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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Feb 18 1892, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - February 18, 1892, Bakersfield, California Pm a Ken Fri usuary the Stock in i Iii m ii Tho Kern fair ground association ready for m the jewel Al i the Ili 111 it in ii 1 i vis or 111 with j r in Minn it t irk pin v Ktal my nov Varuel by i Mink 111 t c lit Lii t 111 pm till mos Otlet Kern Lair t a Wim a 1 t n on innit i is i i i now Reail meet ill i Lor 1 o k my n i a p m a t l n l i of i i e lieu i n h Man i m i my k i i ill a i i i l i Len i at n in in r 10 Linn i Mil the k la Ilici of to r a i Ai tie lie aililiiin1 win m i i in Eli Mil a i Ina Tinl onion Ami Willil two or atle Hilpl i i i a m i join in failure Iao no lamp i u his to the Hil Nihil Waal la Loie in ii mum Ami track w ill Oiler he Ami ii i licit Iii everal la in i of Liei Are ill Eollo s h c c to fall the attention of the pen pet Llou the Loe atoll of the prick 5 grand leap year Ball i Matt tic i at porn monday evening in i i m i i i in Neil Mil in i i i Iii in i l Lull i it i i my i to tells Llyl chill pc Lilli to the Elliot a of the peo pet Alonlo the Loe Atlon of the John tin pie of enmity to a of Miles me u ill pro Ahly make j s w i rain Ornis wan import aide to the future welfare Ami such Propri Louto t he association i i Sirilio Pinr slur prop it of Nair ile Iii Mil v w ill practically All t he Hlor of t he l m int i i youli11 t i i Anil t in Small a lamp rent free for a term of c Lieke Ivline Mca Pine a will visit this state he Tweedi two Ami it Ialo that the two Pohtio i William c i w Atli us Ini n t Ernil m i three eos Mary Ami parties Helue ii now Ami Paiml working we want w w her they will them to see Iurii Ami in Urwiler iiih1 a in rain Ami also w net her j John in Printis a Thev May Wermul elect in elevates t will i Jiro poll Ion look Multi Sony i Larton Ihil Marx of tin Iii the of he l x town ii intern ii Nitt loll of a win Lair life in i with t he ill Iliin in Iov Helix in Stockton on next at am in Pavilion on the Lair Kroin iils m Wiful which time the Tiu Earv for the Vii i he follow lilt is a list of the Stock y Muller i w 1 tin links while in tin will hear Ami Henninger of shares n s c i f i1 of each w Milton i Alia Lily in conk Iii out Lionil the la oiled Ler Kusson moult and from the visit of Lan e i w Ivis Lern pay Iii Kern county a Mack Mimi pack Ilese veil it hopi Alil v a Xiv v i Althell Eal Leil for the Scinie of the i ii Lii ii i i Iti v i new for fair Earth to Earth a imm is in Neil in his own inter Rols tails to Schmin i Pirc Lii in in Imti land in Kern Chi Only will Pim Lucr the largest crop it and fruits ii will in the terms arc the Amsl and the prices More reason Lile than in any other irrigated Section of the a line list of improved and unimproved Vineyard land a for further information apply to or address l Ami then Eal Leil tin Flie 01 11to whether w i i my Ami Khz the bostonian make a i Huhl for it Ellek to of the w a seventy five merchants pay this City Nisi ill Iii a a Aid out of of menu from the South Ami the Amli inc int w Aller Mcdoug Viall wit event Loston m k i i ii Iii Neil Kern Iii it Lam to e in Ami l Ami was Viilet slav All after Mume iou s after Kern Bounty improvement co Kolin offers for Sale to f Lions Moi Lipelt Ami were by the in Akizil the full the to Iii Nisi Ihie Myrrl Daiil Imit 11 in Lin Only n Miles who the to vehicle pit a Oiler that the Tum i Al Niere Hants Smithl various portion m met at the company which were As Ulner t hey sex j Rijs Ani vineyards at Low i ices and on i will appear Hen Willit lilt in with the former Lii every i Tallei the lecturer Poil Teil out the ii priority of t he i i i m of ii Iii in the lecture was interest Arille too the Alheli in ii i i k Lalji j i ii ii i ii pc i j Illel i i i Nee Nave in Dierx inn null m them for they Lunan to talk a ont k i lamp Ami of them in went away with full of j i j i i i a i i i v 1 i ii Vii Lual attention until tin of i i it remark this de Dinville Richness Ami Fertility of tin the v of Ami in i Ini in in Kiili i in the Tel serous denial ill Lech l ill nun no a of ill a Ploton Man can m ii Imu limn ii i i run i i i in lad the astonishment w no Anil a t i f n e t i o 11 they More no i in n lil n 1 i t i i to 11 of ill till n i 11 i to l i i the Kern county improvement company by in Kern i Nonty that Maleare of Zmrhal Ilami tin Only Reli Alile to Paliv in Kern county unit a Hii Mains of planting Ami of Silil for i n Ixia Miami a left at ii Oclock Earr Viii i in Pon i a i i n l to the last Mil l a n Mil in i1 at that will i Len Ifni i Dull Natl Nimit i Hii i Liik Irish till fully Mil Tinin tin run Mil i n Lenin tin Iii inner the Ili reel Miriam Neinl no the notice to a n1 i in n the notices Lavt Sceli re Rrolla the slate at sail Limber the no j i n Ila Teol i notice i hereby that Low ship i in ii i i i Mizii Mill i Iii Iii rails on he is nagged with an assault upon Cook with intent to kill Well known in the fruit Tony arc Alwi of tin for of of township i will lie lil Eil in Nylice on March Kern Valley i Arr h till nil Kim lion i i u ii 1 lilt i i my Tail i i m i i ii Al i ii l i i the am a Jami for jul Jan Snake ornamental in Lor an Saull with it it Al will in lil Eil i Ner w at he for a n Asau 11 with in mi71 1 to Nevlock Anil alter lit or which late entries Ami Lili ifs will he ii on the Muht of k knt Yukai hum county idl Ivee ived for a links in Mil i before Conklin i v notice is hereby that township Flat of of Tow la i n in x ammo n u s m out 1 i Apu of Rollin you a t Ixl i my x am ammo ii i out no Tuuu i Truiti i Isi a i i at i he t i a follow Italy u As Mollyan h f u i i in Only in Mil on Ami alter which Ilay entries be Ellik m n room m the rear of it Oil i Iii he for lain is tin i n1 j in Imi Ilievs i Lilly store on the John in Wynn Cook Maceoin Al Asp pained by a Man Rameil Eal Leil k Mainii i store to net some they the kit Jet Lys iop i 17 raw an uru ii Cook who arrive rom the this is with wanted i i in i 1 i 1 1 it 11 us Al i i 1c i in improvement we build you a Home and loan to have Long Elim by ii Jii Ira Isom Ami tin i Evirl Ami i it i in is the Peelor alter Ohleh Eneil he i was familiar Wilh the in nit ile Iii Lii to have Long Elilah the Oculi Len look from the ii a 111 Ono Ilia in Ilin is for Ceil an ent Aiice into the nil tire Soleme m r v mrs Ami will preach at a Pauls of confirmation Hill i c i he nil i of this will preach ill the Lii life Halls an Opportunity atle Mihlik Hie is Nii at Ilisa in Oclock alter the rile of eni Ilir Eon knife of t in j will in Tinc Hool tin work of Sci i a jury a lock i will Home or Wheeler evil ii Culm him Yaeli lnl1 k imia Inonu win o Lii Reiny a Anil Poi la Montana a n hotel transom Ami open me Noor Irmini in in Ikis Vil Miami t l i Niile this was done Ami la ill Illus till1 sell ill in du1ki u u Civ Low of that Cut Cook k j w Huon he apply Louk it Iimura Lor a few a Larch Billil i i1 i i i i i i ii if 1 Iii 1 relieve that cough bks Notts cough Lictus tin Iroini t he Orlu Lull re pc a nil Ori inn private rooms and Entrance Prico 35 so per for Ohki Auk Only by Hui Les Ami ple Atlle j t k Ihre will he a of the Nice steaks at mint Linen who have Hie Vieni Vav s l j h i s i in ship Roll of tin athletic r m Elhat mutts Oliv Hull at Oclock j t a j have at met Katun Lav for hit purpose no a j k pc h k Merkly k w Wirry j m two live i Ciul to Dwulit eol Mililli it o m t t Albu Dav and in tin daily s f Miall Iford Pic Kri Rufli chem its to the a bin Valley Vii Gwlie Rikli Medicine May be obtained Day or
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