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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Jan 13 1892, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - January 13, 1892, Bakersfield, California Kern Price 5 a terrible resin Ami soap stores occupying the Story below the elevated Union station f the Midland and North a intern Railroad caught tire last latest dispatches say that the platform of tin1 Midland Railroad station has fallen in upon stores Pielow forming burning Aliyssa Terribile to a a Leinan named Thompson was hurled into the Laming pit by the 11 of the plat form and burned to death in sight 1 of thousands of j Stormy san chants Exchange this morning reports the arrival it Hong knt ii yesterday in a leaking condition of the Canadian tacit la steamship impress of China from she Hud a Stormy passage in which she was Hadly dam her forecastle was full of water a terrible Ami must Dock for the town of still Oliver Corner Wheeler Avenue and itch has six rooms to furnished or Jyl Edtl Hoard by the Day or week at the the place formerly occupied he the late and plod of advertisers miscellaneous sons thut touched his new Walker the my merchant tailor in Kern fist Dkl Kiskil a i link s Prinis Mill of Cheju Rinir and i Tiik Lack an in Ike weekly pm Trio weekly lists the largest Ireri listion in the tin daily is the Only daily jul plication in the 1t is Muiir Lui Kirit till l death near the All the latest news As received by Tele Gopi by Tsa daily up to 4 Oclock Eastern press club Arm train bearing the delegates to the Convent inn of the International Lautic of press clubs it san reached hex at this morning and was met by n committee and also by in Coni Milter of the san Francisco press of the first to alight from the rain was butter known As Frank she quickly gladdened the hearts of the natives by exclaiming in an exuberant such glorious Sunshine is it not happiness supreme to be ushered into such a glorious climate after passing through Milc Sof Snow the excursion Market i pm i wheat i j idl j san i wheat lit Iyer Hurley buyer Llda seller j gone n i for Many years Secretary of the West Ehster county savings Bank at Tarry y is discovered to he Side 1 fat Ilter for somewhere about the extends Over a period of thirty May who is Over ill years has a confession Ami it is unlikely he will be hot a peasant in Toola yesterday shot Bis a Uail is Cunt arts made and Clire taken of advertising mat Ter if it regular apply for and position at the Olliee of the Nick Success Luul caused the formers ruin and then set lire to the House by which tin1 three women and seven children were hunted to death near the party consists of ninety live i watchman in the government chilling wives and lady friends of the the visitors were entertained at breakfast by the people of after which they visited the Citrus fair where they in rapture on the products of the Northern Citrus the party left Auburn at due to arrive in san Francisco at 4 Hayti boiling Over cd Herald this morning publishes an interview with minister Itic of in which ioi1 Imil mid Fisli Liaise commercial lunch served at All i t n Rii thut ii in Auric Niederaur Cor 19th and l assessment Iio Yirk Yalli Ami ii my inn of Iii Rimml Phi iof Iii Mill i ii 11r til nut ill of Kini rom in life Iii nut Irr is lit till in ill t Lull lit u Mil ill i if t or Hill ill Lif Mil Jim Mil in of per Fli Illi Ifil Ril tin Rii Plutul Stuik of tin1 Uris int Unur to h c us sri Ilhan if mini my tin nil in i if tin i ill i i n ii ii til Fiir Iii St san i t or i Sci a fun i a by Murk ilium u Mili the assess Milit mall Rii Iliin ill i in tin1 Lulli May i if will tic Anil fur tit in Lii Lilii Toimi Ini lims Luigi Nimit is will Almon tin Lluli May of Marih in pay till liar with costs of Hilvitz Luisini and in time of peace prepare for War which Iii miss if in la Iii 1 Hiir nit Linin a 89 stoves ranges Lii Ali ii inc Thi Iii i liar Reinin void can have Tim no your own iric a lasting a Universal favor Ite among pipe smokers be cause of its absolute packed in Patent Canvas Viirre Tel Marco Southern hotel Barbershop the Ken ii i Tatum in town with reserved for ladies hair dressing a specially an us reclaimed too jul jilt worst is 1 Fly or incr it the item ill of Iiri this morning in the Case of the Prince of Wales the Duke of Clarence mini All the Royal family Are at his Crisp that gentleman confirms the report of Crisp is Hetter and suon Gei last week to the Ellet that Revolti we Are r Tutu to we Vieu to it a a great says an Archt that inon Aro becoming zionists at Jamaica were again Active it nil were fitting out the War vessel be pays in this country for the j smaller when i was in in of it Rikino in Etle Etive How Nikii ight in to gave a grand Ball the of thirty j and the City authorities decided to let thous ill ill lure Hus Imen sent by the the artiste have the two of the mod Tiaval revolutionists for fitting up the mor Borod the Niue end i in there were Only two suits of Armor Here of minister be nay that com b the8e were they have located the vessel hut wont the bits of of that time Tell where she she will pro uhly to j which belonged to the Ordinary by some Ili Ittel states marshal Strong were too Small for would not this tend to show that we Aro larger than our ances tors free it a i Iii l i Cix i Mii in til Union meat Market in Choice Mutton Salt meats families supplied it lowest prices on Lith Ihli Pittil in All parts of the rally Kukk of Ami m i i i i i i i i i Alkali neutralized i he Mai Tecl i Lilii utile in huh mule im1 the Tai id is Waitr Loi Ivor Siml do it tier work limn any Tvr in my i link Vine ii nil Tim Vine Lork is rumple to is Galtes j Novada Gypsum co i drury7 druggist Chester Corner eighteenth next i door North of former Willil Chalk a nil Rita in Iuro Patent Chc Miculs and toilet articles window Kern county improvement fur ill improved a regards at Low 1 vices and on Kasvi i into 1 knt i v the Billj till Olill 111 a Titi ill Lilly dial Ionuia Siml to Klimik Iii of Tinl Visk Yakish u will ill i net y when minister Irice the conditions Are a caved in ii was thought at Midnight last night when the ave of the 1aiilee mine had spread Over live Ami Luul at vested houses and Lilno people that All Daniker was hut today the Cave has extended until it now covers a Sij Tiare id lie in the Kisters of mercy were her Reilly taken out of their Convent Ami for a time Lehigh Valley passenger trains were stopped running through the and Gas Mains in streets a Iju Arter of a mile away from tin strict in firs class i 11 to nn1 in Lii it id Lull it that will in it cent on tin Hiler i we Miulli Only the Una fur fruit util Natl Pitt tic chm rent huh Vircil of Billik Tara till fully Cuil a Linen Lilly la Hlll Tell fur to Lull Ullin till i tight rare Cuil Utton Lnu Kimii to unlit Tinnil Priit of the i int who Cru will Kim in fruit tier a mind ihi1 do jewelry watches and clocks to Ilo in afraid 1 cant marry Snooks is such a horribly common to get it changed your hair is to dreadfully Iimori Intel t to get it dyed your eyes Are decidedly to go out and get pm a Tosh Tinort Addrene for ii in Kurt rec curd ii Many of the country residences in eng land Are now supplied with electric Light Are snapping the danger is not machinery and consequently p null air of electrical adaptations Are yet Dertl among these u an Electrio brutish club Galen which is said to do its work w la most efficient it a Only Sas Sun fix b a Day night a Llano waylaid Tain and attach u auction and delivery Antoni Matteas and Lieut him almost and the water is projected As de ton Jolly with a Leavy bag Luiu new York was arrested after a desperate it rugger with the the men had i Marreld Over a trivial matter Early in the evening hut had Heen separated he fore coming to fall Maiio in Juil awaiting the unit of Maidla whom in thought u ill Ili not far Rota rioted rooms in a Latium m r t of these Are Young i i Lulu the u of Pitinii of whom Are live Restiv Fahley of Mui tits for Sliu Alwil i Elk Tel Anil furry u Dill k i nil cml Trees and fruit Shade ornamental i Onver Ilir Lilliin at Iii rail Riih noun hit Tom Fruin Kur Hill or Ali trim i Kern county improvement in variety Koryt Lillif a Nice link tit Blank Hooks stationery at Maude 8 jewelry a Likhter i xxi Heoji m ill v l Ilik 1 v1 i haul is a 1 Kukri i k k 1 m mini Iii 1 Siml 1 in tic la 1 k 1 the Hii Iii Kiln no i will is h 1 i ill got of be mean i v i in i in inn n Ai 1 1 1 m i in Lii tree ill Lara h l no 1 it in Hes i ill Oric unhappy in a b Tainkim a i train at Martin steam Lei the late fill Steell Lisk v Al l i if la Noni How has filim Leisi 1oiir Liu died people Illi uni i i him Verity at probably the largest in the having an of ii Liiri a faculty of forty under control a i Turim at a i s ii ivxdijuiir1 n jul in n i hotel for 111 i i n i l i 11 of i a i i i my i Ril Ini no l Anil main Ali Uppole tin Mill be ill Iari lir ill Linn Iii 11 v Lalji Ilner la 11 i i Iii Iii ill n ii Ini in All Tut 11 i la i i in ing in n in i Onla Nii ii aim i i Coli Enli d to ii Ili Idin infill i Fot Hie ill Ali no the Plopi ily u ill he for Nile until Illet s l in in Iii c ii Emilil Koi a Millici Caid Ilii of Al a kill Ltd Disio Lutious i sex i i a Lilik littwin Milorin Ami i Tiloi Lii evil i Mill Nul i wiil Luy 1 it Furini no hit i Zijic Jim
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