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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Feb 4 1892, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - February 4, 1892, Bakersfield, California Ortu Fott a Khz Kyhi Ulaky Kice 5 the worlds Board of a costly san shortly be fore in Oclock last night the windows of the second Story Hobson a clothing were seen to be All an alarm was Given and the firemen quickly extinguished the but not without loss by lire and the origin of i then the lire is supposed to have been caused j of subscriptions received by a spark dropping from an arc elect Secretary Sigil that the Trie owing to the Large number if subscription lists widely scattered meeting of the Kern county proceedings of the Board for the regular february the regular monthly meet inn of to Madison tin1 committee Ami tht1 Hoard o director of the Kern county worlds Kab claims of Madison leery continued until March t w k j ii i l a n ii f the sum and j j remains til collected tin fair association was held the Secretary report showed there had be Iii collected Oil subscription lists t l Ines Ltd Himm i Mike Lviv a j in in Mil i l 1 Veti ciliary footpads at san car a was attacked by foot Early this the Cut his Throat and severely bruised him and robbed he is now lying in an unconscious condition in the receiving High water storm has started in afresh and it is raining As rain fell on the mountains we anticipate High water in j tji Cates of membership Hud j m tin r rent Tilio vhf j m Mckunn the str Anih by this afternoon with Over the was and recommended that a personal address be sent to each taxpayer naming a number of places located at ditto rent j Points in the county Here a Lions for membership in the association i j n and harm by membership will he i f an deposits of funds j the recommendation concurred j w it Mai Muni in and the Mattei left entirely to the it was stated that in obedience to an order of the executive Cou Smittee u Large number of the lithographed car Chen Secretary of the All i cured from the Ionia worlds fair i owing to the size and for it was ordered that they be issued Only upon special j either of the Secretary or at the several a change made in the Date the practice where subscriptions will be n the Gipsy i k or turks Misiti c inline s in k Hurt cum Elsm 1 Nihil work i Ilu a Kwh try nine to Iii i o i Lii Nir w a Iii in work m k in j w in m ild t a pro Linin try of Hihi i i ii in 00 ii co Ijo 00 my k 107 i i ill 00 Pound tins n Iakon or nn1 Lun Liik Iii Ink a Kilili will of Ilir Ilic of Ordyn Jmc in w i it n i Ulm inert Riikol Lloil Lynnl it in Ivok of Kern a Suim v in Lillick hero Lirlin did j n dark imy no lion my i 111 in Solil it teuplliini1 min Imi in kick in i Mililli i still ii in Lauu a of tin urn anti actor world famous Rokeh signal in1 attorney at Ixl floor Wist of Kimii attorney and Counselor it mine nun North of Hank of Chi Ilyf for re 2 t i to ill Ito Tukli Muscat v1nks am i Mill rim away to k Llo Sechli Whir jiul i the Ali 1 last it was decided last in ight to clip new the Tor holding the proposed Tipsy festival in Aid of the Iju Otist from kid us Nehru airy to thursday the Lith the change was made necessary on account of the visit to this City on the a Venini of Nehru try tub of the eminent Ictor nines i it was argued Tinl but few Otther really Ife it it Auer Stilld i n i that of would j draw a Laid audience and in he festival would Miller Linan Bially if the Shine Nair it if tiie male and of Cimic in the Rei Clicc of killer to rehearse the i be inimical was in charge Sybil and in Lily inn Mollie Annie Alice Gardner and Ami Verc iii1 the i civil Lien ii Iii Lilik i i i the Anvil Lin Rii and i in were mho Mollly it was i Cidad la Nischt of what the lunch hoi ild Kunii which i to be old ill Hancl by the Tipsy ii Lii blur Iii an intermission during Hie the menu Iii furnish Dainty and delicious in a Day or two the full programme for the Ieti Vid will be that county officers must pay their regard to the of super Imirse to the payment of salaries to lie of his j the Ocre tary was directed to procure from dealers in k Ware and other articles for Vise in Prev j i Jan Tor paring Price i i wanted n Mil Nikii a 1usltion he a Rumik will Ollk Inion Ai Milnw i Hokk of ctr for us of the Assoni Ilion und to keep the Home association fully in formed in All the essential matters per to the the receipts and disbursements for month of were reported Folio itch lived 11 in 11 he Iship fees Dona total ill it news n Secretary jhimafii1 Crocker total w do h k k dec Ultra u o Hoys to solicit id till Iliili und on a 111 lit s Mil tick Mir As 1 lamp i i i 1 i v every Liinus i in and personal c common prop re in a n f in growth we hardly know Whoso e it Lap that Kern Valley iat trait ii the attention of Aini Allaix from All Over the o to and All Dirino to abide i ii mow up u it h t i count Are heartily this especially the ease when men killed in the professions arrive for their training and experience brings into the Community a value additional to and above their pecuniary when such people conic Here with All honorable record of Patt it is lining and Well shut it should be told to their neighbors whom they the subject of this and Ugo commenced the prac in a match night the executive commit of of the foot kill Chili held a meeting for the purpose of deciding upon a program for the future action of the president of the was in the and the Blodget and Taunton compoc t he it was decided that a name of fool Ball should be played on 1vhruarv in which a team from Hacki Licud will face a team from the sur rounding teams will he confined strictly to the territory allotted the Captain in the Sci Calion of Taunton will Captain the town vim eleven and in idly Hind the boy from the no admission will be charged to the game and everybody is Spe Cial attention will be Given to accommodations for the executive committee a to decided to give a full to he Fol Lowed or preceded by a dinner or ban Early in new to Aii of Iii la Illus Lull is ii knit 1 a Only to m in i i Vinici of k nil i Tori in emf 1 James Oneill a my his supporting company of 22 artists who will present Dumas Monte Cristo As played by them Over is wino to Oneill having an of that we to pics int thin Grout Krs Weitl scats Salent Southern hotel Kern county improvement a Ken offers for Sale i m pro bid Lan Orchards and vineyards at Low prices and on 1 ill in i u v re Hill my Iii ill i ill ill i i a Iii i la i i Iii Aikman milling pm enl Jhm Joli Emu Uriv in ii 1 of nil Llic Lour the Kern county improvement company is inc Milf k liable company in Kern Emily hat makes a business of plan Tenn and taking care of Richards and for h Iii m von ii in nil Inonu ii i nil no dial wll i i in Iii on Len Liim Limul or Linell Only lir him i Uii for Mil inon nine nun Ull Honl Mclim hi1 univ inn cd of in inn a blvd Lully und lots Ulni fur a Linin und cure mid Mienl Lii Kivini id is under the direct of the u May till i i oks Shock gains in so Edkis ies in the county clerks Leeor in Twenty nine counties of the was received officially by coi Kliu this and by him read to the Hoard of in his ten years Lay there he built up a very and i cratic practice which the state of his health forced him to re Iii Lelm i firn Iii in lie then removed to in Sigil in the South of when a Stu Ini Minir or in nut Gnu nil ii to of in Iii Irnel of stj3stt to Are Well known in the fruit they lire also of Kern Valley Slih cd on hint Curry n full Toik of Trees and fruit Shade ornamental if Rio us tin i twixt Market to True to Namu mid fret from Lor pull it ilu1 or Neil no Kern county improvement Iii Tim i kith vol lev All Toton Uniti Liin dope tics in Ollice and a them Leet a Bolioli and larger and it is proposed to petition for a the mazy Nion Lee company has slab Lepo Tuttle Southwest Corner nineteenth More Etc where ice and orders which Wil prompt tilled at reasonable nites the delivery will run in makers held and Hummer and for he Conven in a manufacturing Lence of the Public the Ollice will in he trusted the Friend implicitly Only open until 7 Oclock p to Wake up one morning and find he a total he became Diss tilled the scene of i his to sch was a constant disturbance thirty live couples of Youngjr people and so having heard of Kern attended the dancing school lust j he suddenly made up it Teliin As it is is under the Charke of hut it not Condi cited for the purpose of a Unciul ij11 m to furnish amusement for the Young and the gentlemen of he club my thee Penth Georgo Borgwardt was the pianist of the evening und played in excellent Lime and much the varied elections of Beautiful Hud Nadu for the evening to come hither and accordingly with his wife and i heir family of Neven right children bus be come a resident in our he has purchased Loo acres o liquid which he intends to thoroughly improve and which will Iphis future Home hut when u Man Iwuh once chosen a prof Tomion and made us Utility and practice his life to can note icily break away from on the other j t hand he turns lovingly toward and so him Heel urged to do will continue i owns Eckhoff lips fld cigars agents and tier celebrated Buffalo Beeb the Belt brew in the flu family Trade u respectfully 20th us l a id of x of i o o a x c inv kit Mav Inoh in the citizens Mutual building and loan Assoc of Bakersfield capital Al Nirum 9km Kwh Hal Al loll Yin m to Ramirer Jolt j l i us a cooperative savings Alt Iliin of i Kiiren Lierke Iii fun unit no Involute Peru rally to Ilive torn to i without Irli to thl you it Vor i a t Makii Var assessment Hio Hkavc i Savaki Ami com limn Iii of Piti Riihl ii let i Iii Hail if Wierkx Peru Nollice in Viii that in nip Lilik of hi1 Lulu on i he Holli buy of Jonii in of a Liv cd Knicl i it Makk Yor it a my to you Stock can be for at the Bank of of Elliott Send for a to practice hoping Muc chm in has been among Sluwe present were Mishch in the and and i All Kershaw Mcdougal Jam i n Luil a Mot Delight of Kern till evening was county that Hueh gent men As he will j give up a pleasant Home and the Asso Pauls literary Icia Tionson a life time to act he in we iii1 the was held in the Parlours of the h u but deflate thai Valley Liutik on wednesday j inducement Are i cat and that new oni cers were elected for the en1 will be suing year follows Harley of ton Kiln buy View Iuchs Jewett went and these not Urti with clap charkhi Morris and Charleu Sherman constitute the executive after the election u part of Knier Hiim own by entitled coins Ken station was thought Over talked and court notes is i Koloi Robin tiled and argued Ami taken under Iun what Klch kind of ill Tini i Lac r Cor ii a my of lit i Raiciu Mil to hint it Curil Fiill v Wal citing new coitus i Owens Cairn in Miri Iliili hid nov mtg and Assn Raicic a Iii do tin Haiti Lara of mild ill the if fact of hit1 old i Hui no i ally Stock Mimi ii will full Tolu null ill no flu unit Lii of the Hui Liy of will for Nulu i Hanii Iii us Leigh in Maile e Lulli of Mun i in will in fold to any i Tox Etlick Wlllie of of Silver Una no und of Stourd of incl a i i ii i in View Towie Keal estate Iii Iii nil in id 1 n i i am Hiil Liiri Hie trn Roll of r of 4people Ink Ulm Kii until Riih for my assault with it deadly defendant her aligned and Given until tomorrow it 10 to honk Ion 1rinno mud Nick proprietor ii Liis Lor Yuul Anil fresh commercial lunch served at All mid Niederaur Oor 19th and l filings and final proof made to town and country Frcek k to Kok Salk Chesier itokersfield1 Cal
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