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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Feb 24 1892, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - February 24, 1892, Bakersfield, California Kern be Hraby a Man and woman the editorial Bakersfield to be Given a Chance to enter Tain the the California Iresh Assoni Situm Anil the Southern California editor til association met in joint convention tues Day afternoon in Trio chamber of com Merce build inf at Han proprietor of the Cauko i tin Only one of tin seven Lelei acts appointed to present makers was discussed and ten ally an executive a Mother in Searchi of her Laizir liver who was knit lured As n there will arrive Here from san Mer Nardino this week a a Roku hearted Mother who comes on a dual that of Tryluk o reclaim her daughter who is leading a life of shame in this Cit Vand tory and Linda us the two i i i to endorse net Ion taken Man and woman j Are Lor Lair Dow Fiill of her daughter i Heisick then he foil the the whose name is withheld convention and extended makers leads for has Lieen in Corres invitation for the Eastern editors to Poydence with a writes Here Lor som visit Kern and stated what time regarding her daughters when would Prol Iahlo lie done to entertain shouts and occupation hut it was not them and what they would see he until sunday last the Rirl in Ati Mth ail a Nairn adopted also a Constitution Ami an meeting est manifested much inter the the new athletic Canh met pursuant who was present at the to adjournment in Mali sons Hall tit ii the itinerary for the visit of the National editorial association delegates Oclock last night with a pres the nil ii Iissa to it committee of live was elected to make re Nice Tom to order and Tollow ing the Reading of the the report of the committee on Constitution and bylaws and it in As follows the e called at my arc suppressed for the actually found As an inmate of the letter to tin Kok Max giving t lie Story says some months ago a Man and woman giving their Umof All mimes present us it is certain a will Fol Low if the mothers Story can in the name she claims the Man and woman gave is one Well known Here they said t hex had heard my daughter was a line seamstress and As the lady and gentle Man were going to san Fri Welsco to live they wanted me to consent to allow my girl to go with them promo ing to take Good Civie of her and give her per the woman was Well dressed hut i of h and the 1 1 had a look a i Milt them i did not a hard look that was not in keeping with their line clothes and apparent my com ing his statements were heartily endorsed by win in the the represent a live of lie Santa feline who added their recommendations and urged he made a stopping place for t he excursion later or Keiek went he fore the x eci Ilive committee and rendered his de mands for recognition for Kern the committee assured him that Thor would lie some time allotted to this and promised to notify the Here As soon As possible of the decision he known As the athletic club and its objects shall he to encourage All Manly sports in Mote physical the in Emlick ship shall unrestricted to Petsonis Over is years of Aire the same to he Cle Lei by the Hoard of Tejon Lalley returned to ranch Maude went to san Frankel so today on Fer Kumon returned from san Francisco atom Iii Heer is Home again after a weeks visit in san James of san arrived Here monday and went out to of is visiting his Charles of this Kershaw and his i have returned from their visit to los father who at one time was the priest of this from on with her Little Danglise arrived Here from san Bernardino to for a Vinit to her one of the direct Niederaur opera House one a treasurer and Secretary also a Hoard of directors in whom shall in vested full control and manage ment of the club All of Licurs shall serve for one the Active club shall he toll Creed by a Captain and Glrst and second Allva candies in Ollice shall be tilled by the directors until the next the annual meeting shall he held on the first the Olla cols the Stallk of came Dov from ids Home in walkers Tasin i Elliott and have sold i heir eighty acres of value a in to a Syndicate of Cash or and Silas of it arrived Here visiting their relatives and Solomon Joseph Grismer Aux a comedy drama by Augustl author of seats on Sale at Nile Devaurs furniture no shooting the sons of veterans fail to toe no and monthly held on the 1st m expulsion if members shall in Liy the directors from whose decision v tin South hound meetings shall Many ofe Aeh i of lakers Leld the i passenger train was my a Lui the train Here i ii takes an extra engine to help in Over i of j went ii Roubid to couple on in the train it ran Oil the i Earth to Earth a in lend to his own interests who tails to secure it piece Olli Mcl in Kern Lar gust crop ii Tea la i crowd of people collected i he Hinds North of sunnier monday afternoon for the purpose of witnessing 4lu the proposed shoo time tournament he walking t Ween the Tea from the Brand army and sons of of this Din Ini i inlaid night and the Early limn yesterday morning the internet in t he match was red on hied and Money and unlimited drinks were Wau Civ on the the time Llred for the match arrived hut the marksmen Eaine and alter wailing for some liitle Lime the would be Spe Siatos returned to town much disappointed there Are two of three stories told As to Why the match the real truth to he that through some oversight no ammunition had Hen pro Vireil for by the sons of and when they came o there was nothing to shoot others Siy i he sons of veterans had provided hut the team was me the wolof smart for them and captured the had tried to coax them to go even culling on at any Rale the Sims of veterans Are their parents in several this having to land no end of dialling alarmed me and i an inc Stigaard Are accused of weakening at tin last the match will take place on next Parent daughter wild logo with them i didst know then hut i do now Why she was so anxious to leave Home the Man and woman had met her and several of her companions and had promised them finally i consented in my daughter leaving me and they took her away the first letter i received from her was it the end of a week and contained some Money luit it was from Haueis yield not san Francisco the woman said she waging to live and it worried my How wrote and sent me Money each week hut i soon noticed a change in her letters Ami then they Mccame is she claimed to i working As a inn she sent me too much Money Tor in to he ii out a ont the same time Severud Young who were my daughters companions at Mboob Leian ask admit her and to Tell she went with the tie All amendments to thereon Stit tinn or bylaws must he made by a two third vote of the club the Standard games were Llred us follows cutting the i and pounds weight running and i mile on half to Miles Road and pole hurdle Limo la inn Les pole tug of foot the rules and Laws As adopted by the olympic Cetih of Franeeseo with slight changes will govern the athletic sport the committee on Hall re pulled pro Gress and were Given further time until Slaith 7th the Glrst regular meet the committee on membership was instructed to circulate lie list unto the first regular and All signing he fore that Date will i charter Infin Packard was appointed col Lector and with authority to collect All initiation fees before the Date mentioned Weringer tendered the use of his opera House for i he next meeting and his Oiler was after the introduction of Young Imit Ehy to Ilie Chili an adjournment was taken until March have mans your Eves tested Al child new land in Kern county will air Otlee Tho of Anil fruits of till in the the terms Are the most and the prices More than in any other Zirri jilted Section of the a line list of improved and unimproved t Vineyard land n for further information apply to or address t Iii tin limit i probate notice site kids Woritt of i us i urn of i no i Duli Rrth ill Lii Liliy Elvill Liml til till in of it id gym k it ilium i Tui of i i ukr Mirt in Len i in Himin Imi Imi Tinnil plat fur in Vilim will it Mill mul fur Liti Irinita lir in i fur the Psi More tiler of we Iii mul Lii Tishim in Taihi inti Lii my ii Liinar ii nil Ron til Chr lit Tel Haik m till a Iii Altai Nimi fur Kern footy improvement Kolln offers for Sale improved and vineyards at Low 1rues and i 1lasv Hester a Venu next to in i wrote to inv daughter to come Home at once and never received an answer to the then i wrote loan old Friend of mine who lives near Baker sliced and husband made in of coniing my girls where Iod knows he found her All too soon Ami found she was living in a House of prostitution kept by the woman who Tiok her from attention a rain of pretty musicians weep and sigh the loss of a Over when tie northbound train arrived at iut Dikiy night Sli Erill Lior Gwarda and walking meeting of the National guard tomorrow Al i Oclock tomorrow night All per sons who have signed the roster for the i have enlisted several of my formation of u company of the National through the couches closely Mcann cd friends in my cause and 1 am going to Inard Iti this will meet at the the faces of All the Sud Southern hotel for the purpose of elect Denly he stopped beside n Good Ingoll Persand prelim Soho was seated in of the company should no he in Atun Daiute this Sai 4 open Day and night hot and cold lunches served at i All j the Best steaks in me i the Kern county improvement company is the Only Ivl Iahlo Coni Pany in Kern county that a Lium and taking eare of he lords and Volney Nuriu for of planting the Man and woman who have my daughter and punish save from the who made the inquiries Here it was Learned thut the girl was certainly an inmate of the Burke House us he had seen her and talked with he also intimated that Steps had already Hien taken Here looking toward the prosecution of the Man and woman who coaxed the girl away from of the mothers Story proves to he the truth no mercy will he shown the people by the Diate a of lakers Leld and the girls friends can count upon heart v support Here in bringing them to and it is expected tie re will he no us the of tin company a mutter that must not he papers i the owne numerous fair ground meeting of the stockholders this after noon for As tin to press the Liu siness i n who have Misseri had to the Stock list to form a fair Crouch Assi Dialion in Liis county fire in Moi for tie purpose of much interest is u ing inane Femc in i the formation of the and it that the project will now he j pushed Forward to a Miecz Irful oltion in time to provide ample filth the next Rafn Feitli District agricultural hic i is to he held Here and for which the entire state appropriation Lias Hecla of Luis lying a Kiteli Ajka track is no i Cist d full Par lie Lllan o tie i 11 in Given Temperance Sermon sunday Lam in the streets of uak irs Leld or on the in the Imine Ivd leather Hill Hook if to nine the Yimou Alo Eonta tied Railroad which the Linder is cautioned Allenip Tibig to the same having Hei in aided by a Ward will of paid for the re1 Hook to do Man hotel Aruvali tin i Uili Merlin m k a j ii j k a i v o c k i v j r s a Tiik ill i a i j k ii k w f Imai i the has Hein asked a times or More Why were the of All the churches published Lassil the answer is that the col Umnoff Tim a have Hcan for Church new and Ilie Vari Ous pastors no tilled to unit elect As Well As the they should Lake As Inich interest in Liu Mailer As we All Church the i service the inies of tie Iii inline of tie receive undivided attention who n Thev Reubeh thin Ollice in time Al the map isl Church next Jordan will preach u Sermon on Temperance by the of tie order of Twood the a letter remaining t hand of Hope and d charges for templars Are expected to in t Mottle tie at a All Temperance workers Are Torney for the appealed Infra Good music May Oli Klill tuesday and mused that the Tittl of the charges u in medical it will Deli namely pit Pound and Worms and Micro hcs in your children own und keep them the court your name replied the Ive a Here for your Arret i from and youre charged with Ihei pro the Maidens and wept Long mid Thev Clung around the Haid Wiliie neck and Piini Leonil Shirl Lionso Inith Sli Erill Llor Wardt a lured and in his excitement called one of the urn my hut summed explain to Thein that he could to Noih Exior taken Oil the rain Mil put Iii jail Uli ile Hieroni Pliny went s the of the inn i and w Ain Uilah i ill an in san seen his ar1 us due to a Uilah Ilie r of Thi los Ingilis a sort of Heer and he Celt Aill f Only detained there All i Hoir or t a he u ill he taken Hack to i some of the Hoy say that Ling Ward Oll Civ to it Only the j and Henry Cic Illel manage an a a ritzy it is will he one of the Oll growl in of i he reel la leap year the Catle tin rent a i arwied whoe wife was Iliin accepted Hie Esio i of a harm Iii lady All intimate of the they l the Hall the wife resumed red and Low curtain and cd lie in mils he discussed the Propri Elv of tier Hilsin Itilio Patteli Danu the Liali the hut lit Itiat Lime he to he at watch Ima Sci ii Pitr Pound i Javk till Hay Iakon in Nik will do ill in ill Iii inn nil Neil or Infra Mitrik of i if of Fibril of hts urn of Kajii Alt Rutlt 7 one Imp film Lei with will in i Tii Ritli in Ninn i 10 i slim non n Iii n it i it pit i i Mil tin1 inn in it y a v Mil i to till vol Yini it in Ilii Siml him enl ii 11 in fall Iton Liik lit will net Yon Lim cent in Ilir a five we Hisiu Lionly hid beit fur for not mul nun wet Lioata i Hii of Helnn fully Annii Ihn Liv into in Lux Kolc Itil in Ilumin mul Thi Viry Lyrl i Nir mul ii Toulon a Viii in this company under the direct Laget Nunt of the i m no Toby who Are Stu in the fruit Fiey Are also rift tie Kern Valley on my in Limi i i Len i in full link of All kill Len of Trees and fruit Shade rns Lunial of Ivory Ilir Lilliin it Thi inv no kit Tiv to Riiho imral Tun to five from Kern county improvement co Cal Korfi Ranii Jami Frenchi restaurant kill in Kukuy build you a for fresh Eastern livers for oxen in Shell ill special arrange Onienta for open Day and i i ill Icli Biak the Trio Indium tur in build n Home on to very Low Rute of a torni Iii Nilor lit it Nii Hill i the tint Liing Heriette will soon Appu to thu i Titars for a few Nam pm and Lay the a ffl7dtl relieve that cough Bekx kits cough Lictus the Max Fly healer prepared from the orig Nul recipe of j a and in Mun 3s 5o per Nikki alled Only by medical Triump i to i e tin die Iii that Mcl Yusuli ii k Uve to the old Man and to her Chil Triumph freely in your family and Icar neither i or la 1411 taken of the formerly occupied by the late Trio him i am prepared to furnish the Best of table Board at lowest prices for u few More Lenien key Moi Kern chm its to the people Valley Branch cd Medicine Lime be obtained or
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