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Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Apr 27 1891, Page 1

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Daily Californian (Newspaper) - April 27, 1891, Bakersfield, California Legal and commercial i nil us branches at Tho Vicau wornian office Ujj Telephone 32 no actor 2 Oclock m that Man Mot Lin Ilsc if it to advertise Tel Bomont 38 no i Market i san april i buyer i april 1003 Kern april ii inspector Byrnes hot n tie Trail of Jack fee Kew Orleans jury bribery minted by the grand the Ripper will be april Deputy Coroner tills afternoon concluded the autopsy the Vum Uinn of the woman murdered by Jack the tie Only fact of importance was tie Dis closure that tie Wem Obj Dently made while the woman was still and it wan apparent Liat the e of tin poor wretch prevented from fully completing what i originally the removal of Bertaln inspector Byrnes to night in ado n t Hio reporters to the Teleet thai while the police have not yet arrested the they know who he Island Hope to have him in custody vhf woj num Wev is u Cousin of or Francois 11 n who was arrested last it is known unit wednesday night wit i tie Mur at the hotel the night Ewinin rated tie horrible Brief major a Mckinley has received bar of american welled at the Sau mine in foreign capital is seeking investment in new York real estate mortgages at Low the Mariceta is extremely but not Over fruit buyers in venture county Are uttering n ton for Green and arc endeavouring make cont nets for several years ahead with the Frank who recently married miss ooh Lelle is Bald headed and he hns to scholarly not but refined a prominent Light Blue or Gray and a Ugat no Hitaf hard times parties Are being Given in some parts of tie invitations arc sent owl in funny writ ten on coarse Brown and enclosed in Brilliant yellow Tho Yin Vit Ethe receivers to be present in rage and and tatters and follow i Fig the Diw Ovorn of the Gas Plen Montou several Wells have been located in the suburbs of Marti the Gas is found at u depth of from fifty eighty in it is confidently believed that by Boring deeper the fluid be found in paying another breaking Lipil for the Grant Muu a a military april excitement still prevails in teds City Over the Lynching of Hunt last by the grand jury this icon i sit Puiul into the the prose Ting attorney to Beere tary of Svigir the details of the with the statement that the i authorities were unable to protect Thom selves against the Lawless and i asking that immediate action he i this evening and i ing attorney received what they regard us authentic that a plot has been Laid by the soldiers to kill police Man Anies and gamblers Holbrook und Benjamin and to i two gambling houses j the facts to colonel j Compton lie issued order that no enlisted men to out of the Post until further and that a Check Rol Call be called every hour through i out Tho night until danger of further Inion violence has Over one indred special guards Are on duty to ready to Sci it any attack made Ilia the i f resignation of senator Reagan of april letter re icel cd today from senator John j dated to sen Ator who resides Bays i have been induced to accept a position on the Texas Railroad and i have governor Hogg of my res i ignation As the governor has announced that he will appoint Horace of to succeed Tong unto states Ben Chilton a 37 years of and regarded As one of the most men in tie indicted for jury Olio Worth of in Yojae of the cites Largo dry goods shops last week a Little Cash girl brought to one of the Heads of departments in the course of the Early afternoon Vilouis of tuesday a woman she had just picked it she on the near the she remarked As she passed it Over time she guessed it was stuffed Tho floor Walker opened it Aud saw at u glance that her opinion my carrying it to the superintendents with that person counted the Tho parse contained Kibwe trere five Hun dred Dollar it Clinch for forty Dol Lars and some Small Bills and wit few i vat to a Polo faced woman appeared Tho asking i breathlessly if u purse had been recently i found in tie the Well stocked 1 pocket Book was she had not left j the slip before missing discovering i her loss at an up stairs department to j which Sho had gone from the one where the up Refl Esca Pil her identifier Tion of the including drawer Arii Drawee of the was and it was promptly delivered to she the auks the worm and was about to leave the off Sci when that gentleman suggested that she owed the recovery of her Money to Thi Hou Eaty of the Little do you he said such honesty ought to go unrewarded tin woman of course Bud said and opening the just re purse she produced a Silver do which she gave to the thei she departed a Villi the Fortune of who keeping she was so and of woos finding she was so he Point of View i new York which incl Billy Oor erred from u bottle of rare Oul whisky sent her by Aniio Tymous found to to in pig nut cd with Henry Flung club heal of Law by said today there won n com the motive that inspired h was the Crimi lust Puoplo whom i could count Lonjers of my the Stook Yard april tin Light against the Yard not Charger on Cuttle by Union get Ogk atm is comic Hwy by Nelson it Orff behalf of i Armour mid Swift wus be in order to reach i the was necessary for the new today Sale to y Uny of Wellch they refused in spiking the putting guards Over Morris i wll apply Kcf Lurtz for tin order 1 the latest news As received by Trio Solup Tilliy to Lutu port by the daily Ullh tit tue the presidents a Bank in annual boo work and draft mules and Shetland from the Banchoff Haggle will Tako place at the Corner Market and Van Nesi i pick 5 v v assessors to the taxpayers of Kern j your attention la respectfully directed to Tho following taxpaykr8 retired by conf tation Joanu Aljy Muskeg pm to the o under Forth All tie real and to Leonil Proa fit Twatt cry Owea or a oct Maer i control tto Toek Tho first a today in tha Reub or Jie May deliver u a the reman cud require with lung appointed to return the same to him the Trou value Zuj full mean the amount a which the t to Cople Alue of value so flood by the not lie reduced by the Board of Tho Anera or inuit Thota Xoi on All pop anal who nil in us mid Are not alien upon real property sufficient w cure the payment of thu the mint collect it san april Inonu office a to its Titt and i the cd jailor Luw Disasi suit Ken and Jiou Ihl quid Niv it u loss to of the reception j a nov what crho responsible f6r the i Kivow wide Tiger lie i Inu this morning shortage of 10800 in Golden Gate Fjor whether the of arranged that a review the upon him to melt Eft the Palace Hotuj this drive to the also been f the school children should take ii tie the Money unbalanced his upon him thut it Many think Money Wum taken burglars Avo Tho the i Van Ness Avenue us tie Day Vns Bright to jul in Tho Bank arge Many bringing r american i ivcvx1 Amui isted by their parents i Ulm irrigation i ends in lines extending fourteen Ellb da1lv in leg Ali us the carriages j sax april containing the distinguished he article on irrigation Between them they were greeted Tbs morning says the mag1 with cheers from thousands of Small Success of irrigation in the Sec and the air was filled to gift in which h been developed i no bouquets and waving it is cause these Bonds to be looked estimated Tim there were t poll More projects that people on pent bythe president in reviewing tie Long line of hut Kestek meats m Beds Board by the Board and lodging by the the Flatt in j vol of o onday in March and Tho first monday the Assentor m Uit demand payment of liable and on poll tax of every Parson l the neglect or refusal of Perton to Par Tho to collect by non Reaud Fise Brick Kotoku tax Egor outlier sums of Money in it blah of Tho store Are and Bucu Omer is by pm pout1 red to it guilty of a every person indebted to out ibo neglects or after to pay poll liable and must pay the cynic Fri Job other person him by Tho col Lector in mat lug tic Immy of Linh per every Perron who null fully Union do mud to Viva Guy county Afewor a Lett of bit property Suzy eco to or to Btu str to such or who blvd can fit so or to give True Iiorio to Sny when demanded by Aiu Emor la the do charge Olbu of Odul 1 Sully n every person m lieu by the collector i of Tor ten Samv nud Rex Denee of ear Bonu la till pm to Uiva to such collector univ eos to Tho Bellfi ing or Muu Ikirt not Kinley of a la with tie Revenue Laws of Cali tie audited by cosmopolitan Many millions Are it a stir adj of the slow cult these were eventually turned in the ill rec uniting local Caj lion of the wimm Tekev left the party Here and re turned to inspect the Post Ollilee and proposed Sites for tie new which was Well tilled with from moving at Arft the of Trio Sands of blare of i eating of enter upon the Diu Knof qts Samir and collecting Inott Asimou lust neb poll Lux la Dukoit Demaud Sod Fruim hew ill pro Portr tax i Hustle mild at Ottmo you Ore ant All subsequent Al fits by tic must he at your anti viral Kurt countr notice to the booming of the Rock oily of j Ivory att Sutlon paid to u i in tiny Uitich of the Zolki Micat if 1 Crown for tie Kov Tollof thu in is Heine by Otvos to al1u across the tie president was re child ivies voices and tie wonks of Eloi a lived with cheers and waving hand to which he responded by a Stop made at the con where the Park commissioners pointed out to in Arteon and of Tseih interested most note worthy other Points of inter est were Alwo after which the presidential party proceeded to the residence of Adolph at Sutro overlooking the Pacific they had quent ground was broken for i the Monument to Imp raised at the Tomb of general Grant at Riverside new april Ury has returned for jury bribing Agni not Fernaud attorney for Charles Portor on of the eight pros unch who leaped the runs Sicre in the and fag inst cd titles who is said to ilm an employee of tiie Lou Sanu lottery further via Apoll steamship Pilanca was Ono of the Token Boi Wesson of by Trio rebels at Tho break pig out of Tho was sunk pril 25tli in Caldora Bay a ired by uie new gunboat Almcrant Tho destruction of Tho Iron us was att dad by a great loss of life i half Lite brew Jig Long and tie Cong Tais now in of in the in the Broad bosom of the Rockies in midwinter 5s at this when the boulevards Are in the plastic embrace of the und the March of Comianni cation with Tho outer world is imaginary and the constituency unite in wishing that Winter was gone gone Fitu her laughter and the country scribe seeks the snowy wreaths of truth in silence with Uncertain As a search warrant parades the realms of somnambulist in slumbers in quest of a Hundred typos to Cope with the rash of business at the which is left in charge of Hia satanic what Adora death is a when we look deeper Down in Tho Wotta and the blazoned optic sees not fruition but an altar in coercion of the tribute of no one can deprive hibernate vitality at this Epli Era of the Felicity that across the Plata of with its fathoms of stems Aud april and the atmosphere ripens with fragrance and Crocus As Over the Golf of death Faith sees the glow of the jewelled Walls of lie in this serious april Buttle explosion and loss of april of ctr the and six men employed in the Iron belonging to the Roth in this were killed by the explosion of a steam boiler this morn Many other employees were ser lowly another ironclad april latest advices French ii a then Tox of the Public in re spent fully called to the fact that this hotel Haj thoroughly h now prep Trad to Yocom Monte travellers better than the table to Pat we have an Good Trio Best French Cookjr the we Tern Fuei of Tio a troop suppl Ledwith due imported Kreuch b a Fluor auteur leu w popular the Slosier of president who resides at North was Rettini ing Froin Hureh at with miss Anna i Ahen the harness Ami the in Usu i name uncontrollable in going Down u j Haton was thrown out of Niggy so ring on her head and in iring Jer while Moon and her shoulder Han this Losili Agthe Pix ident hid feared that e would to forced to curtail his visit leu us of the serious Accident to his Sis but this morning ii received a Dott ate from Cincinnati conveying the Zitell Glence that the condition of Saton had materially u Van ther forc on behalf of he that the programme of Stert aliment army cd for today and he remainder of Tho week would to in served unless other and less favourable ices of Eaton condition i state that during tie Battle of Calder the Monitor Huascar in Well us the Blanco by the chilean it is said that Walter sons Lute rested Ned in eclat to Lioi a after named that raid Howu and Bave made an aug ziment to Iny of nil their proc str of on equal distribution of the name among Ali eur and that i Baku led it Day of at 2 of clod at by in Trio court la Astelia time place font tie Crodle Tartof Brown nud for of electing a in Laue or not Ignee to to in the care Aud the property of uld beco ate named cred Tori in Wertmeimer it san franc hip i 87 60 Bank Slewo a co m n Bowman of 16400 h Martin co ibs 00 4 co Tauler Sewol Al to Liondas Haltli Heath Cole ii Wolf Wreden Sun Fanti into Jorge Bauer a Tex Dalmira my Burg boo r l Pran Tunco us Dan Cupul Milrot nov Ouy of win door a window was recently a Horti in a neighbouring from its novel and pretty attracted a Good amount of a Frame work making a partly open was Iho floor of the Bridge was Mode of striped Dresa which made a Good Plank the sides and the glad Era were Mode of fancy legs Only Tho foot being car tied under and hidden by the floor o the a Wagon heavily Laden with boxes of was on the open draw waiting t get lamp posts with red a Teri Alfor Glass made a pretty effect n nigh when a Wax Pouce mat preserved order among Tuo half Ozei Finger posts directed the Public to the great hosiery Sale at and subs Colbe for Daumec can is Niueli in dread j arse tenth a beet a lottery n Kwh supreme court has decided the lottery mandamus mix in favor of the j april annual session of the grand parlor of the h own eco heirs Samc us ims 12000 u1000 sow woo 18500 106 to 21 w parts car cell bub non Mineral water Cal Cal m Floo m76 sheriff of Koru Cit a Uttel april 1w1 a85td w lottery special Arrau Emeott can be made for Board and for a Cortlan Lugtu of meals 26 Beds i new assessment Rio Shavo Vineyard and us Olio Okte of com room new California any Stock upon this ascus Mon Utill remain unpaid of Trio ctr Day of trill be delinquent arid advertised Maleat in location of principal Naco of ban location of Koru could try notice it barely Given that at a coating of uie of six to luaus per Ribaro Cru levied upon to capital Stock of the octave 0 do Tho Secretary of Bald Corgo april Telephone from received ice at gave cheering information in regard to the condition j v of Kathu the sister of president id is to Tho Ehluct she rested fairly Well last night and that Lior in while say ing she is in critic Tel to links her by Mitonis much More favourable with stronger Hope for it is his opinion Tomt she May be wifely re moved a witty to her own Bhe is perfect and her much cheered Over of French it u 25 cents Law whole Sale deist for foreign and Domo Tilc James to pay the delinquent use intent to Geilier with com of Durer Tulang and sex Penney by order of the Hoard of r room 82 we cell Fola Hun Oom 3pacikio u san Jose Tytek Hopfl hotel cos bate8 Mon per 8 rates a week or butter fresh Dally from to Hor murder for april furring to the death of 320 san Lyle bib Knelp Fie Uil Lor Deotto liquor or o Dunk of genuine tary reserved Atif Whf International Kraft ski it Vokt san Ward notice to of Jobu i u hereby Given by did to the cred Tom All per tout Aga Lutt the to exhibit main with be Uoc camry with in four a outbid after the Flint Tala to the i fold off pal in Kern ithe wow being Bli place of tra auction it the of the county of 8ww of Adwin Trator of de i j attorney notice to Xot Colt up Ehy Ghon by the j be Vitato of to to Ore Dlton and All Penote Hal Vilnit Nga nut the Mill Tri Chi tilt to been i to the use Curry Voa born wet he u tour to onto after the first Public Atiqa of to Laid administrator at or at to office of Amu in court Slouko at the being his place for the transaction of of the raid in the Bounty of i of of up pen Ilo Oewy dated april l Wab Rempei at pipe ii o leading b vets Nurin Nily Board and and Ler Tho Rojt convenient to the and Loni All and of 9t we Toach to us from the a Cut u matter o Kotico for time publication of my that Kra Syi Tai Lull n tt1 Tor to it Day of fat 10 Oclock a of to and the our Troon of at t Cottret Boito in the town tit Max Mot cot at vow Viive been for Wallof or heart u Taa Lof we tue
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