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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Jan 26 1892, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - January 26, 1892, Bakersfield, California N a Ken prick 5 a riot in Marateck Bulgrin sea the government fitting oat a repair strip for chilian All the latest news As received to Tele graph by the daily californian up to 4 Oclock the presidents i on the just j of january Secretary Irlaine telex wrap Laid us follows 1 am by tie1 1resident to o Yon til it he id Kivell in Ivelli attention to nil Tunit Heen by the hover Ninen o Chili Toueh Ini the atlilil1 of t he Iii ill Hie Crew the United Trainer in the City of in 11 ii on the even of the Ali Ali of in Tolimir mid to i lie Evi Deliee of t he Ilvie ers and Crew of vessel and of Theis who u i ii lid thai Clinn t i u fill trial i he relieved of the u ii Irh i Arlo Lillo Elliat Lull of i he even1 Lliam in that of Altaev upon the uniform of the United slates having its origin and Mot Ive in of hostility i in this not in any aet of sailors or any of t that the authorities of Valparaiso flagrantly failed in1 their duty to protect our and that smile police and chilian and themselves were guilty of unprovoked ass Milts tinn our sailors and after the a me thinks the Otevia d Liee and inherent Iron abilities Lead t t Ali eone Lusion that killed police or h that lie is therefore compell Al to Linn i ease Hack to the Posi Tion taken by this in the note of Wharton of Oether a copy of which Yon will deliver with and to ask for suitable apology and for some adequate reparation for injury done this you will assure the government Chili that the president has no tinn to he exacting or to ask anything which this government would not under the san Eisenm stances freely lie regrets that from the Hegins Iligir Fie Gravity of the involved has not apparently Lieen appreciated by the Loveri Zinent of and the attain in Shieh american seamen were killed and sixteen others seriously while Only one chilian was serious by should not he distinguished from an Ordinary crawl he tween in which provocation is wholly personal and participation no Meleres Puekim government can consent that persons in whether civil or shall he Hunten and killed in foreign territory in resentment of acts done by or imputed to their government without exacting suitable the government of the United Staten freely this principle and acted upon it u Hen injury wus done by its people to nne h idling Atli dial relation to a Friendly Power in r of acts done Liy the in Midi ease the Ili led Slatts did hot eau for words of smallest value or of Chi Iveal meaning in which to convey its hut condemned Midi Suim in vigorous and did Imi in make other Rcpt Iraklion a violent wind storm the in sided up yesterday afternoon and a downpour of rain was Coj holed throughout the hut a High wind arose in the night and blew away every Cloud and All apparent Hope of the presidents tin Only topic under discussion today is the presi message which is everywhere As an die state if sing i hair issues tempera Tely yet the chief regret irelis to he that it was not issued Sonino time for All arc now convinced unit Chili has Only de ii Riding ohm ii rup Ture in order to More fully prepare tier self for Wadieh very Many leading deemed Olliev in the of her some of the Ahles men ill Capitol reason in tins Way the chilian leaders Are up Enid and of mixed of violent natures and inclined to hut tdom1 who must he upon to fill up the ranks Are and who care Little for and who will Dave to in driven into and Only by Force kept from so that All of War Power lies in her and a display of the incl Sams White of i the chilian coast once will show the chileans the hopelessness of their and in the Gaii May leave and Monti declared a lion hut actual War kept in Auva Nec by diplomatic a riot in san on Sill inlay last there was in he a Hallnon ascension am Hull Light at in Isth of which women were to he the principal several thousand spectators hut the Halloo i in later would not work and the women got cared at the the got attacked the per and Tore Flouti he am Phi were a f Oating machine ill the re amyl of line left Here Eleray i har Leslow w she will at once listed Uii a repair taking ii and killed work men when Viiu Iii she is in ail in chilian Waters in i a of in jury to any of i he to make the Neche i repair at Behring Sra arbitration i sir n urge Laden Powell tales Here lat nigh that Behring sea Arnii razors have Heen mutually agreed upon by the Ilii Leil states and British hut whom they Are to he must he muted from the Cabinet considers la the Cali incl held u two hours ses Jou tins morning discussing the chilian nothing can he Learned of its deliver Chili dumb As Jii Secretary i Luine stated this Ino ining that no reply to the presidents ultimatum had Heen received from Chili As heavy fire in a lire this morning destroyed the metropolitan opera House loss partly Saml of san ii in to two Norori have Heen Sci Irvil in the Urlis Olliee clocks Lor Johlic Phi Cef jul he Loon can he i at v a Gihad n detective cases of All address tie Southern hotel pharmacy miscellaneous in Lilik i us Kkt i Noti is Vikk Kiev til Vav til a i in in k by Shihi ill an Grilii u in dirt of i of of ill the 17th Wilny n in Len Mutt pm n no mar Blidt Lii i fir ri1 Reiver if Pruni icily in tin 1iirlni of will a Tell i ill Ilir to Hii Licul fur in the Ilay of at inn Uyl Ihk in in c s forty in Lam of in Ilii i unix of the to twi Lilii Miril of Lyrl Ronsi Murk Anil Oil tin Ali ilm Kil Rinir ill i Oclock no Thi Thiim h of la Rotor w i Mills Fri of on to Iii tin 11 if of Mill Imp Tori to u ii a liar Thoumi nil fort of in nor u we our Krizni Ulk Kiin Iliili inn our Hekimi ill it Luu hirer ii Iii Ini nun i Ini i m i of no Al Lille Ami Tinl no i i no c Blini in i liars of Oil till Milne be lulls i it Iril ill the ill intr i Hill fell the fill ill i i a Lull i Olmi i i i i in u i i i Iii Xiv i i1l la Lull i in 11ii t of Ili Climmith mini one i teat Oll Lilly ill j a i i in Eim r assessment Noll i 1 Iii ii in Lull ii Hull lit m of Chr Halil 01 Hie of hum i of Cue per 1mm Irvi Eil upon i he Ell pin i Kloek of the nip out Piini Intili Atrul v to i ii e i Hie secret lira of a Lull my the hire of i he i i Oil in by Koovll no m i ii i in Mil ill i i nine Iii i Hll for ii ill any Inion huh Synill n mini ii ii ii Pill i on the Dili of cell Lirl Ami Murrl Mil fur Sale at i Lillie Pini Ernt Iii or Hill lie million Hie ill of Annh to the tier Llor Hith of Huert Nink Ami l Onorr of in la Oiin of Hin nit c ill seen Halliie k i null Fornili i i inn i till Fol mull in 111 the 1nion ice a Vimpany Das Estah listed a depot at tiie Southwest earner of i and streets where ice May lie had und orders which Wil lie prompt tilled at reas Nahle rates the delivery Wagon will run in linkers held and sunnier and for the convenience of the poll hic the Ollice will he open until t Oclock Niy Lotf letter Hill ii out Hii Ninenan i Inlet in the latest on Tine of Kiuper and at the shorten at if Yon Are Sull ering from a cough or cold one Dottle of Hemi ius cough Jii Netus will give you a Safe in vestment in u Lew lots in Oruro a addition cheapest lots on the Market Ilyf new advertisers do m if ant to sell tour Edward i Ali Maiuu i 1rllril in int with n in line of purr Grilii a lira 1ntrnt Millili Grunit Iii let in of the Linum the prescription department will the of h i h fur tin1 her mimic of ii nil in Rritt if in in Iii Luin Atli hit tin k i limits i will h Len Innus i in hint tin in Mir i for Mill Chivil us ii Rorr till it Kirk ill line receivers Tufa Lack an Advertis Kment in the dash i weekly Calif tie weekly Luis the largest circulation in the daily is the Only publication in the Tiik Wolsk of the Host v Tiik first in Tiik contracts made and entire a Harare taken of advertising mat Ter it at regular apply for space and position at the office of the there is always a Best even among n score of Good and every pipe smoker who has tried the mastiff Brand acknowledges it to be the coolest smoking tobacco it does not bite the and is positively free fro in any foreign pure Tolar to Virginia in time of peace prepare for War which Means it it Means anything that i have on hand b9 stoves ranges t an 1ik Iii Nii than i ii int mom you Iii have Tim ill yoni1 own Price mix of the Milel a Miraul ill Hole made especially for the Alil Urnia Trade i in Wear Iii Fer and do lick err Wirk Chiin in the m v hardware and tinware Slock u Complete As Galtes reclaimed is Alkali neutralized my in Lar land Nevada Gypsum fertilizer Ellinne Shii tit strictly Kern county improvement Kikin offers for Sale Imp Roukh Orchards and vineyards at Low prices Ami on Kasvi Kou i True in name and fully n Uijun tits do mtg c in ing it underwear wanted Kikm Isikli Kuom foil two Iii a Niin a Atli Iwu klnttl1 Priti a Rel Kii Uin ill Kim Vamik an Amk Kincan i h or fur it Hilm of to Cook Asli to u milk it Lair ring Dii ii in Hunt i Simiti Iichi her ice Junji i to solicit is 10 Tiik i Silil it to of tajik of Koi k on k nil in a iwo rooms foil Keksi is i i milk loll 1 apply in ii Irti Imelli rust i unit i of k Flat a tilsit isl i of kick of Ilsk doom of n Amiti Kilili mix i film the Kern county improvement company is the Only in Lyhle co Mitny in Kern Tinty hut makes a Husi Nesh of planting and taking care of Orchards and vineyards for at will Mil on i i i h Plant it to ninth a Tel and hrs ii it to full to nil ii it i hut wll Iii Imi Loo birr Tiit i tin after i i or we Inui Illi Only thu mint i in fur Fri i Ulm Linn without Thiol i i Cun Rikl he urn in Iii to Natl fntr1y mini ivlu1 Fujiu Jihnu a Fudil for Licin him it Lant j i Artu Ihl Kari to Ali Iii tins is under the direct of Matei furl led on work will pc chive i Well known in the Trail i lies Are also of Hie Tompt Hlin i i in Rieur tit thu Karu Kern Valley 1 conveyancer and insurance agent Luis Wii nil in Lilly int Ollk in Iii Len Lulli r no Ink to enl ill Iii i i i h i i irim i 1 hunk i i i it 1111 i in a ii Alt alld i ulili4l ii Insil of i Ciulli lev i ii Aizik Iii Iscum us u i Snulli no hunk r if i i1 Hawaii la has Iii new ills i ill no vol la inn u in lir Hinnir Ohhi Tiht n i inn i v i lint i will Liny Lirl i ii i run Iii i Silil Iii i r ill join Iii i i k i i i k Batik in k i Mil Hull Llyl nil i ii Trees and fruit Shade Trees of intr Irma Lipinn ill tin1 Iii Iii kit Riili Tim Uimer Natii taif to ii Iii Kim in11 Fumii Jishi hit Ilith Biily at i inn Iii ii or will Rizii Kern county improvement ill Nursery ornamental thu Nipson seedless Ita sin u in Iii Ali of Mersl Siil ill i i i ii i Iii i m ii in till i ill milk Lal i Llu i n i for i at vim am Aily k ii i i v a i a him Toms a Ike Kink Fiill Willil lit i nil i in or i i i Ilia work ill lip i ii Elk Rah i us a Fri Iii Iii Rizii sell nil Lair Irvinc Piil i Hicks in a ii Uki Coith fruit Trees of every variety Shade Trees and Iii Liilo Ihling Viii ainu i i tin flu will nil it in lir or inter rat in Utu Hii Luu i Whlig iii1 in Iii 1 t t up xmlu1 v x j Cal
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