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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Jan 22 1892, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - January 22, 1892, Bakersfield, California Kern Fine watch repairing at old Jyl Lotf total Nottingham Margaret n Mil overwhelmed with took her two children one j his after the other in Lier arms and kissed i condition and value of assets and then with a Hammer at in j liabilities of the Kern Valley Bank of of her afterwards Cut her own Throat w ill u and fell dead beside advertisers do you it to sell your goods a kiss i Lifty a l Mil licit in Oln Mitil in Kern All 1 associate Justice Oraibi Deal a motes a match arrant Between Matier and All the latest news As received by Tele graph by the daily californian up to 4 Oclock Good lord if that was said to us How we would if the resolutions passed at the Kern county Institute Are anything to go they Usu it have a talented set of in Down starting lit with a Resolution thanking the county superintendent for doing work he is paid Uliey go ahead with this thanking Bull Ness for out of the seventh Resolution is shout is imbecile 11 thing can Well the Kern county Thielm Given the teach n hit that ought to in Bonef Ciul to future institutes in making up their re Iii idling Nuite Rulh of All suits from cellar to for mile by method at bin lumber nineteenth Corner of Kiihnl Lerv Ami Klut Wirf Luis Niin i Lisuk t u 17 i till nil stuck i1 Luif Hanks Mill Ull it us hic w i us us no t Ami ii a i Tav Lilor n kith Valley Hank no link 1liatthi Impi Liik True in tin1 Uit u tic or frill int c Ali Irr Sutmar Lemml Mill k worn to a Pfurr the the Day of still nut Lin Tiik 1lack an Advertis Kment in tic Dill Heekin the weekly the largest circulation in the the daily is the Only daily Puli nation in the 777k risk of tin v the first in the contracts made and entire charge taken of advertising Mut Ter it at regular apply Tor space and position at the office of the it is Statkum Knook Stock of ii i i ill non nil tin Ilav lit in 8 i Rii nil Ami i Leifi Inith l a 1 1 u Utar the Liest in Kern to unto today is a lot in Drury nor Lburn and will double in value Feiore the second payment in def Markham not l i lie is the oldest paper i Henis no in it give Sall the news and truth in the Story that governor Mark has by Ion if Odds Mei j Al hum u Lleisa Vicli better and i j expects to he out in a few the i the Drury addition is Only live Rumor no Bible grew out of the fact mocks from t lie round House and Iii ii m i myl Lotf n a to lit the governor was removed from1 j i of Valmy Hank no rooms Al the Sutler club Lothey Blanks Lor in Large or 111 at the a Kokum an i residence of i where it ml1 he More i 1 Oil i is i Iii l jut Tylli Lilly Voll a reporter of the Fri Neil j Tele Eia Tiou interviewed Johnson phone Deistl axe Cutic Secretary and acting Priit Lodge Ai Are i he agents it vat scr Carv to in rim sunnier for tip daily and weekly the Lory Novim Sorel Lii Lac next Mol lax evening at he Janold error is All i he a i 1 the football names will commence at Ocell co i till 1 to 111in i m u 111x11 the athletic Park Sandav afternoon at at when Hele Epi athe arc cordial la rest of us i in i i and a Roll i id ill ills i i i i w crowded houses have greeted i be of san today and Levels thai in is i dont Tini Illarr of Chr no much ii could if be he Nill Sii made by t lie Sweet j desired to do so that he instr Onsri Jan Ltd in Nln in until on i i n it will Ami Hilver Lemil for let he thinks that it Wonnie earner Hester j n Inglr inv indoors for a while than Avenue and has six rooms will i Sohi on Chr Mil in of none la of again Innis cd or unfurnished Jill ill rain Unicof Jie fore inlay loll Mai an Liv Mriln of of pm for lots in 1rurv h North or Vrtar the Kern Valley Bank uitime of peace prepare for War a Liili Iii cans if it ii ims Iii Thino Bluit i have on Lii jul stoves ranges which Nimri a Linin i have room Dihimi have Ali Iii no your own Ife prick 5 miscellaneous the Best evidence of High Grade Merit is in continued and in creased Mas Tiff plug Cut has had a More rapid growth of sales than was Ever accorded a new Brand of smoking tobacco in a similar pm tote Coo can us reclaimed Alkali neutralized my Ilni land Nevada Gypsum Fer Tullier san Unold strictly lib Telash assessment i Ash 1 Lorn ill of i ill poll Mill 1 i a i 11f till in k i n mini i no Terr in v i n in Lull Iii ii Ilir Rill ill Arhl Chr Sih la if a of i Lull lilt irl inn in t hmm k if Chr Init Aiila till Liluer j1 Iii Ilir Model a in Hole Range ill 1 Muscat i Ines r Tinl Luck i conic Lilc is Galtes Kern county improvement co Hok i Tine to Nittine and fully attn Kun i Bui his Cihil tits Lault Tell Lern addition Fri it on time and eau particulars m no his Ollice next that at a Myrt i trim def Arreney for nil Hie Inott Ali round put a Cliff slide at edit Hurys def a dispatch from to reduce Stock i will sell live More ruins Nten i 111 111 through dwelling houses the inmates i lie delivery Wagon will run in makers held and sunnier Anil for the enliven picnic Ollie Public the Olla cd will u open until 7 Oclock a Ken c a offers for Sale Viher Qubi i Orchards and vineyards at Low prices and on Kasy in twelve months of which were All two women were killed outright and Twenty live it soils have been taken from the re Iii some badly injured and one Man will probably a dreadful new invt of Mun Igei wanted ill Kim Vamik As a Kkhan Varty her Yroc Loi a Hiiri Al Tell Wllman us to l and part of Tonii Mihu Al the Ili Narrof ii Hunt i Anvi i i Tiik i c a Hill Laily Lilia i ill role nil at Khlil at 4 Oclock j this morning sixteen dead bodies i u mangled beyond recognition have Lieen taken from the burning ruins of tie surgical which caught lire last in tit id Nineteen Hodies live Chen taken from the Edward Hon Char diary in no Mill ii i kl1 witl1 Iwu Kikis kill of i i a Roll new Ujj a Light to a i tint Miil inn aii1 Tullila finish tin olympic club Here in tween Mabyr and has the prescription department Orni i nil unum us Heen the Milter is for a will tin of Heil Aii Uuk a Umar Antn fur Tinar Annite Ollyn to take place March Ami articles were signed last night and u was put up by the see null or Knif unil Lor f Miili Cinnlt a in Linn i x to Iwu Kikis kill Kim Hal i Roll 1 to Mihk North of k hint i Hii ily Jan of the Kern county improvement company in the Only reliable comic by in Kern county that u Hii Hiness of planting and taking care of on hards Ami Vine Yard for r will irl la in i Mil Anil lir Lynx u to Lull at i Lii Hinl nit inn Mil on tin inv Linnit Afler or Hail Only tin Hihi i for fruit Anil nun Rich Lintn wll Honl Milne tin Luil i an Aik Tirril of i Liik in Rall fairly Ami in Iii for Tinin Ami Viry fair Anil attn ton Kivini to this of puny is under the direct management of the my with from Tii in Tike Iii i Litot in tin greatest invention in farm Cut will Chr work of four men unit one or two Man in or till non thin u a a mind to Over boo on Ini Lilc no Nix for particular add reit san c Iliili Iii Unia Inisi nil has mis new his rum in Wiidik Anil Lilii Iii Lor in u in Wuner in Annir Liiva line j infill ill or any there in n or Iii entry Anil to the receivers i to Khoii is Matt kens Huili nil Iii to Mir pol nun i a Monty leak Erk i Kuwaki has mis new his rum ends of contraband san Revenue Otlie ers have just nearly j four Hundred cans of valued at a Kaki is it bad jut Arr veil from lied Yui ick Tii a i is consigned to a Clinese the cans had forged Revenue them which led to the i i of Mil uni line to ill t i my i ii l i Oil till Iii i 0 of l will Mil Al 1 for tinning oni Lar Strung i a a i to Are Well known in the fruit they Are also proprietors of the Kern Valley signal no Siiner rail m i Ai i Ami a Zirri a full Murk of All of Trees and fruit Shade ornamental if Rin Loii ill Irner to Nair Ami fix at astonishingly i at Tinh Misi in arks to for Parl i Slais pull at Chr or my Irish Kern county improvement Alerv Uller i Ilir cat us Arr of an Onorr of Chr us l Flie count of Slali of a nil c nil finollo n arh l h Anil is i on the 17lh Ilay of in in Tanc t thru Trail to h Iii i i still Lull i Iii Jal Lles o in at c main Linin i i and Margarel Holli Ikin i Tiik Lara Iii la i Iii i is i i an incl l or r h or for Wiere hanged in this morn Iii for tin murder of Gcorge Illus my i i lib lid of he in North Danville on october the condemn cd remained i in Lolohe last in t in la Lull i m m Low in i contractor and furnished on All will t is Justice Bradley Joseph Asci it i Istee of tin1 us i r Willil i ii i i t i ii i jul Hill u h h la if to n no i i i l i i i Iii i i no l w Lehnin id in ii i f 1 in lit Ali i Colial of the fulled died at in morning of m Bradley wan in Ali Eliuh year of m la l l i i i All us nov i l l err i a Alti Rincy Siml oin Isidor at i i m a on All tin i Mikiji i Inci Jinil tin world Ostl pm i on 111 i i of lir Iii Valmy dissolution Kex i minx Jitu Itin ii i i Tel i Milci Lionil Illmie Lvii i will Giuld my hell fur any of 1 j Latil Lur it Jului m
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