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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Feb 6 1892, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - February 6, 1892, Bakersfield, California Dig Effial n Kun sat Ike Haky Price 5 1 the native daughter dance a Large attendance and excellent the a list of he guests present the parlor clears Over a Hundred Railroad something about the san Miguel and san Joaquin Southern Pacific the recent san and san Railroad convention in this Eity High Fred Hytt received a Numier of letters from parties owning new Lindsey it Hie in Mim alone tin followed i in imposed routes to he he main line and to ulc Enlil with the inn Kel tin actor the Hall Niven Friday even ainu by i Akir full particulars to lieu it Avo in Flor of native daughters railway and expressing in n j Tittl of the i Olden West was a Brilliant their desire to Kitty pow Phipps in Hearn in Phi Mamad their my ui1 Dudell kill Tali to Aid it in every possible the ladies had decorated the Hall not some of the letters Are from men James James Oneill and Liis company of 2j artists who will profusely hut neatly and very Worth Khoii Sandrof and All they the chandeliers were wound with Kinyen in Opportunity to j3oarcj to Delirio i r ave their Wea i to Aid the new in 11 by lax or Evergreen ropes and from the j i per and Corners of the room were run Lair shield will answer the letters it Imam i i p a l ropes Woven from paper and presenting j the writers to stale in Spee Ilic i he Ulm Iii kick mine they to willing to do o the National a Hajj were its help the toned Over the and elsewhere t is i ill hot making panels were alternated i with Shields hearing the coat of arms of the state or Emholt is of the would have Heen commenced Lonj Ajo i on the proposed ranch Railroad to he Huilt to the ii Faltum Heads and on to Frank Cassons at one end of the Hall the it term i the Lull Lor the refusal of three she left death of a Pioneer woman coast Steamer u i no made of evergreens the la Jiromi Zient place and in the Hie Hay Humboldt left and while everyone wants a i very Prol Tahle stand it still thut in no reason who Cili last wednesday morning and was due Sannu hand furnished should to stay the pro Heru thursday noon has not arrived j the music for a Lonj and varied pro kiss and development of the county w up to noon today and nothing gramme of dances and deserve mention simply a Leatise the Railroad we now heard from Tus have Tulp time kept j Timve is trying to mild up Lus mess if the must intricate of the i the ranch Road is Milt As proposed ley m search of those in attendance numb Civ the Southern inc ill in will certainly it it estimated there Are at least Sider Lily Over the co cud he of Henoll to every resident of hi1 fifty passengers on Hoard and the Crew id everyone seemed to have a Aholt thirty All the i wonderful Deposit Manv of the ladies wore very hand that can he rapidly turned into wires Are still Down he Tweti sail hut space for hits Deand which must remain Well Nii ii Ami Cut acc like Nair ii to errant the of Way Arros their i ii of i i 3do x1nt for ii Misi at Vinks Ami i i Francisco and and the names tailed Montion of in fact last worthless until such a Road is of pass Filer therefore cannot he dance proved that his 11 by Lai menus follows that the Hii ild r City can Muster More handsome ladies j of the proposed ranch by the i Acona Meu him any place in the i Southern Pacific will or is no without its defeat i he construction of the proposed word a received Imd Here below is san and san the hould she not appear he Tore night the p r get o the native i a lighters dance latter is a Way Oil although Revenue Cutter corp in will sent out in one it is Almot certain to he while there was to attention paid the new Southern Iasi tie ranch is Aviu ii Ink loll wanted attention Nefor Annale had to stand it is to he hoped that the a Micro n at the time 11 hic j 1111co Vej t is a m i i n g in the Way of new ranch reconsider the i i Iii uni s and unfortunate ready and w a Dunkard for Over a u i a Mimer of without t lie new ranch reconsider thei Viar past he ii Pel id Nurs and will in to As the matter and Lake their chocks from he Imp he tween a i Presentat i be of i Hool ill Dunkard sect and the land cannot he eni Ivd for this one owners for the purcia1 of maw in the of Cruie tier Iii plan of Trad of land in in i1 i 1 i 1 i i 1 t i i Monte Cristo As played by them Over it is of Iii to Onzill nit nil that we dirt Ciui Lilcik id present this seals Sale at the Southern iiou1 Kern county improvement keen offers for Sale i m proved Lan Orchards and vineyards Al Low prices and on a Tiv were fore t he u heels of Flat huh and i Ilkiv Wii ii id tie inn a Llanys Ilert a 111 ill 9 the Eon Imil to c in halve of t he lemonade land the thank of this week tin final Ai on v t he n at e Hai uhlers cml of Imi ill iliereari1 rammed and a ont fort lie will All i he lin1 for they i i ill i i Lizul 1 Roll l will arrive from the eat in a week to cold lemonade that a lie ill Litell 11 111 Irin Are i to the Kern county improvement company Niaki their Home in Mil of and in As re Frehim a it was ill Aii Calcii Inai finial the Eom Htee Eon isted of known As the whip the Bell miss an Iii the Allie and a Lull v us w Eill miss 1 Oil i thus acid Lias in s i a Iii i v Ali i Kovl i i c hint Iii la t Nat 01 e i i w he Lima in two limit Erill the lol time n i i lie n Iii i la in Milillo Iii f u i nil Lui i of Elf Ali davits were Keaik Kaston in one m that who was implicated in court pics and much valuable Aid in finally tie heal ii roved to he an t he told him thai lie 11 a Sec urmy All i to new of which the Fol five had 1 k a Itkin l Owilla lit of the Ellet present i ii Teel h i free i i in Lul me cent and that amp Hill to he in v Ulells who had Heidi misses Sybil Annie some inv i ions and arrested for said he had Chen Virginia Aii Xoai other curious tiny Lixe k i Hus i All l i 11 is i h 1 in in in n i in in i Ermint Iii i n in i ill Kkt it in Lull Ilehr Liliu id Illel wll 11 i no i lln1 idler i i Bleill Nelly Hie ight Mil it ii mini w a limit my Iii tin i Iii live Lehl Irvil if Iri Teil Olill la let Ellis arc Hili Teil or a Linin Mil the n hint Ute Clillie a Viii in management of the attn inn w Jln to Are Well known in the fruit they Are also of the Kern Valley t Trees and fruit Shade ornamental promised his Lahert v if he would help found thai at l he time of lurch Terri an Lull in n m ii the Sll sic be in Milf Ere lure i larger than in ii Nul 11 l retell hell s m n n n Mill mind Nulli i nil Curry n full Ulnick i m 11 Leai l a l me it in e e i o e v i 111 v i a v 1 a death of a Pioneer Mollie Alice Pupunu the Puli u in leh i Annie Australia a Niueli Heil the who died night before last at the Cross feat of aisles in thirty 1 Mary Ora with callous of water Tor Unte Wajn years of and Annie each it settled in annexes in w Ith her Annie Mattie prey win Mph att Dluhy Illel at Hushi ind who came from Loia Maun nil digest Ive pm Verstrat they Workman to one in tally Hurst from the s Mesi Lames to recon led of a Iwami const is n a Latch to n number of the old families f this r id tin1 Lar till inn kit Ronli Triu in Iii univ and free Iii Puih i the air Kern county improvement fill Kern vol lev l sex the killed Packard in in the majority of sailors inc Mackl i oops Start with the Traile san i the in v from the of Africa and not san 1 he weather upon Anie Ricau i Timues and the streams Hunt that Helmut the county Are running Conilio Loiis the hint will make f o i p i i miss full and it feared the storm throw Hank continues there will he hoods to report in the of the Tia f feh Richson returned from a visit to san Francisco this Dinkle county auditor w a a Loisell in i j ally Altol real estate i Willu lire ulc ill i i mlle la Furni Blifil Liv Mituru inv if vomit in the citizens Mutual building and loan Assoc of Ca Wiital r Lemai vice m 1 i a Kiivit Juliu Mutlu j w my Puii no pc Kilimi limit Reid Lurue in lie a cooperative savings u tint pc Chirlly in Voll not to turd Nellt Monck Iii thin Leet 11 nun ii Luu Mituru i i l i m l it l i Iho Cimo on tip in Cluck in i l s s Imit Cuil a p Hirk Tirril in s i us to of l in j Shafer and Irnham Wini Icil h toss a i Keim Haw the Hachita came Down out of the Aidif us Inivie Lii Iru Ward Mountain snows into the Valley Damps lvlk1 s n Hay Ihan Menhorn of i 1 Ionia do Nna oif Niht Utu or and Ligako Mic Karl in u a Iii i i Imd i Tail Kali i Iii i i i Vul a i t m Aki s Yin it Maki Vor it a my to Ytit Stock can be nut ascribed for at the Bank of of Elliott or Send for a s s limit hint a Lulck annl to and Hud and John the my Van latter hut recently possessing so Many a Niue c hic friends Here As Nehler m i of arrived Here Uii a limn Arn Friday in Zgud homeward and Are hotel arrivals in Lull i j Vini Tunc with Ulm Lii i i i my Morrison it the hoi of inn i Hie Tot Al Evcei i s i i he dance will e1 of Nice r Aniu unt to Over and out of Thi slim the Hope to a net pro i his Morill Liy Hajji of at least of the there was a of the Mia k and sergeants and of Arrance Emonts at the residence w red ardellor theme at Hinke spiels this afternoon k w i i Rived in the City to open a peasant hour him nne a in Juii m i in Imin and bottlers of i celebrated Buffalo Beeh the Best brow in the the fully Trade to respectfully Solk Itel pm by a t 20th and l Allce for tin Artill i the in latin Over the v the ill he no he a and i he Kern in time j i i i county Hoyu to Limber Lor co tit v i j ick i u and i specially Llee who o wanted to Volunteer to u hip nou have of f Hall of the entire pro t lid i i v in i it col i if in Letl milli1 i i i it 1m hit 11 f 1 i i i us 11 Imu Oju from an fran Knune Lor Lent in con1 i Seol Lenee of which the Ilalie Iii school to reduce Stock 1 will Side the Neil j j u h i new Home or or Olson w i Here Are about orly who remain Lulu mrw theft will he a Fehey Llull i h Ell i Nick proprietor s our 1inil Ami films acid final pools made on government town and country for Jet Lotf we eral Days local int Hie from Canty of town Light Little Isle commercial lunch served at All the Ili Nimni nil the Lilit Little Isle mines and childrens Cor i i Lark Oor if la and Hon a act Lluc Fertile of Kern county land l Al at the Model me Levaur in Ana by o Cal
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