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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Feb 26 1892, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - February 26, 1892, Bakersfield, California Kern february prick 5 i Day hut the company will hold first regular meeting on monday night at the court the fire tin1 new Tomim Iii and a ctn a meeting night non commissioned officers yet to he it took some Little time to gut the men who Hud signed the meal Pership Roll for militia company together last night and hence it was nearly 10 Oclock instead of i when the meeting was called to Blodget w As elected Ehn irinus and Sherman at Roll Call the following responded Mcalpine my Hollen i Jit my and was then introduced Anil in a Brief but Clear and comprehensive speech told the Mem Bers present what they must do to form an the elec Tion of slicers living first in order the chair appointed As tellers Mouldy and there was but one nomination made for the office of cup Tuin of the company that of who was elected by acc Lama and responded the elec Tion of Blodget As first Lieuten ant followed also by and it began to look As if the tellers were going to have an easy time of Blodget made a few remarks in which he promised to Lead thu boys on to and was loudly for second lieutenant Blodget and Cook were placed in nomination and in the election following the for Mer received and the latter Twenty two of the Twenty nine votes upon motion of Blodget the election of Cook was Imide unania it was alien moved thut the appointment of noncommissioned Olla cers be left to the this was objected to and an amendment was made that the company elect the non commissioned Oft cars after the com Pany Hud met for Drill three or four the amendment was carried and then a motion to reconsider was it living claimed the amendment was out of upon reconsidering i it was again moved the appointment of the noncommissioned of ulcers be made by the the opposition met this with u motion to Tuble mutter of selecting noncommissioned i leers and were helped out by tenant who explained How Imi portent u mutter the selection of sergeants and corporals was and How much depended on he said the company could not be a Success unless its noncommissioned of ulcers were energetic the noncommissioned of ulcers Are a first quartermaster four line ser gents and eight Captain Kriick also spoke in favor of delaying the selection of the noncommissioned and the motion to table the whole matter for one month then Packard then asked that some o had liven considerable controversy i the commissioners looking after them i i it was reported again today that the ire cisterns were from the fact thut the water in the ennui is now lowing in full volume such a Rumor gave Rise to considerable uneasiness us it meant there was something radically wrong with the water system in use in mip plying the lire fire commissioner Hirshfeld was seen this morning and denied that the cisterns were but in View of the rumours it is probable a thorough inspection of the whole system of water Supply for fire purposes will be made at once in order that Uny defects May be in this connection it is i Guin urged upon the lire company thut they meet the coloured pugilist Heady and anxious Tor considerable rivalry Between the adherents of the Rhor it is sunnier against makers yield and in going to win said will Taylor today As he was resting after his morning he is matched to Light Tern go cow Den to a inish at mat sons Hall to Morrow night for a purse of of which soil foes to the Winner and to the Taylor Ito unmarried next week to a coloured girl up at Young Dutchy and he says he cant a lord to both men have had a number of Buttles and both at shown both endurance and skill with considerable ability to take the Light tomorrow night will be with four ounce gloves and unless a fake has been cleverly and it is hardly will be a stubborn Pyle a Nursery Thompson set Dloss Raisin fruit Trees of very variety Shade Trees and ornamental shrubbery to Plant Lury mils Mil or i 111 Siml it to their Millered to Nee or Liti Bluit Lii Vou i shut inert depot on and take Steps to give their apparatus in thorough the company is said to be in a somewhat disorganized condition and the fact that there has Uon no meeting of the firemen for months lends color to this tin question of lighting fire is one that cannot be trilled with and the Cist the contest terns and lire company should both have an previous to the event of the even ing Young Dutchy will spar four rounds with Jake the Man who faced Anil the same j number of rounds with Frank following these bouts there will in a Short contest Between Arthur Anil j two coloured who Are a Dainty that on april i anxious to show what they can will lie the big men will have their an better the Bakersfield Post office to be raised j to the second i 111 Earth to Earth a Man is Load to his own interests who tails to secure a Niece of land in Kern land in Kern county will produce the largest crop of and fruits of All in the the terms Are the most and the prices More raise Nelile than in any other irrigated Section of the a line list of improved and unimproved Vineyard land a for further information apply to or address a 1vc bakcr8ficld Cal coming coming meat Market in 11 almost a c 1st next the Pomo Tiee raised from a third to the salary of the Here a second class postmaster in her annul and per crease in to Iii iritis in the shape of rentals from Given him to pay additional clerical hire and provide better mail facilities in every the Only thing necessary to make the raise in class is that the Ollilee Here shall sell ii Iii Worth of extra that is Stamps Over and above the aver age Sale reported from month to before april the Stamps will sold without a the increase in the business done by i the Postof tick is a Good indication of j the growth of this City and the business of the Ollilee indicates a j steady and continuous growth in the population and also shows that fully nine tenths of the new Comers remain Taylor is taller and longer in the reach than Cowden but the latter is said to lie a Hurricane tighter Ami will probably keep Bis antagonist very some Little Money has been wagered on the result hut the general desire of lovers of Manly sport seems to that they want to lie certain the men Are out to Light before they try to pick the Itaki went California a dramatic treat will he offered the Many theatregoers of at Nic Devaurs opera House on monday night next by the appearance of Joseph Risiner and his talented wife Khoeu assisted by their powerful com Penny who will present the comedy drama entitled the the san Francisco says Risiner May Well feel very Happy Over i Lisa play that will make a Good Deal of the audiences so fur have been very and it is a piece the ladies will like to set More than it appeals to All classes of it is comprehensible to Young und and As in this play tie paternal and material instincts Are powerfully appealed the does not seem to be anybody but old Linc Lielnors left without any Osten sible interest they Are very Likely to if it is Only to congratulate Only treasurer to Tail arson Houghton is in san Francisco looking after his political Leonard of the left for Ventura this morning to visit Mcalpine with her son Kenneth returned from a visit to los Angeles on who has been visit ing his Mother at dutch returned to his duties in the freight department of the on Norham run in from Visalia l i thursday he reports business Choice Mutton Salt meats nil at prices Ilell Vereil to nil of tin1 Kukk in conveyancer Anil insurance agent Dkl i it Hollik Hll Killil Tif ill to units or Latium to the of him Ken Tittl Tuc Icv Richards pringles Georgia minstrels nut spectacular hut it1 negro one panics in at of the strongest Niederaur opera wit i the troupe will appear great and Only coloured comedian i n l h k Kimi Tii Kumio Lynx i i the Man with Many imitators but no seats for Sale at Niederaur furniture probate i n 1 us Rock us 1 us l a St 1 of stale of Rill Fornili in Tini Imtair of Ilir estate of Niit Lri or of time lot probate of will not eels hereby Tiivel hut the 7th Ilay of 10 ii Lark h of unit us the courtroom of at the court House in Mill county of Misti of live Lii ill Rippoll Pleil tin Linn Anil place for proving the will of Mill in for lieu inn the of Buna Lii wherty for the issuance to her testamentary a Iii Siml where Jet Moi Inlet Stril ii Ian no near Mill Eutest the i Teil x l re to for real tuner Foj Listii Niederaur opera House one night brisk at the lid he returned to Tulare county this morning hav ing an important Case there on weather for the Twenty four hour in Oclock february slightly s ending at Utah fair i t i Settle a mention about which t t and been controversy what he company f it have to furnish or would everything needed lie furnished by the Hice was again called for and stated that until the company was regularly mustered in it would have to it is Good souvenir for a Strong Eye wiper will always come in the play which lends up to that pretty scene of the child and the burglar is Iii there Are so Many things going on in this town to occupy evenings thut Uny new Aluir has to Stiller for Lack of for when the Date j for the new guard practice was Llred i for each monday several who belong to the Silver hand Hud to with and the Choice of any other night in the week will produce the same Chester next to in open Day and night hot and cold lunches served at All the Best steaks in the meals 25 cents and Itlan Iii a of Jiff for fair Joseph Grismer Anh comedy drama by Augu Tum author of sett on Sale at need Erfurt furniture is buy its own but that he understood from unofficial information he Hail received that endeavours went lying made to secure a temporary loan of rifles and accoutrements from the As us the com Pany was regularly mustered in the state would cure for it this brought for weird question when will the company be mustered in and Nice said the boys were asking him u but that he Hud been informed Minoll scially that Bakersfield was the first on the list among the applicants from lie third de and a doubt under such be the first new company mustered into the third Ile then explained that Ellerts arc being made to increase the number of country companies in the National that lie considered it not improbable that the com Pany might be enrolled in i Licciard within a monday night of each Llred As the night for a committee of t i Packard to Titi lion and bylaw the question no lain ii puny called Forth ii Ite a Kern county i Nan Ker Kimen and Alfalfa i Iua were some of the and by a Vole of to in the Nann Kern t guards was ii was then announced that lira Dir general Muller Ami Stanhof would be saturday to i Pei i the new company and every member was requested to be present at the Southern hotel at 7 Oclock saturday evening to meet the general and the meeting then adjourned after tendering Nice a vote of just As we go to press a Telegram from general Muller ways cant very the relations Are made of Sullie Keiit importance to be followed j there is enough of the i a Uriar to interest deeply without overloading the Union Avenue in the Inion Avenue Colony the improvements projected by the land com Pany Are rapidly being carried Trees Anli eing planted along the Avenue and Are being made to have a Model there will be live acres ill live ill live 111 pears and so All kinds of fruits and a Loucis Are to be raised and in a year or two this Colony will lie made lie of the Inot Beautiful place on Are under Way with View in coating t he Bottoms of mime of the canals thereby making them water one canal will have n layer of that in turn covered by Asphalt Ami parties have contracted to put in furnishing All inc a for nine Centa the Experiment about lube tried of Laynie of very thin Iii uly dipped in and when in e Cine filing the Lap joints with i Intima i near at hand Many of our ditches w ill r Light Hii Toins and medical Triumph is supposed to or the Medicine thut Methusalem gave to the old Man and to her of Pun ii pro Pomi Siml nil tons of line ruled Hay for apply or have your eyes tested at notice desert 1 am Lei k 1 air upon will Rei a veil up to mini limit Lloil Keren of to lie Erseil Iii the Kern fair Limo Limhi Tion for the purpose of a for the term of live 1111 i ten Yerx with the pro Elleke if Irlee him to u Inelli Ilii Iii the the night n her veil to reject any Al Luhm is Kakky Kkt Sikut private rooms and Entrance for Here her Havi Nii i1kkn Al i in a Lakewell m Smith Mill him beset Kitry Ili Teil april upon All of Section Vinnue in Kein with h to tinny cil Lilliin o Mellil Hillel flak sail Iii Imi Iii Etcil frn Uil in the Iii lepton us Iii i unit at the time Ofalie cum Iver i int null lamp Mil wiil mite Gnu Kwh Mill Elella in it unveil and mule to Inieke in or Illner pro pol Hay in usual to Leif at All Niove Merit Louzeil Lii in pro Wilnie Hurley or other i lop is in hint mention in him Oiin to inuit he i Loti Mii Iii n Sisoi imply Reinunec Hillve that i Latina ii ingot i Iii Pleil Ullh the in unit entry i Lii or 01 Riun Juil Lilen lint ii its thai Hil Miille hie1 not in Shiv wnii1 Likht Lor tip upon of in Siml that Mil entry Mii 111 ill ill of la Lii i Hiim l tip Peiu the 7th n at in n m to Mil Fin Ali Tiller Talioli in i i la i Kern county improvement Aurant Imp Kokh ill Orchards and vineyards Khun offers for Sale special arrangements for open Day and Iii i rein ii 7 n i a i at Low Qirici Tkv Wilky in Lull Olla Ltd lir Natl Leif u the Kern county improvement company reliable company in Kern Only that makes a of planting and taking care of Orchards and for i us Siml i the i in i Ilia t he Iole it electrical ill i of a drop of rain fell herein at Stock Ilat Biff an Inch of rain and about the same Westerly through the Llop Kvin now the Mads in that locality arc in fact it seems to have mined South and Sesit of Ami Here not a thank Tini ninja ii ii b hint Lillvik it Iii Lull hell Elk l poll that lie Nihil Nanji we Hiti Nlle the heat ii til nou Lesli Lelh without of Lux in fall incl lil Lor Helm Illel the Vel Mil Wilten Loii Btu ii to do Eccl Iii of he lesson in free to Elitle the Kern Nile a Section for one us mules to add to the Stock working Elfere will Ixo no meeting on Satur their postpone inspection for one unto land company Purchase buying i o i having taken Possession of the Ingle i formerly occupied by the late thorns i am prepared to i furnish the i Best of table Board at lowest prices accommodation for u few More Gen Klein ii i f l Well known in the fruit they Are also of the Kern Valley on it enl i Urr n full Lek us Oil Kiln in us tree and fruit Shade ornamental of i scr at the Murk it Truon Giina Autiel Inie to name Deo Row i Parl Luuri at Tiv or Al drum Kern county improvement Gil Uffre Tiivi Hank
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