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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Jan 15 1892, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - January 15, 1892, Bakersfield, California Tali fernian a Ken a 1v a to the Tim says Lilia Many of the Liest families j among the creoles of new on sunday celebrated the Khuth anniversary of her came of sturdy her was the first Branch Pilot in new Ami rowed Washington from Jersey upon the occasion of tie 1residents her husband made the boiler for Fulton first River Steamer and cast the first Ull for Market no so w 1001 101 i 1011 san t i buyer Hurley the result of tie Baltimore investigation state worlds fair san worlds fair commission purposes to hold a convention come used of two delegates from each county to Aid and Spur on tie work to be done for Cali fornia at the worlds a Boll mail roof cry train derailed to come before Congress All the latest news As received by Tele graph by the daily californian up to 4 Oclock Oliver Corner client r Avenue and itch has six to furnished or As miscellany Hoard by the Day o Jyl Lotf week at the the place for Nierli occupied by the Lute and Lii def new Tommie Iio Tki none but the Best brands of liquors and Oivo in a civil Jun it advertisers do Yob it to sell Yoi Price 5 miscellaneous Conff that touched us Walker tie leading Mercian tailor in Kern fist ski Vivki a Spring find sum intr Sam Lenv cleaning and Hep Airine a s then place a n a1 v k kits 1c n t in the daily i weekly the weekly has the largest circulation in the the daily is the Only daily publication in the it is of the chilian they gut into an argument about the a Kwh the i Money made by people who earn their Washington says the under1 Iivo nor on the of course they Dif do standing now is that 1resident i feed people cant argue satisfactorily Harrisons message on the chilian unless they do but hero is Tho flit or will go to Congress about next if judge opinion of a woman who was onco on Tho who was considered 1 in advocate general hems m lion at Mare Island will probably j Tymn us a Korilko reach Washington on monday or tues and yet who is with her Day and will be appended to the present life the president will bring out when i Tike out the Money paid for evidence tending to show that the Kowits which we useless except on Tho attack on the Baltimore men was Prei l for Troy Eling hotel weeks in meditated and that the police partici1 link rated in the message will Xvi in j take into account engagements accompanied by u number of Phot which could not for Ninny reasons be graphs showing the which satisfactory to me when 1 foot up the the assault took place in widely salaries which in my Early of the thee work i never and when 1 mate the 1houand and one Little which Wenthen 1 con Sider that for vend years of my life 1 earned practically nothing but a none inn workmen Wall Avivm the the Ilse the rest the must in the contracts mad and entire Elia rare taken of advertising Imit Ter it at Reju Judar i apply for space and position at the office of the a lasting a Universal favor Ite among pipe smokers be cause of its absolute packed in Patent Canvas pure Tel Siivo Southern hotel Barbershop the fluent 1 laths in town with hoi my him cried for lad ladies hair dressing a specially separated part Deuce will show that the attacks were All simultaneous mid some of the men assaulted were More than two Miles from their the conspire and 1 worked very you must in tors seem to have agreed that at a de stand so Heidi i got married 1 left tar Given hour the american seamen were to be attacked wherever they could be nothing can be definitely Learned As to the time Chili will been in which to answer the 1nited states but it is generally believed that from seven to fourteen Days will be Pacific rolling Mills on san Pacific rolling which narrowly escaped destruction by tire last Are again seriously it was 1 now it int necessary to Tell you what my salary was or what my husbands salary now but his earn Ings Are less than mine unit we two live much better on smaller salary than 1 Alono could live on my bigger have a pretty Home Nick for Imil and fits commercial lunch served at All i y Ririe Cuil Neil Niederaur Cor 19th and l assessment ill 11 in time of peace prepare for War which Means if it Means anything that i have on hand 59 stoves ranges which is More than 1 have room you can have Tim at your own Price reclaimed us 30 the Model a lican Wiltil six Lei rally for the Alifornia Trail is Hole made esed to Wear longer and i Ami italis i no ill Iii Sun Kern i mint n i Fornin Neil air is Liun ii nil in Mittini no l Holm Onseth any n Mii in mum was Livili la pain till rapid ill stink of pie inti in l i tin Ilu if my do letter work than nov love in the my hardware and tinware Stock is Complete Galtes 11hllfnrnin any sink Iii Nii Hlili Riidu Iii Unpi Iii on the 11th Ilav of Viii Anil fur Pilolli Artlin Noliss pinyin int n Giuili will Mii Luy of Murrilo pay ass Mirin lot liar of unit and All that we need to be e of save u Little Money so 1 suppose i this is a fair answer As to what one1 makes on the there Are a great Many circumstances to he new York la order of of Uita i o hi1 Sirn i Koo Tii us run Denim uni Lanill in til anal Milln Captain Anderson rescued Tho Crew of supposed that the tire had been exp Hutch Schooner from a wild part of the to anguished but it has a Uiti broken out i Slid of after upon some in the bunkers which contain tons of Coal valued at at this writing the Prospect of saving thu works is very slim they urn the Only Mills of the kind Here mini their loss will be n Public calamity besides throwing about Sam men out of will paralyse a number of building trades and pro f i of the his return is thus do for ibid in a Cruis ii in an opium clip per our Way took us in to Anglo ulu a narrow and As 1 entered it at the Lieal of my for a Botond my Inart almost ceased to beat at thu that met my was lined on both sides with looking natives uru us with huge knives mud Many Union meat Market ital jul in Choice Mutton Salt meats of All families supplied at lowest 1rires l to in to ult of Ilir in Kern Joo Ety improvement a Ken offers for Sale Imp Ovid an i vineyards at Low 1rices and on easy Alkali neutralized Liy Fri Sisr land Nevada Gypsum fertilizer Lili Pyle a Nursery Trio Nipoa seedier Kaisin fruit Trees of every variety d Orau Enlal scrubber in Jimil Liiv Yard l i h 111 Luil it to Hilr into rom to lion arc ejected Cable car a bold mail bold Rob Inry of the 1nited states mail occurred Here last night at the Kric the mail for the eastbound Eon other Ileath dealing 1 was taken hat Aback by Home instinct carried to for Ward sword in looking to Tho right and left with a staring which seemed to curb the revengeful spirit of the on arriving at the other end of the Celile 1 turned saw All the sisting of two was laying on it and told them truck on the platform waiting for the in unmistakable English a clean tie employees having them in pair of heels for i lie while 1 brought stepped into the depot for a up Tho rear at a Sharp Pace As soon As i and on return the bags were i had got a Litt Liway from the entry lieu of they were found later under a Trot Plank in the rear of the freight House Wilmit but had been Cut open and their con u tents a tramp hanging making a motion toward us my about the Depol is Supee cd of the the Kern county improvement company is the Only reliable company in Kern county that makes a business of planting and taking care of Orchards and vineyards for t Illo and and ii in full liar his i Hihi Mill when Ishik Tishin i Lull i Htom of ihi1ont x air i j an ocl7w Cal i jewelry i watches and clocks n i in pm pit Immi on tin Ufier whim for frill Ami non Imi Lnu mall inn run not air Niril of in Iii inn Fil Rii lit Liik Hili tril for Ilicin Anil Viry ii Nail Allin Lin Zivin to this company is under the direct management of the Only i Iii in in Karlous Kin Lis Diamond Lake in Iii iut a Kitty Uura Rita Vii a Hick link Iii Blank Hooks stationery Kou Tine to name and fully address Al i Akk who arc Well known in the fruit they arc also proprietor of the Kern Valley Slitni ill on Lmh Oinui Anil n Lull Ito i of nil Al Niue Trees and fruit Shade ornamental of i in ill pm i in at in Inai Kofl rat i Imarn Lirl Linion Mil Fri i at Maudes Jewely client Khz Numi exp Kumh c almost a smash base Tiger train number is Van Ute a switch Here last night which had been accidentally left Eliut Nimi they Tell a funny Story of a Man who rented a Box in Ilii Postof Kucij awhile lit Iii Patti to have Lieen Law to the business and tailed to get hang Tho att Era Luo Iilah Orn he called i in Aikin i r Al lies i i in stating Jiyun tits Kern county improvement for by one of the derailing on of of the pos Olliee loing slight the engine and mail damage to l he t rack and the Pilot of i iodine aflel1 hours engine and car r Back upon Tini Raik and iii1 i ail Pri Iii eded on in i rain Ilia m Kel the Gan to kick about the Ilie blamed breaking Oil thing never had and mail in i Ila Al a Teliin 1 Hin in he Sleeper i s i m 1 a car Oil Ilie Norl Heril Cacilie be tween Here and in Duth Udo railed this thai rain was a special conveying members of opera the ear tool lire and two members of tin troupe to i re lace i i i Mil i 1 lie i i i 1 i t i r i i we i he 1 in in i i i i 1 f Lii id Loil bad been it i Lyhle Milel lie a i 1 Miil in Lii at lat and Wem away m ill enough to f l m a a s t n inti Caish underwear a i a i Oil i i of v a i a w i i i i i f m a u a l to tic v ii no Viii Izilor in i n i ill Lair Ollow a Lull dial solution i Iskuki Cikut Kex i a Lilik it Effii Miod Mil ii Mill i Ilsc Ennid i will nut Imil my Milf fur of Lili Vilver Limey Hii
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