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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Jan 30 1892, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - January 30, 1892, Bakersfield, California A Ken to january Price 5 to the Public i came Here from Fresno my Stock of Platil Exira iced place of hush Ilu is Ami proceed Ileal to sell my it auction sales Are one of the legitimate channels of Trale world and Are so my open to inspection Anil Are never i Eli Tini that i am loin if just us Levi Stimato hns Imos in just As legitimate u Way any other Hii siness Ami that the words fake us mod in a pah Wied in this Are unjust to me Siml to my methods of i Luini that i live a right to come into Ninnis apparently tries to keep new enterprises out of h town decrying in conclusion i have in Way that my Stock of i genuine unit i them i to he represented or the Money will i thank the of this town in general for their Patron air Ami Courtesy Binl sex duet to have Cable to Sandwich reported i i at Paulc coast k sip pm or of a which Trie gift torpedo All the latest news As received by Tele graph by the daily californian up to 4 Oclock Spring Valley water attempt of the Spriner Valley water company to keep Oakland and sin Francisco people from camping in Sunol and Canyon May develop into a hat i u order n keep people away from tin Creek the company Hou jut a Liliy Wale along i each Kink of t lir much the hut a i cat lilith Camp in the leu and claim Ali water under Law of riparian lib Lihe Zatir company claims to n All the water and in i i lie l1 a Pel in voting riots in Hungary n Jan the scene at the i elections of the mom violent in the ancient town of Shinami Irit of the River Junul people Decanie up to a 1iirimi la was reported thai the put eminent had determined count Mil the opposition candidates if the latter hot a this received credence Ami it the multitude who do poll Ami destroyed the thus making a new elec Tion gendarmes tired on the shooting i free persons fatally and wounded several one takes what both san n cd Wilmer and Alfred Christi Alison Mitotic it u lottery the former keeping the ticket Mill the latter unaware of the the ticket Drew which Wilmer secured while Init that the ticket Drew a Cliris Tianson Learned of Jilin Ern tiny Money through the express company and Totley suit for Reeo Verv of one the Dama will san Iro hate jilt Polley today sustained the will of the late the Well known old music in a decision of great the will was contested on the ground of counsel for contestants in notice of a Luigi ii in a n trial s Iid that a Man i would be produced who assisted to the j torpedo boats for this coast am Iii other the chilian War scare has revealed the a Keliee of Tor p do Hoats in the 1aci lie where fore t he Liu Ivall of Iii Nan will ree of Annelid that a numliei1 of Lor Peiti now by the Navy department he Milt on the Cacilie coast for service cab to i will Liem in to the Eli Itric t inn of ii in lit Vieco Ami i ii for i Alre atly Mokin Lcy All m i i t Mill Mckinley n i in a ile ii from his brother Over dior of in which he ail that the Nho it Are Ami that lie to to his Olllie i purr Lio Iii comparatively Little paper is made out of nowadays u fact j which is As the Tiuan Tity of paper now used Jyh so a great that there would not he Eiam Tih worn tit clothing or shoddy to Supply the the strangeness of it is that while paper is Heinik i Ioctl or by by Wood or Eveni Hartler such As car bar jails and so Wood rap idly driving other Tho Wall in tin manufacture of nearly All the cheaper of i is made by a comparatively it the Mill River Hanks there is raw material and r r at it can he prod Sci i at half tin Price new nit Sci of be a ii tilt Tilini at ave renew i t up before the a Lill be Jit before d a lit to if h refuses at first to in ill it with tin every a possible Occa i Inni the butt of their Viry dignified scholars it terrible to the e i Bali e Eric Lee taught them i i and i e i not one of them i h not rat led ins h it in Cacir Divinci i the Rule of the ins Titu h this is a matter which not Conie under the jurisdiction of Cincinnati French Tansy these wafers Are Lor the Relief and cure of painful and irregular and will remove All no mutter what the and ensure and Safe every manufactured of Emerson Dnita san Anil for Sale Liv he Odret it sole agents for Laker shield and univ Towl v auction great on Haven a Good change to Liny n Tine Kold or Silver watch at the a Teai Sacri fice Sale of jewelry at the Southern letter Bill ii ont Iasi Ruhh print Ute in the latest on Tine of Puper mid i the Hortent to liar clock Hir Pii Zilic place saloons cum Hal Alan v store Hoard by the Day or week at the the place former v occupied by Tho late and no def if you Are from a or cold one Little of Penn lets i Mij Fli Lintus will drive you the Southern hotel pharmacy miscellaneous Ken time of peace prepare for War which Means it it Means Duit 1 have on hand 59 stoves ranges which is in Tiv than i ii Mac room Yon an have hid at your own Price 3o a Beautiful six Hole made cd pee rally Lor the alien Ria Trade is to Wear longer and do better work than any stove in the my hardware and tinware Stock is Complete us calves Edward i or in Iii Linell Lilly Ali Vilh ii full Illel no ii Iii 1iiliiit x a i lit Chi the prescription department will Llin lit i v in Len Mii Al inn Kern count improvement Kolln offers for Sale i m Prokl an 1 Orchards and vineyards t at Low i Vic and on Kasy the Kern county improvement company it he Only Niia i ile company in Kern omit that makes a business of i Ami taurine i Are of Vineyard for there is always a Best even among n score of Good and every pipe smoker Vino has tried the mastiff Brand acknowledges it to be the coolest smoking tobacco it does not bite the and is positively free from any foreign tobacco Var Tala can reclaimed Alkali land Nevada Egypt Tum fertilizer Sun Vav strictly Wirht Renss the Iliili ice company Itali Lih cd a Depol at the Mill Hutst earner of i Allie n allele Ella h i fee ice May had Ami v lie prompt tilled at re Al the delivery Waidron yield Ami Sumner am liven Ieliene of the pm Lillic ill lie open until 7 Oclock p in Altif i i la i in l i ii in Nuil Mil 111 Ini it 11 ill ii1 i no in l him no i i or i Mil i Mim i i i i Kiu i 1 ii it null till in i i i it i h i in ii ill i in Iii ill i i Hiromi infidel i he direct of i he Tine to inline mid fully m Hie prone Iliia Siranka saw a Deal of poverty in t lie i lays u in n lie prai1 in Iii in his file tells with i to my a Box of ii in a pin e i if mini live on to icon sex Chi sively Enlil the Sluck was ile Coil lil Srai Iel scrape together Tho inn in Iii Liny a Muiir Rimiko lie Liisu u i 1 i i fill i believe ill to five i1 i i is careful an can but i Tanii Sonn Accident Hup a second time Ive been running into peo conveyancer and insurance agent in i 1 1 ii i nil ii Mil 111 lie 11 u t i s in 1mu it lulls ii in Linin ii Iii Olill ill i i i Sun Iomini Iliili ii no m Iii i he fruit Uliey Are also proprietors of the Kern Valley i no Ziniti i Iii i Lin Kiili i Siml ii Irry h Lull Murk of nil Klmle of i Trees and fruit Shade ornamental i it l Al Ini Lirl Trier in mime unit Fri Inion i l i in 11 in i i t inn i i i i 111 Enlil Kern county improvement in i no i in Uiligi Iliev c in Mia ill you How to Man i it a Joli As Hill k new organization of the Kern a Haka at dusk a i Kavli Lidmil Nti Liinar Kinivil i att Urkiev it ill Iii nil Lull no in Linkof la for lie Ink of m m the Hahe Iti to perfect the Ion of the Kern Imily Lorn in John 10 Sherman and a special invitation will he exle led the Guariu to participate in the Zeleh ration no Lissim on Nehru try of has Heel appoint etl pastor of i he tonal Church Here Ami will preach in the Hiraml opera Llone sum Lay at la Oirich for in Irv Tim Utility in in Kight on Tinl Eusy in Ilure at Drury Ilyf Ooi Kii Vinks Ami k vim a Lull t f a a citral Hiis incs sell ill the principal Isaccs in lie wanted i in kill Mii i i Iii in Iii ii inn Iii Kli Priti Mitil hut ill pm As a Mikitas k a m i my file vill m fur ill i Tiv to n us i i i v n to Iii m i k i y Eli l ill to s i a i no i i if in ill i m is k Lii o i1 7 Kulm ill us i ill i i in i i receiver s assessment ing it underwear at contractor and builder estimates furnished on All work will Kiru Ivo Illint 1 i Imit i11 l Hli Ull i slim rail i l i i i i i i n i ulily Iii fur Mill 111 j Iliili i u Milur an 1iot1 this Rnic Iii i i i i m 1 i be i i i i Mimi Lii i it nun i i in k in no i i no i i a u 11 111 d k n ill Mil no l no i i i in ill i i i i i i u tin Hill Len Iii a no of seedless Luisin i Iii Trees of Over Varia in Mil in run miaili1 diffs Mil Nick Builta i ir4 Liiri u1 ii ii i i l i i i i ii my v i i in Lull ii i in ill i i m ill i l i Illel i 1 on i in Tommie i i1 i l i i i i i none but the Best brands of commercial Lunolia serve at All liquors and i i c Nic Draur Cor 19th and l i vim milk in i or la in ii Iii Iii him r i i i i Iii ill i of Tell
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