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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Feb 13 1892, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - February 13, 1892, Bakersfield, California Kern Fri usuary Price 5 James Osborne the Eastern sunnier hems a which Tiv it a addition Una sunnier its full ii Ion at play of Monte misses Hertha and Itlan Olio Iri Hanic i am tin1 Ilii Uili tinker cant to lir a lilt in in a Lull ii Tell ill tin announcement that j the citizens will Send delegates to of Shortie 1 hid decided to Reo Istir practice As a j physician and Xmas one that the slate editorial Oon Volion Tea Thipa Are visiting friends in Xmas hailed xxx ill Doli Rihl Hyall a Olio meet Al Stockton on Lehr uary i Max him fur Hie of Anai icing the Luis Sio Rod an itinerary in the National Ion Hie i in san Krati Idieo in a Xii Ian and Seipio editor of the Citro i 110 Pra Eliee of i head of the i lox i Nellt ill i him ale for the of v and he has n in Par ies to t Here a will to time i 11 a i i he disposal i i editors to i infill an Oppio t unit y to co Kern in no Callini there so Nii Hli and ahoo Pic Ideal experience As that of the in i i xxx Emily years Aio a hero he remained ten i practice rapidly from the rapidly that a health xxx a under tins rain of him Edical today irl Cleof a scr signed Ami sent to Sacramento hat is to he Ivi Oxx n athe Lii Atieh of Ilis jute Iii tinker Island the capital in and the directors Are i heal i Shoni Etmound in he must heed the admonition so Cave up his prac Liee and removed a xxx inter Hoy Les Iii Xiv t lie Post xxx 111 soon i i Manx of i lie 11 Side its Sun hid a re and Lynx ale d in read an in the i x i in entice t a prime necessity of i aide the Arm summer Days the late Refie Shino Fains have eased the Plains North of Tox n to thickly Hirisi Iii Xith brass is already High Nonh for and Iho sheep men of Llic world Vainous Artnur Ai James Oneill no 22 artists who will liars in Chitkin Salvail Naili xxx it Hunt celery in 1 u m newspapermen should liar ii is strop mar than i sometimes and he found himself ill he held in Otilio Tofil l ruv1 Lviv Smith and 1 11 ten to los ii his As i u Al lock is paid the full Leonx edition the dish and work no ill a Latium heavy ii Tiiu a will tile Heel like famous n l to head of this it Xmas enl Antov filled i a to hut xxx ill xxx Altha seeking Relief lilo Given by i his to from i lie Many ills i Hal Llesh heir sister to xvii xxx ill lie the or Khan canal a will run a i talc Norl h of the sum xxv Altha c s nor Homie pal the thus Tholix iils any men nearly All Olit to he before him have he for a 11 is Money i Shonio found he could lint carry on the Iliili i Likely to he in slain a Curry of by editors of the i Par of a sales must not he in Devil the Luiis Sinare fend of i he is tin Riih nary pos Iliili Tcha Chipa 1lllsllllllh Iii i i ill Lull i la Mimisi oilily 1 in1 hard sln11 Ilie pit Honl less expel Lixe i tin Tell in 11 i and a Livoreil All i i n 11 tin 11 i to i i i in to 11 111 ii i i i i m in 11 i i r i 1 in1 i it t it1 u sri or 1 t j and vill Cross the Railroad track Aho it 11 is Money i the toxin Neveri a la tin cattle found he not carry on Ihei Misli i hence it take southeasterly Divic Ulp Asil had a cedi Xxiii out Tak i to Ivcec i i nit land Fox Riuo h of the valid ally Wiur upon Innise Loo icily a Harden Doinik linux and xxx ill he a credit in All land ill Lac Weed fuel ladino n i i cold i a decided and in a distance of visit the in old after visit Nir tax Only Indes Ivoin the Lead Oale of the country he xxx ill reach tin Lei Uii Xvi Cirei la like Ike came to Kern count and in can h Lor Nollier n As lie found Lions Al i a tic Tii and other he had o Ial her hair icon nearly n Ilio canal a will he Thoin i Axenty feel wide on t a carrying Osiee a Pacill of one Hundred i hic Feit of Ludu i xxx tar ill he Monte Cristo As Phi Yod by Thorn Over is ii Iii to Onzill in nov in lit that wi1 inc to Jav Scivil la Sirvid scats Gilrai Llic Sotito Librn hotel Kern count improvement a Ken offers for Sale covered from his sex Ere Illies and in l to Thornton and William and n until he has Foi Cuil him la one Mihi in act i be i and i therefore and him s in a micral l Kiili for Nee ii very the a week Oxx inn to its into sunnier and in to fall of my in in Der t lie present arrival i h gains lie s of t 1 i i Al Knox n various Landard to xxx Hill he Lias Eoll Lri Mil a in x t he Are Praet really Forem Dieal a Soniat Bionoi i Fertile specially Anion the i in xxx canal u i in i h tin in tvs Secretary i h xxx Ith o i hat i Laker held Xxiii Drax Al from in Ideal Honor a soon he in the Centre of i Rifle is k Meinl of aimed quite a hurry on in i think notice of r i Lull u in i i Rill Iii t Rol h Jil 1 in in k to of k h no i i Ilie n i of the i l i ill Llull i m a Kovka Orchards and vineyards Al i ficus Witul Minsy the Kern county improvement company Only i liable Somji airy in Kern of Only thai makes n of Jilin Nellig and of live girds and for for Sale Iii la to i r in on f Lull l Iniel ii nil i ni1 incl Hylint it in Lull Urli no Allm will ii Iii i Lii pc nov i Inbert i nun or will Mitt Milnrt tin of in Inu in fairly Ami re Lii Lite no fur Tinin Ami Lam Vii Iii loll us vill til tin Nin pain under the direct of the i x Iii More Oxx in Allyl Iii and a Hank i Reedil to the people who t a t 11 Ion o i n for i former canal a will irrmae d t he in to of the Mesa lands which lie in the a healer men Thermal xxx Lienay soon the Vallex Laud a will lie surrounded by a Orange this fact in itself a will add inn Selx to Tho wealth of this for land rates Hijra and Oil at the an in Xxiii soon he proved that hotter land t Inion mines on Creek satyr for Citrus fruits can nowhere he Dav in fact Tho i roofs a already for no hotter oranges than those of sail a Mindio mid Tojo Are raised in any to part of a dead horse near the Road by ran to Iho a r i 11 Lull no v k Al i i 1 As Mam Moi ii i huh my i i in i n hot Springs the Folkers keeping a Sharp Lookout on the Ulm n11 at v inks Ash to k at exact in last All ii i i Hycki Riih Oiler Listol shot Xmas heard in Tho Chi x Aries of land nose Ami a or More headed by on Suhle wanted Giuili ii Ingroum in t a work Inu Fumii of a Dea the in Nolls to Trio Sot leis in Viii kens caused the Loam his children of ulcer hip Putch Are one Drivie to school to run Awin ii Iris and will prom Fly sue put Leman hearing the Halo Somod nil that c it least nothing hut i it must no i in w 111 Nikii j for it not h1 Monlay Nikhil a Sid tit of Luvi on Tho other Hund it Imi Noil Hud Smith up on ill in ill ask apply lit tin Mil to Are Knoxon in the fruit they Are Aln prop Solors of the Kern Valley ii la t l mul Nirry full k of All Ken diff Trees and fruit Shade ornamental of Fry at thu Lowitt Mit kit Trion Ornu in ii Nikami from for Pluri apply it Len Nishit or Nili trim Kern county improvement Kern in Lviv Tal an a t real estate to to i i e o n x o Voltl the citizens Mutual building and loan Assoc of Baker slim cite Witul 81 flu Iron Down we hurl but Tho Driver injury own w most take but Little of the 78 hold h in ruin bored that Willii Ini Rah uni Murmin w lit11 of Hokk now Icell Mikil ii h t m 11 Pitt ii Ixion most take Tiwu but Little of the 78 t in Rumore a Iii Johann a to Xiv uw4 of and he touching on Tho i trim Bolt will i build a Manip null in the foot Idle n i r f i i Junul wherein Llos their Urt tit non acc of i u Uritis glitch is to he extend ii t w of r would i Nunnly in and Ron la num j k i Mimp m win l Imus that fringe of Puoplo arc still in o Iuli kill k Ell Loii m i 1 muck ii St of on i i i i cooperative savings non ill it w ilk i ill ill Hill Llu Illel Lyhl affixed in no Iii i Iriina Imp and shut fringe of Orabiko Conn Korn Villo people an try which and totally out of with la and new cases Are con w i reach of the East ranch of Kern some of the hot h enterprises Are seriously and each no will add immensely to the Propri rations have Heen made tillable of Kern and Vear which occurs neither can he Huilt too liboro the ladies have All sue Joseph Cyrus of k i ill be Cirilio partners for that Here on the traction Happy a new Racetrack is in coir eos Pri a x Icese Byoir Railroad Are rapidly a cum m my who have Yeii visiting xxx her i 7 Latinik at the depot and the traction leh nary Siter Isa cock in Omaha rely nil j Iii i of sumo he Hen in a Day or Home t his i the who oxen it have con Kosher ill Ira Liam arrived i i Irao Ted t Supply tons of Hallum from i Havilah on lie report Bitsih Imi to Jet in doxy n lib its place of Leix xon and seven Hundred Pio exert one in i taxi his has had Inci operations at the All the assembled in the Irand opera Crip except m Iller whom provide no Illi us in i Ian Rullon i Tiri irly to not Aff Bill Kinkin Cam to til will Holt it Lek Iii to Lam it Ken in in a hum it it Makk Yor it a my to Yorito flu1 hunk of in in wll known in of i Ami Stock can be subscribed for at the Bank of of Elliott or ii i Iii i Iliili i Hildhl of or u Iii Iii kens k Send for a hotel arrivals i i i j Xiv i i m i Lehi Ami company in Monte of litauer yield a will the performance was a Surprise preach in the find id land he Caine it xxx As Ucli Ovid that it lion in t heir a unwell impossible to produce in arse Nice of their such a play As Monte on such a tomorrow at ii limited perfect lie will Uno that i t xxx As Proi Ilieen and i n ilex a w ii deliver an address to the manner As to lie Only at 7 Wisdom the xxx Ell known idol thai a Trood w i in the Hook of ador or All actress can entertain and la please on a Luvirn i he trial of the people against Heitl Deli w i h i the first one of Tho seven he e lie Cliv Elies of hut Are i of uralic larceny found against absolutely piece scary to l in in Progress i whore a to i Duee Stock i will sell live Mon a Civ Home or Wheeler Wilson turned heavenward today the is do hewing inae hints at than old sol fins looked at in u Ivend at simmer every evening i fore Jyl Lotf the pretty Mir Rod and k Xiv a Lim infirm j my i s i a n s x n i s i Xiv k i Lri j u Fly h4 Xiii us i will Nim there Voro More pretty laces und Psi state i i uni lies and final proofs made on Goven Iniel in i Iurii i private rooms and Entrance for Anu country Ukoh huty Stead Tho xxx ant column of Tho tie were out with pieces of smoked Mollii Wikul v hons Iho u be Corid prize Ihler plan for us Visilio to the at the a i m ii special arrangements for i open Day and from up Kieth iiakki1hki Kok Chester avoid uhf Bakersfield Cal
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