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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Feb 9 1892, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - February 9, 1892, Bakersfield, California At in n kk11n Milia by prick 5 a Row at the Domestic Bliss of the mores dins an old War a Sample of the written in Dixie in a Olio served Hicou try mildly in the late has left at this Ellice a Peci Nien nex Spauer article such As appeared Down in Altae hed in inc Artie is a letter ill Xxiii he the writer it Lilles his reason fur riling us lie he believed in Rico unit ing Imirie ii Lusty and since ley pro fessed in Hale the yank stot Biying everything Hack the Al tar is yellow with age and Henrs the Dale of it was found in Henry when the 1nion troops took Possession and Rizun As follows you Are Eva Kcal in i lie by a Yankee clock Vou turn your feet from he tween Yankee fam Oil a Yankee push them troll go Yankee pants into Yankee socks stick them into Yankee shoes and rest them on a Yankee you turn and make salutation to yourself looking Glass shave yourself with j Yankee soap and Yon then Wash in a Yankee in water j poured from a Yankee Pitcher dress your hair with i Yankee come and Hrush and clean your month Vith a 1 Yankee tooth Hrush you Complete your toilet Coal and you Are a Complete in the Tauni Yon arc then summoned to breakfast by the sound of a Yankee you 1 sit Doxon upon a Yankee before a Yankee talc covered by a Yankee Kier thing he lore Yon Anil around you is except the your Collee Xmas imported in a Yankee ship paid duly in a Yankee merchant parched on a Yankee stove ground on a Yankee Mill poured from a Yankee a Yankee cup Xith sugar retin etl in and Ankie in Southern Yim disdain do fiend h you Rise from i a Yankee hat and Milch up a Yankee in a Yankee Saddle Yankee or Lille Ami in Here you inn s much again your i clothed from head to alike Eloin and a working criminal a jury secured in the Case of the people against Buhn Iron Nelly at i Oclock monday morn ing Oti Klin a Mem cd the i Tench in the supreme court of the county of Kern Ami the criminal calender Xmas taken following inc routine business Ines do Neal to the opening of the session the ease of the people against it Uhll upon the charge of grand larceny Xmas hotel 1 if Mph Kkt i Rita t r i i so t m s k 1 Colnul tilt k i ailed District attorney fax answered i a reception should in ready for the and Iov Mior Markham during the wife willing to leave if she gets her share of the ill Ore Many Days there a will commenced in the courts of this county a suit for a divorce that a will furnish mighty interesting to the suit vill he Dinsmore against her ims hut on just what grounds the net inn will he based is not Home two years ago Dinsmore had a Little Vineyard in Washington Colony near the City of Fresno where he lived with his wife in peace Ami until she joined a religious order known As the Maud of when holiness came in at the door of Dinsmore residence love hew out of the and Din Smarc were the Prier to the woman get Ting the Lions share and then dins More Shook the dust of Fresno from his hogans and emigrated to Kern in course of time he met late of hut at the time a missionary among the Heathen chinese of having he ii divorced from her Chicago bus mrs Viarnes Xmas fat and forty and had red hair and charming a gentleman by the name of Frary Xmas keeping company Vith the widow Undis Mayer by his former experience Vith a Lomeii rim my the it Eva suit Long i info re he had everything his own Vay too non thinks he Ami t he fair Idov were ave Ihweil and moved out to the old tory if marrying in haste Ami repenting at Leisure on Hoth Accel Allm to the Mejt Rahors of the Haxe he ii called upon to interfere Mure than once in the Libaw lick u Iii the Lill Liand Ami she sav1 Iii More heats chokes her and generally ill her and beside wants in her her of the hollies i Lilicy she is evil Lillie Lii la will if ill luxe Lilly she k hard for him to All ays his uie has i he temper usually supposed to Lii my exclusively to his satanic Majety and denies her Alli iral ions of ill int mint except when ill Elf All ill All it is a mixed ii xxx Hen the trial comes on n resilient of Ico Sedale a will lion one Side or t he refuses to pay the Bills the auditor declines to endorse two of the supervisors auditor Howell stated yesterday that he had refused to pay t xxx o of the Hills passed by the Hoard of supervisors at their last the tight Hill refused Xmas at the re titles of clerk Ami recorder Packard in order that the attorney Leneral might pass upon and incidentally upon tie recent decision of the supreme court declaring unconstitutional the lax which allowed to Fui Libish certain county toll cars and also to make provision for paying the Case he fore the auditor is As Tol Lovs of the month of had elapsed inform the su1 he from the 1 Reuie court rendered its and your if they the clerk Holdst lit up to time the tie imy Yankee Emion was rendered the county was funeral liable for the salaries of his now that the War i the auditor holds that having had have Hee Omi i idler acini painted and i Heing summoned As a Olleia notice that the Coll was u closer drawn to each other than his two daughters accompany in x j x i a litre i till n y xxii Liccioni s k xxx k Ilin i Maxx i m Ini Linn Tel k limit s k k lit k i f xxx l 1 h v Furin i s k u k xxii t no k s k mrs i m Xiv Putnin Riligh i i j Tyty r m s k m Lano j Xiv in j i until Ken Nylic lit the actor u i tilted xxx it la a you Are a Cotton planter Alicc i the break Pill Yankee hip Side Forth i Lind a tier xxx i fool in Tell it 11 a Colt in a Daiil Yankee p Nielli around i lie Vilh fend the attorney for the echoed the 1 the selection of a jury Xmas at Onee j entered of the venire of sixty live forty Guroix Yvere pres it took hut Little time to Suci ire twelve Good men and True to try the and then judge Conklin excused the remainder of venire until thursday next at in the jury Tutov xxx Hoemme from your in ring i the Hachita on tin charge of grand Lar in a Yankee a True Hill Heing Stind Aga Siisi him by the last grand is posed of the following Hugh Chris Peter me1 the new an important meeting of the Infin her soothe methodist episcopal Church South was held in the Superior court rooms last there Yvere hex ecu Twenty and Twenty live persons in at the Suhali Nainee committee made a report of the secured toward the hid id ing of he ii xxx Church As follows secured by Mucsi Hartnes Hun 1 the report of he ire izeral finance Coni Milt followed and a Baa follows Hil so Jonni and he every Opportunity to tendered the Brief Mill be Given Kern the daily is levered at sunnier every evening before Oil w Here is James Oneill and his company of 22 artists who will present Dumas Monte Cristo As played by them Over it is wino to Oneill having an of no Fht that Nic to present Liis great Clem mans l or Kiti Rignry Kiv it Luik Hihl new acres in in Ilni the lain is the Hurst of lilt in Well and All feared to lease fora term of apply to i Cebrian Lull Montu Minerv san assessment Ivis Trattl a Clits in cat plus outhit Lintel Tern county a Ken offers for Sale Imp Ovid Orchards and vineyards Ai Low iritis mid Minsy i xxx he 1 1 gathered is in lined e pressed under a no abroad i a Yankee duty in a Yankee x of Nat her your loved ones family ornamented Hovel Ami tiflis from your Deli uhlers Lair us or read some trashy xxx Hile you read a Yankee newspaper by the Liuha of a Nankee until time Lor Yeti to stretch yourself again on your Yankee this in meagre Skeleton of one which is repeated with some variation through you finish your House Vith Yankee Glass Ami your children Are summoned to school by a Yankee they recite their lessons to a Yankee teacher out of Yankee on sunday you ride to Ihu Icli in a Yankee to the sound of a Yankee Church hell ind your devotions Are led by a Yankee Organ or and when you can no longer Yankee to the neglect of your you die by till Light of a Sankee find it Are healed up in a Yankee Eollen Laid in a grave dug Vith a Yankee Spade and covered up with a Yankee shovel and it might that would tears to Sycil at your total Mili Kripl Ion reported to by the committee amount this of the Ali Aliption received Oulida no this tie i Ilien asked for t in Reading no a full report of i i he Al Clits of i he Coni Ion a Rardin Church Nice t he inception of the project some xxx o month in response the read an exhaustive report linux that today i he Church has property to the amount of wherein the Start it was tie lot Dorial Cimic tin land Oil Pany to the Church is Aho it i ref i1 locks from t he court House and in i he most Des Ralile por Ion of in it Xmas decided to it wild i lie Church upon the Mot modern plans xxi hint six hut the contract Vilt not he let until every Dollar of the the Huil Dinn is to is it is expected that will he do Nakeil by Meliers of the Church in South Ami already various prominent and a healthy in thin As Well As numerous sunday Are sending in i fur the Tevis left for san loan disco monday and Wirth came Down from their Home on the South Lork on miss Kosa Harris of Angeles it in the City visiting the family of ii ill 1 and Rimini will ill i l l ii h 1 1 in x 1 1 1 it i l i 1 i k a ii i h inn no Kalll v 1 la lil Hill Neil nil v 11 fair no i on in f in i no la r the Kern county improvement company i Iii i Ilc Coli i pan y in Kern of Only thai makes a i Nisi Ness of planting and taking cure of shards and Sinex arils for Lii in lir i i Tinnil f Iurii ii i i Lii ii my 11 i i i Tiliti Rulh Dliah Usu Plum it in smrt Siml int Orlim h in Lull Lila Lnu ill girl of Iii i tin Fiur i Jii irm we Imelli Only the i frill Inch Ulm nun will soul Tiv i in Tinl Hon rail n Lic Liik Irish Lii full ii nil Chi Ilii Atli flick Norli Vicil liar Slivin Neil Llu very Rill Lull in Mulvill Lii ill Clil is under the direct management of the in Llma hit for i Vinks Ami Silt unix apply t k we f wanted to Iii Len ask work in n i Nilly of tin Houth frn Ili ital of tuft id lion by a comic in will Luik t in Jailil risk Lilly who Are Well known in the fruit they Are also proprietors of the Kern Valley Sli Imti on i Neil Curry Lull clock of Trees and fruit Shade ornamental of it thu Lowitt Nair act Pruun into to to if nut ire from for i or Uil Ilnam Kern county improvement Uffer Trifi Kern x he Ltd trill Lily 100 a Mixail Hamilt Hoys will Ipoh ski i if Levit till i my Nihil Lirra Crucil at invkxi1 Noih Havi Mih in to Imit Stock now by i apply to i Iii Leif Over and Jug Iii Miric came Doxon from Tehpeh in idioms k acquainted Ami s s i ii Kok kill ithe citizens Mutual building and loan Assoc of Bakersfield ii Pill he nah k kill Simiti Liiv Lbrown Stith tonal Heron the salaries of the j those it would u interesting to if this letter of Long not have Heen written upon with Yankee Sankee Yankee by deputies came due lie Iiah no right to pay for the two thirds of the month which they worked before the decision Xmas in order that the matter Ina Ylio Fili ally nettled the attorney general has lie ii Sketl to decide the second Hill is that of allowed for the Hani filet Given the delegates to lie recent Railroad Audi Tor Howell wants to lie understood that in him not refused absolutely to audit the hut in holding it until Nuch make their performance perfect in every the Sale of meats Isah Cady very lil Holli m sixty love jury men gathered in to to Duy from All Over the Home of whom will have an Opportunity of if Lucarle is a Success in time As he can examine into legality detail the action taken by the in the As he is in Douht us to whether they have the right to Puy o Boyle intend to remove ii out count v Inone for or to Sumner in the near the Nutter is causing a Good Deal of u nah rented u Tor Krooni next to a and the store Fon Nelv occupied by Hoyle in the Julies on Friday night James Oneill will piling present forthe Glrst time in thin City and the Only Correct version of Dumas moved from famous Monte Oneill will he supported by a company of ability and nothing will he neglected by the management to there should have he ii a Nieling of the directors of the Nakerst Lold la till ing and loan lust night j hut own log to the a since of two of the Hoard from the City and the illness of Young have re Grenville a on Chester use Niue and Hixie taken rooms at the a Clidence of Howell on Corner of ii Okkie k nil Dohk us Ritho Inilisi ail Irish lion i Ilion j w Ukhiv Blunt Calll inti la Alvr Purnil Liht i Lii Nulli i Iii Tiu Hiir twp Ovir Ilii hunk no will known to tin Pinoli it Kirn mid in Rii h Ronli Lent no or u mint it of yearn it hit Plumi i h Hun Cut kill i k Latte ass Iii if on lining Sigil i Ntuli Okwit a i a Miropol Luttin i three other Mem heis the adjourned until meeting was gentlemen and fellow that agent of the old Mutual lift insurance lives in is hereto is on deck for is decidedly in and xxx rites any and All Des Ralile and Spe Cial forms of life insurance anything you a want in this line he can either Ordinary limited special income life Al Liui anything that is Des Ralile or in policies i died on xxx Tuen or to re Luce lock i a will sell live More new i v or w heeler Wilon ii sex ing machines at each Jyl Lotf on Friday evening there was a merry party of Young folks a mingled at sweets residence on the North Knoxon As the ill reel i head the want column of the daily the kilted platen recruiting Ollice u now opened in Karlh Nurs building ii Chester just North of the Southern there wan one applicant the Ollice is for re the artillery Branch of the wife of Ali popular proprietor of the Southern hotel phar vill Airine tomorrow from the heir of the hiker the cutest and Best baby on ways its proud within Hie next ten Days Here a will be made Public an item of nexus that vill cause every business Man in leak Els Leld to the x the oldest i in the enmity in give Sall the no xxx and him by Long Odds i Akiem t 1111 i there will he a full dress rehearsal of the chorus and vocalists who take part in the Gypsy festival As a musical event the festival promises to surpass anything Ever Given in this real estate to 1 in k ii v ii i i i m i s of xxx in s i in t lil Birtill w 4 i f in1 in 4 of i Illel 1 1 10 in Iii m1 in i1 i i to Sivilli until i ii unit i i my Lull ii in Smili a in Lull v it k n i j j ii in it Dkl i i in r in you Host Pivk tisk in Tiik Mii my to Fofiu it Tiv Ali ill Irma in kill Imit Kai of Tiik a s in i Lxii Joh work i Ute of Hixi ii in tin1 i Iff lower t i an it i ii l private rooms and Entrance for in Shell u Jim m Kcal la i Kiik Elk kit ii pc Lull to Mem i Kui in in Lom Kwa Crow ill nut Vifian Lii ill ical Moltu Hill i n Lun k til i special when Llull there will u no Diin Cini school Morrow a arrangements for open Day and Liui h 7x i thus a cooperative savings Rmenti lurid ital Ulin Liili Nii Girlly to you Rin not of font Lour no Kirk in Liln it Vor a it and it Makk you it a dim to Ytit Stock can be subscribed for at the Bank of of Elliott or Send for a real a state i r i s 11 r a 11 tilings and final pools made on government town and country property for Sale o Chester Avenue Cal
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