill ii lilt ill c w lot ill lot ill Poso irrigation the Hui eth of the Soho irrigation District is in More than one of the very utmost importance to Kern not Only is the area to irrigated u very Large acres or what is of More value to the county at is that the majority of this Hind in held by Small a family on every Quarter Section of the traveler who approaches the Polo from the North May talc irrigation in to he by Means of the Only Safe and saving Way of distributing and Dis Kwh Ling of a system which Ruih proven the most of All in South Ern California an Well As in the Best irrigated districts of the old the calculated Cost of the whole system is which would leave a balance in the Treasury of to cover incidental Ulm give a snug hum to work All work to far Lias Ixion Dono under the supervision and instruction of the now famous originator of the Wright irrigation under which Tho Many irrigation diet Rocth of California Are now being hum it Likely that every thing him i Tui done to fully comply with thu letter of Ihu the Only wire foundation which to build this vast irrigation Structure of the near the Flint Rich is Alho other Wise most ably William con Dyer and 1rehident Keer Tury treasurer asset Hor und aleut Long in held Tho first and third tuesday of each month Kern
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