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Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - October 11, 1749, London, Middlesex b � t WEDNES'D AY, OcrontV n. mi- Dsaly OBokr 9 HE Outward-bound are filled. The Dutch Ships remain. ArriV'd, the Bofton Man of War, from New-England, and the Edward, Robinfon, from Antigua. Wind North. Lall Monday Night and Ycftcrdny Morning arriv'd the two Mails due from Holland; SttHkkolm, Sept. '30. The Chamberlain Panin, Envoy from the Emprefs .of Rullia, has received an extfaorditiSry Memorial from his Court, and comrrtwoicatcd the Content j of it to the Counts Tt-flin and Ecktebladt; the Subllancs of which is as follows: � The Emprefs of Ruflh being detcrmin'd to maintain � the Form of Government in the Manner. >t is at prefent  cftablifheci in Sweden, of which hjr Imperial Majetly is � Guarantee, flic was therefore under a Necefiity of cauviiig  her Troops to enter Finland, Id! on the Death of the  reig-ii�g K-ing any Motions mould bd made contrary  thereto: ThHe Troops are to continue there on the  Footing of Friends, and are to obferve anexa�l Dtfcipbne,  and live entirely at their own Expence, 'till iuch Tim*  as the new Xing is proclaimed, and has given A durance � on Oath that he will maintain .the prefent Ftrm of the  Government, and obferve its Treaties, particularly 'hat  of Neuftadf, &c. Thofe who do not n�h in a friendly  Manner to the faid Troops are to be trea'ed thcmfelves ' as Rebels: But if, on the contrary, they conform to the � Dcfirc with which her'Imperial Majetty is animated for  the Good of the Swedilh Natio(he promifes to con-� tinuc her Favour and Protection to them, and moreover  " engages, befides her own Guaranty, to procure alfo the � Guaranty of fome other Powers.' Our Miniftcrs bavc anfwer'd this Memorial in Terms to the following Effect. � The Prince Sacceflbr has already given puWick and fufficient Aflurances, (hat his Royal Highncfs will �  not depart from his Agreements, or ever uud rtalce any  thing to the lead Prejudice of the Rights and' Liberties  of the Kingdom : But if, nptwithttanding all thefc f��-  lemn Aflurances, the Emprefs of Ruflia periifts in the In-  Motion of making her Troops pafs the Frontiers of Fin-*. land, the King cannot otherwise regard fuch a Step than as an Aft of Hoftility, and an open Rupture ; and in � fuch Cafe, his Majdfty thinks himlelf juftly authofifed to employ, for his Defence, the Means which ar.? in his  Power, Sec.' The Treaty of Alliance between this Court and that of jDemark, concluded in 734. for the Maintenance of their rcfpecVivc Rights and l'afftflioiis, has jtill been folemnly irenew'd and cor.nvm'd. Statist?^ OHobtr 10. The Court has ordered, a co.nffc durable Reinforcement of Troops into Finland, to be placed in the Principal Polls bordeiing on the Territory of. Ruflia; Orders.have alfo been fent to Carelfcroorl, not only to prevent difaroling the'Flect, but to get it in reaJi-nefs to put to Sea on the firft Notice. .It's faid, it bai  fceen refolyed in an extraordinary Council held here, to act only on the Defensive, and to dirert all Meafures by the Advices that (hall be received of thofe taken by Ruflia. However,- in the mean time it had been thought proper to diipatch Couriers to Paris and Berlin, in order to demand of thofe Courts ti,e Succours filiated by the 4th, and a fepatatc Article of the Treaty cocluded at Stockholm in the Month of May 1747.' PitirJburgK Sfpt. ag. The Return of the Emprefs hither is fixed for the Beginning of Oclober. The Admiralty has received Order* not to proceed to the difarming Of the Fleet* at Revel and Cronftadt. The Troops affem-bled^in Caielia and the Dillrict of Wybourg, inftead of going into Winter Quarters, are to keep their Cantonment;., rhat they may be ready 10 execute the Orders they receive, the Emprefs of Ruflia finding herfclf obliged to !nit her Declaration in Execution, and take Pofftfuun of ''inland by Way of Security. According to an cxa�t Lilt of the Troops of her Imperial Czatifh Majcfty at prefent in the conqucr'd Provinces, they connlt of twenty-fix Regiments of Infantry of 1500 Men each, eight Regiments of Curaffiers, and about 10,000 Light Troops, fuch as CofTacks, Calmucks, and Tartars; amounting in the Whole to between 80 and 90000 Men; of which 'Army Field Marfhal Lacy and General Lcvcn are to have the Command. Mo/taw, Stpt. 18. We have Jul! now received Advice, by Letters from Perfia of the loth of July, chat a few Days before a Battle had been fought in that Kingdom between Schach Kouh, Grandfon o? Schach Nadir, and Ibrahim Chan; that the latter having aflemb'ed an Army of-100000 Men, fet out from Tauris in the Month of June for the Province of Mazanduinir, fituatftl on the South o( the Cafpian Sea, where the two Armies met and engaged ; and that Ibrahim Chun hAd been entirely defeated, and many Chans of his Party had gone over to the Side of the Conqueror. 1 Thefe Advces add, that Ibrahim Chan having taken Shelter in aCallle on the Frontiers of Cadeftan, was there discovered and betray'd by Mcli Kouli Chan, who, after having put out his Eyes, dclivcr'd ni� up to the schach Kouh ; and that the latter was repairing to CarUn, in order to be crown'd there, &c., Madrid, tpt. jr. Tomorrow, being the Ring's Birth-Day, 'tis believ'd the Chevalier d'Oilbrio will then demand the Infanta for the, Ptince Qf Piedmont. Several Councils have been held in*relation to the Infurrectioa in the Car-raccas, for fupprciuug 0/ which the Court has rcfolv'd to (cod thither zaoo regular Troops. Nafta, Sip. 23. The Blood of St. Januarius having jbjen expos'd, it liquified in lets than thirty-five Minutes 1 ' comfortable.; Im t doh't .film! it ptrjudwul.'��' duir' HeiJkjh*: T*e;.Rain fills here pretty' h*SkTj|r�'--"b�tj!;-iithislt^fek. car* wet dkro*�h A�flittle Fbrufi&tio�*i ')^jrMr, Sr/t> a 1.  Our Government is terribly larrafsM by F'aclion, and this Calamity is likely to be increas'd try  new Incident t The Court of France pretends ro have dif covered a Treaty to be in Ncgoctation between ihvs Re " publick arid the Imperial Court j and for that Reafon. in Conjunction with the Court of Spain, demands the Port of Sptzz-a, tn order to keep us in Awe. If fuch a CeiEoi h complied with, the intire Ruin of our Consume matt be the Confequcnce. DrtfJtn, Oh*kr t. 'TisTaid the Emprefs of RcfSa has propoVd to his PoIiOi Majefiy the rtfto.ing M. de Biron to the Dutchy of Coarland. We lihewif* hear,, that upon the blowing up of a Rock to facilitate the working of tt?e Mines at Freybcrg, a Cake of fine Silver had been found of the Value of 14000 Florins. . ' _  Birfin, O&oher 7 This Day the Baton de Greiffe�heian. form-ily Mid Iter from the Conn of Sweden to that of Drctdcn, arrived heres fie is going to the Conrt of RtdSa in the 100m of the late Baross Hopkess. We harerecciv'd; Advice, that the Dutehefs of Bninfwkk Wolftttbettlc, his M je^y's Siller, was happily delivered of a Princefi on the ad inftant. BrtJUa, Otfehtr 3, A prodigious Swara of LocaBe palTed over this City larti Wcdttcfdajr ; they were five Hdan in thrir PeiTage, one Column of them covering (be whole City mr.d Suburbs ; they flew about 170 Yards froa� the Ground, and fpread themfeiVes alTqvcr the Country : B^t the Ravens, Crows. Pyes, and other Birds of that Kind, have devoured great Quantities of them. Titxta; O&tbtr 5. - Some People fay that hi� laipcrial Majetly will be next Summer deded King of Bohemia. Fratdjirt, CK9. 1 a. Ad'tces front Au�te bring, that the French are filling the Magazines hi that Province with great. Dil-gence, and that a Body of Troop* is expelled to reinforce thofe already in thofe Quarieu. The Levies for the King of Pruffia's Service arc c�~buucd bpt, and in many other Cities of the Empire. Paris, Oaebr 6. A Courier froek Stockholm, at^l another. from Berlin, hajr^ broaght fitch. fiifpatcbes to Vcrfaities as have occaiioo'd ain cxtra^rdiaary Council to be held at Court.. - * * Parh, OStbtr 1 j. A titf targe Sura of Wo^ey bis b�-�n lately brought to Marfcillcs from Spain, apd wiU from thence be tranfported to Genoa; upon this the Bank Bills of St, George arc tifen confidermbly ; and moSr People" ate of O;>ioion, thst this is A Part of the Purchafe-Money for the liland of Corfica. ' h O N D 6 N Ejefr^tA'�,,,/>�.� LrttrJvmjX&e^* Harbor, flfwa Static, dugufl 17. ' After the fcveral Vitilfitudet of Fortune, I am arm"d ' at this new Settlement, which far exceeds *oy Idea I ' could polTibly have of it. At oar firft bndtstg in this * Harbour, which b> the fiaeft I ever taw in the World* ' we found the Place on each-Side an entire Wood, open ' a gradual'. Declivity to the ShOMb' the Tree* luge and * Handing rlofe tt get her, and light Pern growing between, * the PalTage not interrupted with Th\o��* and Briars, as _______# ________ * the European Woods are, and fu-oilbjed with delicate t an Order for the'''Return of (he t^b Nbbll^fh S^trna^S * Springa of Water. The Air. n very temperate, and I 1 OmeTfjhe. ' ' V-T ' ' 4 believe exceeding healthful: This h the hotter! Pan cf ' - -- --- - * the Summer j the Mornings and Erentngt, arc delight- * fully pleafkm, and the Middle of the Day not warmer than 1 have found it in England. Every Body at preirat '"have- excellent Appetites, from the good Temperaaiew * of the Air, which puts' roe in Mind of Im'y. and I think ' there is a good Profpect of its being altogether as fcr-' tile, and b time as enchanting to its leftabitaao: The ' Soil is of the finest Mould I ever law. capable of p�o- crit> of tr-e NVeather by little boarded * Huts* but *�i� fcacd sntfck' Hattth^^tliTO'be- en"t|a'#l.' * the Summer being too far advanced to �$Mr�tt I^NlilW. * tkss Year. The little Knowledge f �'>tVifbbjl|tM.;!'lll' * the fk�it Time we h�*e been here, or^hc'Ufef^Tneft of * tie Place to Errand, fatitfitt tnf, th�thiViG>hUcmcri * who firft prop ^nd this ColoVv, and have fb stealoutl/ ' ferrcd trl�sr Cocntry tlereby, wilt reap iiiimorul H�* � co-ar for ravtrg fo fingulatl/ dillbigotliied thrmfelvei, * and in Time will be the Authors ot the llapptnefs of * others, who might have lived wfeJtfs, and died mifcrabWy at home. Many Thngs to formed the S4:eefs of! this * "Undertaking mo br done by Parliamelot 1 bSlt every * Bodrufo well f���fied with the Gentleman that govcrnt * them, that they Mve no Doubt birt proocr R^cmonllran. � ces will come from him, who fliews Ihe tjyqateft Tinder* * nefs for their WelfareAnd the Urefulnrt's �f the BWle-� ment wilf�enth!e k to the Protcfltdti of ttteunvcrjsmejnt. * who hive Ixgifn fb glorioes a Workj for which Valb;rity * naft be for ever thank'ful, .ind will be one nmotigll the � t.fi�nm >%f j.UvM�ls' Bench Bar sW the faid Offence. * " We are alfo aflbi'd, that Advice has been recelv'd of'the fafe Arrival of a Ship in Spain, having on board about fixry Artificers in the WooJkn Manufafture.  *Tis Cud that tUraonftranecs will be made to the� Court of Spain for the immediate Return of the fAA Artificeri, We hear that a Pcrfoo of trca^ Diflinclion'-'.will Very foecdiVembark for S"p�n, with the Character of Arnbal-Wor Extsday died feddenly a* threkford, MifnSi:fat.r, Silrr 10 Deputy Sclater, art eminent, Drug^ift in Newgate* Succt. bbe wan an Jure, Ikcji married ma fcW D^ys to tiseRcT.Dv.Pscatnrkig, Vicar of St. ScpulclWl wiibowi Newgate. On Sunday died or his Houfe. at f/p�w. iged ,V,,Mr. Sjunael Grofccsnr, Son of the Rev. t)r. Grojfyenor, an eminent Dsflcniing Miniftcf. The Deceas'd wat.deaf and dumb. . '' - 1 On Monday Blr WeHf, on� oftUAliilani gtoa, dropt down dead pn hit Duty U the Palace there, alter tnills hearty Dinner. ^ i * Wc beay due Mr. John Wo gan, Barchetoy of Mufiefc, ia n Candidate ftprOrganiftof the M>ddl�-Tenif leTrn the roona of Mr. Jantes Vincent, deceaa'd. , : * , On Mcwdey hnf n Labourer fell from the Top of  Hovie in Black-Horfe Yard. Tottcnbam*Otwrt>�Road, a|i4 vet/ dangeroatly woonded kit Head tnd frafiuf'4 hi* -Knee Pan : fie wan immadintely carried Middlesex { Hofpstal m the faid Read, where the utntoft Care was mken of kim. This b one Inftancc, among great NnmBtttV nf tke eai Ufcfahacfii of an Hofpital in that1 �Iu*thj�, ,A�>#. ' Cknritjnf this kind. ;