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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Feb 19 1892, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - February 19, 1892, Bakersfield, California Kern Fol weary prick 5 Jons in the fruit the Rosedale association holds regular monthly meeting Toltl i Asphalt monthly ii him of tin tin Wor that soon fur Nish work for Llu Mureil e association sva Sheld at Ali Csehi hone on monday the llth1 sphere a in rite of fruit a nah rift Andrew in tits team huns Awny injuring Arm Livinio near the Weed fell to Iii ii we Aguild a distance if seven Rrt striking on left Ide Insil or Eakins left Arm close i tin was at work alone Muni his new residence when the Nocei tent Ami Hail to discus the s unit Tirril Aifiti Tinl inn Aronel i to stalk a mile and a half a fore he Only net me was Shroi Vuht o i he Hospital in this the Street the Lii rail of the Ion and by lasts As adopted by the committee appointed for that were read by the i i i the committee had Evi the plan in Mill in this City there is now heir for the articles were Well received team m Iron the Luither Yard at i he erected a la Ive Iron tank of Over one and not of them were adopted one Corner of Railroad and Chester avenues thousand humps for the Tor Xiv articles Sucre and night Almuly disk and Eli Heil j n h v now a Cir pumped from Len Wells of Asso Eivion loin wanon the per of the ill Mevrel no cry the Edv tary Yard noticed he w a under the w i1 s this tank is a part of the in Linini Plant to Purchase Dice of w 1dtit tied the to la hotel 1 ii k Mit r m k the Lola mild Over i Hook keeper lies r Annn a main for a Load of 11 ii kith i urn k i s i i Linion s s i i i him i ii s w Ronnii is ii i n millin n grand leap year Ball in incr the sin spices at Niederaur opera monday evening ii mrs pm mini Kiu r ill a Annii mid Dav k is s to i i sum to he located at the same Post and Lor articles concerning which hoi ers Oil air Are herewith Lank and other maim Imery Are Noss Meiners v person resident in the immediate of Jet of this in the h took hut a moment the refinery is to make o Maltha Hove i n whether As Harnam and the Hook Sepci to tirade Len most to into Hie Ollilee said to Superior varnish for Millie ship in tins print intr in the unto was Tho capacity of the Idiner it the desirous of joining the Iii Oil of citation shall he proposed and seconded hai1 keeper turned m Kkt is Skvaril a s ii Hamis crude my per Day with a pro his Hack when he heard a Cream and in Devlin i duct of seventy Tun of a halt and let meet Iii the Sec turning Sash the team dash Lim madly lir i nine and fuel retire will Het Ilid to receive mimes for around and around in a Circle Ith int in j it will prove the of an in which Shose foot a caught in t Lei i enstry whose Extension and Enlar i single Trees of the sva drawing Fiji Mimi Iii Dit in a Lew years will reach Jerreal fee is underneath j the of Pdro Pavale the Man had evidently stepped i Xvi t Lull or ii i k fill Irviv flour miss Mma is Mikil cat Dalj Lakim w and i 11 i Lakim Liim continues to the Maini tement of the Hii Sines w ill he in the Handoff Louis Itlane Niomi who is also largely inter ested in the Standard Asphalt of Pany and still take an alive part in tin Market of the latter company half Ilmi i i Vijil Lull i i i i ii Jim in h a coined Asphalt for Root Iii and p y i from the wheels hut As Heinn drink be other the prospects Are very Iii Bil Kihs in i Lilly on his Hack Over the Street car track e Trees to Jet into the and his halal ice fell As he seas falling he must have one of the lines and in this Way the frightened team seas Yui Deil in a so Lonn As the team kept running around and around Pettit was Safe for a Irre atly increased demand for and stones in the s Asphalt for paving purposes during Iii suddenly the inns foot became the season in the Foll Winn loosened in the rearing holding it named in which in was used last and instantly he was sunni around and Init hers attention Iris i Coso tin selected tile scene under the Hind wheels of the warm Luck called to its Sii Perior of Thimi ions a and a second later the team was free the cities referred to Are los and Pettit laying Ancon Sciolis and san san Iorli hlee Dinn in the Seattle and a in Meier gentlemen ran to his in Odret said today that As Ai he Mil h pase Iier Tram carrying him into the near As the Asphalt Industry was fully in on the inc Iii was est it was found that his which would he in a few and while clothing was literally Cut into Rishon i Okill nit Ilsk Lioom us Ali Iii i i 1 Ullin m ill ill Iii i Ali will 111iillni Iii r Ilii hunk no in w h 1u in of kith i Mill ill m Iii Iliili no in n of i i i k it i i k k Tiisik i incl a is Sci id to Liis own interests Sliu it iils to secure i pitch of Hind in Kern in Kern comity will produce the largest crop of and ingils of All in the the terms Are the most and the prices More reasonable limn in any other irrigated Section of the a line list of improved and unimproved Vineyard land a for further information apply to or address in till Illint Allik Kilisl in Iii i human Mill full to ill i i i i Iii ii Illel Iii Iii Iligir i the company would at commence on his his arms and in i ill us i i in oilman Sinkin Wells for the the Mil of hat a i i new torus will live employment the Engineer by the hot of the Iet lit j i i i for the Asphalt for varnish Purdoi will to lop id train found that t hive Rihs in the left Side j to he carried i in thief in w Hile All the ill t be to avoid sinking it even if it adv fractured and the Chesi Hadly a Liall mined he stored had Heen of ii Lucienl to look Kernus son said t he i a i was very in Vinniti injuries Ere serious and prove Al m m i in he paid fall Asil seas too soon to form in v Iii Ilni in i is Mureil id i it Lari re nmn Lier of men and As headlight a of heed laying w As removed to the residence of the Haneh Railroad to Armona i com near the right hand t he seas so Van orman Ami scr Nisson hastily plated t he Luik of t he Stork of a Denim do to the ohs Trutlion that it Stoulil he upon examination it Pas Iii a i n the a dining of for a Tine Oil for fuel procured and when Little attention to it hut sva shortly estimate of the extent or i to Aisne m the Minean heir fully a worked Kern treated to a Urrie and care that a the internal m comity will have in this if pile of ties the track should Lett it seas Heina cared for the 4 Mali in i i n i not tie fuel for i Nan ii fad n Rin not has e in team was running Anock in Romih the Niiva purposes in he world the Drivie wheel of the it dated Down a Railroad already there is talk of Larli Iii Here motive Over t he us Jet there Asenime to k Street and in making tin 1 k in i n Mami factory of Rived Iron All Wii Terri tie the i urine was Walron i in Hore of Shieh i dipped in Lii Piid a halt lifted bodily from the track an the Runn Piej with the front wheel filidore lie ill led and i Here is Liu dial let Call eloped in a shed of the this increased their at the ulant Iii Hill Vhal one manufactory w ill Folloso Olive Al proved he of n inde enl h and k t reel he easy Chaile of Dacron horses turned and Lanm i Mii Lorton Alev the engine Svan heavy ides Valk ran a far a i in Arlington Kern county improvement a Ken offers for Sale i m Orchards and vineyards at Low and on a mss Komi ill so Vii Ami r i wanted Alioth r once there i and Eay heavy i rank Trtat Ion for i he fuel the per ileum Sulien Oil i mil1 and held to the rails Shile hotel so Here they the run irom n i found in paying a it i tin momentum of the train carried links kids Corner to the Arlington almost sure to is ill add Holh to tin it user tin As Niar Sillonis no damage hid it cheap fuel and Lahore proposition and a possible the Engineer he Jan done Oil than to Knock a Hole in one from the ii resent Outlook there i no to slosh not with the intention the pillar the hold Industry or Enterprise in All Kirn of Topping the for thai seas in i hdm Asi Miltn in a i county that promises so Sodl a Asgi halt and Oil Heads an Xhai Utise article i in Pipara hut he slanted to he sure no Siriotis path Brinn Tion Livim fuels and had Heen done his the hives the Industry Suhich will he 6f treat when t he t rain had loved do Sulli in Tail is fairly w Ell interest to not Only Muiir Hill i he i Ells to permit the Engineer to out of i state at Steps seas astounded Iwu the Enuine Solomon has a cedi and truck on i h the Kern county improvement company by in Kern i Only Linn Mill or care of Orchard and vim i the Only i liable company in Kern Only that a Hii Sines of planting and a Akizil Canol Orchard and Vineyard for e in of stopping the for that Wabun punt i ii adm Ash is a i Vilvall i Ami Olieo Hejcl of t he Purl ies who excited had fastened the explosive to the a i Row d of several Hundred do uni d the fallen t the confirmation Bishop Nichols confers the or Dince Priseila and pleased he till Illk placed in i Tram sva stopped and the sex Jlas a Pold hand around in upon Suhich his i name is he has no idea of Mikii a vol Slajus ii a i Ollk Llull i i ill ill in in l frill urn a i inn i i n Iii mini Lii nit ii Iii Lull in will my n i1 i Iii Iii Ilo i i ill full la full Ahtl Lrtil i Uinos Lii it no Iliili i nil Iii Clcil fully Tinnil Hillius Ali Tell fill in Iryll Illel till Liol i Iurii Tinl Kivini in tin oin pans is under the direct Miriam Cincent of the upon twelve persons will the crowded coaches i Lor the Vasseni w it 1 la i Mdllel Kiesl in i and attentive audience tilled we Kris had All seen tin mimics trom ii jul s Church last and for a t i me a scene the occasion Heinz the visit of kit Fht tense excitement Consi Peiu when the1 j for ale in lire or i Ishoy Nichols of this diocese to train started up again the passengers at the am Luik no a n private to tolls and Entrance the conferring by him m for the ordinance of continuation upon once left for tin scene of the expo the is i Tavel pc Meiners is to recently joined it is Thoi Ikhil by some that the i Vered at simmer is ers evening i Dole Hilst Lill Silis Ili Izlla Vav Iii m the Rohac attached a heavy hear Joe of by the consisting of near Deildal special arrangement a for i old Vii def open Day and Suprano miss Jessie w a of Oil my amyl near sex ores mice v Sherman and which the x rendered the Tol hed i lire by your need at Lowin ervice of some i incidental to and furnish them w Oik Ian i he and administration o he rile of the train to Curry Rived in Rosmi oif nun Contin Alum until ill 1 hymn in Ireland hearer wms Union meat Market Wood Zaitz Nett who unwell known in the fruit they Are Alo of Tom Kern Valley n in i Iii Ulaki ii Lam i h Lull lok ill ill of i Trees and fruit Shade Florna Runtal him ski 1 inn t nun i ill tinn Kern county improvement cat Tii in we build you a Home to Larnin ii up Ninfi 7 v k i a i pres of Sale Suhich should so the ear on i Livious to service lev whatever their Oriel the Wate la shop Nichols a Hor nut As in a heed hem 1he Ness those ivc Eisimi li1 Irmanee w Ere i i has i m m my Milln ii ii and h1 i i s i me Thi uni i i s no i d i mn1 i i1 a i ii i Iii k m ill no Iii i to set the t rain i Iiri rate of the Enuine sva uninjured except for u general Hakint up a Vicli the the Railroad Utah Alan reticent Alo w hat in Cine done in the in ill Iosso Iserial p of i Ilii Ilire in i he the jury in the of William i 11 i Lia t i w 11 h a 11 Iau 11 w 1111 a deadly in Lapoll u ii i ii in r i i i Al inn i e Nim Myles ill chill i1 in Tinea i i in in i Iii no i Iii t the i 1 i w to to 11 in a t Rael in in e in Hail i i n Ina Lei d the ers Minn i to Titinna Lake have i i do i i More j n up tin project on account if tin new lid i r a Stilson i not i and so a i Ilid i n Inch in Chili i 11 on will put on Jill def Niht ii old i lend Otolo work a n on the Mon Ai i ised in Tow n on the Lle Ardsley canal to extend in from its d out one of the admin Fiat to Over one Orchards scr in Mintini i Hundred teams an at wok and line and in after set Iii some of the v1y Iuit Trees m Patten ii is Stockli Ulic ill ii Vir Low Rita of i to build roof in dlr Voal Mutton Salt meats is prepared to our Nike parties Wool in at very clash i Mac ill f apply in in weird Iii or in few Hliang ill lil for ii i in ii Yard i a cd at terminus of Sirit Cir line South court relieve that cough cough Lictus the v i i in pared the ii Gonul reel prof he a ii i h iceman Prico of Ricl so per Rilki Wiiki ii Nick in Imil Bic commercial lunch served at All i Hill ill Kimii Niederaur Cor 19th and l for fair k k k n ii Lipil in i n i Lair t Iii Iii i no i i k in lie on of i w Lulli i in a liar of i inn m in in Ali no lir Riili i Row Viil in Nofil m Iii i chemists to the Valley Kuh Haneh oppo Fulte t Medicine May be obtained Day or
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