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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Jan 12 1892, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - January 12, 1892, Bakersfield, California Kern Janaky Price 5 a Eye on the the other out for All the latest news As received by to apr Whie wild Nimitr Tho school Utu graph by tie daily californian up 6 k tin in Nihil Loni Smitly we Thiril Lynth to 4 Oclock it lilo Nicholas one of tin oldest the wires sire working nine Liu stirs in tie Iocono said to the writer the other Dav sixty six very Lew tale Gramc l u due bar in a Little log school House Down in Tho Pocono Nosir where Tan now an Odd character Dunbar he stood Over six feet in his he was lean As a Crane and he patches liuvi1 been Rici cd Lindsly dont want so it is stated lion by friends who claim to know could run like a a loaded Rifle standing he always kept by his chair in not accept the interstate coins tie school a few Yards up the tendered to him by the Tho j my go was appointed for Road there was a runway where Deer crossed the during school hours Dunbar always seemed to have one Eye on thu he was crazy for Hunt Tho unexpired term of Jet eral Olimb Down for three years with ing whet Evor lie Sawa a Vav dash in almost certainty of Cappo Momont across the Road or heard a hound baying for seven theonice was tendered j in the Woods he appeared to forget All him by the president without about Bis school for the Lime Ion on u in without saying a word to any of the scholars he would grab his Rush j out of the House bareheaded and away hed go after the like an sometimes we would set him coming Back in less than an hour with a Buck or san a Doe Ling Over his and then ing of the worlds Lair commission again maybe we see any Iii held this Thompson j of him till the next Dunbar a Deer if he had to i a on the Trail till he was nil in one of Bis exciting Hunts the children generally staid in the Little House and had a great play when it was time to go it Dunbar didst Mako his san 1lv after a found Oliver in Nice Bester Avenue mid 7tb six rooms to Iii Lilied or As Jyl Lutr Ito id or week at the the place tonic Rev oct Tipich by tinplate Nln def new Walker tie leading merchant tailor in Kern i i i i us ii Kli a i no of spa Ilu lit Mill a i u Kirl jul Allf Uhi Vimr Cli Imir Savimir m i advertisers do you i Ait to sell your miscellaneous Conj of that Tiik 1lack an in what has indu eel the to worlds fair of us appointed always g Dent of californian exhibition it and John Craig of this City his last Fie Dallof i weekly the weekly has the largest circulation in the the daily is the Only daily implication in the t i the 1tlse of is the Jakst the first in the Leo rules contracts made and entire charge Takii of advertising Mut Ter if at regular apply for space and position it the Ottice of the a lasting a Universal favor Ite among pipe smokers be can is of its absolute packed in Patent Canvas 1iire till Mcvoy Southern hotel Barber shop Haberen seriously ill for some and it was reported night that be was Market ii Yah cat 100 out i Nilius a in electing his and Nim Over thu Nick Imi Mil and fish commercial lunch served at All a h Niederaur Cor 19th and l hat Dunbar t i with Luil full Kallir Ulloth Jne of tin greatest disadvantages Olun t Clu Lively College is thai it is Apt to Loter what Macaulay Calls a that Slu Iii con tempt of everything beyond the Wall of the College mans celestial the fenders of a College education claim their own every Man of distinction who has attended whereas these men became eminent in pile of the fact that gals for or break of in nothing aii1 told of Tinin f of tins Ilii mail his Kii a one Day had a turn Nile fight with a wounded Buck on Pocuis ib1 can 11wilnin an Aie of Long his but he was just As to Deer after As incas ill show you what Kepi Dunbar from being continued and in brought out an old Init and Rusty Rifle barrel that had once sent bullets Hying after game from a gun was out of resigned the old and 1 took this Rillo to the school House for i him to it belonged to my and a Gunhar got a Chance to be it before that afternoon he saw h Buck Trot Down the and he seized Tho Rifle and gave tin Buck was Tak s they spent several of the most valuable years of their lives at and were it ouly saved from he obscurity of the Iuster banged away at him near the majority of College men by Tobuck plunged Forward and main ally neglecting the Dull routine of slowed in Tho Snow and Dunbar ran up prescribed studies and spending the Ito Cut just As Dunbar got to time m desultory him Buck roused up Fml at him he had been hot through Wellington and Many other in Fifthe and he was As full of fight us a i Tunus men went to but wounded there was to charge darned to subject their intellects to the in the and Dunbar dropped his antiquated course of studies Knafo went to be Titi the angry who were the senior wranglers at col Buck off with the he soon broke lege when the men just mentioned were Stock and then he fought Tho Buck with cutting the classics and Reading history the bending it in Tho fight As you poetry and fiction the very names of gee it every time the Buck pitched the successful scholars Are at him Dunbar knocked u Spike from his but Tho Idle Young men who refused and when it was All Over Dunbeir to be tied to the mental Corpse of a dead had trimmed every Spike from his horns literature made their names be tinally stunned the Buck Long enough no name to Cut his the built he the Buck to Tho school House he Wau the j Why i i Ever for the reason for making Champagne Tho Ulli Mutl lm1 Tom his corks by hand is curious and 8uit ill to 8trj with has f the Cork machine is provided with Cir Cular knives of razor he the i ngut a Ltd was ready for another crude Cork is so rough und hard that if it were applied to one of these rapidly revolving knives the knife would at once be so crude Cork that is to be Cut by machinery must be softened in a steam it conies out almost Pulpy and cuts like hut the a Tim takes the life out of Tho its elasticity is Neva to bound when the machine Cut Cork in driven into a bottle the Cork tends to Biriuk and permit the machine made Cork is mathematically while thu necks of Tsottles Are More or less Irreg As the machine made Cork has lost its its round surface ii it ii nit ii i i in cannot swell out to fall any Irreg Anty i Doi with b k Tel if t t tit i 1 n hit 4 assessment 1 i ii a v i i acid a nil i i he la i of a Iii Shu i of Kern in Lii la ill Lviv ill Hill Iii 11 lit till in Iii in Mil of an due Slerk ill Lirl ii Ini in no i i vow anytime a a Kilili tint aim int Liall Rii Imin on hit1 Lili Lunf will Inni Tor Vii it Neil lir line Linin n Nnoli will million Hie Lluli n Mun i to pity Hie lit Tii Killiri Wilh d Mill of Fly Nyler of inc a Miril of i Ivi octave i i i u i in i it Tii in Nii in Lull i Iii Iii Union meat Market in Choice Mutton Salt meats of All time of peace prepare for War which 11 leans if in anything that i have i n hand s9 stoves ranges which is More than i have room Ami can have to Linin no y ladies hair dressing a specially of reclaimed Alkali neutralized i i 11 i i lie a Lieari Tinl six Hole Range nude especially for the Alison Iii Trade is to Wear longer nine do litter work than any stove in the my hardware and tinware Stock is Complete As i Nevada a opium fertilizer Galtes Kern county improvement or Sunli improved Orchards vineyards at Low 1rices and on easy tar i Crim Ian is Tom Only null Kilili in Karu in icily tint Iii Kii n Iii Mink of Tiik Liik Inci Iaulus fur Kanii Liis supplied at lowest prices Liel Ivirgil in All parts of the City Khaki of strictly firs class Muscat i will Sill Ami Plant it to Ali in Siml nine lir Luu it to full liner his it Plith thai ill int 11x1 it cent on thu invent Piunt after i line Clinnly tin licit fur fruit Krow Tiki und Utt linux Nic Liik tin can i Muriel of to Nail fully Tinl Lulu Hihi Tii fir a Linin Ami tin very lint Rani Tinl ulv Iii to Tiu Ilin Iriny u unlit Tindill acct of Titi Iii in Nill known in tin fruit Liivik Lynchn to lira of tin i Cetl i drury7 druggist 1 Chester Corner eighteenth next door North of former and hit ill of Abb Iii 1tiro put pit clip initial mud toilet window Sulu Alwil in Tinl euro full k no nil in n i Trees and fruit Shade ornamental of Ivory i it the in int Init kit trin to Niini unit Fri i Fruin roil lit or i Dunbar declared that he enjoyed Tho i f the same 1 su10la1m used i i every other saturday there was no 1 and Dunbar took Tho whole Day for to got in thu habit of coaxing n Tamo Buck that belonged to my folks to follow him into the Woods a Iii i to went after Ine Buck so got so that to was tickled to go with the and before Long he formed the habit of wandering away from Oiin i making friends with wild Deer and leading them around when Dunbar could get shots it Dunbar thought 1 the trick was very and so did i we but my father didst think when he found out what Dunbar was Lilian indeed Tine to name and fully Kotnek Coldstein Bitting Emu Tot Diltz Kern county improvement audit tilt jewelry watches and clocks Ink coils Stockh Kanuh Diamond lice in a Hick us Blank books stationery at for capita Maudes Jewe lbt a Likhter Noah Ichih Kiwi c in the neck of the and Here is an other source of York wanted mini there is a Story going that a manager recently proved himself strangely he went t the managing editor and Are you said that your Tele Niph editor is grossly ing Bis duty and wasting our in was thu reply what the Ina Terr Sevidal morn Ings now i have been watching and i notice that the first thing Blun he gets in tin morning is to begin Reading the morning i dont wish to be bin it to me he had better attend to work und then if he Hii to read thu Jia Ziern lift can do a til graph editors Lirt duty to read the fun by fastening the Buck in a pen when Ever Dunbar bad a while i think about it ill Tell Ami what an in genious Way Dunbar and to mip whisper ing in the bad a yarn and he caught of in i threw tin Bull at the hitting or 1 h Tholar that i hit in the Middle of Thikim nil pinball and thru w in at Miall d Dnn oar to Kip a Vori in i a Iii to i Arlin Dici Iii Iii of fruits with Iii Len it 11 to remember that pie High standards by which fruits Are now judged Are of n cent fruits which would once have excellent would today b by As unworthy of n Woodale in iop ular i t us to Iii Iii Iii of incl i am m or u i i i a i a i Kwh xxi Isa ilm i Liilian Nihil k k u in in Iii i Lull Ami n i l i 1 i n lost a Iai Ikinio in sell excl Zunjic on nil in pcs in the said in hotel for lothians u Allks nov at i i 1 i n attorney nine Oun Silor to Ai Curili of hunk ill i i n i n a i in a i 1 1 Oli i 01 1 n i i n in i Mulli i i Lii Ini Ilie incl Lynll Iii i in Iii Lou n i no i i in ii ill ill i in Allim Niland i Lav inn ii i mine ill i i still b a i Soliel Iidro to w ii Lolline Lefoie i lir tin urn of will for mile ii null Ziril Hii Niin 1iiitlier at a k i dissolution a Polk Kex 1 Hihi mid in Vlf i in 1 will Nul Lium my Kolf fur buy of Lintel and Mem
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