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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Jan 27 1892, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - January 27, 1892, Bakersfield, California Id Aili Califi Natuan Kern prick Marcus his visit to Bakersfield and its i unify tin ln4iio and an will to 11 finish at Mattson Hall on Clienter next saturday the will i for plaint irate Ami to Typ Potopa prot no vat the Public his full value for a 11110 us it to o 1u1 w til their Entrance to Hall through the Liec Jaii Judt 1 m1scrllaneou8 letter Bill i amt 1 Tea portico nil Tea porn map anal ers i printed in its Fertile its Promise Ana uie hitch and it the shortest notice at thir its future clock a Tor Public and Halo Wiir can lie Hal at v mis bin War skip till no tie Ecay until the Kern county guards in respond loan invitation by a mini a cases All address her of our extended through mox the enterprising offices of the Kern county Marcus by the Day or week at the the place formerly occupied which Inci itis if it Inci ins that i liar Uii Hii Ixl 59 stoves ranges which is More than i have Niom you Ian have twin at your own pros the rtt ext of Ilic Model a Licau Tinl six Hole mgr inuih1 the noted Railroad builder and thai Ute a or for the California inn la is guaranteed to Wear longer and Cier of paid his respects ulna of to hotter work Thill any stove ill the Laker Fiehl and Vicinity yen verday and viewed the country in a practical Lrtil i Kern land company a county treasurer boys Corn Willi very the of their i four Inland it tue of tie co my und Tim Vine Stock is comp ctr is Lictus will Nive you Galtis the Peoples com All the latest news As received by Tele graph by the daily californian up to 4 Oclock l 1ollanky waited upon by Messih i Yonne and who accompanied him in a drive to the Kern Dale and the View from the of this end of the Valley and the Kern River i Wax a Mir Primik revelation to Market l7 ill new wheat line who was loud in Praise of a Waon a our county and the ext tit of our water the differ once of the temperature of the Heights in the summer will have an important influence in time in making the Heights desirable Point for private Sollasky was then driven to the machine where he was much interested in the Progress being made on an engine he had recently purchased san Fidiam is by heat for the san buyer seller Uel Lcene and Stockdale ranches were Len rely of Toady buyer Albany a n Astrio is lire i Ilic iniini1 ten Klmle Lilik l Ilani i ii in Rii Arnic hut Licin re no Ciceil i cent Hisle Ullh n fall Lintel Inre lir ii ill Lent ii nil Tullot a the prescription department will he Pniler the of which Iii Llmer Mirc fur the nce Ciruti of Mill Correct in inn tie i if in u ii ii Misc tiny my k tit he earn u line hint i in in Lille Lulli Wlliet ill cd fur Medici Neil be i if Tine met Ioner Jill Jill county improvement a Ken offers for Sale Mihr Olkio Orchards and vineyards at Low on there is always a Best even among a score of Good and every pipe smoker who has tried the mastiff Brand acknowledges it to be the coolest smoking tobacco it does not bite the and is positively free from any foreign told can can us a secret session 7 it is Nelv considered by visited and the conditions of our soil did More fully dis cussed the Iii Lii i Lii Ehl sea Leou which the Kern mainly land i oni any have developed the possibilities of til Moil excited in Bounder for t Here Are but few corporations in the world the 1iiion Lee of Patio has Stab that would Ici expended so much i shed a depot at t he soul h West Corner Money where i and a Long is of i and nineteenth streets where ice the essence of lie propose Jon before a May be had and on lets High in fair act uni on such an immense invest ment be and As he expressed it their Eoll lid nce ill t heir land is a All lie stated that the i a Rue number of Bona tide settlers com ing into this county from All parts of the United states and other parts of it today the the Kern county improvement company reclaimed and Alkali neutralized my isling land Nevada Gypsum fertilizer i Sun i ill i 11 i i v f Aldr y in Kern Una Tiiu Iii Mir no Mali t hat Iii Rutm u nine is fur i prompt tilled at reasonable the delivery will run in takers held and sunnier and Tor Tinc Oliven hence of the Public i he Oll lec will be open until 7 Oclock my 1711 i my ii Himl it in i Mil i i ii ii in per cent i the Himlin Iii Ndoci end ii fur Fin it l him i nun it in Lull Iii jail my Thill h ill be ulily Ilic Llam Ullh Lilly it talk ill strict i v Kirs clash Mil Lel 1 of in Nellt i Ehi Lur them Illel the Liel i me mini Lillen Lull n to when this on 1 1 inny is under t he direct management of the the on most county in the Korinn i lations and other Mil my service in i n i i spire a him to remark that it out a prot the that h will be advil in san the Iau i beit he had Ever patrol fixed in califor i the open handed hospitality of our i and their Public spirited ambition to invite and Aid All local enter to consider the president s i Sage in secret a Fleet skater conveyancer and insurance agent in l 1111 Limilla Joe Drew him warm express the skated a ions of appreciation and a desire to re of a mile on the Hudson Here turn within a month to meet the p pm wit in till of i Miu l Tinion Nurr of Ink u in Mil air airy for ii yesterday a Strong wind in his in beating the record a county treasurer buys 27 treasurer Tikens was arrested today and is now in jail churned with from the county i Tizenb it is alleged ski emulated in Chicago Corn too i i k a ruin Hux i e ii to enl saving i h f profession a a i Licul ilm ley Hunky at Uett of Kern lie to Advance a proposition affecting our Best which will not be slow to in bin comments upon the future of Linker Stuchl he stated that the con were favourable for u bin move ment this year in population und private the following parly of four arrived on Uke vening train i messenger and it a Tom cd Olllie Schlor ill was their intention to have remained Over but As 1ollasky was feeling indisposed they returned to Kresno on the Lute hut will visit in unwell known in the i nil they arc also proprietors of the Kern Valley Siun Teil Iii Init Bentli Lynki l n mini Curry u my k of nil k Len in of Trees and fruit Shade ornamental of Ever us tin innit no kit Ireon True id ii Iii hint free nun Lur Paullen liars apply it he or Ildr can Kern county improvement Kern Vii Llcy True to name nine fully a Drumh heating do Ltd c Hank of in at Lull Lac North if hunk of the presidents message endorsed for several Days in the near Ivi he stated the entire wanted semite today unanimously adopted a a tilt of the sixth regiment would visit Resolution endorsing the residents us the night the organisation of the i Kern county guards is j in also that the Iii Ards would attached at once to the Siili i which will be a handsome chilian Kokni Siikki Iii do in Lite f heir k i it the chilean the new chilean War will not be ready fur it is before april i private a Annm with Jyh Pilici ill As ambit i an a hefty he Cycle for u Liurma or cheap for apply at Ili Cullire sell a Iii Ersil on nil the Irin Cipul in pcs in thu a remarkable has some pretty Sage fears i Lively and four of them on tues Day proved that they could do sonic thing t hat horses in never can do t woman of to look Ami i Purl or the apply i i Lineul Hunt on Janyl Hoys to m it m id i us i u i him late ii nil on com of to ice Julf apply at Mic has cabled Madden not t Piuck Maher against sir Stu of u the Condi Tion of streets and highways of Foo in Tho following report to Tho department of Washington Thero Are no roads in this part of Tho streets of Aru from six to twelve feet Many of them covered with Stone which i Are filthy beyond or did before and All four of them went through a thirteen Barbwire Fence without receiving a it was in this Way the team was standing near the House hitched to a freight without the Brake the Driver coming from the when within about lofty feet of lie cracked his four horse whip merrily and Oil went the team like a after running awhile they to l i Tauk of Lolly on k receivers Tinl p apply in a Kormi Heitic k Notick is Vikk Kiriy that in in it Hii Inci of Hii Fri Leroy the mixer Lar null of i i in Tity of St Lite of in Alful Limle Iwu a Odds Kul is i k ill in the 17lli Wilny of i in 1 Lini Rufki Lii mid i Init Lii of the no Mac in Iii Lei i the re com end incl of k nine i Llort it reel Jet Lotf i Zeivel of the i property i iii1 of a villain lit v will he Hokl Letl fur Day of no c m of ill the pith Pinill Bijj heading straight a thirteen i How a ii n tails new Iris com to Ivo no and a just the the King Thil Oil and loll no on wrecks which apparently had Hee Niihau done by their Crew sonic time in several when have Icen abandoned the tit great risk to their in Arithio 1et monkeys make these Lvi very much at Home on Board and Uro great favourites with London tit mind nil Fin Aioli july Why will not in my suit Sho coldly my smile dont go with Liat its a ready made and hats More than twelve Dol i it Illein they ran at full upon reaching the Fence the two leaders jumped it Clear and the pole u pm if on the the Chain t races and t etchers were for an ii Island on top of the then pole chains am i St Iet Liels Callie toy Al her like jaws a Iii Cut eleven is Rands i if w ire neat k a could be done by any Orl of Ami the i t l imlin1 in away in so All he u Heel boil had to do was to jump the t o Louir w u High t hey did and after racing around in the held for Aulne the team captured As Good a without Mark or hut this feat w ill or be done h i infill Tunn i in no Iii l forty Lull Iii the Fri ill no in Iii Hnin Lueil Nln ii v e i Iii i of Ihl i ii Ivy i in k Nellc a my i in Tim ii Iliin no ill p Iii the lunch no w lulled act of in he or int the or Dpi it of in u ii one i feet of i i Ikichi k s Iii Ken i k in my i u ii Noel i or i inn Hill ii k v p ii i a n j win run i d he i Lii met ten a Cine no k i mile i Yir mini a i l i i Iii i i v the no i i i l o Iii i u i i h ii in 11 i h Ami i n i i p m lit i 111 Ali ii Nei n m Mill Quot i till ii ii i mail Iii i i ill i i ii i for in i lit i mini Iii Pill ill i a in Lur assessment Kavo Vink Yakiri Anil iia sin l of of i in Pul Partei of i Iii Iii no Kern Nullee in Hel Eliy hell unit Iii n Intel Ollk of i Iii hell in the kit Luy of Jim Hii of Kite Lenl Lurker Hallie Wmk Leveil Nanti it Lek Lif the play Lilc Iii a chm i in the Sec Elviry of mail i it the the Hull l Knigin Mth i ii 11 Fri n la i i Oinui i any Hunck Linin which Tulili urn ill re Mill ii in i lie of Hill he Ilell Mineni Ulm for mile no ii Mic in Lynh pity Irene in Mill Inki Ihlen Hie ill i Liny of main h priv Ink Elliel a Lull if us Vert i in Lull excl Iii of ill null i of till Neinl no Lilic Claro Iii i Iii nine in i ii i Fellini i Mill i hum i l a Niu n 11 m til the contractor and builder estimates furnished on j All work will Litty a hip in Iii rear of twin Kern a Llucy Pyle a Nursery fur a cheapest Market lot 111 on the def Ami a a i Kwh Krika i i Ami i hem lie of week to o Lam Teilh i a1 i the Follin in i f Lii k4ini t n Toni ulily i ill Ali j Tommie ii Turl k i none but the Best of 1 liquors and Nick in Zwil ii Ager i i n c 1 1 1 commercial lunch served at All i 1iikhiil unit Niederaur Cor 19th and l Ilijin pod seedless Lla sin fruit Trees of very variety Shade Tiem and Iofi u in time l in1 ill is 11 i of i ii i Hal 11 to Mil or Intro it u Wenli Lleni Tinli Dpi i to Iii i m in plop Palti 1 Baker Riclo Cal
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