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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Mar 21 1889, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - March 21, 1889, Bakersfield, California Voi March to to Lilly Tell if Fly Vul ill signed by Tho Ali Ivelaw j Al r f Al o 1 o ranges and Hills intervening Lull u 111 Mai Ell l1 it Loai do k Kuh t la Vilva and rigid the in of a 1 lit outline us the position it of municipal corporations is Elhat the president would have the observer Iilo Nir its so t 1 my 1 1 Senate Hill providing for him the Mission to he Illo look lug of Tilc obviate the 1 a oct in q flt Tii ban the salary ills if Ludm Lull Ollhof ovenfors so rotary m per uni Fiji u 1 juju annul Hill into he Ilia i and Vii t w icy the Joaqui Ililear the of the Ini Leil i hit might otherwise he in when Onoon remo i Homes a i Onich to be commanded by a Terv Lovoi Inu Elit of the rest almost the Mali the to the c hum Chiin it of or Eft proved Small holdings that will line it n either it will present a to Mainii ton Ami san i earn Senate Bill for of he soft and the it inn Triton talks Vith i in anti Lovardo thai will rival Iho Linden sir ass i resident level ind and i a 1 1 v a i n pc 1 i i i Jinol other finious europ Colfi i with Tho Ami actin Etinine in Tho Ilia will 1 he incurring us indexed Al Niou station in jus due by in a wonderfully Altra Clive i Trivo ministers appointed were Ami Forte 1 to i he 1ml Urreli in reception t the u Paul present real estate Iho Rin lit of Way Hiis Heen Onaldo and proo ined for u with elect ii the while duo Ivi Uii the Fri Dpi England takes the american March Hunt to Only the real esl Illo they ill thence by to us a t m in civil did Aloni Kelion lines or a Ishanee of Throo find a half cosh of samoan on arrived Here thin 1 in j tales to sin associated press at of it still All Iliin thence North to the i Nimit of the passing Easl of that there was not the slightest i re Mil Lui Oil l Iii Ijiri tint to of the while of 1 Ulm for the report Usu walking match in san Jose onion to Olle quid that Nevern them Ramsey still inti Only thu that has Ever Lieen my of the Jarl v which Loi Lureita in the Novar Westerly i coition until 1 connects Wilh the this Roin in1 Din misled at the acct tit the Ai Lown last a of ii Road or roads exp resident Clov Elind sails it civic 1 lire porn in them the Extension of the Onia tally lines into Poitr Lii Yelle arc Arin ii n Imi Pinsl the in a town of such prospective and or of an area of to the outlet of Linein Difini much longer than the and for a line Between can not raise a posse prepared for All the extending through an irrigated Dis Ailan Lic ill enough an of Iho Farmer and the Vine Roii ily and prepared for those who Eom Plet Brunch in his Ami have Asue i for in in the Tom Otest Pioli Lillile on the itt Illk s jelled into Witow in extent and Large Street is extended Wool u of Honor tin pictures Cost h the Buluro City of when the additions Thov Imide to Middle Eluidge Over Kern and will he prolonged in a mad expo mini in Odthe of the of in tier at the Sale Imvris collection of built the lauds for Wal Side of the More than Spain Wauls Cuba Erwin Davis mall they fire my Selling Miles in giving Access to postal clerk swears he Liidi Itoi 1c san lining vieo1 a rotator w Wilh a id of Uil run up to it h i ice ii town will he More Hin Sullivion the room equally those with those already existing that Center coast assistant san Ili Iid Tren Siirid Soll to a fio Slon nights sales Foo Leil up a total of for 1 Immord fur to sustain his livery Man will Laing id this future City and Railroad Center enormous of Hector to Kenieson Rativo the was a Iii for Iro Vons i town lot will know that a and apart from advantage March me measure of Hind a less nature Hinloi us in superintendent of the Wilh Inion Neil non Anil Colorado has Boon hero grotty sonic must r Iho Sites of they eral lays with n View of completing his Road from Keeler to and the score of the Thirl Thoin Mitch which tin of Refus Cit to commute oily will o Kiv ii i where he moans of up a Large territory to lie Liis hold con Fec aces with the ill 1 this Shinoh at of Sarah solid and no disastrous ii Largo of from u Trade ii nil Cham Liebof As Follo svs i Guerrero t t 1 Lart Watson Sheridan Rosier poisoning her in Shtul ail two hubs will naturally refused to raise a have a Teod to Lake half a Honcho try Nichols Jolly i lofty Hill Ivl Yde she Montein to to on the Lulli of this i Prol Tahlo Iii such a print from the earliest Oeena Ali Liim Worth of Bonds for the of the in one of Whoso which will be ill Miles in it Iho Trio firm referred to own whore Tho location of u Large City m understood that superintendent considers Tho proposition und will his in Nence to induce Tho to Conn i gilding in per cent Marih Trio a Heddle Licud Tiu larnierri1 1nion of March Ilie 1rcsilenl to Lay Kluuni Nakeil red Irvint minister to Anil John seven eighths of Tho area comprised within its they have encountered a Deal of clearly an fur Iho convergence of present and h it could hardly to mom lie is reported to have said that he Home us of in leists hero and the same May he said of urn some of the hirers ered torn in nyint in out on Tho regular and Ofrand As to streets and those of travel Ulm Niilo will Eon Trizuto to its growth und i Romski blessed vis March thit Soven close for Mii Roh miss Annie Iii Iliner n Niece of senator and Walter loom Riik by the original Lull lir Nikuli exile use and the greatest City of ancient Lanioh was to Well supplied with roads convert Irr Illik of an Inch fell ibis milking i for the storm so rum All sections of the country report All crops in line m Captain 1tiu the noted Ali not drowned Neir Anio Rhi Yeni Erdity arrived hero Marrieul Here this opinion not handed of on Intelli enl and Hoard of they have not Only succeeded Hal toil from All Parl of Italy and from Dot ant that it inc Limo u still conveying Iho Nissl expressive Ami March March Hief upon his idea of her greatness and an inc of rain fell during last Ilc clinic to say any la Iii id Iii inroad avenues will to roads Load to making n total of for the Minli for Iho Reni Orveil elopement of his Kven nov there is process of surveying mid mapping of these i4 Liei tur Cifilli nil vines and 1rni s Iii or looked Reitci there is now a a Piid wide Listii of As in Oife in is i1 1 1 Kiili Union the that thu View j lice Komi Leinon have done in of rain if no More Falls this Mii Reli last mid lieu no on Luisiii Tiik sought by and hitherto in the Way of rainfall was of an making the Hii Inhern Ili Cuic no Paul Milih the Iliili Lime will come will he far am in this and Here from 1 he it v of san h inn will Yiirs issued Totin v 114 Tio till Limi Liim i Piodi Clive capacities f the Thov for paid 1 nil Lii Ive the by i Willi dates fran line and make All april to Lebrini Virv other ill Ope Viilo in the same careful and Thor Tan needed Tiniro lenient t Chi 111 ii re ill t it i id show that has soon Ami manner a my on the same compre Hoti Uoo can pm mind me Ain ii an i itch h roil hoi it m Lui 1 1 1 w i h me arts ii t eat Ivi Itoi s popu hit Ion Leoline Illo accede to Hiis Heen a trietly Hoil lire u he Iron the Enilie for assist Inco fourteen Lii Namon with interference in the Mihe she the Iov f oilily May Scon in honest from the and will to m 1 la i no out lit incl Nodi ii the 1 nor Tau Ivalinn and i lie decline on the or Continuo so to the fair Solil if the slate ims a to last lord Salisbury not compare with the grander to Nilmeir invest men is All Hoy until shod it in fix the Lent Vou tie i German of those hive now not Only used and earned away by kit Mirich the foot of to Verner Stan or Oiler and 1 married it concerning Liis Marcks it aliment that i Ermay nil the development of Tho wild i lations thai have oct until Inonu made Vos Torday that Railroad bunion to advil Niqui hand in the j added to the Puii Iho counties South of which i Vii Flirk in the hid Boon kid fur live yours before Ever said the views of the two the unit ii depressing is thei Loput postmas or says that i Kinirey was Del High it is tar Oiivia i Atli that pays and not the local o Tex in and were identical so Lar is tin future not of Samoa was hut not the this Avenue com inon Ces ill Iho from which so who Huy of to Linin will get go Oil accurate Ineas niemants and hopi no of his Kinirey has Francisio Friend Are not to Antill a Prospect of he Rich he Worth of their and lot to congressman Morrow demanding in i t v i s t i i 1 1 j o n me cant of the Mississippi not Lor Kern River is and Tor Achi Iranon than hum Ever info to Glenn count not hell my Eastern properties for luit i dont care to part will in the Somite to Liiv in reply to a the acc icon line he tween 1lasl Ami makers yield and the in the slate of Onle Oino to their Mil re i it Jyh 1 Al said that the Anvern Nikont had i ii to f it that Waterman ii in deep Sci not to the county moves toward of and a choline to sell Cululi ii the United mid tit Errol to Kern it t 11 5 feet in Width and Twenty Miloh Farmers of now in not fully Nta Tod Itin it new March there was not in with Muney in to of it in Tho san Lulu a Road by Canary of us Jim Ohhi Iii to to hut the Rel would to Hibit Nittold to n vote of tin1 Ueo an in the Orange Hil to Liili lie that he Power of Hewitt and cd word proprietor of the new Vernoy steel andirons work at have uen travelling i thi1 Iron return of the South for whole world to hit even the sin Alles portion of that and if the Nocks Silv should spaniards would know Hott to defend their eos inlays Liec Siuse the of Way ii in Heel find opposing Coin not a Khoii Hanith Over the temblor Rango would live their Trade to thin and it 1 ought in Hilt Lor loss than Jim Linn Ommie honer Almum vent i in hip to until in which t the lie leaven on a tour of it i announce in that us tit april it the to Lirleen ii undred men will let removed to tent Mich of Tusk Iron Coal pops final he lug i Icli at a Hutki Dut Ucb the vicar Nui if the Tiki Lowth property of Iho Ulm will gradual he improved until it Lioe Umeh in Kran i und a thoroughfare As Almy think that they urn Purt Kern and yet they have at least 1 Micron heeded in Tim Groin w y now Nix Ino Hoh High and in Lino Iffert Iii of huh Railroad on the Beun Fiorin it comes necessary for the country can Horant 1ixcept Tho Hlotke All looks there in n a Gigli Bank leave Kropo he would tend a Kim Refojo Monn american it passes All Tiu Way Over dead through an Grill ileum of Giul land Thero not 1 Taksil a sort Nebo dinner a Nihon March an Ollor t Niido Liy u noted Reed i has been refi hell of us for Liin pacing it til lion March judgment we Enk Ted in the county of Lee t i Day uni Birtt Ops Puntor St Phon to t Kov in favor of thu Nevada Punk sailing out into Tho Westr Mirich two fishing Hoat r were pm Tut in til Storn Edwiiy Fertile is the Hijii Over shone in in h Iho Lingo Moneta Iii Hull apparent Lillock Tho Hun Horn and the in that Ooi inlay without y the Day will Jiro highly Tomn when our county fal Horh will pity hoi Iio 2 nil the Toul in Tunt and it tension to Tho no Edh of Latew
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