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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Jan 25 1892, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - January 25, 1892, Bakersfield, California Calfo nmn a Ken Pukk 5 Market report my Jan wheat firm wheat London thl attn tiie Southern hotel pharmacy miscellaneous proprietor advertisers do you f ant to sell Yoi goods i lit live Beispel old m who Iii Brailly birr ice How am by Edward Imit Iii umm urn 1 i you have a Reify put m Side a theater Heliin you Are upon and called stand and it is your men and Nish r the prescription department you and Peier ii for your they u wild if All were Tooliah in i id heir Niport Nonale Lind r mid u a l ii it 1in f 111 i s enl lire in i i i drat i Iceni i d thai Are receivers i v a i in i 11 i a n i in i i i i v i i i ii1 i i ii 1 in i v i l r in i i i in l i ill Tiik an a 1 y knt in in Dacia Calif All As fir Civ by t n a Lily Cafori to Oclock to by tee tin1 it Tilv lathe a Aiom Ircia Latimei in the daily i the Only Ilailo in j i h tin i Oil races mar Tinl i iliac flip for taken no Erti Sivin mat r d Ter it Al regular i inlaid i c i a w i a Jill lid Anil at the Ullinee id the to lust evidence of Urai Merit is in continued and in Aeise Mas Nii cur has had a More rapid growth of sales than was Ever a corded a new Brand u sin Kiim tobacco in i a i i Rinnis Arr 1 in tin i1 my i Iii l i cult v Al i t v u i i Illi and t l u m Lell ded w ill Iii e i Lilly is tile on v n l hat protect n from nil m n Hie 1 h he he Avn ii Mir i v Lvon with Chi Init in Iilma Miil Willi i k arc Lent i he 1iath Iron i t n Ami i i in l i a hip la a Nat 1 ecu i of a v i in a i d 1ref re Reen into a theater with a i Una m a i a Chili War n i i ii Iep cell Tal e at t he h a Nelllie hotel ill a a i i 1 he Walsh ton nut have in ronlerencc1 l i s a1 i a a in the usual wild Raey of Ilie i found Ai assessment i lie u a i feel i in a n i Ial ill i l i l m i i la i not at in the u h in i in i m i Innocenia Eer Laili Hii h inia arc o i i 11 in Oil Lail i an thai Len in paid Viar in a i had Only ride it i id i in i h ii Lealiah id ind in h Lothiel us in the Thev my Nally 11 ii Siul ill l 1l h1 h Lav Paiter torn i f i i j tint till 11a i 11 i i ii 11 in v m Ikin Intima of peace prepare for reclaimed a my mean i i i inst Alkali neutralized stoves Imore than i room vim Lii ii Liivi Ali Iii ill your own Ivair Nevada Gypsum fertilizer ill in m i a nor am Kirin la Meed i a mile Holli Ali Lam k v promptly make not he aked with a Hla Ial i or Iii the Model a healt i ill i Hole made i ally Lor the Alifornia i Rade i Jia ran teed in Ion her and ii than and in tin m v and tinware Luck inti Pilcic Galtes i Ana Rill a lies clash War on her hand in limit von have what More can i there Inot Shadow the coat and cloak Heinds having Hcan in in Coupler Tho second in ideally ireae Lor his is a whether we make u Ai or Vii must they Iii i Nion ice Omi ians Lei Whitelaw reids reported v into join i l where Lei Nulik 11 i or it in not u civil re Piest to know he had mid orders which Wil unit Whitelaw miniter to if you would like u prompt tilled at Reao Nahle rate f t Pond to he that inc inc to conduct Mil in 7 i his paper Der Iii this is not having Koicic 1 it is imposed Halo to verify the through the first easy of theatrical Muju and his intimate friends Here do lit it Jou Ari Worrie Dall Tom even Correct with Ico hellers and chocolate vend ors in Dutah Cako of Yon Are actor Scanlan in Tho malls safely no fun tin these touts in he tween in tin i a High ill irrow a tendered i ii demand with an implied the delivery will run in stauers j Ivl v j f 1 my tin that you Aro Field and simmer and for the eos Iveli who has no right to to in iliac of the the Ollick will i i in am ill Vonblon Kern Cooney improvement a Ken offers for Sale i mhkovk1 Ili Pleil Mescal Vii Iii i Tine to und fully am a Linkk do Ltd in twelve months with in Imioto in in at Low Iricks am i Kush i Iii Mil i Fiji i 4 u i i a v til ill Iiah Lam who Lien stalls und generally make they resting at for the past tread i your they disturb the lit 1 Huni Jyh Levu so constant tic nest Yon have hey make havoc in i Isth the doctors with the Hack pulling out hat him Avriet ii irl n Milt Otth maid they Lack to Loen w irk and conic inc Don t can if you in Ihn the Kern county improvement company to rent ill in Tor a at old soldiers ready for is ill n in Mill in Nln Lul if h in Lull i Iii i nil on in m Willri our wit Hull Ico tray or pm Der Yon with the Sci i Inni Ami refuse of Cali or Kiniry Joll under i Iii i an risk Hmoih n Iii Iii Enlil chocolate Rul k Mill Ullh Lill in Ilir we i mini ill ill Lynn l Roll in Mil ill for in i speculating contract i tin is under t lie direct management of i he i in Kinin will j work Knur Myu Ulm or two i a mini in kith or till Fri j u u Kirmil to net Sou rent i no ii Lii for particulars saw c ii an in their duty Ito an much Vioney x k ill us As to the in her of residents 1mm Impi i i h it is Lenir poor they All i i a on their show s i hat Wilenna it radius of in Mihi Civ Are some Clement Scot t ii of Soldier of w Horn Woi Ihl gladly unlit if War w declared Standard Oil gets Back to Nav Lal at tin Widince of of the Lalu Lynnl Oil company Eli Eilcy i he in formal Ion that lie had Anliot wholly recovered from his attack of Odood new i1 a ills new Iii i us m inn a n l in m in in h n in to ale Well know 11 Iii Hie tin 11 in la i hey Are a nil proprietor of the n in r i i i Hill in will ill i u i Iii n mini in Len a i i i k h i i k Iii Ken m i k Luis ii Mil Kern Valley s t o r in it at ready for san re Velsi tie1 Case of the actor charged with the murder of ionic can Arsint came up this Cov Tisil for Lith Side ready and Imp Heoji in need a Justice remains at rust n i in1 no of ii i Previn of invt arrived from Viali a manii Lal Nikii place Here the Radii maker ii i til1 of the lain Maurs have not us yet produced any omiium1 Cloi Nusic Catherine and he Commir hic lick and heavy r Liioi Jisun Secil less Lla sin lira fruit Trees of Kvin Tux ii ii i in i Iii airy Trees and fruit Shade ornamental Iai Lull in trill Iii a Ilrine to Iii Lii if ill tin Nui Skrl i n inn Niini Ulm frn limn 1 i a Linja a n l or Iii Lily i i do Kern county improvement i an s i lie Rin Urr 01 i ill for Sale s 3vi y Vilma nov i i a i i i of in i tic ii Ink of in i a Contr actor and Milfs Furnin hid on All Oil will a civic i dissolution l i i sell Sill the iliac in Kari ii ii him Niy Nill i in la ill Illmie Lucil i will lint Linzil Iii Kolf Rhum Lher fur univ ill flir Limey i a Ali inn it ii no i ii i m Bakersfield Cau r ii a emf
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