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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Feb 10 1892, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - February 10, 1892, Bakersfield, California Dalti a Ken a Iway prick 5 the 6ypsy everything in readiness for the governor he arrives from Sacramento and goes on the business men of Bakersfield favor tin is de Vered ill sunnier every evening i fore a ten Days Hunting it to Vunior i ii j the programme and participants dress rehearsal full there will Ika full rehearsal of the programme to be presented no the Gypsy festival the following is the programme Ami the Naine Sof t he overture Sreap in in Trnini of in Pulito i to dreamt i Twilt in mar lilo in Psi stun Wal fair mom Liik Liy iils tin i Lynny gym by Moreh Ami i Grill by it Elf try inv Jam t Markham Paceoni of san Kran arrived at Hun incr at Oclock last Nair he from the they were met at the Lepot by judge col Klill with n conveyance Ami taken directly to the where they stopped for the leaving Early this morn ing for which place the gentlemen will make their Headquarters Der inc i oin Mencimer ii be published Irum Day to Day a u Ith Proni Ideiil monday exl then in the column tries of cuisines Ami pro Lindsey tamp it Siki Ion by the nitty Moon j to cry pith Nuttli Mutch Happy the Mari Lana and Tho dim a Roll in a Harp in the the in time Ami Ron tit by uie the following ladies Neil gentlemen will participate in the festival Ami u glance at the us of a nines will show what excellent vocal Talent Linn urn the festival cannot fail to be a grand such Cash Ami the attendance which is to last Airout two for several hours Afler his arrival at the hotel to Vurnor Mark hmm held a levee in theoflice Ami was introduced to fully a Hundred of our be sides slinking hands with half Ninny More whom he had met in answer to the reporters the governor said i have come Down fora Long i Hunt and i Hope to bag my share of the i fat i Nail snit to lie so abundant in this i love the but us a wait and see the of my game bag when i get i am feeling much let Truthan i was n Day or too Anil fess ional men concerning tin proposed incorporation of makers Leld which will set Forth fully not alone the Many Bellelis to be Ilori Mfd from so Lull a Slep but objections i i us May within the past month the senti ment in favor of incorporating this town Han grown so rapidly in strength j that in has Shroi Iglitz around Many who have heretofore looked upon the propo1 sit Ion with i sail a prominent today in speaking of the matter old enough mini Hig enough to take can of itself if Given a Chance Ami in will never grow Strong and healthy until it Breaks away from the county i government Ami gems it what our people want to do is to copy the j acts Ali web Honvo made incorporation w elsewhere in the state so successful Ami beneficial and to carefully avoid the mistakes that Tulare Ami one or two it tin if tin actor ii i la Hilll Iii James thank Carsons Landing i Iti Ven let to i litle la Lilly i m ii i h1w everyone tells looking there is really hut 1 Hope this trip will strengthen i always like to come to Hakes Leld u a aus they take such Good care of a should he limited Only by the capacity stranger Down Here tonight 1 shall ii t i i i i i 1 of the Hall i misses Jessie Jessie Graep Myrtle Mollic Emily Alice Violet Sallie May Hattie Callie Mary Millie Hussie Lola Lena Loia Norn Atlie Day Lulu Lucy 1 Lattie Cirlie Morg sue a Linnehe Carrie Helen Hart or Willow and a high3inder three chinamen try to Levy blackmail on a Tan game Niue a Liege Chin town Tui ii tin of a Ian three is named a a h sinn the Story a told hint the into a whens Verity of Ian were n ing Ami n lax of each table the act of Trio refs Cal id be blackmailed and the proceeded to grab the Money in sight on the they were at once assaulted Anil a running Light kept up until the crowd reached the Street when a Constable arrested the three ringleaders in the Melee Ami jailed the Tan game men assert that the we de thing is a Job up on them by the Holcer who was to share the with Tonhig binders if they got it but there is absolutely no foundation for the statement which does the Oft car an he happened to he near the ii lice when the lighting chinese reached the Street and in arrested As Many of them As he could regardless of their it is probable to will make it his retire Carlo for i am tired from my Long Anil Liasides i want to he up Bright and Early in the morning Aud get away to the i shall Stop Here on my Way Inick to the and Hope to have More Lime at my disposal the to Vurnor is not looking Well by any lie looks an if he Hantl been working far into the night for and his physicians have told him lie have Complete rest am i Pon hire turn in is should be die to stay in this City Over a Pamir recept Ion will to tendered in aking of the of is a Vii said he was a Cap fill a line hot opposition when they Field will be incorporated upon a one class of our business men who w oppose incorporation Ami Many of them will ready to withdraw their Hantl that Hack my Broad and Liberal Basi in the interviews an Endeavor will be made to get an opinion from every to Branch of business represented in this i City Ami the subject v ill i dealt with und honest u am acres in Wayside thirty three Wirds n minute is Connill Cru in Giitl Trio latest whim of Clin Aiice is f in Cut Kilss for women or or dior of Viand Oilen Hael came Here Millie Hijii and with ii partner in lilo rim after a Lime h la Rucj to liar Ner to run the shop t Sci lid not succeed in netting and i or Plano u it closed up in is Aid the arrest of Olle Nhari is on a warrant worn to by who Ehi Ini thai some of his clot lies were taken away by Dollci iliac when lie Movil his the ease is i to Eiting Tonsi Dorahle Lyell Luibli will arrive Here in charge of an Olliver Toni lit the 78 to save the linger nails an ingenious Fel Low High invent cil a pot Cuifo the Huies of which Are made to open by touching a in Sweden is by the fait there Are women studying i he univ Cisily of Mila and almost Many at Lund and the i the let known proofreader in 11 t Nill in inn to the Teli in Olirs ail hour for his services and a heavy Lino for error creeps in the Kreith have invented and put nil us Market n sul til note for thu Tor is the fat obtained from the car passes Tif freshly slaughtered said to be to any of her Artilie Ial Ini tur yet Prudis eel the whisky Ininee by Meli Litin a Veek and very often it drunk warm from the having the in of ulass on the i l Loli Aero Heinik Nihil de to it and rattle Weed to Mak it in the Laud is the Lynest of Holtom Well and All Venceil to lease for to term of apply to Cebrian Iii month Omer san assessment to k i 1 Lenl 1 1 1 Iii lit full i i Pill 1 Rii t Ikka Kiev ill 1 a Ilii it nil 1 Mil m 1 Plu Ili or nil in v nil upon i i Hii Iii i tilt l i 1 11 ii ill 1 m my my loll Iii 1 Iii k i ii in town i u Mil Mil m t Illi Mill 1 if 111 nil i 111 1 in1 ii h rut i i 1 i Mil mini of in ii in Leli iry Lintel l Rulli i tips 1 is t r 1 l 1 Lyka k i h 1 1 x Asma my hum Ivinia Iron ii i inc for Hal Inmair James Oneill and his company of 22 artists who will present Monte Cristo As played by them Over it is owing to Oneill having i of in Fht that m Chin Lilott to present this great 750 reserved cuts Sale at the so Tithorn hotel Kern county improvement Kern offers for Sale Orchards and vineyards at Low 1 rices und on Kasy the Kern county improvement company Only re liable comi any in Kern of minty unit makes n Lui siness of planting and Lipkint rare of Richards and vineyards for Ilii in ital it to Imil or inn ii in nil lib slim lit hint will ii i r Tiit i tin no try t vvi1 Lini Ulli daily Chw Heht i Arnii hint nun rim Iliili will inn in list n in Tuul fit Lily Mil elite let Luck tit Lnu Milf Lii Lor Ali Iii Neil Tiu Viry item i Iii n in i Silti Jiunn ii Vii in tin company is under the direct Naii nement of in the numerous have Lien Ninde at this Ollilee concerning the future of the proposed canal which the late Doherty proposed to Ingild along the East sire of the so far it has lice found impossible to obtain information to properly answer the interrogatories except in a general 11 Lias Hen Learned thut it is proposed to go on und build the if some the gentlemen longest Day in the la Liyim ill of the interest Ltd in the Husi Nesh now to look after the project will he kind enough to Tell us the of a thirs or Nive us a Chance the new to your article yesterday Rena Dinn the new methodist Dpi Sepal Church soon to he i tilt there Are to interview them on the Many readers of Tiik am human As Well As the editor will he Antha Lent i iwo pm a 111 Idys 1 ill liver till Shnol Giitl Torii Auto Tor Howe misunderstood in claim that he regard to the vend things you May a and says he never intended 1 prominent Nikii Ilot of that lion you style of architecture for the exterior Alid Interior of the Church will he Oft in most modern nothing will he spared to make the building a heauti1 audit after All the whole fill the Church will he lighted j is u tempest in a Tea with Isth electricity and and we Hope tit he Able to put in u pipe the two great tobacco men of North Duke Ami concluded the have uen written to and sum at least to Ait the building of the new place of i married at the Arlington hotel this by Justice Winnerl Mirney Tilty to miss May both of this the Bride is one of the handsomest of the Many pretty girls living near Anil is the daughter of Joseph the is and favor ably gliomas Walsh and Miller accompanied the Bride from her Home nil assisted it the a Telegram received lit this Ollilee from alienate afternoon the Many friends of the Bride and 11 it ibis place thrill both much happiness ii i heir Thornton n my Jin lire both Union i the Mol tin int Mem Bers of California a tile Civ ii route to Thornton will return to this City a Iford going to audit but admits that at Lime the reporter talked to him monthly morn ing he haunt examined the Hill or the on Mon Lav afternoon he mined Trio Hill Ami refused to a i Lair iwo i if the supt visors Liucc exceeded authority there Are courts in which they can he let those who object to the Bill get in and do some thing lies Iles judge conk in fined one of the Vanir i jurors yesterday for Hung an hour Ami ten minutes late out of the sixty jurors summoned lift six reported of the absent one was a Deputy Ami could not serve another was in Liis Angeles a third wan Twenty minutes Lull had a Guild excuse while the fourth was seventy minutes inn no excuse Ami it Cost him Trio West Side freight i rain for men Dotu nil Oiler stations leaves sunnier at Oclock Laily instead of Oclock As the is the to test in the county it Vesall the news and has by Long Oil ten Tiik t in i i head the Waul Connin inn los at it is in length at Uirl irus the Day Inus i j at in and in the longest tiny hits 17 at new York the longest Day is no jut and at it is 10 at the longest Day lasts from May i to july wit him t inter million at and Tiu tiny is id hours Ami the shortest 5 at june 41 brings a Day nearly hours Long Aud less than h Uura in Fanner Deacon arrived from Indiana on Lii Pinix of Caliente was in town presiding Ell or of the Church left for Tulare agent of the Southern visiting Friels in san kill Volt with her who Linn has been visiting in returned Home on j y superintendent Hurk Hollcr of the 1 Angeles of the Southern 1ncillc a huh in Clapham left on tuesday i to attend the convocation of tin Pisi Oil Church at san hotel arrivals n be i i i i n w k n i i j i i i j lie i a u i Fri m i u ii i i m Vav i k k ii u i w ii Ili i i laughters Are in receipt thanks from the string our Tosies shown if the duly or seven families from i who will Settle in this will arrive from i lie Tuil Lif icily of lit Kenil in Anil limn tin nritiii1 in no i fun no to Ulli Misi Al inks Ani apply in k i j it 1 Vav i i wanted Tubo in it Fiu ully of Appl Siut Litin ii Orsk in who Are Well known in the fruit they Are also of the Kern Valley Slinn Lii i Miniet Iirilli Neil Lurry n full stuck of nil of Trees and fruit Shade ornamental r it Lii uht mar kit Tracei True to imme free from apply it or mail rom Kern county improvement fire Iii kith vol Ltd Iti Hitchn ii a i Zumik in wll Lleni to tin i filter inv kit Voth Havi Nuh in with ii Oksys i Tenet to to Ink Klokk now lift Rikli he 1 la i the citizens Mutual building and loan Assoc of Bakers Flim authorized Cibij Witul 81 he Orch a Toms Lii ii a icily in m i hint i Ufi Ity Hilm on kill not Seiti titty Vlf Jilin j Iii Miki i apply in North t us i Pirn i of k Tosh Duvoil Fork m 1iksl t i ass in Kkt of i Wmk n w Ukhiv to fit Hill lilt a cooperative savings til into Xvi unit ii Dilulo Cru rally to in Hlozek in hit t inn Pun v it Yor a it it Mark you it Aliw Yosim you ran not afford Pri Illif i Lilii no tire in Tiu a Burnup out Ilu hunk no in Well known tenpin i of kith i Nuiji Stock can be subscribed for at the Bank of of Elliott or Sofii n Rufii Liling of for it Iii Imit i i Send for a i to Tail 11 k s Matt kens Hutnek on Imine finl Tiitu fur Miropol a Molliy you Hun i alive Klosk in Tiik Mill full Iii rib ill till pm Lull at Ruit their Ihli in Hilt of Tiik no unit i wit Imit fur Nii Liik i hot oudh Enli Wmk me by i lir Muthling Ami loan association held ils regular monthly tuesday Only routine business at to Pullee Stock 1 will sell live 1 Neu Home or Wheeler Wilson i in machines Al each Riuli Jyll Dif ii i ii m ii ii m will w ii j 1 i s h of 1 All 1 1 1 1 s 1 1 m i k 1 the head of c i us estate 1 Hlll i Klov private rooms and Entrance for special arrangements for open Day and Licu ill Lia ski Lyhl filing Liuto filial proofs made on government town and country Skof Krivy for Salk Chester ave ii Bakersfield Cal
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