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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Mar 23 1889, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - March 23, 1889, Bakersfield, California Kern Margie the second tie Cotton ranch sold one Hundred and ten thousand dollars sea Lizard in two Bakersfield justly jubilant new arrivals from Northern and Southern cities reasonable prices for valuable the town again in Holiday at Retho general the Cotton Kaneli with again the scene of a real land Wile the Tresl Usu kind Liy the opera Tiona of the Previn ii Day wan noticeable on every Knerly in the morning Knoth if Earnest talkers gathered on the a Teeth and at the dwelling tic on every hide Hie idea expressed by the in Ith exclusive acc dint of the first Days sales seemed to it Wiik generally 11 matter of on the part of the people that the buyers received to much value for their the fear of u which had taken Pooh erosion of won entirely the hut the Kile might not he entirely without was also allayed for so far us the weather was if any pc Torday was an improve ment on the almost perfect previous an n Light Imizo softened the Glare of the mid mitigated its warmth at about Ono Hundred and fifty new arrivals registered it the dil Lerent swelling the number of visitors to Simf Thinn like seventeen Ivo aptly it 1 Oclock the Tulare military bund look u position in front the Southern hotel and rendered Severa preliminary to taking their de nurture for the Sale which the did about half past heading the pro cession of Ono Hundred conveyances tha carried the multitude to the Cotton the crowd on the auction grounds a even a larger one than on an those occupying seats in the tent wit nearly All there with the intention the bidding was not col lined to a for nil seemed anxious i tie a Chance at some of the Choice lol and acreage which was promptly it 1 Oclock the Dulcet tout of new Halls voice announced tin the trial property to to sold woul h the Chester Avenue town to b followed later by the Jowett Hunch an Section the terms of the i were announced and the bidding con lot 1 in Block a Lilfoy Corner on Chester was the lir property put several Lively big were made until the Ligure reached Illiah the remaining Chester Avenue pro erty which had bin marked for Sale i the prices being slightly in Udvanc of the Ligusch which the property Brough Kove Rul loth on i and a trots found ready to Jowett Hunch seems to be a favorite i the exceeding Richness of t Noil und Ith close proximity to town Mak ing it very and As both As Tiu plut of the property was placed in Posi Tion und a Chance Given to the bids came in prices ranged from if Ihk to per Section i acreage brought Homow hut Witter prices than it did on a number of purchasers being who will locate on the it was announced that this concluded tiie Sale to be held on the present As the tent would be moved to the hop ranch or the auction after another selection from the band the crowd Dis satisfaction being written on the of All who had Lieen fortunate enough to make the sales for the Day amount to Mak ing the aggregate of for the two what Hay yesterday a reporter interviewed visit ing guests today his attentions were Shielly paid will brought Only n fair Price and the acreage was very it at first understanding the value of this land Are beginning to up a North country for from an per acre Hud been accustomed to use ten i horses to a to Inch gang i Derent he Tegins to and two crops in a season rather surprises these lands Are cheap at per Hirych fled Brothers a splendid the Best thing that could miso happened for the Iii York Are All Well satisfied with their bargains and a Price Iiah Linen Sef which will turn Homo seekers this Hoyle druthers thin him been a genuine Sale and at very Lowll will result in a flav of it was a Good recommendation that inti men were Temple to Kroin Hou Gliton ugh nor came the the Wale of pm ice Licud is the Best thing that could have Hup lied for us the buyers have already und that they have a trading Lis will encourage others and will result extensive 1jlill italics remarked thai the lots suit to cheap that with no intention of he could not resist the tempt outsiders Are beginning to learn the value of this and these sales will result in a great of san lice am a a Chaser because in his judgment he and was Ami a Good Opportunity ror in fact property was most Given away and the buyers arc exceedingly Montgomery of san Jose repeated is remarks of bidding that the More he saw the better he was Donahue of Fresno thought the prices were exceedingly and the average Iii oilily of the land extremely he these if will give to this country a great lie has not seen a place in the whole Henle of Tal Ifania of citing such favourable opportunities for provided the lands will continue to he of san thinks Bluit every Man who has bought acreage will double his Money within a the prices were very and he would not now sell the land that he Pur chased for twice what he paid for the Selling rates have been used without any and such As a lord splendid opportunities for Good paying Baldwin of Mcafee the managers of Hale in highly pleased with Ith his Linn in in receipt of numerous telegrams from All Over the anxiously Iii hiring about the untie of prices fixed by these no one of which however could be More sign Iliean than the following san to Liuti Itier of lure tit of kith it Mil Carr the hardly reached our decided to sell what was wanted and How much it was wanted we did not and had to find we shall continue to Divide and to sell if the land is Raisin Kern county the Malaga of the Why it must soon become the Foremost Raisin country of the world soil the of Arnif Iii in the Anitol stitch and throughout the civil world in and there would be practically no limit to it if their pro Luction Cui ill in indefinitely extended and Prinich uni Newhal to us in bring the better ipod itch within reach of of All until Witlin n very recent a few Puncuh in Houth can Ami Asia Mimer nil for March i conveyances will leave promptly at Oclock from the office of the land department of for to Hrej in coif the Barbecue will lie held on the grounds Section lot i i fit 1 2 Clork auction suit1 will commence itt Oclock extra at Al Oclock to give nil an Opportunity to secure some of this we Havu decided to have it final miscellaneous Sale at Pavilion this March to commence at 8 Oclock any lands consisting of town and acre will then and there be offered and sold to the highest dont miss the last Chance to secure a Mcafee estate aim new Halls sons the raisins with which the markets of the world were hut the isl from a province of on Ith Southern Mediterranean ii is less than Bull the sue of this and very the Ridge which divides it from an Interior province rising to a height of seven thousand we give u few facts about it because hey arc so full of hopeful suggestion to us in this part of especially in reference to the Raisin which has been for Ives such an ii nuding source of never ailing wealth to that the average Range of temperature is not invite to High there As it is the rainfall shout sixteen incl Uhlie average number of Rainy Days per year in thirty nine there Are occasional show Ern blur in the summer and heavy Dews at in this Little territory Here Are Era Ipi Ite Large and wealthy and the population fulls Little Short of six Hundred the methods of Agri culture Are generally rude and the improved implements and processes in Tine in progressive agricultural coun tries not having been extensively hut it in densely populated and full of accumulated it supports this Large and is Rich i cause it enjoys u climate that admits of the production of Long list of the most valuable commercial its Noil yields Uriah return in this Way for the labor bestowed upon and Nat with Hugh the balance of Trade is in Ith the principal Are the name ii fir As they an those of this county will be when the time conies that our climatic and productive resources Are fully these his dried oranges and sugar and to these to will when our county nil kinds of canned and pc served and other valuable products too numerous to the that Malaga finds moist profitable is and the same will be True of this county in a far higher de in a Feu words we will now Point out the of this county for the production of not Only to but to any Purl of this sundries raisins Are income Pauhl the and ii mime is True of All us sins cured in ovens and in drying machines in use in some of the moist co Sintich of this state Are comparatively of Little the Best i Quality of Malaga to which it owes its reputation ii Raisin producing it is the Hunnicut and driest of the Raisin pro during debt riots in the hut the Protection of the when from the Rains and Dews in a Siroub Mchome adding largely to the cont of the the driest and Nicohl rain Chi Region Thul can lie in connection with a warm is the Ihk for Raisin and in these Liis county stands preeminent not Only every every part of Culi Fornix but the average rainfall is Only about four und a half we would be almost without moisture unless for the melting of the vast of Snow stored tip in the highest part of the sierras Ami the ample Supply of water conveyed to us from this source by the Kern there Are not More than Twenty live Rainy or Cloudy Days in a the further Ripi Silies for growth of the Lient Vari Elich of Raisin grapes and their conversion into a Lisl High priced article of Are the following no late or Early froth m fog and Dews a soil Well hip plied with Mineral that doen not re quire irrigation after the first year no ruins und a dry atmosphere during the ripening Anil drying seasons und the fall months dry and when we consider How completely thews Condilis Riih lire tilled Here it would seem that nature and designed this Vicinity for the Rui Niji District Par of the thoth who May read this who have never seen thin part of Kern u go Nancu it the map and consideration of Ith Ogi Graphy will that our statement in reference to Ith climate in strictly it embraced within the semicircle of mountains that enclose the Southern end of the great Sun Jonquil is evidently shut Oil from sweeping the fogs of the in u great from the moist current when they do not bring surcharge the atmosphere with Alec use of the dry at heat that would be unendurable elsewhere does nol interfere with the work of the and Raisin in will cure hen1 in Hall the time required in Malaga r in any Purl of thin a Ini leh where them Mountain ii do not chord this the rainfall is there is More moisture in the und fall Howe re oct fusion trouble und they injure the spread out on trays to washing inlay the Bloom Anil the delicate flavor and a Roibu und cover ing them Wilh this to Home degree in spite of All the pre Cati he be culled the huh liven the Bright rays of tie without and it developed nil ill Good heu Uty ural flavor lint Are u never falling source of Delight to the Eye and of Pleich As it in nil Here All the conditions of soil and climate that it requires and Delight a is no part of the world in which fruit can in seen in such perfect development and porn fuse und luxuriant production us in thin hotel r v him Prim it Kilmus j r from in k i Kiili Villu j a Viii Mhilli Jilin i ill hum w 11 in mime l f Liyim Lillutt n h w w Hun Kraii t s j k Tuli Iti j i m run w k i ii to Linn a w a twi j Hun Louii u it inn imn i1 w Sun j w him irim f Hun finn j i Lleni Ishii m w Luket v ii in Paiik Hun fran s m Yuhui Lilia f j it i j 11 ill Init c k Surur Lulu j h lion ii f us Aii kill a t t a Pii Annii m j Alii Lii Luno i ii Mojiu h v h h Krc Iii a ii i m j j ask f m Meiji in ill Ulm k Hudi Kaiui w him loan j Hon Frim j u lir a Sun run w r inn fran it Shii Knuti h k Sun f a Krun w Hun run Elmo j j Hun Krim j fan Imu r fran a w til Lino ii m Vun a Mim Hun f i f o Man Krun it m Hun Krun j ii attain l it sin Moll ii i in Hiliu w w n Fri Nii h inn Diziki j 11 Nipa t Aumi j Linn Krun w ii Kraii 11 h Auk j i h Hun Fri in m h Krinn f k i i Ann k ii an it h to ninth the tul urn City Millbury hand him been giving ii enjoyable Nulo door mimic for several Days night its concert at the second Given in for u Dif Ferent plans of which was exceedingly Well rendered Ami much it Good us night without hint the audience Wuh and that the Ball following the attended us it Wuh by our Doc icy win n in dial
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