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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Aug 4 1902, Page 3

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - August 4, 1902, Bakersfield, California Tot daily August 4 idol i i i i 11 i 11 i i established 1873 i i i you find the genuine name to Ball s Mason fruit jars 55c something about fads written for the californian by the vital difference Between is eager to participate in those that and fad in the Ever changing Femin Ine modes rarely impresses the aver ago a Well bred woman never intentionally originates a and her refinement prevents her following the average i May the usual is she whose peace of mind and pleasure depend upon her being Able to accept the Little decrees of fad fashion As and the unusual woman is she who ignores the existence of designers of 1frm at Weils department store 1410 1426 nineteenth Street Why pay rent or interest when Pacific Home cooperative company will furnish you the Money to buy a borne or pay off the mortgage and allow you to pay it Back at the rate of per month per without this company has compiled with All the requirements of the Board of com missioners w the building and loan association of the state of California Ana is operating Ader their general said Board duly examined into the policy of this company and approved the same and issued to it a License to transact i depository the Crocke Woolworth National san 1312 Market san on or address local agent and Gat full particulars 1325 nineteenth Street Ocean Villa hotel Anu fashion Cater to the whims and fancies of age relying with certainty and Security upon her eager and Effus ise acceptance of any Odd or startling effect the necessities of the poor woman and the vagaries of the average woman support the enormous dry Gooda establish ments and millinery but it is the average or usual woman for whom these Large houses bring in new styles and new it is not the representative Man for whom the haberdasher decorates his windows with Gaudy hosiery and Flam ing As a the representative hold Tho feminine mind at this one Shivers and shudders to Lieja memory of the Bangle the string of Gold the Bunch of j milliners violets on the boat or the Monogram named heart dangling on a and that wretched atrocity of wearing her sweethearts photo on a i Button or i today her hat has a Cepl Newll i x Low or she wears a Green veil v with a dizzy Blue or has a y Pompadour that would frighten a Zui la i will Tell you that she is already beginning to deny Ever having worn brass to ends on her but she is showing a fatal preference for and she in order to turn Over our Stock quickly every piece of furniture in it is marked at an easy going the old Rule profits and Quick sales holds Good Hen All the now the Quick movement forgets to pin up the ends of her leaving them flutter on every not Long ago the newspapers were Gratifying the feminine accounts of miss Alice Public with Roosevelt carrying a Cane at a Garden a few Days i saw two girls of the gum chewing Type about to leave the As they gathered up their numerous packages one of them sex whores my Alice Man is plainly but his Roosevelt after a boisterous search both by Cut and by bespeak j she Drew from the car cushions a Little red and White carnival and the Good but the Man on a Small salary is the Best Friend the haberdasher that sort of Man who dedicates the greater part of his salary each month to the lat est and who has a none cents look to everything he strutted to Tho swinging the Cane the extreme Dis gust of the other yet that girl is a typical every woman desires to be in Fash but not every woman can do Stan is on never was anything in the Vurn iture line that seemed to take the pop ular fancy just like per haps the Price has something to do with their but to think it la the our porch shades arc making a great a few Hayden Furni Tun Chester and 20th under grand traded crowned dental Parlours j proprietor these Parlours Are a Branch of the electro dental Parlours of Sao established three years one of the largest and Best equip Ped dental offices on the and located Here All work guaranteed at on half the regular prices charged by other i Teeth full upor or lower Gulch Between fashion or style and during the last year or the aver the abnormal follies called age woman has indulged in some the refined woman enjoys nov Ertzbe forgotten and each woj Elty of Mode in refined but Man who did so is As anxious to deny her complicity in the old fads As she Bridge i per Gold crowns 22 Kurt our prices Gold Silver 50c abhors a conspicuous detail of fashion As the first Cousin of Large Well wooded Overlook ing River and boating and Pavilion for danc electric modern sanitary to per Day to per free bus to and from All Telephone Black optimistic feeling in Oil circles engendered by widespread movement the Fin end be season fresh candies always on hand Hickox red 1803 Chester Avenue its too hot to bake and come to the old reliable i american bakery and restaurant satisfy you in that 192ft Chester appetites painless extract Ion by electricity no charge Lor extracting when Are ordered 10 and Niederaur blk loth consultation free Telephone Black each month the los Angeles Herald prints a resume of the Progress of the Wev Loisb four weeks Progress and a Ortlon of its views regarding the situation at the end of july is the Sesic Canyon to the West Kern and Kern River Fields that distinguish 1 de the previous gave place to an absolute As a fact there i i was an embarrassment of the need tempting to Delta at this season to arouse we have a tongs to tempt the Moat what is causing decidedly optimistbur8tm Road was to tap the in feeling at the present in the first in is the widespread movement to stance and was welcomed on that a undertake plans which have for their count at but the Midland Pacific either direct or the erstwhile the Mcdonald pro Benefit of the Oil the to run from Bakers old via my rate and extensive plans of the Stan Kittrick to made overtures Ard at Point with the pipe to the producers and have Jiu Creed line from the refinery to the Kern River is accepted As a prom be of other great works to to under in the when the associated Oil company incorporated it at once became needful in order to hold to own that it must be in position to take delivery of its product at tide water As speedily and As economically Wlas the to attempt to do this by utilizing the railroads would be an and a pipe line was the Only j an Independent for u time it appeared As it the Murray Road was to Subserve the interests of Tho associated in accordance with a plan mooted at the time when the associated first came into and this proves now to be approximately Cor a pipe Lino being built instead of a some criticism is being be stowed upon this venture on account of its route being planned from Bakersfield by Way of the West Kern across the Range to port har Ford or some other Point yet undetermined on the san Luis Obispo coast line of it is pointed out that in such a Case de in securing a guarantee of 5000 barrels per Day for ten providing the Road is built in eighteen that contract has not yet been Rati and to far As has Boon appears to to slightly on sided in favor of the embryo there la every that Tho and As the rothschilds Are said to in behind the plan the Road will to not paper in Tho meantime the Burson in to be a Road merely on paper the truth of the Rumor has never been confirmed nor has it been denied that this electric line is to to included in the Wiscom bracing plan that Hunting ton has for networking Southern Cal Tor la with electric i such proves to be the Case Tho Burton Road will be Well Able to hold its own in Competition with the steam roads that May meet at competing at least that is experience bus and so far has this been True that in some instances steam roads have considered the advisability of Electr izing the roads in order to main Tain economic railroads or pipe the Railroad plans Are of Tho utmost poor indeed arc those belched Down by menial de men Rise in tills world Len sukh buoyant nerve the loss of tills Force daily Donni Down to failure some of tie world1 Brist Liest such a condition in commonly Knorn As a Ervom when you Lohu Sel Confidence and feel your Energy and nerve Force Are Nelp Pizik it is High time to i seek sensible you prefer health mid such Eris to misery nud have no equal nun nerve a couple of Loyrs will dlr pitl tint Henvy if limit the Najj far Tinl new Force Ami of Iott m in axes will Liny a apr f if your 0 for Fullil a tilth i i i 1 me if you Are looking for a wedding or thing in the jewelry n May be to your advantage to Spect our Wrights jewelry store Southern hotel what is Hockheimer going to do City meat we respectfully invite ibo in hello to us inspection of our this week such As Spring the beat pork and other a nits Ever shown la the but d phone main 13091311 nineteenth a it larq1 con8umkr of of Mac u often troubled 07 frequency we which he hat to full up tic Coal bin empties quickly when it the teen filled with poor Coal Juit try afew tons of our Black Diamond Coal u used and u giving uni Macuom to Man Homei in Tola new Cantou say it in the hottest and Cleaven they Ever Fhone Black 781 1721 Cheater Awe All kinds of sauces and con cold pickles in bottle and in Crisp crackers and imported and Domestic luncheon if you dont know what you want to come in and we can find some thing for Decker go 1908 Chester red 951 tank steamers will have to be built to carry the Oil from the pipe line 1o As they us to the Mam depot of san franchisor the alternative of a j co it is not quite How the key to the Industrial site that the extra Cost of True at the Prosi steamers would not have to to More let Ernst Muy be taken in red in any even if Tho pipe line 8tartjng the refinery schemes but i paralleled that of Tho Standard they Are or icky of a j through the san Joaquin for in a measure it May be accepted As a fact that the As to what associated will stretch out for Trade lab Roaal made the surplus wherever it can get and will not Sun Oil at once the that while the Penely sit by while the outlying ports j growing Tho stood is starving j in this country As Well Tho Island to men Many is Tho direct cause of Many unhealthy and any Relief that can to afforded by conditions of the system and yet it is which proves to to an exceptionally Flo a Stream of High Grade Oil is constantly pouring Over Tho top of Tho fast filling the Large Reservoir provided for unlike Many of the other Wells in the dls1 tract the a Culvor Well is quite free from and is also one of the Wells completed without a fishing drilling was commenced on Juno and the Well was finished and ready for perforating on july this with one Crew of i the log of the Well shows that it from others on Tho name and adjoining in that Tho Drill passed through five Din Tinct Oil bearing Sands of varying de Grees of the bringing into production of this Well adds one More link to the Chain of flowing Wells of tending for Many Miles Northwest to 1 Southeast in the Sunset signs wallpaper Clack w notary heal mining broker a bought and sold on mourns 242s on ten Telephone bulk Catarrh second Hani coops boil kit Usu i also carry our Small ads bring sure cure for itching piles produce moisture and this As Well a bleeding or por truding piles Are cured by to Saakova pile Rem stops itching and absorbs 50o a Jar at druggists or sent by treatise write me about your and Oriental Trade Are exploited by other Large corporation most prominent Oil men have for some time realized the necessity for the associated becoming a very much larger concern than it or being overwhelmed in the coming competitive the projected pipe line is the first essential step toward maintaining its railroads to during the month Juat passed the almost daily comments regarding the for Sale by electric Road irom Ventura via the refining of Oil is and on surprising that so Many suffer from every hand plans for putting up Refl this do Stiko before taking anything or Erlos Are being carried while it is too As in fact very easy to Home of these Are merely intending to cure with Catarrh Tho Only refine for Tho Asphalt others Are More positive internal euro for Catarrh on elaborately preparing to make a be Alho Market Thau Loes All that in claim Claty of the higher grades of lubricating and other additional Oil superintendent of Tho Beaver Oil operating on j has just completed Woll de for it in for Suie by All loading one bottle shows to sure and accept no j look on Catarrh address Smith and Hoto at Basra drug u a full line of furniture and Winters a Bridges 1815 k Street phone Black 819 i Niederaur director and embalm Corker pith and k Nick v Job

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