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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Mar 22 1889, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - March 22, 1889, Bakersfield, California Mauch 188 the first the a flirt the bidding was Active in California Ever has Heen hut Ihen ales in numerous Many Miles to Mil the Halo rapidly As Iosevi were Bona tide beyond and that the land Het Ween them fenced by lilo remarkably Largo non incr the prices obtained were such As f lots Dis Pond the fact the not lie Ilio uht it Kami in and is Uttel i Ilin his Truini Ilia the bidder were Cool and that there wus no excitement worked up a includes just know he Iii n we Man Hagar is Domain i Bora to in t i i Here u Jim mm1 of tin1 which Maiks tin1 airily Boom a very bidder acted j is though in Businesslike of sometimes Thev Are not tit Tomt Ami a in Iii of wlm Nul n Frickland entirely ignored the to Huy for nettling if in irom this Mim Muin up her ii cd 1 lit Tucht Iii id ruled and pc Reshad been or More a Check is pnini1 Thrity Corn Ngn 5 Orlik the Sale terminal adv amid the i 1 1 i r t i 1 Bakersfield takes her Iii my duh it Ltd a sic chs the most of the irom one ditch it slut a let Lul fat Liph Yon May Hin Rrt Hull Sony reasonable have been ruled Fin Fin Vii among1 California much Cre lit run not be Given to Northrop of san Krau disco hid these Leech Are made str latin thu of Bakersfield Public work was very encouraging plows Hytt vitally for the in Livi Luul in Tinl collect icly shown our and was the and Are about sixteen feet wide on every mile Are heard open this Eon try into a i no Stirm 1 1 train loads of of satisfaction on tie part of the Virti Tyrh it Tom Herf Pitale treatment and ii son of san Iii Noiseu base and about Twenty inches High in Tho they do not a Lull Miil he was h them Vita Inucci to huh univ by and they Rarry Ziilch made a the of wagons and i Tii Bluit mum Oiin nor o kind Chat Tow Una their wan Stu hunted in machinery from one of Thene i incl he to curotto id Tine and Rich and Worth to two Hundred and fifty lots of taker Ntihem arc elated a for Many Ami nut Verv much More in lie justly remarked that the to they ure planted with whatever crops an and i to mtg of inv fluff Cir final no not Riiho in n or tiny knit nil for posed is lie evident Uhm Mit of anything ricin link to proud of the manner in which the guests were and he said perceptible or noticeable in the vast stretches of Alfalfa and Tuil Chrowl tier Llort him Boih by Jthn scour i Mimi in to those who have the duo sort in turn were All delighted Ivun la in Iii Ami i Turly in of the of entry at and to into these checks Gates open the most satisfactory Sale on have followed with any attention Hilory Ronli Foniah hides from the and it is desirable to the water is Nimir Iliili dust tin1 no Ltd Bluit thinks thu fever you Hospital ties to guest interviews with a to this fut is of has been taken in this county thoth embracing 1he lands to Richli and the whether or if Titi Fearell when you Burn Unur Hunt hide Trio for my to Lillutt 1hi pro Wiki or you no nor if cant ring today and exhort Bitont prices asked and Lor has Hii rely of if has now Eom Nenrod kids he most be Ami beat in spite of to the depth of eight or ten Jim thu Nln list Pink of in it Chick when we the dupes and the vast amount of land abandoned in rusted Hysten in the Are then and those of ouch of it in her Juicy Juji a week or it yesterday witnessed Tho inauguration of the new a if in favo Rahte Omen dawned n perfect populated on room principles attest truth of while it is True thai no disaster could follow the Tiv be neen the cheapest and most facile in Ethoda of the Witter to or in no part of the Check on a lower level a also a or Galen in the levee separating it from the one just to draw unit it it in not h in1 Patri you tin 1 know 11 in i trooping in from the Kern county property at double the rates Irbid Tod Tiv no one can fail to if irrigated Huid in thin Vicinity from it to assist in its of from Nimo a crowd of adv Inlao Thill must accrue o Wren irrigation and this Way the process goes Viilu Titian i none to he hut All to see and take part in the land either As Post or ample Means of conveyance awaited the North and South re ii och Hiu All Farmers and Small and owners have placed then Helves on the Road to Prosperity by the fur lie first no favourably impressed he in a ride a Lush Sli Ould from Many Dit Hen and to Many checks at the same the irrigator move from place to place on Cudire Fht Moo Ristl 1 Jum finl of Dirler Al Toni tit he Maptin Tho were brought to and then visited and exchanged upon the or took one of the Many tit unit in Purchase of Mieir what Tinky think of has Ikimis for Homo und the Calloway Teliin Rana is a of Sueh magnitude that it look Niobe like a Over Ament their presence is and Man will irrigate of an average one Hundred and fifty tires per at Veniro of fifty jurors completed their labors on saturday unit another venire of whose Nui Iiah Printer and net out to Espy Tho Lily military hand rendered the committee on salutes kept the Cannon and mini lira of the investigated the land his purchases today confirm his says he never Lief re Haw to much Pood Hind in one continuous than that of one or Tell is thirty Oliree Milen in and one Hundred and Twenty feet in not exceeding two cent to the Here May he seen the process of irrigation conducted with a thorough will Coj Menci h nerve on May before them will the Kuhoh of Thomas net for May a tilth Joseph May and i code try i Linkh hat Kaleh were at it diverges from the Ami facility Anil eco sumy of May could lie seen every where and that the Hind is not Width of ninety it on a scale to which there is k k m shortly after noon the procession headed for the on the Otton Eoanu out loaded and a Luik Huy it Alexander capitalist of Colusa came Hen a Swift flowing Stream during t11 four feet in in the and it must be seen to be the name m ii ii John turning no that in Lime Chi Only Lead Opportunity Thene to in inn be pursued when the land is in irinus crowd and the Center of attraction hitch Hind an could Hij Iriven Over consider a tire Hume idea Small homesteads and covered k to Iurii at the Luis Limio Jami Iilah and around the tent allotted for the and promptly at 1 the time Short Tinio pre Codini the what be was All of although he cautiously remarked that there Ini Fht formed of tie Iii Neche amount of water it and the it dense population which will he air acid Here by the Jilin 11 Ivity needed o demolish the and if there Wax lie in reclaiming what u few and immense results that which were lavishly cd during the cart ii wan a waste extending every department or Branch will Lin the Knur jeeves and four Kiokh were Over thu lire in the and at lilo appointed time worn done to in immense quantities of dread Nril Cli Eumo want ii together making a feast fit for a after Tho Harl Iecho the Tulare Llanil rendered several and Active poor Utimio comi Nencil in the it was a and in company with Henry Millar and 801111 he Piu Posos Imi Kini curl in the next few lie Ronld conceive of no Ron Hon Why Tho ill Ami 40 into tracts could not easily and comfortably mip Purt and frugal and he nought the Sale us a quire As one could pos Silv he and the future Outlook most senator Cox a representative of the a on and the entire Farthier than tie eve can unless viewed from considerable altitudes it who Couch Trudil to irrigate lands that no Art of of Kern River and that came under the of the Heigoro ii wan ready for use the water level wan a Hundred or More feet below the Mir face of tie that May be engaged in through the fertilizing matter the water in suspension and deposits in the grow Richer fro ii year to As flirt after Intel Ivich brought under wheat was tin principal Hill of hid yearn Alf Nuj and Slock raising have Hern found child sch 1 Len Vail w Hill Ollil Julin to Mem occur Ili Liry o uni Uii r j crowd of people that filled tin Liis with is now Hiir Elv Tho on great a Rife and occupied in the the presence of Tarjie imphers of ladies added much to the tone and respect Dii by of the and although none were actual Pavli Arterry of properly and its capabilities is thorough and lie considered lilo Hale a most Ninen for our future in talking of i Wiull he remarked hat anyone easily the Iro lilt from Thim Hind just is it were no Sci ugly that they Alln Rod ittle visible Moann of support to herbivorous and when not replaced in they often reach the carried this crop is usually irrigated wire in he course of the which in More than Neie Shary but it is to easily und Timu Hirm the estate in Lur to Amu t were interested and often i i ii could he advising their to the Puras to the Resik Celivo merits of his or that of luxuriant these since vilified into Fertility by such that the practice is generally Nolly Jig More v term tips Kern 1 Neil Lizul Liffick 1iie location which was selected was a very fitting ill Hii Irv Imi Iier tins is me nest land on and i believe i Fertile perhaps us the und Superior for fruits tied Vine and the a Field of Alfalfa just before cutting mid Liis is especially 1 Mobil Jitu in Lizul i Liivik midst of a Field of Green Kern county chief he is Active purchaser of property had an Opportunity to Juilett of Tom Fertility and Richness of he soil by simply looking out Over the ground which yesterday presented such a Tisy the of Tho real estate with a Deal of la was a half noon of the reporter o ask when his land would Lio placed on the but just Tjien the Nati Ireon discretion Trot into the reporters and the Opportunity was 1 Henry Lux considered this As All these lantus have Felt the influence of moisture through tlu1 a Shirri cation coining from the Rise of tin water Ichih than half have us yet teen prepared for and re rid the lit of surface still Fin Norert where unbroken expanses of ins forage Plant May be seen extending As fur As the Eye can it in when not de pastured part of the five times usually in the curse of the and each cutting yields Tux lib j Bli Orl new no it in Linn and owl 1 Ilire ii wll Imil i will in Lii Ullio am Nir it Lilik will Lii in cow j und Hishi he kit Iliad Williim Trier to of under whose nigh Pivin lilo Bale wan occupied As he Ever far As his limited opportunities would then what the outcome of the hide incl receives Large annual Iii Lucient to for Tum a Meh Hay per acre him the i intern Farmer gels from an acre for the it places of prominence on the at their left were hero ached this allowing on a culo and very he promoters he could not my chances for investor a a thong my of Anpo to afford to the utmost of in seen on a great tin for in titling the crop Are Kerr 1 i owl i of Tinct by Tho to be Weikit world still Ninus to place to wide a and perfect the Tacus Are Kvil i Tiik of Kern county and was of Laud under Irr ignition und the Hay a few remarks made Liy pleased with Ali of the duh Means the final and Slape having the Sale in charge ii i rivalled any imitation resources equal to n City a Cost of about ninety cells to Mility of the uttered mid the of no state ninth Wero made during the Southern Chili Fornix land Metal Kyls Jill try haying that undue of Ritemon would produce undue which Thotland beside tin Rural population referred in have described Only one of trn c Iii Iury uni1 k it Al mid in Tress of Tho and to would remit in an unhealthy was a work not inferior of irrigation pursued in in Mill Iii Lilik Iii 1 in j h in All of Nur can not heartily Vel like All the and magnitude to lir there Are Many Wayn in Lizul 1 Hladk 1 the Harht piece of Tarcil was lot 1 in bloc Heidi if a lot on Tho Corner readily acknowledge thai the Lioun Dary tukes of Thih land Are not Drivon into a hit Plain Hrnek Wilh he Plain generally appears Porf vhf but the Hurt cyrs is applied to Dipen Ditzig upon their nature and tin1 varieties Lilli v 11 it t ii 1 a ii Chester Avenue and Twenty fourth hut Mark out soil unit material the incline Tho Supply of and the after n Tow minutes spirited hide Init the tickling of husbandry to Timy be six or More which ill knocked Down to t Apuin in Rich i Inamori i Ivi ranch for then followed 1 of Shn it is not a Reier to lie real i t j i i v w Crank no tntcdim1 t 1 in rapid succession the Hale of lots co Impi Swid Liy he land or and Lay regard to ral h m i Hester Avenue for several Jiri Cesi the lie has lie ii land arc Cai Lully determined in tint Rulh of who h Ami from the Price Oun inn Iligir Wilh the Alhi irs of to receive the i it a fairy 1 Hittiii Choli 1 i i then the Sale of Villa lots in Only to Piir Erial the Day of division on the to wet t tract the Villa property into Mivill the then leading from 1 Itu Paityn a of certainty to l i7 to ail Mai sold in acre lots at from if uni to a terms of Milo so us o silence canal my and mini u Pui my Ai i list of the sales can not systematic Way in which an1 found to he As he could not fun ish was carried showed that the land the d i time the Les ii it As vet the purchasers part Cal Means was turned in the hands of one Fuller of arcs no was very Hev Crit verge and thu id ditch owners of acre the icon cars of that who his was hat this to life lateral Rhan Ihu thre area t l from it to Nike exl elided Hias near a Success us any auction Ami they Are feel much
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