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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Feb 5 1892, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - February 5, 1892, Bakersfield, California Kern Fri weary prick 5 a new the Southern Pacific preparing to commence the worlds the worlds knit conference the local directors and the National com has drawn the Hill for con they i build a line to the Asphaltum one important will a Hiff Row Pound Iii ask this pay takes it Ion Iii which will Beds South of the 1 and one that is that no stun is the inem mrs from the local body arc agreed Tomt in View of feeling in Congress and the differences Home of the directors and some of the members on the National Board of con the two drove tool to ask for would lie on the morning of Labru i Ary 1st and were gone All Congress will in asked to on february to last appropriate an amount to he deter turned to this City him last id lir chid Engineer of Southern 1acille arrived the City by Irant of the firm of Kraut Well known i Railroad in company with kit to mined by that body upon the Reemi Urton of whip and tin value tin futurity for 1801 u Esti mated at tin trotting now valued at Rigi imply Cost hut it h that of will the presiding judge at thin Ien Enil will Breed his re cent the sinter of los to the Cross being Hie Kami that produced the tying Virgil and a few years ago a sulky weighing fifty pounds was considered a it is Nunuo suced thut Allerton next season will draw a sulky that will j weigh just thirty nine i the lottery of yearling purchases was illustrated afresh by Trainer leik tons him to Hokd mrs rat Vinks Ani Sale Frnnk Kehret of a Dandle Din Mont apply to k in Mcdale Janik Lotf Tiik the provision of ordinance no 3 in i piled Al h regular Tecc till of the Hoard of Sll Kern Tal 7 Neblack heirs a i funded j be dark Bay no Briand these will be mild at Telephone nine Tennih in at pub Lee lire sooner a lit and taken a of the actor Romanti 30 use for yearling for i Jet Spring Leighton for Llic my nation of the National com Kaweah i Well known Railroad and again was driven from a gentleman Well posted in re Gard to the intentions of the Southern 1iicilie company it is now Learned that the company is preparing to build at a trustee of the a aweigh co1 Branch line to the was brought from i tails City and May extend the Road on to the Lula re county yesterday by Deputy the same authority says that work marshal upon a Linch Ion the Brunch Road will be commenced charging him with having within a Short time and pushed through to completion in the shortest possible entered into a conspiracy to defraud the Thople by inducing them to Pur Chase membership in the Chinatown is full of High and robberies of a nightly occur a general killing in that Seei of our Cit Tion of the City is expected almost any night As there Are two factions of binders at Ialo Alto trotted seven heats under within live weeks last n showing never equated by any stallion in the history of the trotting the average for the seven mentioned above was just Many sensational horses Whoso perform ances have been the talk of the racing world for several seasons will pm retired in among them Are 1 Tournai Sallie Mcclelland and Monk Overton was the Champion rider of 1891 in the with la Fly winning mounts to his while the Only other rider to go Over the 100 Mark is wanted position by a Romik t tent Hilly an i Ludy an Hoith keeper willing to do i or Addicks Hoys to solicit slots Rita dully Mil we apply Al thin to to Tiik on Fin Nils James Oneill and Liis supporting comp imy of 2j a tint who will present do ilium Monte Cristo As played by them Over is owing to Oneill having an off in Fht that Are to present this great once the Asphaltum Beds Are tapped j who piloted 118 of his mounts to Victory makers Leld will have a Chance to build one new track in St we some streets and the hundreds built by to workmen who will in needed to cooled by Ottah Kok Kofalt on k Jimh apply to l k nun be apply struck the Road will be no Small Aid to Applegate and i Nyu i much full s apply to mis Kok North i an electric Lincoln or a Lull this say that Isalt is Oppold in the Renoni Nalion of president Harrison and Liat he and Lii 1rieiiilare waiting for some word from Illaine and that if the latter will nut be nine a candidate Lio Hert Lincoln will be put in the Ter the meeting of the Bouis jockey Koltner of has a yearling half brother to Semper Kidell Sexton in the City to look Over lulled Semper Lex that May prove one of Iho Uver the a Earold cracks of Llo is ered Lei with a trial of three Furlong Over a blow country track in hero is the opinion of Charles Marvin in regard to written by the Trainer to hold cart Lonner from i am pleased to have you say the inure still drives Ilar ring next year Weill put the Mark where it will lie above Alex to lie opened june of Lettl k Twenty irm Stree in amx of class of Khz Mil 1iksk Tuum of i Repiso Nelile address six i his i killed by a in i Hani nil nut i fatal Accident Hateam i Canie ii Ninan Airal ind ran n Ai Ein Lilly feet Planiden wus thrown nut and tin team and tracking train f Marion Heads hath wanted for complicity in the robbery of an express train on the Icouls and sni Francixco Road at Ilen last have been Ira Ekici to this cil one of Knou n electrical Eijiu incurs builder of a numb r of electric roads in this arrived in the Eirv this his Here held Anil is Linale t an a Lecarie Mil nun Iloni in will first in lev Power to and Aller thai i the Ilelle Mill of big Imine sunni in in Anler Marl while i i i 11ksi his Exten she Prii Itlie no his Ull Iii in the unit i the Monk of hikers yield in Well known to the people of and has Hijii ii resident Olur m of Udif i itt Kil inks Pat Kun l i stuck on Iii no Cen for metropol a Mullall reserved seats Sale it the Southern hotel county improvement Kern offers for Sale improved Orchards and vineyards at Low prices and on Kasvi examine the water l close to the ready to talk to Arili Nir the native daughters the proposed new Sexton declines at present to make known Llie promoters of Enterprise but says that if the people of takers yield Are u i Linn to Aid him can and will la Silil the that and litter transportation is needed Between this City and sunnier no one can deny and the Lonu ride from the depot to Tintown Over a Muddy full of holes and hollows in i he Winter and six inches deep with choking dust in has a i read v Cost Kern Many thousands of who was Here As a Delegate to the recent Railroad in speaking of the ride from stunner to said to Micro is a feeling financier that at i Como to Trio use of Silver Money As u Lejsal tender on of the growing Scarcity of Lyes ident Harrisons surest there is Worth thinking we a Cui ulate All ten Ami i make it Ever in i Var Kiihn t in i i l i v Iii in i iks of til in ii la Rel l Hiss Juh Hulk lire by Iii i he i 1iw or can in scarcer t new today a Toni by it i no Linkel Liell the Kern county improvement company Iahlo company in Kern county that makes u business of planting and tin song care of Orchards and Vineyard for in i 111 Ili nil la to cum Mill and Lirlin it in full linear Lynx no preen that wll Yuri ii per event in the utter i or imn Ille Only the Kelt i Mil Siml wll Lieut Xee Liik Llie in Rehl Nihi Irel of Jellik ire Teil fairly mini Elilee Ulok Kele Alfil for them him the very cure Iii attention Ulven to company is under the direct of the in Tylik Llie slain Thiril the Csc Cipun Lillie less Lime i hem it the Kern Vul Lcy in Tintown k i li11 l la urn inv us l Iii ii lie infill f Morlun Hie Dii yol lit this Road from the depot to the City has Cost in pm tonight Uio Bravo parlor of Nii Tiva stance that i know of a daughters of the Golden West give a Lien intending to i x Purchase n Section of land in Kern grand bal i at t k Lorduy the Ladiem were Btry decorate six times millionaire and he had Throat i be wanted to grow peaches Hobby but he was sick and ing the Hall with Smilax and Ernul and they have transformed Llis the room into u Bower of notice desert i Ofick at Uleie Illier i i Hainli uni Kukil at Siim Williee by Lehi Eckwill Smith Clinst will Len Jim Mai in try in need april a Linin nil of Seelim Ai Cru i with n to the Abii Chilli Iliin of until Bli Eklon thut Lunil wan entered by for nine in the in n 1 i f i Vii i it n ii if Tell i i the music secured in excellent Gaii to choke everything will be Doue to make those pm to said i who attend enjoy that t live in a town where i had to there will be u Large attendance is us the depot this Way for half we were half Way to Unold lit the time of Ever hint Touhl him will Tir Milnee unlike Kril sex Mill Clell ill Lily if a Neil by in Linin to Umeke Mii or Illin iry of Hay in Lin ill Llanil lit nil la v or m Inezi cloned Hui Hunt Wii he pro the con nov Hurley or Roii tall and the 1arlorn Nail pcs will lip i Wotli omit Zirri Killon in inno int to a Nick thu Enlil Comien stately there was to be a Mutch Lennis this afternoon on the grounds Between misses Miry and lies Uio Eva ii Mik Mcd Stiral and of Iii the recent Rains the irame was Post it is said the Tennis club will until makers Liell begins to take rare of itself and tin build a noon hold u meeting and arrange for a depot and the Serleth of contest to take place during tie town will continue a the coming Spring and summer to close turning to ired Crocker he with a Champoli Ishii match fora Lulu j Deil it is Worth from Able trophy at the end of the i there ure a number of enthusiastic to Lar to ride with a waive of his hand now t t Al x i i it lilt Lilyers in and such u towards this and if another Road a Heddle would arouse the latent inter through and strikes the of every lady and gentleman who can charge that Advance and get has Ever handled a i the in the time to build a Kair and Africa in the interest of the the gentleman will deliver an t ruled carrying with him optical views of the worlds meet him half the people of Rosedale Colony want an electric Road and it May be a line from Sumner to us Cdale can be tomorrow or monday Kex Tou Ehi Luin the Kohl our then arc a Crecy to ii Pinr lit thin Ollilee on the Toh Day of us Iii Oclock to Ren Otid Ted fur Liili Teutli noisy mild this Eli Atlon u u Hiick on Eoin Philant Al Ltd june Itee Elver in May Hoksz shoes i asks gains in Sll Okimi 1 of Init Liik or running it my at hid Whon Luik unit and nineteenth Ami i Lla Kir in Lealar att Eilun Kimii to the Repi Urenn of Fari Liik Lipple Nientai Anil Kenneil Juh work Leet Wool Bali and bit ail Diacin Iii a doors add cigars agents and of Tii celebrated Buffalo Beer the Belt brew in the the family Trade ii respectfully Solie Itol 20th and l tin who Are Well known in the fruit they arc also proprietors of the Kern Valley situated on nineteenth Anil carry a full Stock of All Kondlof Trees and fruit Shade ornamental if every desert Pylon it Tho lowing inn Tut Treen Kina sauteed True to name and free from kor Mirtl Zulara apply at he or udder can Kern county improvement Kern Valley of 33 3q or x it 1 8 f b x v t Volt hav1ni1h in the citizens Mutual building and loan Assoc of Bakersfield capital a Larch 0km 1renhlellt s Creter air Iliili i kit Ward ill Ohio vice Ilia old a cooperative savings if operation Izmir ii lurid Utton and non Olitte Nee Girlly to invest nor Yuu can not a Flint to pm without Luik in thin iu91i i ii n t i i i j hum new ural r sri Viii buildings Etc 1 e is now in Hun to report to thec7hi r and an invitation been exp for electric Road from tended to him by 1ergiikson to visit for Tho i Orient in order that he my see in Orient in order that he my see ration the largest system in spare unless the and also get photographs of encouragement the various of this count the 1nion ice company has Estah i hotel arrivals hut Little Sulla client l in the train that should have arrived Here this morning at Oclock ill nut arrive until Midi Sujit aboard the train Are sixteen Kulish capitalists who Are Chi tiny to held la lands in Kern count Isle a a Pecille sent in old ii Luru scale it is Cla Inid that one injection of this specific Neir the Roolin of the tree will rid the through the of All scale Abr at least i ilk i i a f 1 j i w do k Hli Sheldi i m ii in Rii Iuli i a m inn j i in j k i in h i l ii n ii m ii k i it i writ ii i ii k Tiruhi k m s i do Elith streets where ice May be had and orders which Wil Turether with be prompt tilled at reasonable Mien the delivery Fiigon will run in linkers held and sunnier and for the convenience us Hie Public the Ollilee will be open until 7 Oclock p in v i to r i assessment of Iwazo Vin Khaki and Kainin com of principal place of Hunt Kan Willun of Kern notice u hereby Keven that it a meeting the held on the Kwh Day of Jim an Achi Nhinina of five dollars per nhan wan levied upon the Cupl Taj Murk of the Phyane immediately to Delate do the he Creary of mid us the Oft ii of the mild it Ooin no to i All Fornin sail i Olifur Lii any Stock ilium which thin Ahac Mient Khali remain Upahl on the la today of will he und for Nullet to Uhlly Aillon Union payment in made to pay of und the Hoard of ii Tavi ii n r i n try addition is Only live locks from the inc myl Edtl conveyancer and insurance agent it i Voi a it Matix Yor it Makk you it aim to join Stock can be subscribed for at the Bank of of Elliott or Send for a real i in n Nick the time Uncial institution in the world is the Mutual life insurance new with Over Lun Hornc of the Model Phil ski Cap lung twice the capital m of the Hank of Whf ski i i Lull Leli Insil la the True in and Inch of in Iurii l Ink item for nun ill Iii t to Lull hunk ii a Lam mid i Al for Imil and fresh Liger commercial lunch served at All Averyt Hlili Klimant Ulm Niederaur Cor 19th and l mud of fillips and final proofs made on government town an1j country property kor Sale o Sliester Avenue Cal
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