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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Feb 17 1892, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - February 17, 1892, Bakersfield, California To Califon Titi we Kikin Ca ill weary Price 5 Kern county land great work of a How Tiik company Tor t script Iii ill ill Lannu Hull the there Ion recent Hilory Alkern county which is a source of Pride to every Cit of t he p this tin Iii Etlor heir with such it Mill ability Only land pupa n action of i tilde audit to if Llull Ion e in us to speak in Hui when treating of an Cut moment a our recent col i certainly Oxe Iiah nil this ninth St t rail and Divi dually of these in Vav Horn i much credit is the Hope Kern county is in its rapid it has not Heen Muiir Sinei Almont the entire area of this Fauvil Williel a Olio enjoying in than that incident to cattle Ilie present owners of the Kern county land company properly u the Purec of land in i a county nearly Twenty and have continued their inn until today they own Imir Hundred thu Viand acres of Awood fruit land there is in Ali afer Anhtai Nihar this vast Hody of agricultural did horticultural they set Ahmit to i inn water to this l hey Lui Kiuei fully done by pending Ahmit t free and a Hill million Dollar i their irrigation which Itin largest in the i idled Riched still mule by Allulli Muraire process you rail i stamp Luis water can i in canals Anil ditches in such a Way Ain Siphord ample irrigation for every acre of i Zinnia Kahlo i he Injo located in this natural it has served As a creep talc in1 depository in lir Rich Iii fintain soil which has Litrell or Nuht la Wii ilm1 hires till1 pit in rain Ami and deposited Kern so has the pm res no lain d thai the Srilia Niril nil ill the Kern Tilli in in line Hundred year year this unknown Peri Iid vegetation has decayed and thus Emit i hated its in Lulli Diirr and Ullh stance to the the result is that the Kri n a Nril he the k ii has Heen Here is 1111 advantage which unduly appreciated by the i inn f Miriall another guarantee no jut and Tahle treatment that tin my having so Musili land Dir Mani it Allnut Ilie slightest Nisi Pic sent Tiou of Iti n tin Ohley its literature mid advertisements to so framed As to rather Leavo Many of interest than in misguide Anvline by or highly coloured it has in find i ins in he the i test Fri mlle the Rel mists come Here i Mil that All Flthe truth Luis do Hern Tild and Hechme at i representatives of the Inni Pany in the mutter of Neluis of t heir friends to statements an1 appealing imm Lime to Tini fran thee settlers which Issei that the i oin pants have Heen Assn Lutell Iru and that Many that could have said tas Mahie to the have Heen left Vliem t i fran actual expert ii i in edit or inf of tins is die fart unit lie past twelve tinnitus Mure than Hundred families have rated upon lands them he the Kern i and i hese ii stain live All tin1 Eniti Paliv has held in inn t i time nearly of Prin i pall in Ellers Twenty and in Tate Irani i n Eirini Iii he estimated Tun if a deserves t Ian which i Surh h Enild can lie Kii tril it lie Iii Mil i i1 in Selm Ami hut Cost in Pinole nov Ella vane in depth Arnm Irreg Lieuw glue in tinman m1 lie Marl Iii of Mill Huise on monday in Wathe Clise of the Leinen Preedit that an Ellort should he at once made in mime the Enop ration of the 1 Eino crts in Lipil Lilinau a in this the Virnin Silion is to erect a t i cheap Lull Nita Titial of hell that when the Uhlie Hall in the City will it Veconi Iodate the the wigwam can he a floor ii Lahl i Halls to he Laid and it Isalyn poll Pond in Lle the bidding fur Eil rus fill hurl Iii 1 1 nral or icel liar no in furtherance of i he pm Oil Imi t he parties now in reeled in a Lair Irr oids and Speed track Here have conic Forward with h proportion to Lui ild the new wigwam i the Hall Hli Iel of land altered is i dial Iii by Parli in re for the fair Urminda Thi making the and Pavilion i he one Ami build governor he attends a leap year Ball at Poso a 1 Brilliant Friday re Eirini w ill he Init Imp ahle ill the signals of Insu Hei Ivilse our i nor mar Ham was h mice at the leap Vroni parly i Vii the indies of too and the Hall was prettily decorated with mid Orillia Litov Perrin were the a Coin Milter of ladies consisting of Irrin Ami i miss Smith received the to Vornor i his lie was accompanied by colonel Dean chill of Ioco the die Sis then pleven till to the tliell1 lie inn a Laie of it less from Pelasio 1aneini w us commenced curly Ami continued till an Early 11untinuton and loll the Mansir w Hiell was a Hoviin Tenuis supper As kirov Ideal by the 1osii Lii Dies and serve it under lie Mana Nemel of 1ciiin and mis in the Ware Liziie of the Kern land which was placed Al i he disposal of the Toni Lillee for the no Chion by the in his departure the Ioveino sex presed Lincir As much pleased with ii accept Imi and seemed in i in run Lily enjoy the whole lie a Rivis this morning and ills trip lir Diioli the county in sen it h of View for his her cultivation land i considered to he the in the s be in the in i it Ina Kahle con climate is so perfect the any 1 ilium if ii Erin natural and v Antani Kern Delta Annie Lakei yield in Kern Thiwa l he main prior which has Inee Elope d uie Airlie land ind inn Ytem m lie non an cited with him a lid in hit it of the Iliin and Al Iii of Tini Nitcy Thev male minds studied t Heit Saliou until they ave with id Hiti i Dainty Dovah in Iii i on die in this get Iii of after at it Ilij Oil t i p Wilh the Elloul which i mad fill in Many other they a that natui1 it Iii for of a Inu the perennial allow of water in Kern the source of to River is the me Teil Snow from the Hidi Sierra Nevada at a time when the of irrigation Wax Tremley unpopular and against tin advice of Many Wlmes Judy mint in such mutters 01 int to have Hud they Henan a system of irrigation which was not Only t he most extensive Ever planned in this hid which has Sishe Heen fully developed and now enjoys the just distinction of Chinn the most extensive and Complete irrigation system on the their expenditures did not Stop with tie three and i half million thus put into it they established what May he properly termed experimental Tat Imis at various Point Over their vast of four Hundred thousand this was done at an additional Cost of Here for More than a decade they under the direction of ahle carried on investigations and in the line of viticulture and Stock Rais 1 elect set it n Toni incl Imi with Dit Iuis of 1 thai every fruit and known to the temperate or Emit Pic can he product d in luxuriant pro Tuii in i i i Ion m Iurii Salimi of Thi rom inc Nicl Hrit Hundri d Miles of Mil and Rhonl m Thoi and of lateral and sonic of canals arc lie lamest in the the allow in one of t he largest of i he i thirty live in lilacs 1jo fee ii Rel feet Ami carries feel of Lake canal is eel hut not As Loisy tithe Callon the capacity of the oboe Lake miners while that the Lesert to Plossi in a the Nic and then Loes to k to i he mass in to clone connect inn Wilh these enjoyahli1 where firm etly liens it cattle roamed it there Are now semes of prosperous each Iii Iti intelligent Little this work is Piini i rapidly in seems that it has Only at this rate the next decade will witness Home errand transformation scenes in this Lav used the Kern county Lund company will Ine Case in influence and capacity for Komi work a the time Koch and year alter v ear these Happy families ill continue to he Islah Lidice and the congested cities will he depleted to add to this Woik of Ami True Home l in Vav m i Lori what has Heen done is Only an Earnest of what w ill lie the Imi machine is in tilt and its operations have its ramifications extend Alnut the Helmut the civilised in pm re state o1 the in Many foreign countries represent Artivis of Kern enmity in general and of the Kei n count v land the Lair Iron ind asocial Iii will he incorporated within the next ten Day or two and if the promo lion t Lily make is accepted by the political parties the question of or int for a wigwam m at once from the expense of Hli ild it also understood thai if he i political parties will put up a Uit ahle uni Linn fora the Lair i mum association will lie willing to allow the Revenue from rentals to he Icli Iii in to the Treasury of the until the list not of the Iii dim paid and make such terms for it Pur Chase is ill he the c in Neil tee appointed on monday should look into the with the Aid of the 1 Coin Al the i Waln in ill leh needed improvement there were present me Danies Ellrow Critten crisis Sauil and Hall Mises the list of gentlemen ill attendance Tun to fur Iii Lim Rintie i in him Ustiy e work people in our a increased it per Vear since and is now Esti to reach sin ii i Les has taken Pluto it i trial am in and per the of life Arbor my i minor Iii Vav it ii i in the Call and t in pm meet Imi Vav it h t he of her have an Iseji Ivaylo How of cell like feet Pel the ill 11 a i ii i 11 it thirty canal of the company an alter t he Alipic plan As those hut ale Ollil i Are All Iron the Kern near Thev i Aiichi Mil in All a hic o a to Render Irr Mamo every land ova Ned i Ineo Inpan v i Pany a expert t look after Iii Fiat Ion Vlon n Ato pc and damage of any kind when a purchaser desire have Hiland irrigated he Golilie i he company and in in a acts t he superintendent canals to Lei on the water at the int the charge for Indus company in particular a preaching to ii i Irr of us in Kern coun Ervi sors to than mainly cheaper in Ali the Iiri Lehere from to the i id per acre per us commodity i n i it i Mian v it should he remembered that the Kern of minty land amp airy owns All of the lands in Advt Kiefor and cannot he considered in the of n real estate Agency in the Ordinary acceptation of the the company is Only one feature ol1 the vast wealth of its and they is Lallish the ii ency in Kern county to dispose of tie lands owned by them this is an the Matini tude of which can scarcely he ley any one not familiar with the the Intelli thelit etl Ortof the company have Heen coupled with the hic Stillus of Mil lire to in Hinc the interest find Remai Kahl Kern As the will Enilie i Iii the Niit from the rat and the v from the tin take w Lial i Artivelt pie sued i Lesonis i i he n and a i in Many n her ies m Canh Vav Hui 1 i hit i ate in a Viha Iii in in Vav ill he ten v Hefte thee All u v Ial Plains will he sin ii with Home of i Hoisa iils Al mall Iuit the material in our innit stains and for ests will or thai islam i d into a enl Ai t ice Chi n i a i tier v Vav Hove i pc i i will that of the Kein Ishield Peconie a i Ai in and Center and which All of the most Devin he Hoit cult Mal plod can will h Distri High d Mie have Heen Lardy in our Lull the hns Lieen Laid lir Nad and deep we will lint ship at a Volven Point As smut of our Corii Tieh Al in of i he i opine and i Ilii in i he aril t Heroul Miil t h ii mint of sri inti Ian Vii i each mate i general Rise m a i i Lerini m Llull Oullis to int we w Lle of hades tins l made Hilm times the it v no a report Ronith Iii a m on Hui Pron ill poll loll i i the Laphol Pilc still in the Empire Drolc Etiopi in variably Ilie nun her of people pm their and de creates the i life lit in Thev ii me tin tar Lui i a my l Hen Lai Vav Hiell he m he Call claim or eel Lam ground May to part Ieula r Mal i no each he i id or Erade ice Wiiilie im1 he condition of it of n proper v this will Limu Lale a he ally rivalry Aikin Nithe Chil Dren and make Rahoi Lav one of Mill Mil to t i n addition an appropriate literary programme can he made a Proll ahle feature and will proven men us of insuring the Al Tendance of t he in i u its of the i wih to Illey tin on in a meat rests the Imi Happy under relation he tween e and the duty i which an or while the Iii i that hid to Over them in Wail Cost of wire in the eminent Mimi list and who is on heft around the world in the intercut if Tho worlds Cal Nihlan in Rivil in the City thin to at the Ilc pot by Tonk in and Heuck of thin City and in Ivoti to the Southern in inter Vullo is accompanied by tin or isl with photographic and tie expressed himself As Chi juror to net nit in the country in order to Day inspect the world Lailius Timi system of Kern of thu Kern county Anil Secretary of the Kern county worlds met de he Ervelli a few in Aiutes after his arrival and All were Speed ily made for ids in a Nef interview de liner Vilie said i inn certainly More than pleased with my reception i have Heen anxious to visit Kern county for i have heard so much i am not Only anxious hut feel satisfied that myself and assistant will he Thlu to secure today some line views of your irrigation system and also Somo pictures of your Hronis Luw i will select a nun her of views and mount them for my lantern and this will lie used in my lectures around lie i feel that i cannot fall to do the country some wherever i the one feature of your from what i have heard and read of that will he n credit to the whole idled slates is your wonderful irrigation which i am led to hell eve is nut Only the hut the most perfect i i shall Nave it very dose accompanied by a lower find a Iii Orvllle and ids fully equipped for picture left the City for a drive to Pam Ama thence to the it Ellevine ranch where they had then to the stoc Dide ranch and taking in All the plumes of interest Al oink the i Poi their return to the City in Ivien Ilie by help Erin cml evil of schools i visited tie Pulitic schools of and a Short lecture to the thu professor is Siil Lerine from a severe Throat and in curtailed his lecture to the the lecture Al Nel deniers Hall tonight will he one of interest to every the Piell Lles of he worlds Lair As they will w Well As numerous v new s of the and Miji l ill prepare inf and carry the jury to pass upon in Ili Kollot the work f 1lie defense the g the shooting a and sons of veterans Tenns ready for the which have Roii of almost Ines ii of nicest and o tier them to Ornia Par Hren thelml same led to Idi i Malile value to the stale of a general Ami to Kern county the Fouin Littion Listh Laid for still greater after preparing the Way find Dinion train in what could he they or i lie Kern Utility of whose Stock they Are the principal they Tonii declared Cave really to Iven mined the Experiment to and Vav i i adopt the w t he Hope of i he ii lit itn1 Ion 11 in it he m to Iea lion of iinds i Timidi port Imi f t in1 san oil1 Ivil Iii Reader Yieh a Deci Iii Ion Wilh inti to adv of nearly halt n land apparently i level when exit Muncil fran any it located at the extreme South end of the san Valley which is at this Point surrounded by three this at Mesa has therefore one general n v t Roll i to s feet to the to tin mirth with and the allow of water is not interrupted ii any until it connected with i rom reaches Hue iia Vista Lake Pun the Twenty live Miles there Are no pumps or other to anime four and live he Luuy Cli Ooi Diute cultivation of the very with interest on deferred at acre of Ocren per cent per the would he there Are thous ands of other cello its lie Imi put Forth in the these All have their methods of Adver Trinu and Rai and it ii Molless Dill Lewill for the nails Filer to Dicrisi invite he tween the spin Rioland tie company Lia Vimr sigh immense interests in this and Inu Inu upon the policy it sri line land to Ion the Riihl mad to he i Allioli of to Heuiet Prohl Cin of increasing the population of the the Kern county land the have tie policy of in entire acres in old of it to the Holt Ali t in Lotof limn Twenty acres 1 Liis ithe l Rue of Kie it Ian Oppolt Tuimil y in the i ha1 exist in fort Ere in Ahl Orni i he mail Tan Plu liase Tini i a 11 v his t Miil v act e Lar o ail i cud for and with the a he will have ample water for in netting ii Nide the lion of unveil Iii he phidias i this land at the tame that the Inid in Ordinary would have to pay Lor and thus in Naven the mid Illemann protits and All other Chi Kmieci 1 with i round Ghoul Wuy of Oliero him Oue fourth Cush and the remainder in to much internet Mani Lesiel in the Sho Lilik mulch to he held on next monday he tween two teams of live men each selected from the niether Shio of the Irand army and the sum of hair t Mieyer Rilli with telescopic pistol urine and All tiniest of in Are Hurn and the Inathe he shot with tin retaliation Rille of the the distance and Tii Ilet will he strictly in accordance Wilh t he run Silat Mialo and while tin scores made May not he Urcal there will he in end of the two l Cairn men tinned Aie w to admit to tin lint Cli of a team of marksmen from the town providing they will be the nine Miliar Lii under same condition and it Host Ellius to make u Success of this which so much to i he school interests of the Pem onal John superintendent of the i n Ion ice com pal is in the Iid l for Himin Are friends in i Allison of the National i the trial of Montana he Inie Nicklin and h jury came in a sudden close shortly before noon i he prosecution rested when the Deferie moved that his Honor instruct the jury to acquit the prisoner conk Lii said that regardless of his person n i opinion of the ease he and then rested without introducing a an adjourn Mienl was then taken to Oclock when the ease was Suh milled without the jury found a verdict of not Truilly in less than live portions of the ally w a rare the lecture is free am ill if you want Lookout for the 1si its Coin fresh oysters and Nice steaks Al near express Dell def a seat you will have to no hotel h i k ii w ii m Uii Minli t i o Mutli Ilii 1 k it hat ii ii i Lluri ii a k k ii Ilii Liui i h v ii ii h k h w w ill i i k i k ii Mali Lii i i i ii h k h k r m h k i a k have your eyes tested at told mans Jyl lilt two thousand live him red Kuplic read the a in of the firm of Wood in Turner of Here 10 note the if our Eil Harli Lieno i ii looking As Tut and Hearty u there Ionly one i ii Iii t piece Earth to Earth i Tinl id Liis own of in Kern Nav he Ilia the Hallel the Leaf year Ball ill he leap Monda v Anil All the Aho it town liar n in i i Enich and twelve Lipil i the heal i nun i in Tellic in Iii i he Hope it w ill the f the Maon Ami some Cost Linn Ever worn id Vav ill Izacc real estate transfers m i i t Liv m Juhn m kill i i mini j hurl ii in i so Lii in Kim i ii Vrr u in will Lam Kurtli Init i Anil three 1 hut he i from the or Chilel l loud no l in Iii Lac i Mio Nin Pany Vav a in the City completing in work on the new Road to his Early next week Oia Len Hank Leidl lit ill the is ill the Civ Loo Kiim lifter land inti or ithe wifi debit of the Lirt National Ami the Modesto of Otto hts it ill hop it Tioli will plaid to Meel any men in lids Community who May choose to Call upon him Al the Sci Deneu of afternoon at in county will produce crop us mini Iri iils no will in Ilic lir Iii Itric mini tin1 prices More in Liny Oiler in a line lit of Jinp Roveil mini Iii no m Lur intr Tler apply to or l to o relieve that cough hex Katts Colkin Lictus to Mph la cider in paled from the original recipe of a cell hinted find ice Muir ill 3s 5o per bottle 1hkiahkivonly by of my i i ii Southern i Hiiri Acy in Tiv vied Wilh Pieliv i ill thine it Hilt Cai Iliof the Linin Lhumi hut on account of the Nodi Fountain Huv Init Ticen the Jlee club met in Odd lellowm1 c0 1 will wll if mire Hull Lait no kit with u full attendance huh will enable Home or Wheeler i of june thu tract pm to make the lurid pay it Euch clod tie Well known he Mir Dur and to Tecu Irveen for ii Wolf after the to tit Lette the Chimitt to the Kern Valley Puli intr Brunch opposite Medicine May be obtained Day or
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