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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Feb 15 1892, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - February 15, 1892, Bakersfield, California Kern of Kuklar Price 5 i a most delightful Ila Foni the leap year the ladies select their committe Sall arrangements the member of Rebecca Lodjic at a Mac Tiisik saturday Nair it completed their Marrali cements All old Soldier has his in target the a getting ready for their coming son grand leap year Ball Ili incr the no Sims it no Kasier terms of Ball they will loses Fife a t of inv hot Al full Satlin Hix Elji Dibua of the committee Lor Ira at Nie demurs opera n sunday after Noojin act Bris of i the army took and went out on the North i i to practice for Len from the record made it a Dej l Licare a committee of j to choose a learn of live to meet i r Dave us team thai on the sloping Mca i train the at the was made of a Shrek of a v v v u As the sunnier Only live blocks pm Mises Annie i lira fold lat Sal inlay Mhz an old Man Nainiu j cardboard painted Jim Al Al v jcjl3l Al Jim Vii Foj from the business Centre of sunnier up caption Michael a pasc nuer in route v11 Iida ten inches in my Swami Kortri which wan tit the i his he has had and Laid or Dit acc was Jiki Yards and three shots out in town lots which were last Price and upon the no Especial miss floor Monica to san floor to in the t Ere allow til to Tali contestant the Folly win results i a torts have been made to Theale t a few minute later the train pulled o v l of these vet during the past Amno k la depot leaving the old Man j0 Lynn a1111 a have been due to i n of the admirable the Lim in a Trane town Al dead of Nielli i be was across the current Ami the exceedingly favourable i pm Omlie promised oppo Rumly to re Lorn of the late War i i courtesies of the gentlemen and the draw pension and he had Iii s a lilt could the lots lie on a Mesa from i11 lie l d shoo the same distance with the mrs k or k m Mill i ill ill la Leto a my and Dave i 11 i urn1 it loll i i till 111 Lluc d floor director Emma Sik Shkik til i l i f i i la ii m r i i m is i 1 i h i i i 1 i i t 11141 i r j i ii whence the wlm Leof Valley hesout1 in unit can in any Way d to and under shirts and and a m s v to before the View like a Beautiful v the quests will be ticket in a pocket Book when j lir i n the land is in a Thermal v illvi111 a Ball a to 1 vey Muiir k frosts Are and in has into Mcd for his son who he was i i and t j Heen pronounced by Riverside Oravic Way to and who in san Klimi As listed for citric Nilma l Rev Jav a Uley land in the Leforc leaving the train a llll1 next Eiklid of i lie so it proof i f l i i i u it ii i n in Ai a x Eraie i ii n 11 Pon i no up Kiln u i m tickets per it lies Imler lire proposed 7 canal Avera cd an immediately More than in for by irrigation it can lie made a Garden spot of and As to Cli Matt it is Ano unsurpassed for residence an be Iii Balmy and perfectly1 Iii tint am a Low sat Xith the old Man in the ear and easily not out of him the Story of his Money and whore lie Hail hidden in audit was this same who ill the train Vith Credick Al Cali Erite m Loxen Lel Liivik Tho old Man in had plenty of Al to he Hochl on Tiniuc Iiams to eat and advis i him to across the d Lilloll ill to no across the Street to it Cru Theon arrived his the two had a drink to11 at a Larvic Drury has i Urc Glicr and thin the my Vonu Nian i a brother of constructed a Reservoir a which Nam arrived Here from ilk in More than ample for idl household known in Imd about Fresno As ayiisi1 old Rudick half Way on he has Hail a ten Inch Well sunk called it the Lodi Iii ii Riiho kept by j Cross the Street his train bewail item a tint Well feet f move and he Xmas too old to run an 11 m Ami ask ii Cli Ishimi nun at upon which lie has erected a com i ivc Vin lid Idi Opal Convoc Ilion in Pound pumping apparatus driven by u the had exp lonely been w1is Kiil Nel on Hori one pump lifts from the of a and Xmas at the theold Man xxx Cut Hack to i he depot Charles Joni Hon left to div for lowest level to a Tuinier id feet below very told him the and t ried to Linin out about j Salinas where she xxx ill visit for a season i lit Millace in which constructed a he said la Triem the time of the next train North and her i from which the Tuvin pump 10 Imd him a Pai to and to take j also Hov he Xmas to recover his Kern county improvement i Oil offers for Sale improved Orchards and vineyards Hoim the to the lop Oltha group immediately below these pumps he has can of Flavin Ivi Oxx m Smith in car i which he had in when he lather at Low iric i Insy in out and which contained a Imd in whom Little Irene Lake a Reservoir a Gallons huh i any him if in to suit of amour other Xiv Cariner to fun s arrived Here which lined with a Hallum sick ii a in i he stoic room i would his Impi iries elicited no in 1 i1 to Ami xxx ill soon he Cox red thus fur Lix a Bill or formation and the old fellow a treated i Nichols Anais 11 i11 to Reid Cal a contaut and i Smith and one or t xxx of the depot loungers in the i Bishop of i his diocese xxx ill i each in failing Supply of pure available Smith in Hope that they would Aid St Pauls a hurry limit for hone hold hut Iron bar room in an hour or tvo and finally t he he had taken ride at s Oclock and will Ulso its in valuable in Protection then Suid up an i a enl to him drowsy and lie xxx Cut into i he xxx he i in inf i n place he Only took one or Inu room Aid sat there is Noah Init thai a Texo drinks of then appeared on the scene one of interesting inc i von my Man to the of Hie Man Linail in a Kiev other than a the Xvi Nikii a who live in tin notorious when it i but n he had infamy that cure i he town of Only to per of of a Eji whose Pur him Iii Nev xxx Ith a xxx Xiuhe who Kent her and i xxv he stir further it is an a and Settle his Bill where to find Man can tin Pupula Imi of increases by Ijiri Ilion that cannot be broken up Noi Hini xxx As of Smith Shroi Iteli Only be Conj act Rcd but the smooth persons a like a Twenty Dollar piece and Disi the ale Ahe had not complained Yoi Bijj mall a who left the i Ain xxx ill of p tril in a and in the Lar nov Adil a when he event to bed no i Redick could Prodahl this in Llic Lorili i Lanai in Dit is o mired a Oji Pirl Unity for to him woman i in old to to to pen Quilit e an v to an of Laud thine Nin i i he bar Kepi r in her Hoile and he xxx of All i tin old Lyril Silvei Pinx the term Are within the reach the Money and Exen Hirai Road i a Man of limn an u in the Price Lor e Irma Loti jell a Hie in Towie he i in at edition of some the i Neil and for my v Sumii h in Sirj Liilo i be cot on i i Nof sum am i i he real a and the remainder to be paid in Xxiii a Chili an 1 Purily of the residents under i to and i at 7 i r rolled m his i be a enl i he i hat called to i he a i Lair and Lank on Man him found him one or i xxx o of them a enl to work to on lot t bet my fed Hillel do xxi i i people a who stole the there arc to each on xxx As n once notified old they succeeded each separated by an Alley u Anil took of the an in in recovering Luo of the amount which Ieuv Xiv urls Are til furn the a will he Heil this the xxx As limed to i he old fellow a and last hut i i Naines of the Best i nil furry 11 nil hot k there is Eva tar at percent uni Ciesil Duih is he went on to san Pink leu As a neg 8hade Tremis ornamental the soil is the an hour or two alter he robbery of i Ihui Anor on climate Delill and when the 7s foot the old Man a teamster named nil of i by at Nih kit Briix inning Ishii Dimill ram the Kern county improvement company Only reliable company in Kern Only thai makes a business of planting and Laksmi can of Orchards and vineyards for u ill la in Iceni no in nil enl ii ii in Mill Illi Liik us Huid Tutt will in i l 11 r i i no i tin Utler xxx r lining or mily ii Holt i Nick fur fruit Iii Xiv my nun tin fit inv Tho nil Sikl Tennil trill til Fillroy nil re Mari Lur nil tin run Ami i Ivan in tin under i he direct of the ii Mary irn 1 in e Rizian and ten it her in u i or i infill i inline who Are Well known in tin fruit they Are Alo proprietors of till Kern Valley Cal til is completed these lots xxx ill More than triple in it is very hard to a belter investment than the exciting and hard fought Ninkham strolled Over to the d by the oxonian mentioned and he Loo Xmas robbed of hut for him Pathy was fell As he knew no tin Marks d used ill i i Lions fur Ali Pri Neild ions of la riling Anan Abbani in Ion Ilia j further particulars address no Shehi Ikhil Sun Hinc out a was Crowll of ladies and gentlemen people he was to Iii to growing rapidly yesterday afternoon to witness the the of Licurs should Loti into the our at Len no Nirry or Kern county improvement Viil Liv weekly of football rapidly jvil1 loan unusual pres of local n i o o a x a youll Havi Nuh in i More Thun ready i Bakersfield building and loan association Mif to Aid them the l a it of this i to make some an exciting and hard fought contest i slum old Nike it to licit business to news the inter Lewmon of Ami i Nan ill Dan Raful As can easily he proven by Sec that a people who Robled tin old Imori oration Are postponed until to s Muir full 00110101 300 1030 Assoc r 01 d8kblsllno Iii oink the Many institutions that several of the who Are today i Veteran Are brought i have waxed Strong m he Kintli none sprained joints and Bri Alwil i us that they the subject is one of such a Ramonne ill sick and tired of having importance that it cannot be slighted capital Kli Sinh shows a healthier and More rapid and element of the town run Henico Wiidik to the Crox vied Condi Furrow Ali than the Jiu Kevil the teams Verc selected at random it hut they seem pox Verless to j Tion of our columns the discussion of Kull Dizik and loan i from the body of the the mutter is now called directly Mailer is postponed one or two t jail in m Trimn Irir j association was i Ash lord and j the mention of the in the 1 i to unit on the of the Man who struck Hilly May with a capital Stock j l von by a score of four 1aterson what Are they to do omit of Lam of divided shares of shout i i Par value of the first of speak Nik of Akui if today an old the fire company i to Tho r was ready Lor player 1 he players with one or i school until the Glrst stones of Stock Charnik two exceptions kept their places very inquiries Are lie inn made y i i 11 1 in Del l t Finkl j j kills a cooperative savings u i if n f Vii Rock Hiu him Iliili inn ill y i inv Tork you fan not afford in Luimit him k in Uin vat a hum it Maki r Ami in Maki la aids int it Jan is Brills hut wore Inch dim i Ink i will Ull in i i i i i i a i i i 11 Iidle 1111 if i 1111 my 1 til of i i ii in i i o Muik Hll my i 111 Hal i 11 ii u and while the majority of the it almost impossible Lor the i Muon 01 in in a Wilon no mock remained at Home it Xmas found to hear the captains in is to apparatus and lire company of this an easy matter to rest san Lvan be that in the on Len by business men who believe in k we Lite Aue it capitalists xxx to at once sax the t he players vill Endeavor to remember Good old Eulaue of an of in investment would he a profit Abl that the Only xxx a to win Ito keep dark of her Stock can be subscribed for at the Bank of of Elliott or the association Al mice loan i heir Pas the Hall and refrain As to i he Appie Ratuita is said to be in vhf is inv Money to wan lint to from making condition but a of in xxx Ouirl do and xxx ill probably several agents of Send for a Anil has today about Mil at in the town a will put a Strong team into no several agents of to crts in Thi City and amply tin Licud on the and if the above tire insurance companies have visited by Morfi Ayreon the Beautiful injunctions Are Utt elided Loil vill i be the City Dimner the past week and the Opidi Iocim met lint to Homes in has Huilt and the Thrifty a lot of hard playing to defeat t everyone of i hem has asked the same let farms on which they the ions yesterday were kicked by is your lire comi the system adopted by the heard and Paziy Here pc Crim up its practice and thin is one a which makes the the Iii ii next sunday will be Eav for the to Barand at the Al and on t he ild at anic time Netto the concern a hand mimic have the been examined an Alii Rma Tive a Nixer con id not be ii is mated that several xxx Enco xxx to Are at the head oftli11 ins to be i to fashion ill i Hii part when tin water xxx turned till Fin instil Miou Are aug Liccini of i lie Conn try when a Man or woman the oils a bile i he Dildo Exabe As to financial not like a next paper Art to incl blur Cervoni dry and Bill a Al the Cere t a real i Eluh t he reporter or editor from Yarvi look needed to 0011 in be any or ex1 in kill import stare cheap 11 be a Lii i to the if the at i he be Caine t i California Market is the lire company xxx ill ice tucked i i la one i linked Pencil Pushel Moo 11 it Liichi and ill xxi h in a few Days the vill from the and so Public hrs of into xxv and it in paper an not very much linked to rapidly even if a reporter or two la in Awell attic volume of Buinac makes be xxi the paper and i hey can a i exx the if i Nin the Piv Seiil Olvi cers Are carried jul a Little vex i Man i i in i s us i Iii it Lull Llull la nun state i i r 11 he hotel Arrah Vic president hard on the hut what or i treasurer out Toay this tin an to publish the when in can Iel regardless of u t directors color or of the Curtiis k m u special arrangements for wimm the next s and Alo Rej u m i i i on r parties Etc the daily is raid less of the removal of any r my hint n j i a Rcd it sunnier every a Venini before i Hrics from stall Liy violent i in xxx l a i u m x l j Lilii i m i 1 in i i i i private rooms and Entrance for in Slid town and country property filings Anil filial prols made Oil government kor Salk head the want column of the daily were not Hunting s u n hut we Are news Ami when we i t w Winn i c i land it we Are tool ii to puh Leith i Al film w i in j k Ililau open Day and Chester Avenue Bakits Licul Cal Bakkin Tolki
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