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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Feb 11 1892, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - February 11, 1892, Bakersfield, California Nihi my ii Ili n Kahn ski weary Phr 5 costly the county pays a big Price for secondhand the trial of before Justice Olds a queer Nathan the iras Valley whose arrest need Neslav arrived Here today in charge of cons talc is arrested for a Mise so says the hut what kind of a Misdemeanour not the Case As near As can u Learned i he fore the trial is one for investigation the they deny the divorce Story in part mistake in in in Imnel two ago in it i timid of former heir the this and Lins Imire called it this Olliee and the if handed the editor a Long tin Allitia in refill is j found to Little or no hearing i the Dii Ismore denies that she is in they Stop a Fresno Streetcar and murder a desire to thank the Anil Iii my for the to us Tim High the sickness and Ilent i of j nil Man Ani t i an i de ill simmer every evening he foil up Meldoy Driver robbed the he Waymen escape officers Here i tilt Spe Eligil Lee veil i in in k pm an this ill la let night ii car on tin Lair irn unil line was Hehl up by Mili on Ventura strip while making the lust trip of age hut Only Ami also in ties one Nuin moppet the horse Anil the i that the Ever applied in for a Ilia live from other Nini Intel the car at the in maj her or even thought of so do1 unit holding a revolver to Driver she Loos not Duny the Trout la i kerrs hell Ami demanding his j he tween herself Ami imn smore nor Kerr showed fight it Over Lindsey lit i Pill t i in1 no taif Enlil with Mir Iii ret tin actor world Kinnis James Oneill who will and his company of 22 artists Urs Tiit duty is by tilt1 Nixt Graml jury Ami not solely it was of Stieh u Nerious nature Flint the powered by the Neeoma Nuin Ami gave in need unit of the crime charged against neighbors had to i up what Ehn nge he about the j a against Diris Inores state three passengers were in the cur Oik september men hash came j inputs ure those made by a Liui her of of an thrust his Here from brass Valley and in Corni indies and gentlemen to whom she Anil head out of the window to see what Pany with Itasca opened u her husband talked at various times was lie had no sooner done so j Ofteli hash Here three Aho tit their Ami to whom she i Thau one of the Roche in placed a pistol then returned to brass or Alloy stated hint Dinsmore wanted to get to his head and the Man fell and left the shop Here in charge of his rid of tier and that she would leave i Hack into the cur fatally him if he would give the rothers among our first said i wards she agreed to accept of All tin surrounding Oil Ntreh was one tin an has no interest have Ixia notified to look out within Toti who brought us a pair of in the matter other than to Ihei Forth men who Are supposed to lie pantaloons to he that was sep1 news and from the present Outlook working the description fur truce has Licen Estah linked and the Dinsmore cease to lie of interest to the Reading James thank Carsons Monte Cristo As played by them Over is Vino to Oneill having tin old that we Tinnil i dancing lessons free to in Lille in i Mil 1st last we closed the shop a Withington claims he never got his trousers and seven months after he left them with he has had four months time in which to have my partner arrested it the pantaloons were nol returned to hut he didst do i know Iol Hing about the ease is Hejmer Irvid he fore Julio i lds and a jury this there Are Sii Jne 11 Lings Aho it the ease i Luil Are in the place the trousers were Worth in the Nii tide Lomeii hash Nils they Worth and it will is i the i Tii int y for Hill Gill leu hash Here from brass and univ him him a t rial upon a he urge of which the a he can ii Cut lie even supposing him Atin mind the oils Lyhle w to reap Iii Liti Mikeial Henell from the ithe Rill ing the or j ii allx the i Liell ofe Olisio the i Ira Valley and in ii irn ill Iii Oiin to in Addis Iii in Liiro tie u fan Hack Here and All the o i Ini rial infill he the supervisors should niw1 Oinila ile a Hallee to prove lie ease Airainig Lue Nhanh was made for i he fees and mileage pay and if they do nut then auditor i Lovell should one in reuse i veto ill i lie Hill four noted Lnier Man were sent Here last week from Alaneda county to he Grid to soul Loiis located at the Antrim Stock farm of tharis four Miles from this the these is the dam of the phenomenal Colt top tin next a Imire Liy Joe Daniels out of lady the third is a Mare by three cheers out of Queen an own sister to Tho dam of the fourth is by three cheers hut her heeding on the dam Side we did not the Queen a Tomii Mare is to he red to kerrs horse Apache and the other three Are to he red to Lior Iilona imported horse the sire of top it Speaks Well for Kern county Stock when wares Are sent in Miles to he Solo wished of t to men is so hat it is Dun i fill will he whether to the High binders five shots fired in a Chinatown Den last no Chir the parties who did the shoot Iny no Lal Lii unit the cd by the Shiira by foil i in rapid Wilson from Indi is Here visiting liar and son arrived from a Iii it and will re main in t i Lillian it Erin Laula Iid Here he at for the past unit Low my acre Civ he will i the land is the la Neil of Hollom Well and All fenced to fora Lenn of apply to Oil mall san Ivun Eisen to Piv Tiit this Grout tsp scats on Saint the Southern hotel Kern county improvement a Ken offers for Sale Imp Kovba Orchards and vineyards at Low prices and on Kasy t Roll loll he lie proprietors ii it Heen was made in he in lid i in re had i i Ween i is and Ian game led to the the flu and a search some one who had seen or knew the Eaifie of the Poi Lively in sued to give any no Pahhe As i he answer in All ions made by every Niong Liali hut a visit paid to tile room in which the Tan game is usually run showed a Condi Tion of Ute Yiirs with some scraps of information picked up Here and there pro Ahly Tell the the room was in local hut by the Aid of a match it was discovered the ladles and chairs were overthrown and the dominoes scattered Over the everything pointed to a Hasty Light of the and from a White around the Hin Atim n the following Story was Learned the Highpi Nacim again visited the Ian game last night press Gialdy to avenge the arrest of their companions the night the Tan men were ready for and i proceeded to eject the one of the High hinders turned and red live shown into the room and every one ran into the informant is not the ust author and the Story May he made out of whole hut certain it is then conveyancer and insurance agent the Kern county improvement company n Lii Ihle i in Kern of Only that n lakes a Husic of planting and care of Richards and vineyards for t i i i i Imi i la n m k i f i 1 u ill slim 1 1 1 i 1 u a if in 1 ii m i i of 1 in min nil i no of liar for no lain Illel ii in 4 t Terk is i the ease of the people against Frank a Hasty exit of the Tan players for some Solo tried Hozore judge Conklin and u jury thin and the defendant with promptly the Case Only lasted until and the jury agreed upon a verdict in Lens than half i the evidence in the car makes it one that needs looking into to the motives for the the of floor was in Kern county Are Browing restive under the ii och were Well the Peculiar udon Ted by some we u lat pitiful of the county 1 he those present were Andrew Kim is an will look it Waller Elmo Krunk to nil trim Roaul in Tukli Hud the hotel of new will i prominent plume in pah Ali Forn Heen ii Well As the Southern Chris j no Riib win Perini Tlell to appear on and if Shiw the inv rail her Najimy dred people who perished in thu Allamen i Dan ally of now emperor p would the hotel had no and Liu Hiil injects to line we ii firm to Rouse the the White and Milo men Nail his Consort Innel to up the Panama the lox social Given ill the it Lima Shnol Friday evening by miss ii Shotlo Kirk and Minn Irwin was a very pleasant Good Eon tilled and Here Are furnished with alarms that would arouse the seven the criminal department of the Superior court adjourned today until saturday next at la the Case of the people against Keu Iola is the next on the the Iii idling and association will move their Ollie to a More prominent tie local news to r the Heen of such import aim yeah Xvi crowded tickets for Miille Cislo Are on ale at the Southern Over eats have already Heen of Maon nuels a Lull attendance of the is James Oneill Morrow head the want in Risto to Linnin of the flames White uhf misses Ella Llora Dell Minnie Irwin and Lla tic Ilie worlds Muir commission has announced that the eminent lecturer who is to ill the interest of the Coll la Hilali and who will deliver a nun Iliili of lectures in All the jaw cities on the ill he Elit to to deliver one ure and secure a ii Uhei pid ures for his Lanter of the of Kern the should Ille a ii Llull ii n in h stallion of formerly the cily attorney of sleek Tuii for t to is in the Ailer is Here on Hirisi Nesland pleasure Eoll Lilied to reduce lock j Ell live More new Home or Wheeler Wilson t ii sewing Iii Philies at each Jyl Dlf 1 v Iti Imit in i Nadir ill i 111 til and in ivc in i Iri aces Ilmi hint lire pull Hooili Anil Iivari Ilinor Slit urls ii flu gives is Feili Liivik presents Are j Clerfi inuit with Ili Perur Lut it Funk is Iron eel for a Uris ii in Skrlin to j it in to for the utile to m also heat on Stab Lis Liing an cooking tin in Meir of ii by fix lion Leglers with being the most woman in Europe her complexion nil Auburn i Nair Iii Iuit of a remit latitude in Ami in every Caprice of tic Unmil Duke of Baden a great fancier of Currier and has devoted much time to raising and training in i lie exhibition of Midi livid recently in ins Royal Lingl Nienho he Ono of thu Lintt twin Hon in of Pernia drink a Bot Llu of a and use Inucci in Sbihli and Alifi cd Dill that lie brought to Kun rope with the Sou of ids in now Hix Hole and grand thu Nii Uthus of people Are begin inti to be j the Little Queen of hoi Laud might read a chapter from thu every morning to her and patiently a Titch away at tin embroidery iui1 film but devoted to Ber i her and especially her with which bin Lille Lime to the Yoni Empress of Coul Rury to All traditional in inking a Omerly the rail travelled by her under pen when i Proi Irh them with to which they la Theli in the Kiment 1 Vii Ihn ii n in Iii my Iii i Iii i on i i Builtin fruit unit Van i nil him it Lar oin Paliy under Thiim in Neil Intuit h l full Len Liik Lynli Lizul Miril Miler i w Lium Loimil tin nil null wet lust Hii Liin Mif a Shirril n Lii Liik Tribl Fil fairly nil i Jiulio Lituri fur to Linin nil tin Vita Lut nil flu null klvi1 in to Linin direct management of lie lint will 1000 i Ink Yak ii n As Mammoth it Iii Fin Iii in lil nn1 Tinong me in i air Rinilli nil Liioi or in of i Vilii Hont Kii Linkh Ami k wanted tins to Are Well n in the fruit they Are also of Tho Kern Valley slut ii i Honl furry full Loik if nil of and fruit Shade ornamental i of Ever him Rutt Trcon True to name pm from work Knutell Lii la nor to Lio he the i n h ii inlay of i Mihr Nishry jul kor it tin1 Nii Init or Kern county improvement Kafir Iii kith vol Ltd w Simu i1wo Hmat 1 Ili liver in it lit imly my Vork or ii a comic wll Lilik to Ilu fell z to 1 x or invwi1 Viik hav Nom in i ivs with to asks to apply at to the citizens Mutual building and loan Assoc of Bakers Hli authorized capital he Niiva 8100 Imit Stork now kit Liki ii 1 play Iliili apply to i ill will iwo Hiroms Koll 1 a i Cunt Piir Iiri of k hint i Hulti Kok apply in Minn Nulli sir Clairy Ali i i Julia Kiihn Kirk j ally v inst clash us Khz us Dohk Kuum on Loim Lily Ai Lilym Kix h Shlit a cooperative savings Pun Liun Ren Law Pio flu Nib Killi to you not if bad in Toik in us Ikhi ill ill Klill lilt ext Rikhi Liln girl Linin the Over the hunk of in Well known to the Peru i mid Iiah i Iii n Renli Lenl of Tor h will Lur of yearn fell it Hun itt Kim k la Tikins Hli irk i hell Rei Itu Fer Litkin i ill la Akita the enlist of irow Tiosh does not it the recent election in thu in ipod Staten ulivo Howu that thu blight reaction against Protection has its the Only Colony which we Weri Uhalu to cite he a Trudy col new South i am afraid Iii longer has i in that re Ami we i Lii Liaise Lii i i inform of hit of ree lord Iii m hotel Aruvali in you joint alive Klosk is Tiik Cai my Lull o ii Iii tie Kurl Llali i Allf i i in do til k i a Koan i an fur Neil ii Mil hot Enli Wink lire fur it Mill in our French Titan Rait pm a it Makkah Yor it Mark Yin it add to Yot u Stock can be Ibio Robed for at Thi Bank of of Elliott or Send for a real a state he 1 1 n n in 1 ii 1 Colci Iii m ill k 1 1 c 1 f k on a Hilm flu m Iii i till i Ina Idalih Toniu Kin nil huh Icv Hamki i private rooms and Entrance for Hast Rii of Drys k in Shell a Ittis f on special for open Day and malt Irenah file Iii and final proofs made on Gommi Iii town and country for Salk Chester Avenue makers Fields Cal i
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