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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Feb 20 1892, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - February 20, 1892, Bakersfield, California Khun prick 5 Tup Irin Vrin Nui i mar Uminn ill Minimi m n it i tll1 he Liurni j 11 l of 11 t i i i i i i 111 i r m ii i of i Ali i 0 i t i h i to m l t i 11 san l Wal pm t t i a i ill i n i am uni v l l l a it ill t he i i mole than and Thi week t i of i he 11 Hie a in i he t r of tin i to i i a l m n i est i at Munei i i my i Zunec ii la ii he i hat i Iii ii your it in that Niimi i i u ill t Offei i i grand leap year Ball lir auspices o at Iii Umnuss opera monday evening Orr t0 rent i i i c f v null la my Ana i will Ford of Ion n n i wit ii Stop any1 Lien i Mai in your it in in i t lie i Day i my an i f a Anil it i will wait i w o Day for my i thai Ean if lie a no one w h have him Imon 01 n up Ali Emily thin i n ii Hai Thi i a Urjil i Oll la dil k Hall Ami the a 1 e 1 Deri i t in Lal Tuo lie had in i Lay a Hanei Iii primp twid i Lari Idieo when in Waik ill to t h 1 nil it i my i Phil i Mimi w i 1 m Mil toil i Ami i i l v Ore Oil Hilliard Ami Ilow till n i v in i i n 1 11 m i i i i i Mma ii u Tii on the Railroad and Iron that it i on Aluir Dikiy Nihl Eoa Elled be Jonly in t Imreh o u r i Money Ami to m i an Ileal in Nee Eit ii j i i hat Ere he in Nisi Hill on Soll Shelli All expelled and Ollif i alld while r Lefalle to Ihlen in ii am in i to a Niue Pullie any of t lie i lie in Eom lotion Ime lie Partie Zilai n lie Imel Aii Yozie v to desire vie a Init he i lie Day of i i i i i i i k i Mem i learn n i m a mane i i not Willie sent by a i with i i appetite to a rent lir til it i thai Alliey j nun t in i i 1 to a v Tol hit be i d thai an at tempi i t Vav it i with Only 1 to pay Lor have com d that an alter nil was m u Mii m int Josinv aide Iule Ivl a Iii Maine t wreck t he i and it isaid a Likely Man Aira Insl i in in Ivlev d in the Hal i nil t inv de to t he guilty pal t j1 1 in never Ami hear a a Mumman a Len work of ferreting out lie Wailtl Heinz Milit i i11 it wont amount to much it a h train Roh hrs he Prue cited with eau hit min Teol hard i i in i an afe Het i Huili expel cd to escort the utmost alld in i heh eved Ini it Ciolll j 1 Fri y fur him Haf ailed to the looked Tel i hat wit die Eleu in hand some re athletic Luh Wil pro Ahly h in Loi sued for May he Chis l he matter no expense spared to secure 11 to lie Imil to meet c music and every attention will track were certainly the Marine for lie was knocked cold Ink Salt pm to the hour and to the Arr Aimee for had the Anie charge Hen located Atit Fele thur Dav in Erht Liy inputs Fin the convenience and Comfort properly not Only would the engine Childs a who the have Heen overturned lilt the train Sicre Tomc made no claims us a run the a Imit ii Itaf Wourl have Heen Hadly Chillis kicked i out m w on k to Kos of that invites to the such i lie of this t he third Afler twice Knock of Venini Ofarren a Misity can live to t he men who Are Jinjr through the ropes in the first is or Hsinti inti Milr Down the plotters of whole it minutes he orc n plotters of whole minutes before Enlil it is to he hoped the ladies will ale Luu Riler of women alld Lane came 1 May not he such a More than their every children As Well As to say toll of will Ivou Church Man after a a How it will be observed football services and subjects of Sermon the no daily in monday and the reasons shooting match and Ball at who Kink Black val Nui in or tank Kvak in As m ammo to than on monday the anniversary of the saturday hereafter there will monday next is a Lirt i of will he Puhl Islic notices of services at tons and n Holiday Tomt observed by a general i Nisi t Liu various churches in this City us the should he More Ohser cd limn lies Mimer disports Ami Samc Dur pastors thereof it desired raid Hall at not Only to to five the the n monday loth the Day the Hanks will remain closed All the hour f Inyim hit moved its Omic into new 11 my at Vinks a nil to k j Earth to Earth a tilt Iii i Lii butt Rel tails settin a n Iii Tel in Kif n mint in Kern Iii Only will crop mini 1rnilnlsill in the the itkins Anthof i Iii ind tin pricey Nimit to Linin in Iny other Imrij Atid Mcwinn of a line of improved my Tini improved Hind i Init her information apply to or address Kern county improvement Kiln offers for Sale improved s and vineyards at Low 1 vices and on Knesy the Kern county improvement company the monday i i of i he pm in k v u v Tomt u of planing for and j and Vonc Yurth for will Eloed Ami with limn add Jyh Serivner he Deli on j i wet lint will Eide at noon ome n to the of Seimo familial the Southern nil the Uhlie Corr who live Here Ami the Lope to have our j no Elm Reli people w i 11 t lie adva a Limyr friends fall on us j am a he a there i u nope Ial of Plait in he fms t he Uhlie the incl daily hut j of pm Lille will i he be asked to Nessier paper u inf i Iri itt if Miina a mail who Muse Lierenz Lucr ill Lulf 1 o in Lurhl llah to Litell to the service flu Ikis i i Hmidi lir Liik Nerly nil lots in i in i m Kim i this company tinder the direr of the the Kire Lens net reel 11 v Ilii la tips in 1 in a Lillo he tween the town and the event la Llma Oil four diver Ella Ili flits and healthful x d u Eek t he water Lank a sport Are the to v know and it will Hehe mid All Durieu i he nights the Hest played Ami nest Holly Ujj the Enuine would have tested Evereene ill the Iliev Onee enl led Alpen the Waltel Ullric Nln Lii Iii tested Maleh Evereene Iii i i v Onee culled Alpen i lie Wynier Inonu the admirers football Here j Foni Pany and were told i lint the Walmir Are Many Lulie and every a Ranur i in in the hmm had Heel run out at i Lielot will he made to secure their Coin i1 u the Omilli of i jetted i o i he he Iii it tile has removed to he i located Lext door West of the French Bufi Storant Lisl in Xvi by Well known in the Ernil of but Kern Valley innit in in i unit nary n full i of i i kill Len of private rooms and Entrance i Trees and fruit Shade Ornan Natal for it Lowry Liiv True m Init i my l or Kern county improvement Cal n in i arrangements for Lack i country k the t m Ari 1 i we build you a Home i i and loan is social i de in Tou n ont Hurda ii v k fun from opel on the Heitl iut ii Mali no m jut la Climi the of Union meat Market Wood c in m my i ii 1iin i close it pc of Ood any part of the City Mutton Salt meats i Small Wood delivered no lilo not a Viii decided on a at t he court Hmidi there will he ii Hootin Mahdi monday Vervone afternoon he tween lacked selected loom t i Ili Ellills of Anns in Ite Timie and the son of tie Victor ii ii at Yards located at tur Minuk of struck car Ain the foot Hal line South of court Hoolin Maidi a n the lip to High Illel i i Wlms Chii we lilith in Halid at Alo Cele a Alltha Ronot those a in i i in 11 in to la will be Tuo Ami live Illic system la ill ii ionic on Payi Iunus at a mtg Low rate of l is prepared to furnish parties Dos Rinji i Wood in Large quantities at very the thin will noon he apply to the Wert Virv Lor u Law him Iii Mil i the Oiin Dillion u Lel Tui relieve that cough i in 111 id i a t lil i i Maue a n eel Iii i o he i Ili Cut the loth Icahn will i Sci Mcialw and to n Linal practice Al which time to Zalim will he Elc Cid the in ind army team will of Reimch lock i ill sell live More attorney hindu Nii Izilor ill Nick Iii rom for Ioil mid Fisli user till son of Veteran team will i Jyl Edtl j a Lull returned san Niederaur Cor 19th i i Ben Kutts cough Lictus the Mitchly healer ire pined from the original re Iloh of u de healed Ami ii Init 3s so per Satin n hunk t i by for fair i no innit m u in Kuril Luis fun Lut i no ii in i me m in Tuiuli i n Urizio t in in t in Mil uk1 chemists to the a Ken Valley pharmacy fish Muk Medicine May be obtained Day or
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