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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Feb 27 1892, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - February 27, 1892, Bakersfield, California E my Kern be Hilary prick 5 ear what three High binders arrested Heinila sunday the ministers will talk about to Good the delightful weather will out the full strength of the various Pongre i nations at All the churches tomorrow the oilers claim they Are the men Nve for the recent night constables and armed with u warrant for the arrest of live on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon upon a went into Chinatown and arrested tag All yet and Wong three members of the stick Ogtong upon searching the prisoners no less than rive double 44calibre win Chester revolvers were found upon la one of 1ng having two murderous weapons on his the three chinese were taken to wild Constable Laly this inborn and locked we started out to get the two remaining members of the gang and judge of Nir Surprise when we got into Chinatown to to jul a yet there ahead of we asked him How he come to be it Liberty and he said he had been bailed but Justice Olds who us cd the warrant say there was no bail Sherrir i Borgwardt was seen in rela Tion to the Altair and said it is True a yet v is released from jail last he i employed by Harry Lech Lici and has been for last night Harry came to tie jail and explained tie situation to Deputy Sherier will who was in charge of the uttering to be personally responsible for the chinaman appearance and rather than Wake up the Justice at the dead hour of night in Ord that Lechner might go through the formality of giving a yet was continued the there is a Nair Ger in this and its going to in brought to the Over and Over of certain chinese without the Hope of conviction Means and before just what it will lie fully explained by sworn Ive gotten tired of the continual groundless attacks made upon the sheriffs and i propose to give some of the people making them a ii acc to nov their at the Heine time i will probably have something to say about the manner in which certain Oft Licals conduct their Bun constables Daly and Withington assert that the chinese arrested Are the parties who been making All the trouble of late arid it is to if the of ulcers have the right they will be Able to convict the live two of whom were taken inform nut ice Olds and released on i minis of ism Yaeli this Tylik proposes to wait until absolute proof is forthcoming concerning tie guilt of tie or the methods the of ulcers Are charged with and when that proof comes it will Hue to the line and let the chips fall where they a popular Joseph Krismer and Phocbe supported by their excellent will occupy the Niece ran r opera House on monday evening where they will produce for the Glrst time in Hak Erh Leld the a four act dramatized from Raikin Hodgson burnetts Story of Kithas the play u genuinely the original which consisted Only do to it will do you no harm even if it Doest do you any i mkt Odist i Irmini ser i vices will be held in the Superior court i room at 11 and the i will preach j in the morning upon the value of the and in the evening his Stib Juett will be the onh Hope of the Sweet Singer from will act As Choi Utt the song service in the morning will consist of the hymns once More we come before our and i love to Tell the followed by a Solo what shall it Iro lit the evening ser vice of song will consist also of tin familiar sunday school at i Oclock Over Yong is cordially invited to till Cunningham services at 11 and subject of the Sermon will be is it the and for the evening discourse i who can be sunday school u ill meet at in Oclock Ami the Yonng 1eopli i society of Endeavor at ii Oclock All cordially invited to attend these baits Dan the pastor will preach Munging and evening tomorrow at the usual the subject selected for the morning Sermon is and his in the evening the pastor will preach a Temperance Sermon be fore the various Temperance societies and of the City and Colo there will be an appropriate song there will be services at the 1 lost Dale school House tomorrow afternoon at Jor of the Baptist Church of this All Are ski Hun Day service 11 Oclock morning ant communion Ami behold we go up to 7 evening prayer and next wednesday owing Ash wednes Day there will uan Early Celebration of holy communion at 7 also morning Litany and Celebration at in work to 1 orders issued to Start the forces to building the new Branch i the merchants and business men generally will i glad to know that the j order for Active work to be gun on the Branch Railroad from Bakersfield to Armona Lias been issued and that i Early next week the Force of my will i beat this City will be made tie base of supplies and the Trade of i fully 3m White men to say nothing of several Hundred chinese will be a very Welcome addition to to him of Tisi Ness tie new Branch will be built rapidly and it is that the connection with the Armona and Tracy Road will lie made not later than september 1st already there is talk of several town Sites along the Road which will open up and place on the Market some of tie richest and i test irrigated land in the instead of allowing tie Eastern swindlers to plat towns on the to Jevc desert the real estate men pro Csc to Oiler to the people of the East Colony two Tuuli criminals at tempt to they Are the men who been work our the sympathy on the l4tb of this month two notoriously hard Murray and were released from the county jail after having served a sentence for stealing a clothes wringer from a pour widow and pawning one of the men had served seven sentences in jail within a year and the other four or live and the Sli Erith warned them to leave they left the jail but in less than an hour were Back in front of the Iron door of the jail is a screen it is placed there in order that the wicket in the Iron door May be left open to give tie prisoners air and the screen j preventing parties on the outside from passing opium or weapons in to the that the screen is an absolute necessity can be readily seen for if the open wicket in the jail door proper was left open it would necessitate the constant presence of a guard and to close in would mean to is i tie the unfortunates in the Murray Ulm Van returned to the As and deliberately Cut the screen for no other reason Ihan they j wanted to do sonic they were caught almost in the act by con stable Packard who put a charge of felony against the men did not deny the crime but plead the sympathy Dodge and argued that they should Only be tried for a Mise their cases came up inform Justice Scott Titis morning and Deputy District attorney Ratten called his honors after the evidence was both to the record of the men and the crime they Hud committed in trying to open up a Way by which tools or drugs could be smuggled into the Justice Scott bound the men Over for trial and they were taken Back to hardly had they landed inside the hostile when the door was opened to let a prisoner out and Murray and Wilyan made a dash for they jumped through a window and ran like deers but Deputy Sherier Borg Werdt overhauled them and they Are now in the Bot i men Are bad cases and their place is in the Webb with her two miss Lillian and left for u visit of some weeks in Charles Niece Suurs Eill client Marble left Friday night fora Brief visit with his parents in san by Lema Nursery Thompson seedless Raisin fruit Trees of every variety Shade Trees and Orya mental shrubbery Intel unix to Plant vim Sards Ami or will flute it to their intercut to we miihfitt1 tin when the of son i Chilli 1m be h Soiu tlu1om x Stol to in cd Bakersfield Cai Union meat Market us in Choice Mutton Salt meats Earth to Earth a mail is Dail to his own interests who fails to stare a piece of land in Kern land in Kern county will produce the largest crop of and fruits of All in the the terms Are the most and the prices More reasonable than in any other irrigated Section of the a Tine list of improved and unimproved Vineyard land a for further information apply to or address com inc coming Richards Princles Ria minstrels if nil families supplied at in lit i lowest of tin Kukk in not spectacular but in Niilre negro one of the strongest companies in at Niederaur opera conveyancer and insurance agent i k Imp Wilm nil Ltd Lull if ill Tell in tits Rulh Tiftik to tin1 Trtan fit of the into kit Ernil fur my i Khz k rns Nii and him h i with lie troupe will appear the great and Only coloured comedian the Man with Many imitators but no seats for Sale at Niederaur furniture probate in n in Tsitlik Ointa Stiriti i Iii Itter in the of Iii Ottri for to of of time Lor auditor business trip to Howell left a Sun Francisco on have your eyes tested at old Jyl Lotf of the scene i tween Keith and the was not As far As her the great Ine nation of affording everyone with abundant food for the the purpose of Burnett was to work out the burglars reformation through his Eon tact with the co minered by the childish prattle of the Little one Wati key to the felons on in his elaboration of this Short moral Thomas hits Fol Lowed the most obvious line of tie death of the burglar was a Neces not Only is the play genuinely but it has a vein of comedy running through it in effective con which is genuinely in tills play might i said to be one of the few Good things our stage owes to american tie acting of and Irismar in this play is of the highest they portray their respective characters within their As indicated by the most a handsome there will lie a shooting contest on sunday Al j Oclock p in on the Drury addition Between the mild the sons of veterans the will member in the team and the contest ill of much inter est As the winning team Are to receive a deed to a lot in the presented by our i town Init ii by Ella Wheeler Wilcox famous sonnet is it it out this it jul Lay 1llollkh to i to Huit alien Ille him k Liy h lint the Man Worth while u Ihnut will Tun lit we Iii Everyl Hanx Ile Uil for i lie tent of the heart it and it cd Ivien with and the mlle lint in Worth Tiu Praise of Parili u the a mlle that Uhl Nui through of flue baled Hay for apply or Buk Firof tracts upon which u Good living and u neat Little profit can be made each year j with Hall the expenditure of labor i that it takes to scratch a Hare existence j out of the ground in the lantern j to those who want to live in a new town and grow up with it an Opportunity will lie Giyen to locate and commence business in u country which new with Kern county alike rivet co civil de put Aai let Ilia a Viii tint Eliot the Iliin of at in Oiin k of Tiit at tie Ikirt Rosiu of at the court Bonne in the county of state of have Boen appointed the time Anil place for prov unit the will place fur proving of mild Loroni Iii for lieu Lair Tiu application of Dol dirty fur to Iii lit turn Litin icentary Tinl Wiitra any intern Ltd May up Ulm the s Marion Al Tanuya for Chester next to to open Day and night hot and cold lunches served at All the Best steaks in the meals 25 cents and Lianchi a Foj Jef Niederaur opera House i one w is being constantly tilled up with the intelligent and industrious 1 people of the the game a mistaken impression that prevails re Garding wild incorporated slav Cupl Tal the Centennial manufacturing of the Centennial copying and copied without of Molit Eneil iad or Alwg Anil Ina in fast urls of All Klmle of letter i Opy Liik Hole i ill for fair sea Leil air Poal will he Reee veil up to Heli in airy Lor inv inn Deil of land to to the Kern Karl Lio Union Aniu iela Linn for the of a Rai Terai for the term of five an i Tun yearn with the of j 1rlee Ami Tenni to in the Riklis rear veil to re Jovit any Ulm All ail Ilromi m Hoti Joseph Cri Syier and a comedy drama by author of on Sals it Nied Erfurt furniture i is a Virv at Derei Vilier i ii Nyimi i Ikon St Khhili at tills Ollie Liv Itla Kuell m Smith a Klimt Emilia in him fit entry dated upon All of wet Lon a Runice in Kern wit i a to the can eel latin of Nirid font entrant Ulli Klimik that said land entered by fraud in the in a edition of fund enter that at the time of said Ever and raid land Ronld and produce native Krait ii Hiil Lelent in Allty it unfed Liy anti Nail to make an Ordinary Rop of Hay in Simual that at All mentioned a wild land Mould pro applies to Mich counties As adopt Din e Hurley or other Eti Iii is not in Liiva u u Itliong Zirri Kyllon in Iii ont to make the Enlil ii is to lilt Law is l ii Renine Vallve that Cla Winant not i mini Ilieff with tin Hunters of Kern just two More Days left lawfully Hunt the wild is a mistaken idea unit county have in which to there Corally pre vails regard Iii the name that the provision Rekitt Dizik wild Duck is in other words that it Only is not the the Law is in enl in its character and the Section referred to reads a very in the state of i tween the first Day of March and the first Day of in Cadi year kills or destroys any parti ii Lye or u Rouse or any kind of wild Duck or rail i Una Ltd of a Mislej the Law also against the destruction of the of the Birds named and h explicit in regard Lottie lius of the the Dit rent varieties of the so on tuesday next the Shotgun can be put away until several Large Hunting parties w ill leave the City for a Farewell shot at the i weather j i for the Twenty four ending it j j in Oclock february Smth i probable Ruhm t i with die Law Ullnee entry i Tiisik water or Ina Kinu or Oiler into Iii of on information i mid Lillef i often lint Averu that i Hilin int a i not in ii lied any water i Linht for the of Aid and that Fiir Ziadi Firth Iii Ella of than Tiu Enid it Iliev Are d to apis eau ill Iii 71 ii Wilny of it in Ugloi k u in to and Pinili Eolie Ernins Lilia to Elta loll in on i tiled june Feild Frank Cassons private rooms and Entrance for fresh Eastern oysters Frozen in Shell t Al nyc on special arrangement for open Day and meant Fromick up French Aii knit attorn by at Iki Norm of Llan Kol Iliili ried Era county improvement Kolln offers for Sale improved Orchards and vineyards at Low in Kari mid Khov the Kern county improvement company is the Only reliable company in Kern Only that makes u of planting and taking care of Orchard and for will ill Yon int us per i for for land t it to v Hies in on the la it Ai can rent Ltd it Ellk Neul Cate Anil i and hrs ii it to Lull at Nhen that will Fol tent Nehru we Landle Only the Belt nun resident Ultmont of Ite Liik treated fairly mid i Hull e for them and the very the Nylon Ulven to dancing Given free to gentle j i Yuri the Liu Vang taken of tin Ingle formerly occupied by the Lute though 1 am prepared to furnish the Best of table Board at lowest prices accommodation for u few More gentlemen Ltd to company is under the direct of the who arc Well known in the fruit they Are til i proprietors of the Kern Valley Hil Naitil on nineteenth Tuty full Tluzek of if and fruit Shade Orn mortal of every Deir Tiitson it the Introit tree True to irm to flu kor at the or Kern intr Evenett cat Kern Valley
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