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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Jan 11 1892, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - January 11, 1892, Bakersfield, California Kern rites to Rea Admiral funeral service Over the remains of car Admiral dodgers were held this torn j a Kirge delegation of Otic cars represented the Navy 1 episcopal services were read and at their conclusion a glowing tribute was paid deceased Liy Lii shop the j Lias returned and will remain be two weeks tie Price 5 miscellaneous new assessment advertisers do you if ant to sell your Vania Railroad station and placed upon a special ear for conveyance to an1 on in then place an Advertis event in was then Home from the Church i 1i Havu Anli Kaisin i of i of in Inri nil iof o 11 Hearse and taken to the Pennsyl Sun of is Kirin Fri Iii Ilii i n Nii Tiiu of tin infill on Chr in of i f r 1 i la Klintti it in i 1 i ii of 1ivi Rill i i i i i i if la i i in live ii Trio Situ k of i a m 1 ii v Iii h u u i i i a i in i i iii1 i i Al i i i i in i Allie Siri Ilary of Mikl it 1 17 h i i 1 Vav Villell and Ohio girl Market 1 horses and Trio Oil Iri of the until Itu oin Sci Nihi uti Pinill on tin Lluli of in incl fur Vilchi 1 fire to i new wheat i tinn n i Willic million Len Ullh Luy of mar Ali Lonj ill lib tin mini san 11wheat Huyer Harley Huyer postponement for Saml of la Gripe at sworn Tui or Curtis charged with the murder1 to Kiln r with incl if Fly u i ii Ilijin of Oit Vovk Himm i pm in no i All in n in nil Innell in til yellow Feyer of police Ollie or was postponed this morning until next week governor Mckinley sworn All the latest news As received by Tele pm governor Giampi by Tia daily californian up Mckinley took i Heath of Oll Cleat 11 to 4 Oclock Chin l f open All never san 11 mile in in r was in the grounds of the Loupe of Clara mar and his made an affidavit which lends j to pay no at vial kit it Ali Ilia the eminent Din a had a laugh Blo in tin other a scotch la additional interest to the Jacobson Tion Ilia text r to the remarks of the he says that he was personally the weekly has the largest circulation in the the Iii la is the Only daily publication in the 1 i the Rtse of the the e1rst in i i and entire Timken it advertising Intaj Ler it it regular i apply fur space and position at the Olliee of j the j Kern county improvement of course you have heard of mastiff plug but have you tried it yourself it is Mak ing new friends every indeed it disappoints it is always even better than people Pace Tucco Southern hotel the finest in atom in town with Hookins reserved for ladies hair dressing a specially Choice Mutton Salt meats Lui tired some Little Tini attic at the prior to August Elf mildly Migg ested with Kerry a Man of about an t Dii stolid 1 years of whom he believed to by on and in listed his the b a i n october he met his voice tinman dug in Williams in a Barber shop at ill doctor the shooting of Jacobson was under conned and finally do Iii i ill know who i discussion and took part j asserting that lie knew More about i i ease than anyone among other shaking his head exclaim Siedi things he said i am solid with the purr delirious in sorry for girl Harriet later Loupe and went on calmly with his met at Tacoma where Wil Lions told him that he was seared to i Iii in 1 i i t i i 111 t f l being afraid that he would be a Lull Aill arrested As a witness in the Jacobson ism at Small arms factors at Union meat Market Patten at 1 in Fand an the son of the straightened his looked at him for n and families supplied Al prices Uris ill Iti Illi Ilii ii ii str i Jan Elf Kyhi us co cast Silhi Iii Krin Mil k mini inuit in 1iiir i Liucy Mazilis incl i Nicaulis or 3xt x2sx 3d h3vtt u i ii in Neil Iii v ill i1 Iii ii Iii i in 111 ii Iii Lull i in i us no h Klinl i Iii r a Rel in tin i air or Only Chr i Iii Maliu it nit u my Romili him Liivi ii in Silini Chr ran Rrt of Luiu to Vitril of oilily nil a Lii ill Lulli ill Ollil till Tell Lull ill lil ill a Ltd lilt can mini n in Tini Tii lit Llic ill Rirl m tin1 i int Hunt nor Hill pm in tin1 Rinilli in i ill1 of tin t Llma 1 ii ask a a Krait shop in 1iiitit Timi Illi my until Iii i steamship Millimetres of n am i i Prim in in will Kiili nun Kiniki Iii in n Loupe is Umuvale of Williams St Tienne for anneal if Trio steel wire present of which the Hammer Springs of the j Isyou Are these Springs yellow Are of steel 7 moorish Prince arrived in 1iiitws the wire rolled and a current of Twenty three Niu neros 18 Yeste Nlay 1 he Captain thrill jul rapidly ports that on november chief Olliver when it judged Miffy client the Mitil i Muni Inelli Ihli Frnia Ami Rorry u full Murk no All Klinn e Trees and fruit Shade ornamental ill thu insist Iii kit Trixi inn1 Nuiji Dinul Virci train in Tii tin or Kern county improvement in b m o i Kyj look n i ii t t Hughes Ami Fisher were taken circuit is mid the Hamiter apr Iii i machines in ii in Down with yellow fever while the ship dropped into a wait n in cml Len trial Imam aaa Aam a was at Rio Janeiro and both the one Man can anneal Twenty Springs All work is guaranteed 118 ump Bill s Irlue Uldal 900 1030 Assoc Al 01 second James to about came ill on november 1h and died i 24w or do electric annealing being clean in operation and cheap will no december Hoot in in ii Melrosa case8 was taken on december 2 and to one died a Clay Kince leaving Kio Janeiro there been sickness but no deaths Low Allis s Autilio Rixcie Ca Wiital Kli urch strictly k Kellott Crown Vurr Irful Ilcent m j reclaimed Ami Alkali neutralized Fly Tollik land Nevada Gypsum it Firtl Llmer Telephone to oat druggist Chester Corker eighteenth next door North of former and hbt4il ii1lii Piliro Patent Ohmic us and toilet articles Winslow Aneiro Mere noon sickness oui no ill j the health of ulcer will not Al til we Kalail ill loan Tinaci do her to come into the Bay until it is a Case like that in which the old Lin 1 v v i us ascertained that there is no danger Hull Al 111vo Tholt full lib or 11 j a cooperative savings Asce a fresh of n ii rat inn i ii Mil ill Lark i Rolth him a Zolule in Chirlly to in not in h ill nil Mytnik 111 ill lil like a Ming Mark Cap and charged a fee Ai x of two it up in Ella Juanin leed Tine to name und full Jim skis Worth the other a schoolgirls Makis Finger became caught in a it Makk 1 or a married Man with a knot Ami everybody was address it Anns to Yin n married woman of Calhoun of sending a Carpenter they almost ended in a a who coolly or donned a i neat Job with a chisi1 and a without Abram Garretson Fml his i n drop of while school when the old gentle Millus pm Yjih wondered at Trio re Man wus lying on his death i sources of modern medical and then abandon Iii his Stock can be subscribed for at the Bank of of Elliott or Send for a us until acid Ratill do jewelry watches and clocks vie Cioth it ankh ulna it Diamond lace in Uhniat n a hint on wife and children stole two of his fathers horses and eloped with a Marion who for her share in wlli1 Tiv working people the transaction left two Voun children of to learn not i much How to kit Money As How to have to the care of her or it min for in Hie Dank of i it or Upega it Mlot Lokish Daikh senior wus rescued from the manage the first part of Home i m building with Cli Mculty and h use hut it takes a Clever to i i i gently make a proper of the Money when it is Johnson once mid that insane or Iii Aano i without Vith it few can he though his statement cannot be accepted As to i iia Iain a Ike a Tiia link n Lynx us t Wiikari Ami a Hick nil ii Blank books stationery at Maude jewelry a Likhter Avoni Nakak c Walker of 17 years was ing absolutely Thern still a netting tire to a barn Grain of truth in Halls journal in i she tried to run away and when he of now being used in i11 m1 n v Ai 1 i Lur to elec 1 i in away had nearly overtaken her of Cash Drew n Large knife and Del cd Wii ii h lops two blows from a club off the who Nieddu a i n i min m a to compel her to when put with a in jail she to Lilleon Direda mall c in ii Lions within three including Mamma of Meiyi ii Voirin vane mutilation of he by Trnini u r or wanted school House and the Dean action of other la i he is Trie an Ca by and Moro that dreaded tiny of ii Dura 11kight deaths fam r and 1 Tuit work up better occurred Iii this Civ Vester than Tri Iii i v t i i u the announcement create con i i is Dirube in Crimin among foreign the of Largi i l1 visitors to this its re venue from thu rail i i rail and Telegraph coins Anikij that it v i i i the brother did owns and Trio question of at Tonii it new Irace taxation always under orious by the statesmen Ami eco i 1leld the eldest daughter Muta of one North of hunk Cyrus died this a Iii Kikino Uii siness on All list pcs in said on f hotel for in i a Hod Conn t of Liaci and Mem of Poinc the Southern Iaci Lic in Miri t i Liy he it cover four n Lii Iii nil Fiji nihed i i Lavi Lili Liili Lisheid Home in Otta South i Havi Eon Liidi d to Nell this line in fore i for the sum of the Pio Pirly for Sale until Lor further regarding Ini mire of h u at 15 a k dissolution t1ik Kex it Liik it Wiick Mckonl Mill Iii we i lir relay i will nut hold null Tut i of will veterinary Murto
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