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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Feb 8 1892, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - February 8, 1892, Bakersfield, California N a Ken a Kimary irk 5 after Many pretty Little Romance of love and a pretty Little was told in Scotts office sunday Nior Nim in the marriage of Atheni and Helen of Thiv both snide and Stroom were Over forty years of hut the love that found its consummation in the marriage had its Many years in the Emerald Isle when Wasa Road Brawny and Helen a Hrit Fht Rosy checked i Irish Miles of rest less chains of i Low i eaps Mfd mountains and Iofik weary of Plains and deserts have separated and Helen they walked in the Moonlight and he first whispered the old Story that is 1 Ever Sweet and they were Hoth Calm and self Poult Myrd ppr a not ult n Inu Lului Dull Ahi Liml took a Raver As it hound him to the woman he while she turned to him with the Trust Horn of years of May the right dreams of he fully realized in the us Tannin of their tie Mian matter Elaine i an Ellis Upland pent came in from la ii Marleis on Simmons left visit Tii of Walker in n on Mcafee arrived from Francisco this capitain Thomas merry let san Kraii Eiso on Stoner returned from a Tri san Francisco on on sunday a lain a the football a very exciting game Ana a close a inline was played last sunday afternoon Hal teams picked up by the Captain and Secretary of the i the were in and i the weather perfect to i fool an Clit Injo contest was had res Williim in a Victory for the captains team by a Hare majority of foils to the ers showed decided the passing at times Helm fairly the players however Are so rapidly proving that the Captain is certain lie tin actor world Famois i i Aldwell of came Down awaiting his from the mountains on i Borhani has returned from a Luis Ness trip to the a merchant tailor of san is in the City with a Fine line of Thomas Toyser of san who is largely interested in land fruit acreage grand showing made by county facts and Kern that Chili farce Onku a special Cale to the tin in from London says that the the Santiago correspondent of the Tinik has sent the following to his paper printed and written hero hints now arriving Here Eon Larni the deep impression created in All Spanish and speak Iii Republic by specially resident of this action of the tinted states Jovern ment against they regard it As an outrage and de hire that the illusions 1 hey have hitherto held Esprit in the Ireat Northern rep Lilie have the of the Aih in led state has Lien destroyed and Alii ill future the South Init look for Prole Elion and thai mutuality and Only t ii inc Seimis to Ilkiv fir Iii ii and dreaded lie i m i dil i in i Ion of policy Liy i lie in Jilin Gatun to he Iii tie Entile to i no in Iii Donl arrived on Frank Wright of a s the receiver of the land office at arrived Here on the county returned Home sunday from u visit to san Francisco and other yield for the Novat Mutch on the Jiu the foals for the winners were Oli turned by Taiton and the latter scoring by a piece of hacking Jasper kicked the Joal for i medleys team after a hard the teams were As allows captains held Aldwell James Oneill and Liis supporting oink tiny of 2j artists who will t Dumas he facts and Brief As is the will he of interest to every resident of this county an 1 in there was a total of acres in the county planted to the total acreage january 1st was ii i Jilin of acres in one the following Able will show t he fuel Nivell Iii i Rusoe wlm bus been visiting with her sons Anil thales Rusoe left on Friday for returned sunday from a trip of inspection Over the made it the Golden cad situated near and Angel meal pin and it Linker half Heady j i and Holers left Taiin Llinat ton heard and Tishel i Rit Fht Secretary Laird Kwi Blodget Ami t re lore Mills and Sleyman half Dudley and Jasper left Imit Ihland Osborn a sithi Monte Cristo As played by them Over k it is owing to Oneill having an of in Fht that mulilco1 to Pivot it this great sets Jmon a Liat the Southern hotel Progress Vinc Vard rank Kinne could not resist leaving Slackus for a Day Anil coining Down from san Francisco to spend sunday with his Willow with her daughter Flora Letl for Anides on thursday where miss Flora will take course of medical treatment from i i 1 and wife four children and i Thomas All of will arrive Scivon Wilnes i Day to Lake up their permanent Resi to reduce Stock i will sell live More new Llone or Wheeler a Wilson i sewing Macl incs no each Jyl Hlf new assessment aug Vii the Koel holocaust Nlle s the Lindy taken from the ruins of the hotel i Opal was apparently that of a the event i and eighth Hodies arc tin these Hodies were found debris in the cellar Almit i Oclock this from a Carroul examination of the hold Register lib people were in the of these eight Hodies have been taken out m rescued by firemen and and Iii Are still at noon four More Hodies were re hut cannot he moved on a c unit of heavy timers Over invite them National editorial Asci Alikaj it san Frankie of in May and Iii month like Alifornia kid Lorial ill meet in Stock ton to outline the entertainment to he Tri veil the visitors while tic National soda Tiomi Icom posed mainly of country that the editors mid proprietors of weekly Anda few daily papers in the smaller towns and cities the million i the they come Hen to see California and will have something to say about the state when they go the association should he invited to visit this and in order to seen re Suft Cint time for the visitors to see Tho of taker shield should lose no time in formally placing on file with the California editorial association a id Piest that one Day and night he set aside for Kern and assuring the Home if such Assurance is that the cast Cru Mckisi Riek and her 1 ind arrived Here thursday and out to the to t i f i 1 i i 1 those Hist me Kittrie has recently purchased and i christened the and Shannon and and of Are registered at the Shannon a Niece of Walter place and her he Liaina is of the Eom Jinny which own tin extensive Copper mines Al Captain and Taylor with their daughter mis Kate left san Francisco inlay for t heir new Home in san Luis Obj so Taylor has taken charge of the great sail Shin on ranch Odoi Igig to George the family will Lineal the Llotd Ramona in san Luis Obispo until the ranch Home is made ready for their in Iiri Ikin 1 1 Lorvil ill ill 111 1 1 Pill i ill he 1 Nikii Kiev Al a 11i Lilii us tin1 u Ilii int no mind will lil Hll Lulf h ii a Milit ill i k 1 ii inn Iii inn no inn n i tin 1 1 1 Elk ii ii to ill till Lull Iii ii n ii i h in i u i 1 Illi infill it enl in 1 Fiir ill m 1 inn mi1 Nnoli ii 1 Iii 1 will ill in h it i in 1 1 no i ill no i of is it flu r Ilni limit f i 1 Miti Lerv it Iii he 1 Kern county improvement a Ken offers for Sale Imp roved Orchards and vineyards at Low i rices mini on Krisy is i the Kern county improvement company Only la liable Coll Paliy ill Kelly Olinov that ill Lucs ii Hulln inesm of Al and taking care of Orchards and vineyards for for ii ii in ill Iii Tinl i Ilii Mil Tii xviii can met a Mirtil of in iils i i Lidvil fur ii Iii hint Itti Hlll my in inn it in Lull lift Trhlik us lifter i it Len till ill Ull Llull Mullik till us inn tit Yuul i Linari in nine tin very let Klein in in will Drill ii i Iii n in ii my i in Ami if i this Civ Pitny is under the Elret management of the wanted Lisle los h a i Zumik i ill Lulu Nilu Lenl received his la who poisoned his wife feh Runny and was on tuesday last editors will wily Takimi from convicted of murder in the Light do its past record Yukers Leld should have was this morning sentenced to to Otler hut Little inducement to secure the execution is fixed to occur l during the week Mckinn Iii March Rebecca Datil Luters Ludge of the order of Charles who murdered Odd Fellows met on saturday night Ite liable is say Ilia to indent Penally is indicted in Kinin on any Mie who is Luann 11 menu Ioa tin Kingh tic new Vork Iri in n id Iii Ilcin i huh ago libels Iii Iii Evily and Lynn a Iii Naii recently enl aimed the i Iii in is sup Jinsil u relic ill Ion if neapolitan Ilay Eis in one of suit Iurii n is Ilievs Wolm Ike asks to Lar Llmer Iai ill ii Anjila lit Nair to ind idioms Kok i apply in mum Norelli cum iiiriii1 of k Yuul la Rel Jal Hlf who arc Well known in the of nil they Are also proprietors of the Kern Valley Stii Silil ill my Cintli unil Curry lilt muck of All kinds of Trees and fruit Shade ornamental of Iury it the nor Kcal Trucis trim lit ii mimic and Fate Iron kor Parlini Lorii spily i hit or Hill Nikii Kern county improvement kith in Lily r1 is ure a Lull Ivul tint Kilimn Oak ii Oil fikh Kong on Aili Lreh Xix l Kilili in ill lit till w Ikhi Illel Lalim ill Lar Iii till unit tin hunk i in in Well Kinin into kith l Hill i Iii Lii ii n us Halkirt Olill fur it Nii Nilor of myth Al Ltd oxur i o o a x o xxx or t inv or k is the citizens Mutual building and loan Assoc of Bakers leu ill capital Hiya rom Kiu Vanl k Mitilier la run i Riu Mirit Jilm Christian a a Brooklyn lust and appointed the following com preceded by u Nirei irony in u huh tin Liili was executed at Hing sing by dec Mittee of arrangements for their Trinity tis lie Mut 1 leap year Ball to he Given on the night of pc Druary i id pcs dams of death Halll lire i on i in other Wale Zirini it in Iii i i t k h i r k it Kirk on i x a novel the sons of veterans have issued a Trie idly Challenge to the Meliers of the Brand army in this City for a cd booting match to be held in the Drury addition to j5nkerntlcld on the after noon of february the Tho to be offered Una won is Walker Nils in Oil enough presents Tii of f misses Fay and i i Anil stick l lie a limn a Crit All executive a Chioli was then held him Matt kens Sigil Iii ill fur of Ropo in Billy Len kit k j m Fourt a cooperative savings Auk tisk in Tiik daily of Iii Cryllon Hini Irin Mill ii Willii recur Fly in Invin Lorn vim not s in Tibet on Liliee Lilly in Rullman full t lmi1 Iliili lru1 ill Dishi Iii Liaf if Liis Ruml Ilie of liar h j gets lists seven and the programme for Teeven Iii is u Niue rail Spring Many unique and h diseases two nun of i Ful surprises Are Heling planned which and vice Imit of Tiik 1 for tier Zhik in i Lux Enli work fur in bit of Yuul ii in hit i 1 i i will not he made Puffie until the dance ecu Vii trom n wintry wind in providing of court the ladies Petu ally a Forest Tomt jct Royce and o drop of Trio sweat of no pm Ulm grow wit Lila thirty Mrich of Tilix thus far a profound and rests i providing of course the anti Rev in the Landh of the sons of keep the who the i h certain it isto he a leap there Are to he irom Euch order Tho Lull the put to contest for the and already j that the gent Lemcio will provide the Inen pliers Are Heinik one by As to their und the when will it once i into the remodeler Spring tied Rill in to he the Arm which Iho already have it is a Needle a Breech louder and probably the Allen n there will undoubtedly a the As Thov should the mention of the native Daugh ters dance in i t inlays Issue an in gentlemen and fellow intentional Mislon we that agent of the aim of Packard was omitted old Mutual lives in lilt refreshment committee and is Here to is on deck lie hip Leasure in order i o for in decided in and do lots of hard the ladies want All do Strahle and pc him to have the credit due life insurance Tull nil Nti irk in ill Vot a it Vor it Makk it a him to Stock can be subscribed for at the Bank of of Elliott or Send for a Lindsey f u it Ness the toil r anything you want in this line he can i look the Hente rave thrive the him Ilia to Lull open give either Ordinary limited morning at la special income life annul a venire lies or any Hing that is Desira Lilc or re Iol Nies issued on women or there wan a suit div title Rioin Ltd is very deep and that loaded teams lors military should seek some other the hindi Ericc present the practice of Lini Oriku c i Onklin slyly i e has Hein Umili ouch to r this i lure Are Lilly in on the if a trial Lor Ini in Nieder airs is preparing a line the club tonight and it i expected an unusually line programme will be presented the vocalist in hot Tom in fool and one or two Tenis have stalled there for the comm in Jay festival and the internet Laken in by the in inhers fun of it licences were issued threat m end ahem mud Helena you and Frank Clemens and Alice Alliv All of thin until you let and Mill Lepors and cigars agent and Tii celebrated Buffalo Beer the brew the the family Trade a Solie Itei Corner l and opera Siil till ii ill Lukl James a i sons 1 i Nick fur con and fresh lager commercial Lucli scr at All i Illel full Niederaur Cor 19th and l i if to i re lodging per i a ii am it a t 1 i Iii i ulna Znoj Jim no is r in unil i ilk your ill Mali ill Llull 1kt at Kak Jisi Nulli of Hank u Jet Iliff
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