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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Feb 23 1892, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - February 23, 1892, Bakersfield, California It a Kra Fiji Junky Price 5 that ills ii rubbery him tit turn famous it to sudden miss Minnie Hunt succumbs to la Grippe this ill in Lionti a f n in in Ivi Iii near Ami n the i1tor Ball a Hal Liitt iiitliciiim1 it flip Earth to Earth Tail in Stu re Holder i h ill Vilell is and to liner text Ives perpetrated o Brakl Mell in lat this Vav Nielli and Haweeli 1 All t he state As a attempt v u and an Tram by placing a Al 1 la acc i n in tin Railroad on talc milk and in pull Colista Packard Are tin Oft cars who discovered the perpetrators of the crime and they Tell the following Story on tiie Iii uht in inti cation up Wirht train South received orders t take t he Sid ing at Poso for t he regular South hound passenger train which was reported on the train men concluded t their supper while Enro Ute so As to have ample time to enjoy it while on the sidetrack at and to this end it Small gasoline stove they carried in the choose was refilled with volatile Oil and i sine of the Ira Solme had Hen spilled on the top of the stove and it suddenly ignited frightening the lira Kemen who j hastily opened the rear door of he car Ami nit Elied the stove out onto tie track instead of t growing it to one Side or the the passenger train came Rushing Aloni a few minutes later and thereat driving wheels of the the freeing the which ignited and Cal Termini the Hunting Oil Over the track and for an instant enveloping the engine in a Sheet of when the passenger train reached Iuso and the explosion was the freight men never to might for a moment of their gasoline Aud it was not until detective Hilly of the Southern returned from the scene of the alleged attempted Roh cry with pieces of the stove which he thought Weir portions of the casing Wal the dynamite that the truth dawned on they then concluded to say nothing when asked by Mills and Packard the attain owned up to the Tiiu does a magnificent sensation fall to the ground in and the dreaded train omits lose a Laurel from their Crown of desperate hum a i n Iron Ai contracted duri if and hum Inch he Mctier and yesterday tonally Ekht he left he was sonic of the Al tit u Oclock hut Mai of feel Iii ill and in the same room with miss Hunt two of her Wen Alo sleeping and about Oclock this morning they were awakened by hearing moans apparently coining from an adjoining tiie two girls went at once to the hed occupied by their sister hut found it empty hut on the floor hcs Ide i the hed where she had evidently fallen Cook u struggles Lav it took but an instant to alarm the household Anil a messenger was at once which added much sent for a physician while the parents Lut their daughter Hack in and and Gan the work of trying to relieve die scent the girl lived Only a few moments after being living he fore the arrival of the j the deceased was lit years of age and a native she came Here from fault about a year ago with her parents and was a very Intelli gent it was decided by the Coroner today i that an upon the remains was j As death was evidently due to natural the funeral j will take place tomorrow from thercsia j the athletic 111 members meet Anil organize Tii d a Nuhlon t Imine from pay tin Nikorn anybody he Iii i i All Lull Urato till aim hit r n Dill cult to plea noted As i Lor tie brilliancy of its social the Hall lat Ali ult de in almost every respect any similar at Lair liven in this City for a tie daughters of he Hecea worked incessantly lat week in preparing for their dance and were Ahly seconded in to Iii Ellerts i in the a Nim ladies of the City not Nice pliers of the the result was hat it always is when the ladies make a deter lined Al namely d us y very til to the ecu Ute of on saturday from the sides and cornets of the stretched in Graceful curves from the ceiling to the ran Long ropes of pm the bracket lights on the Side Walls and adorning the stage were great Hask cts of Bright lined Flowers and delicate while from the curtain rails Aud covering the Whitlow Hung Rich tapes tries of Trillian Here Anil there about the canaries swung in gilded Ami judging from the flood of Melody that poured from their tiny throats the hints enjoyed the lunet1 at one end of the Hall was the motto of the the words love and truth worked in evergreens and trimmed about the Silken banners of the Lodge giving the and a line picture of Georgc Washington were wreaths of the pictures motto and banners being worked into n harmonious the design being Hoth intricate Ami r ii Ilc Lawill finlly red tin exception of the clause i on i 1 nil i u a ill t lie Iola Joll due solely i the tact the didst have Ilie dance programme cry Wain fast in keeping in the tale and u e displayed ill All Otini and i provided for than to cedi dances wit h t Hryce t sex 11 a u t inn plied before and pm bar n lie him step in the March until the la1 turn in Ali Lai the dancers Noli i Epi for at Midnight the ladies and Irei Ido Nikii marshalled in one Iofik line and marched into an adjoining room where the Tam St were the repast was a sumptuous one and was served by the excellent corps of wallets i from the Southern the menu j i was admirably adapted to the need of i the Anil the tables were Laid j in handsome i it is with regret that the list of names of those present As Well Lisa de1 script Ion of some of the Heair till Veltis worn is found too lengthy for the space j the leap year Hull hut it will Long in remembered a Brilliant and successful social event and one which Wii so managed As to reflect upon All j the financial results will be Given a Wirtl to Liis own who i i Ifni of Hind in kith land in Fiti comity will tie of my inuit Olill in tin tie to milift1 die not find the than in Iny other uti Piti Ali line of improved and Iliev Piid land a Iii ordination apply id 01 add ivs l arrest crop set icon of a Lor tort her eel Kern county improvement i clan offers for Sale improved Orchards and at Low ivits Iii i on Ensy an exciting neither town or country win a goal in the football lift Veseli three mild four ill lildred people witnessed the great match of football monday Between the town and country elevens at the Hall not Only was the grand stand Well filled hut there were a half Hundred vehicles of All sorts and descriptions stationed inside officers Kle Teil Anil a Iti mril is not Lief meeting of there were the guard number of ladies pics helping them i some thirty Odd of the fifty live gentlemen who signed the Roll of l membership for the purpose of forming i tin athletic club met in Mali sons Hall i on saturday night for the purpose of Organ the meeting was called to order Packard u temporary in the Center of the Hall stood a mini Ture Well with the old Oaken bucket from the time honoured i wheel and the Well being made Over in the recess Liny window was tie lemonade the Kern county improvement company is the Only reliable comi any in Kern county that makes n Hus Newi of planting and taking care of Orchards Puiul Volncy Tinh for will Pluit it to Vonc Uhitil Neil Lirlin it to full it Riig Eit Fiat Stu net Yim cent on i we Imit Lionly Trio beak Trull nil without Netina lie ran Rrt irix Irvil u Helnn Tea till fairly hint idol cd Lull Nik Cyril or to Linin unit the tiry lift cart hint Notti Itlen a Viii to this company is under the direct Nuiji gement of the of the the Alcove being completely hidden with festoons of evergreens and wisely the two principal things Nec Essary to the Success of any dance were most carefully looked the music and the the former con an has been rendered by assistant attorney Ien Enil to the state Lio Artl of Juii holding that assessors Are entitled to Blodget and the assistants Tor in the 1iiliti the chairman then bristly stated tie objects of the Sist etl of a full string orchestra and Tho Taylors military brass the two chair alternating throughout it was l Oclock before the guests be Gan to arrive and then for More than Cal or also holds that of minty clerks Are Cut it led to the Assis Tance provided Lor in t lie for pre paring a new real ill both the shove ill Tanee the Coin ii nation was provided for before the incumbents accepted the it is not increased compensation within the inclining of the late Section of the county Iov cnugent act exempts present from the provision providing for n salary in full compensation for All be hotel a 1 ill k h m i s k s k s k ii s f s k s a a a i 1 t y ii Iii w ii 1 m s k a k w h s f h n la a h Liny til in w j 1 n a ii la 11 a k 1 him lost in sunday lat in t lie Stree of a or on the Rodin the imme Diate a red leather Bill in k Eon lain paper of no value except to the tie Hook also Eon Laniel Railroad i pases u the ii d a a i tempt the same Havi Tii been to Winter Andt i by a Liberal n ill no paid for t he return of t he my to meeting Anil outlined what it was hoped the club would be Able to do Bliwn once the record of the old one of the most famous in the state during its was recalled Anil the belief expressed hat what the boys of maker sliced had done Oncu they could and would do the members then proceeded with the election of permanent Olla cars As follows Blodget in Houghton Baker Din actors and Board of Man Baker and Packard 1st Lieuten Louis Lacour and a co Minitte consist ing of Dick and Farley i was d to draft a Coli Stitt Ion and bylaws and a second committee of three consisting of l t maker and Packard was instructed in look at the various buildings in town suitable for a club room and re port on the it was announced t hat the Weinbel Shin Roll nou contained sixty names and were applications for admission in swell the Lillo in Willow and ii Dudley Wen appointed a a committee to two hours a steady Stream of carriages continued to pour their loads of youth and Beauty the brilliantly lighted it was leap year and the Young ladies entered into the spirit of the occasion a born of the Seldom occurring they were tenderly solicitous about their Delicat stood and enjoyed the game More than did the a specially Ipi Iek were the fair sex in recognising the Good plays and they were More than Gener Ous with their j tiny either made to order for outdoor the Day Heling warm j and Cloudy while the were in excellent condition for Good hard i it was Oclock when the Hull was i kicked Oft by the town it was carried with n Rush into the Vicinity of1 the country teams goal and someer Cellenti playing in fact from Start to Call of time the game was1 marked by exciting work by both elevens it seemingly using the deter initiation of each Captain to win if he could and if he to keep the other Side from securing a after a hot tussle the Ball Back from goal by a Good run by Ashford resulting in the who Are Well known in the fruit they Are also proprietors of Tho Kern Valley i Inch Nuil Curry n full i tools of of Trees and fruit Shade ornamental Otic Rev it attic Market Ortii Unni Edcil True to name Anu in fran by Llic or Kern county improvement full no we build you a Home and loan Suntres Young and saw that their throats country obtaining a Corner Conict were Well their overcoats Anil their hats on arriving at the Ball they left their charges at the dressing room door Anil muttering away to give a Hasty glance at their own they hurried Hack for fear the poor boys would get out in the Hall proper Anil get lost in the Ever moving or would be imposed upon by some horrid girl just he Catisi doing some Good the Ball being put ill play the system i Hove Swiec tailors witnessed some Lively work tin both Taunton of die town h ihhih1 Oil cell eleven bring especially making several hard tries to score but owing to Stevens Joal the efforts were without half time was Anil after i Chang Ilii ends the country again took is the Means for hindi Stockli Oldcorn to build y it d Low rate of the third Hermieh will Hood apply to the Here turn fur a few Lay the for u m74tf were for the when put in play and for Sonie time kept it in the the meeting then Convene a Oclock adjourn cd Ioni thl at to re matl tiie Well known and popular favourites Tiri Siner am Phobe a by their ii Aoji Carat House on monday february ii Recantini Tor the Llort Lime Here the Al coi Iedy the written by Aiulu author of Tinh Neldar is adapted from Ali and the author Haa unite a feat in Proth icing a from the Tili Storrs Paulu Wihl u ill Miel a l1 a 1 it a Iii matl Liia la be a Lee i tin1 Al 1 the Rector like to see Amany Ahe wide to nil Olinc Ter of i por of san Francisco is in the City for the of a class in the lady comes from a family several members which Are already famous on the histrionic on Hall for the purpose it hearing committee it is expected that the Omen the u to has written that he will be Here tomorrow and for Feit to any Man he cannot top in in rounds will be taken up tonight but it is doubtful whether or not the will take any hand in lie a p Roll Soi Youm known As a Boxer throughout tin arrived Lien sunday from san Francisco to meet la Ken Chi and says he is willing to make a match with the Marine to a finish Wilh tight or two ounce duty thinks the Marine will up his trip alter his recent nees with the coloured pugilist in it is announced that George Cowden and both have been in a finish Light either Hen or at sunnier on next saturday the Light will be for a purse and the to reduce lock i will sell live More new Home or Wheeler Wilson feet ing machines Al each i Jyl Lotf 1 he reception committee consisting of mesdames Bryant and miss Lottie received the Nucion behalf of the daughters while the Hiiro grand collector of tickets Dave i huh caterer to and con chairman of the do Noth ing assisted them by standing around and watching ill women i Al 10 Oeloel the Llor of the Ball room was filled u it ii fully one hum bed lilt y the ladies made the one for the presentation of i handsome Toilette and in All their real famed for the Beauty of its woj there could not have been Gal held under one roof last night a comi any presenting More feminine Joyclin Ethan that graced the leap year Hen the hour for dancing i the hour Mana and int Able assistants ii Annie and mesh times Walker and members of the Moor look charge of lady and gentleman had been a Lite with a copy of the following Anil hut the town Hacks met every Rush Ami i despite the strenuous etl Orts put Forth the country lads failed secure the coveted is conspicuous j for his plucky so it went on i neither Side being Able to drive the Ball Between the Ifong posts and kindly when time was the result was n i Mes Detlie Ali Myers Ineil Zooi d Illo get and Mcalpinc of be town Eli and the Ash lord Brothers of in Eun try team deserve ski Ecil mention As also do Mitch Manyia of the town and of the country for their As goal the cams were the same Noiin cd with tin exception d i to Culqui and in and Hudley Ali amp Rich for the Eosin try and town a return will be played Tsven lie same teams on sunday Murch relieve that cough be mitts cough Lictus the mighty healer prepared from he original of u in Iglash and Vermun 3s so per in Kikkl by As in one or la was chem Nib to the a Ken Valley Elsb la Ralicki opposite Mollie in May lie obtained Day or Union meat Market i i 1 i Pinili if it liar pin i in ill in i 1 Mill Wood Wood Shepard la prepared to furnish Wood in Large quantities at very close French rest aunut in Choice private room Sand Entrance Mutton Salt meats Smilich i Kilili visit i i to ill l till i i pric for fits i exist Chi oysters Frozen i n a t nil in fresh i Lianchi by Strisand Nice steaks at have near express Delm def eyes tested at Jyl Lotf r Lur Lii Ltd h for ii Millim Lull Lilly i Mill ill la Hli ii i ill in Ullh Hisil to Ihu lil l Len Muni in wll Liln thl rth Infin if Lui Catilini Iii in Hunt i hic Liik f h i Lipil to Tiit Inoru to Linin Lime film tin inn Hinl to Sot hint Hijii ii Nam la Triculis i ii Khz Imi Imi on tin1 o o Iii tier the lion ill Lulli in i i u Mill Ili com nun of Uoo ii delivered an part of the City us located at of Street car line South of court special arrangements for open Day and i from Tuiuli Iizaki ill Ephone attorney it Lmh one in no it us Nick for tool and Fruh commercial lunch served at All Kurt Thlik la i Imit Iii i i Niederaur Oor 19tb and l for fair will la it airy or Olio Linin Lizul i of Mhd to to Keri Pur in Imundi Tun lot Ilia pit Rikma Lortta of live Tun a Itron a lilt the Qirici ii it i Ruik to us Luul twid in thu tin right Roc Vij to a Tjoei my nil aug Row Ahkii
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