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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Feb 16 1892, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - February 16, 1892, Bakersfield, California Hilt Catli forum Okjin Kwh Kary prick 5 in hat tin sin Alum 1 the Republican i an interesting meeting held last the old input i 1nruanl to Call a number of in Eph Lica Loci in supreme court room monday in me time Alread order scr Ihrer Smil h u chosen temporary chair and after Onie of Way and Mani he chairman appointed Acorn iral Iii Mil nine i per Maneul in follow i in id in Eland and in a Srihin r i1 t Lui and w a lentil in and i East Iii the i which Ini Eivet every he to payer or the Manife Amain of incur work in ill lie Wii Liin ten my flip i Iuit l i i Minuit i h personal and left for san Kraii Eicie monday id ret a riled from a trip to ii lot Semi u on in Emo arcs no ton ill to Alii and the 1 Ortii natural i William Lia Likiu came in Tow u from on Smidak turn him Ishin ten Day from Thi he i i in i uni and Lour Hundred men am u ill in put on the new and 1aeillc Railroad company from their a general disc com followed and a Hardin id to a Junction it h the Miilu entertained a of three Wachen by the and Tracy ranch at the muncher of Al their Eike of tin san h and ii t w As oled grand leap year Ball l Iii scr the ii sports it at Niederaur opera monday evening i Erie the Huldine of a w in Maui Are m inv and the valid of to he used Iyall la a held Jee Tiou ii o thai in has no t Hal a cheap i net lire could he made Leeome a with for various and of shall it he hut Only if Tom her t lie when it shall he Tun could he some move toward inc i Micro and Calcii Laker yield hould he at Tine were appointed Niem hers of u the Miner the will i inbound grief interview w ill nine of la Wasan Nonnee i Hal Lep Are us ii or i m Mian Kiln us a in Kershaw Lefi for her Home new enter in on Hie was untold accompanied As far a 1 Angeles he i ii k Hiltl 1ilcf Mill n in r Mii Imma Toui lil line interview Omeo i i was ail ii ii i i Steps Are i i Linker yield on in Kent Oward 11 Ion of n not her and ill rim Vii nor w Illi her son and her and from Day to drum Iler for nearly a durin which As space will interviews forty Allemen were Lime he has made Many Allol will run until who and iveral Horl ranches through whom regret her the even the i richest portion of the Wiur he fisc she left for her Home in Ohio tickets Iier couple including i1111 to a for or Saint the pro were when the none is me she left for her Home hah ecu Nicel admin to Airai at the to i he i lie in of her nearer friends called w the sent the same place on monday feh exhaust inc Asphaltum hed and inc surprised her with a souvenir of Kern land Compaq Aid Ruaro h h Petroleum veins w a hound in i Rury made i Ronallo i am Iro Melv in favor of 1 the Kern county la the Anion i present Suie Allen the Rishi Tow win a timely warning to the Raisin and fruit county has alone wild Inveen Chhav of Laud the look at our route of the new and i have Heen told a a idler of Warniaha issued i1 limes Here that their Southern California worlds Thi teams for the big match by numerous Ival Hue wended the Tivi Ilind amorim of i limit a is is yesterday the learns the Lown a and men from the crop of Liddil i he Oil Sudul by w Hoe com try in i lie great urn w to will do Rhein Hilland then i that inia Nihil make her Raisin exp r i i Hall he placed on Keh Ruaro Jid were a Noil not neither Liili at Coln Chian have already As Lim men ills a Ltd As follow of n team Captain i Ruhl win Midi Lluvia a of parable w toil not neither at the Cohn Chian i t Hev Emit Niue to live and our rain will Ihei he Broil let in remain Here they can he comp dil w it t from All to Ikon care Raisin lion of the hold have it in the every Way t he new Road Promise i a and an in carry i he tit hut in order it w ill we have the to do in work Mut he m any Ereat Deu Vethe i ley hould seed the new i lox Lell and on Ide Het of i vim Vard a Ilii Ldina he a 11 i i proper certain port aide for i All try Cam a Tam and a uttered there Ronld he kept in proc the hall1 Aner i he hat e All in Telarik afford in the hot him mar Day would Judd he thinned sensible suggestion irom the superintend Only lower the hut Inge leaving Only the ent of health Hvall when t he and cur j i i ii i and i u h am Relus Cand in Here receive Hei and town i reel Leeome Slih tint Call lie no Winall Era Pes so i our nil that he left Iii a Hunch the rain and Pup of Al h w Hidi Eleu Here j Row a id i every night and Dir ally the sup Iii Verri ladle 1hi the w Lien i he heat i too ind edit of within la Ido of tide of i he Low ii to l i a in the i of i i i pal live Vea Milch Money h i he Eliina Lor in ire Elof Thev m ill and upon the expended in Kern county in electing i in i Timve a Liht to have the door and the r in w Inch tin in it l Neu Imol in their a the already and in the Purdin people who live and and modern school me trav once id us ii Corporale and we Kern county Oil or Al Ennel in i i t i Hyall and i Al Imp opinion of the Dii Dudd u Kern county improvement Kolln offers for Sale Orchards and vineyards a i prices ii jul Minsy the Kern county improvement company tin Only n company in cd n comity that makes u in since of Plait Ollk and Lakin care of ichards and vineyards for Lithia u in full us Pil Iii that will Witni Iii Nolti wih a mill1 i Only us Mizii i if u in y i nil limit or Clun Iii us tin lil i nor Iliin to is under the direct Niatia Emelil of the new and modern school the i prox Emiil in Liddil Ilion Well for the and lax s i i e l it a Ril i a d r n n in i 1a heavily thai ill the he ii int v a i in cup to milled Roll see retard of the Oil Supply company has and Uil ahle while o was asked Foi his Ami retired from Tihoi Iylis re has Heen m this ii Liny of us should he Taining his interest in the Aoda to live in a land had no to an Well know n in 1 1 in h nil i Nisi they Are also prop Rieloff of i Kern Valley i Linni Nih i i ii Lull Murk All nil of Trees and fruit Shade ornamental one of the most and cattle bought Anil vet least Means of Hall Tiff we would indignantly re l in sen and fifty toys of Good Barley Hay no matter what other induce Halo duct und Solomon adding to their has Heen Mills Milit he vet a jew Hunters of will if not entirely neglected the or Eil is i Oil Willire i i i Ltd funds adjacent to these St Illel u its i by is to ii and de Doii their extensive in m Snee Iid of its nip i in t Manv who v nil a r r of individuals create new conditions rules of action Lii rare so Iii j not App Cable to Rural dis for the i Vinink the heavy Maltha or liquid have to pay Tor what we a number for Halo at a or Odin i a r find no or Kern county improvement Hakr Huldd was will Hinl t his is a con we Jeanma expel u i Ages of Alloa City life expense of the j v k m a must vote on what we Tirreli i Dav Havir a n Tomt i nilus Al Nodi Vii in und nov for in when we in h Heo served i Rolik lout t he Coll n v Anta pay 101 it n k t the taken of in a later and More Sui Lahl i o o a n t i inv if Al flt in the citizens Mutual building and loan Assoc of Bakersfield authorized Ca Wiital is Hhaigh n sir Clair ill own in m it Atli i Rynn Nair jul Iii Lille thu j j ally card of of corporation whenever it could he Hoven that the assessment Roll of the 4i i i he unit is the Chisin o All to Lola Ion f Oil is Well As the science Olim a phrasing the Worls of a great states Ryan and applying them to yield As a Tow n we would my we must incorporate we must incorporate tin ladies of the map tint chinch d i we must sire to express their thanks to the isak1 said he was in favor s v and All who Ahly assisted i r s l proposed City was Sulla Cint to pay in to All who Montri hated either v taxes for the improvements toward making the i Iskos or the w l in now May for by lunch to 1111 to the City press for j s i the Lipold Tiit tin hoodlum Clement their kindly to any others Lias in this town is not Only surprising either by their presence or k i 1 f t he irresponsible ele helped to make t he Tipsy fes w Niento is to run the a lairs of Tiva Lysucha social and la Alidal sin the the and practically the Cross receipts Hal Nof i1 Lake and interpret t he Law i he sooner and the net receipts is m monday even inn a id the town put up the Siisi for by order of the Tracy i tvs a card parly at their in and moves the Heller for m m a k residence for the entertainment of the decent the t Hue Harome t heir Nephew and m for action when the men of proper the dental Iviry of shoe and standing Mut array them Veon present were Side or the i lie Halnen a real demand Lor Mies Lottie very Tow n in the Valley a had a and Crow n work on old Maude similar and in every 1 am prepared w it h the his where the respect Alc Dement for that and Ami Charles private to oils and Entrance the open Kittle Cue aued the services of an i k ii tin la s i Mia pm Iii i ill w i w ii s c St i a c i a knit k i i i Wood Wood Shepard prepared to furnish parties desiring Wood in Large quantities at very close Small Wood Del red at any part of tin1 Day located at terminus of Street car line South of court i ii Illi Muzik Kiki l in i a cooperative savings plan of Opi Ullin Siuki tin Illif mini Eliho Viilu to you Coli aut in incl shout Kim k in till a it vm1 it Maki in a dds Iii thu Stock can be subscribed for at the Bank of of Elliott or Send for a real state i u t hey have w had to have a Mitt that its let it mho id in in will Hutc such a disgraceful assistant to make a specially of Lleni William Nic Hulit i1 for and final Prodis made on government Kresno to have a vigilance com v prices arc As Low As Thev Lunt Dollop of to Lii Dimini Imi Cli m n i to t tvs u u c3 t til Itice Nellif the were con new York Calland s Luis la Kilmr Tiluy ill is its Iii s 1c Tow n and Cou n i Kupko to ered and t May come Tosich a ass work at Oclock Alno at makers led will he to follow j Van the Ritu of x t reduce i will sell live More special arrangements for Tim trial it Kosca Iwiula Montano for new Home or flu Alvr i l the stealing of cattle u still in Prokesh la hewing machines at Ewh Packard in Creula Liivik a list for i Jud Jfe Onklin and u by Lotf Meinch Thip in an w it in intended to Here have your eyes tested at fold i of Cal into wan in he is Lee Tang with Kraut Hiu Iiah mans Jylli Ltd i town for Sale open Day and meal from the kit Ali Bak Kuki Chester Avenue Bakersfield Cal
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