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Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - March 28, 1943, London, Middlesex ffe". IMIy Adveftifef. M O N D A V, March 28, 1743: Deal,, March 26. iglj is put back, and remains, with the Tartar and Granada Bombs, and the Plymouth Transport. Wind South-Weft. Since our laft arriv'd a Mail from Ho - lan d,and one fromF rasck. Peterjburg, March 9. Frequent m=_.-;-.-- Conferences are held concerning fhe Operations of the approaching Campain. It is faid to have been refolv'd, provifionally, to form an Army of" roooo Men in Livonia, to oppofe the Enemy on that Side, jylarfhal Lafcy will again command the Troops to "be erti-ploy'd againft Sweden. Dantzick, March 21. A Swedifh VefTel, laden with Herrings, was lately taken by a Ruffian Sloop of. War, which is ftation'd at the Mouth of this Port to vlUt all Ships, and.to feize all thofe which come from, or are bound to Sweden. It is fear'd that this Accident will draw the Swedifh Privateers here* wliich may prove very injurious to our Commerce. Cadiz, March 5. Three Regifter-Ships are arriv'd in , our Ports, havingvon board 2220000 Pieces of Eight, and a great Quantity of Cocliineal. Three more, which fet out from Vera Crux with the other Ships, are daily expected, loaded alfo with a large Quantity of Silver and Cochineal j but 'tis faidthat the Santa Rofa is taken by the Englifh, ahd,carried into Faro ^..6.___,______________7_ We-are likewife appre henfive that the Enemy will attack the 5/. Louis, which is j put into Qrunna, where fhe was purfu'd by two Englifh Men of Vy\ir.*-This Moment a French VefTel, commanded 1 by Capt. Sallaft, arriv'd here directly from Vera Cruz ; fhe made her Voyage in fixty-eight Days ; her Cargo is faid to confift of 400000 Piaftres, feme Bsles of Gochineal, &c. Madrid, March 11. The Court has fcn.t Orders to all ; tie regular Troops to march towards Savoy, being �as caufed Tiis Commifraries to take Poffeflion of-the filiates arid Territories of the late Prince Hiacinthe of NajfaurSiegen, who died about two Months ago. Deekendorff, 'March 18. We have at prefent a Bridge Upon the Danube in order to keep a Communication with the Army. The. Auftrian Huffars who continue to make Incurfions in our Neighbourhood, hinder us from getting Provifiohs and Forage from the inner Part of the Country ; but we receive them by Water in as great Abundance as ijvc have Oceafiori for. Wc .are "preparing every thing on our Side, and only wait the Return of Count Saxe to begin the Operations of the Campain. Advices from our head Quarters intimate, that we lhall endeavour to enter again into .Bohemia. TTis however certain that Mir. d'Herouville is order'd to flay at Egra till he receives fome AHiftance. More Auftrian Dcferiers are arrived here within this Fortnight than ufual,' and.among them fome Pandours. : Duffel dorp, March 28. We hear that a confiderable Party is form'd in favour cf Prince Iheodort of Bavaria, , frfhf-p of RaOfion and" Freyjingen, to 'be chofe Elector of I'hmz ; and tis faid that France will caufe a .Body of Troops to Inarch that. Way, to make head ag'iinft thofe of S>tat Britain, Hanover, and others.: At Jeaft 'tis certain, )f:at Orders- have been d ({patch'd into the .Country of Roraut, on the other Side of" the 'Rhine, to buy up Prori-. hons for the French, and alfo in th�> other Provinces along River'towards the Electorate of Mental Tie firft Column of tbe EngUfh Troops will fbon march, in order to the Rhine. faris,. March 25. The King's Minifters havepublickly ^lav'd, that his M;.'jefry is refolv'd, if the Englifh pais the feine, to fend a powerful Army after them, to follow fcii clofe wherever they go. Anew Body of 13000 Men alfo. be fent into Bavaria. 'Ti; i-Ad .Marlhal Broglio a-* fent Word, that his Repots being arriv-'d,; he is at predentin a Condition to face tie Auftrians, 4nd; tiiat lie is going to fend fome- Affiftance Ca Egra. . \ betters from Leghorn of tlie nth iaftant import, that there are always fome Englifh Ships off the Ifland of Corffca: That the Rebels Vive taken the Town of Carte, which is alfo well fortified, and from whence the Genoefe have withdrawn the Garrifon.j and that the fame Rebels had alfo made themfelves Mdters of the Fort of Pddulella, upon the Sea-Coafl. Verfailles, March 24. Some Difpatches arriv'd laft Week from the Marquis de Caftellane, his Majtity's Am-bafi'ador at the Ottoman Porte ; fince which time it has been reported, that the GrVnd Signior would caufe a confiderable Body of Troops to advance towards the Danube ; but it's certain the Court has not made publick any of thefe Difpatches. iA Courier has been lately receiv'd from Marfhal Broglio, with the News that 200 Auftrian Huffars having advanced as far as Dir.gelfing, had been furrounded and LikenPrifoncrs; that Sickneis was very much abated amongft the Soldiers, but was not fo amongft the Officers, a great Number of them being iH ; the Auftrians are faid to be in the fame Condition. The Queen of Spain has affiir'd Don Philip, that he fhall want neither Men nor Money to penetrate into Italy thro' the Country of Valais, if they will but grant him a Paffage; fo it is exprefs'd in the Paris A-la-main. From the London Gazette. . Gibraltar, Feb. 23, O. S. His Majefty's Ship" the Romney. arriv'd here Yefterday, with a large Ship of about four hundred Tons, laden chiefly withCochineal, and fome Chefts of Silver, and is judg'd to be worth near 120000 1. She was chas'd near the Shore-off Faro, and by Sigmds which fhe made, and Boats going on board her, and feme Chefts appearing to have been open'd, it is thought fome of the Money was landed on the Coaft of Portugal. His Majefty's Ship the Oxford has alfo brought in a Pnze, laden with Provifions, valued at about five or fix hundred Pound?. Peterjburg, March 1. On Sunday laft in the Evening the refpeclive Ratifications of the Treaty of Defensive Alliance, lately concluded between Great Britain and RufSa, were exchang'd here. Stockholm, March 18. The States having this Day taken into Confederation the Affair of the Succeilion, the Doors i unanimoufly elected the Prince Royal of Denmark for ' Succeflbr to the Throne of Sweden, and they having acquainted the three other States, by a Deputation, therewith, the Nobles came immediately to a Refolution of entering upon that Affair on Saturday next, the j2thinftant, and notified the fame to the Clergy and Burghers by a Deputation of fixteen of their Members.____ ^ >IIM -~ L_____FlattMce, Miitvh-th. They have Advices atRome, that the King of the Two Sicilies having learn'd the true Cir-cumfbmces of the Battle of Campo Santo, had fent Orders i to his Troops, who v/ere already advanced towards Rieti, to return to their old Quarters, that Prjcce having refolvcd i not to draw the War into his Dominions. It is afiured thr>t M. de Gages is refolvcd to give up the Command of the [ Spanifh Army, tho' it is not known who will be nam'd his ' Succeffor,  The Magiftrates of Boulogne have caui/d it to be notified to M. de Giges, that all the Forage and Provifions to be had there could fcarce fei ve longer than a j Fortnight, and that it was impoffible to bring in more, fiace the Gtrnuns were enter'd into the Bondcno of the Ferrarois. That General has, we hear, demanded of Count Trjun an Armiitice for three Months; but the latter would not give Ear to any fuch Proportion. Hague, April 2. None of the Province?, except Fricf.-land, have as yet fent in their Refolution to the States General upon the Proportion and Letter of Holland for iuccouring the Queen of Hungary with 20000 Men ; but it is expected the States of Zealand, Overyfft-l, and Gueldcr-land, or at leaft the two firft, will do fo within aWeek's Time. L O N D ON. Yefterday his Majefty, the-Prince and Princefs of Wales, and the PrincefTes, were at the Chapel Royal at St. James's, and heard a Sermon preach'd by his Grace the Archuilhop of Canterbury. The fame Day his Royal Highnefs the Duke of Cumberland receiv'd the Sacrament at St. Martin's Church, to qualify himfelf for his Poll of Majcr-General. We hear that Hampton-Court Palace is order'd to be fittedup for the Reception of the Royal Family this Summer.- .Tis now again talk'd ascertain, thai-the Marriages of the Prince Royal of Denmark and Prinrefs Amelia, and of the Duke of Holftein-Eutin and Princefs Louifa, will take Place" this Spring ; and that the Parliament will not be up fo foon as was expected. On Saturday was held a Court of Admiralty at Doctorr-Commons, before Sir Henry Penrice, Km. Judge, for the Trial of the Pierre Jofeph, taken by his Majefty's Ship the Sqirrel, when after a Hearing of four Hours, the whole Cargo on Board the faid Ship was tondemn'd zs Prize, being proved the Property of Spanifh Merchants at Cadiz, and a Spanifh Regifter Ship. But the Trial of the Ship was poftpon'd to the 18th of April, being the firft Day of Term. Several Jew Merchants of this City, offer'd to the Court a Claim of part of the faid Cargo, amounting to 15000 1. Sterling, upon Sufpicion, that as they had Effects at Lh Vera Cruz:amounting to that Sum, it might poffibly be-in thiVRegifter Ship/ But the Judge would admit of no fucb pretended Claim, and accordingly condemned the wholc Cargo. Tho' the Jews have appeal'd to the Lords Com-mrffioners of Appeal, from that Decree, and have dccl?.i\; they'(hall claim upon every Regifter Ship 'that"'now is or / fliaU hereafter be taken. The Lady of trie Lord Noel Stfmerfet, Brother to trie; Duke of Beaufort, is brought .to. Bed of a Daughter at hid Lordfhip's Houfe in Brooke-Street, Groivendr-SquaTe. Major-Generiii Cornwall is is gone to Aix la Chapelle for the Rectfteiy of his Health. . Yefterday died at his Houfe in Red-Lyon-Sq'uare, � � "�' jj Smyth, Efq;- many Years Steward to his Grace the Duke of Montagu. On Sunday died Mr. Studly, an eminent Attorhey at LawJ. at his Houfe in NichoLs-L.tlVe. On Thurfllay died at hisHptffe in Coleinan-Street, Mr; Peter Safrree. � On Saturday Nigh; laft George Waiafcott was committed to Cierkenwell Bridewell by Col. De Veil, for b-.irglatbnfljf breaking the Safh of the Shop of Mr. William CunFsn, a Linnen-Draper, near White Hare-Yard in Bridges-Street^ Coveiit-GarJen, and attempting to take out of it, bctweeri Seven or Eigl.t o'Clock at N-ght, a Piece of Check, but being detected by a G^ntlewom .n pafling by, whilft he wa� pu 1 fued and taken, fhe went aw.-.y ; jf tfcerefore fhe will make- herfelf known to Col. De Veil, Mr. Conran will pro-fecute the.fj.kl George Wainfcott, who is known,to be a Pickpocket and Shoplifter. We hear that large Quantifies of Linflen, of the Manu* facture of Scotland, have been lately imported by Med". William and Hugh Dalrymple, and that tney are fpeediiy to open a Warehoufe in Cornhill, by the Royal Exchange, which they.are to carry on for tlie Convenience of fuch as' live in the City, .befides their Ware houfe at Charing-Crofs. We hear tliat Mr. Yeates, of the New Wells, near the London-Spaw, being indifpos'd, is oblig'd to go into the Country for the fike of hii Health, and has for the enfuing Seafon lett the fame to the celebrated Mr. Phillips, tie Harlequin belonging to the Theatre Roy .1 in Drury-Lane; 'tis fa;d great Preparations by him are making in order td entertain'the To//n moft elegantly (his Summer. At the Brar.dy-Warehoufes on Ludgate-Hill, are now on Sale the beft Jamaica Rum, at 7s. gd. the beft Coniac Brandy, at 8 s. and Batavia Arrack, at 15 s. a Gallon. At the faid Warehoufes are now. alfo on Side confiderable Quantities cf.Foreign Brandy and Rum Orange-Shrub, at 8s. a Gallon, wi.ich Shrub, when made into Punch, is equal, if not lap-.rii r to any'Punch Ireih made. . The following is a Calculation of the Profits arifingfroni 2000 L fubfcr.bed to die Threc-per-Ceat. Annuities for fhd firft Year. j._______,______ " '"*" . 1. 500 from 11 Ar-til elf 2 >Dcc. is 3M. 14 D. at 3 per Cent. per. Ann. 10 530 '^j^'y dutnt ^M. :oD. - ---- 6 5 -o zSO;t. d^no, 1m.17d. .-----* jOo ac Dec. ditto, 5 D- - - * - - o s. 11 6 6 10 i" 500 ";co The above Payments, at 9 per Cent, per Ann. ----- S Mon r>s �4 Lsc. S M. 4. D. Et 3 pt-i.O-ru. pci A acocl. fnr !? ?vlnnths i^Dsys, st ^ 7 Sths p?rCent. per Ann. is 8i 16 19 IS 7 40 0 a 59 1S 7 inn. 3* 1+ 6 19 �9 6 7 0 .5 0 12 3 6 i .  4-2 6 a 40 0 0 6 0 8i 1.6 4 BANKRUPTS. Ifaac Rofs, of Scarborough, M lier and Mariner: Henry GiU, late of Brighoufe, YorkmirffiTalfow-Chandlel': David Avilar, of Bc.vers Marks, London, Broker. iligh Wiur at iAifiu-m-13rid^c this Day at 48 Mmutei after 1 in the Morning, and 8 after 2 in the Afternoon. Saturday fcaiiK cuork'was 147. India St-ck 180 3 4ths� Soutli-Sea Stock no 3 8ths a 1 half.  Ditto Old Annuities^ r.o Price. Di'to New 1127 8ths a 113. Three per Cent* Annu t es too"a. 1 8th. Ditto 174^, too ai 8th.'� Million Bxiik 118 3 4ths. Equivdltnt 111. Koyal Afl'urance 8i. London A^ur.mce 11 5 Sths a 3 4ths. Mine Adver.tuf� Shares, no.Price. Eng'idi Copper 4I. 10s. Wclfh ditto, no Price African, no Price. Seven per Cert. Emperor'� l.Oun, no Price. Five per Ce=*. diuo/ no Prke.- B^nlt Circulation 4I. 10s. i'rem. India Bonds 4I. 8s. a Prcm. Thri-e 1 half SaltThlic 2. 1'rcm.- Three I halt percent. F.xchcqucr Orders 5. Pfem. Three per Cent, ditto i, Difc. Lottery-Tickets 19s. 6d. Ptcm._ , . . March 25, tjq%. CT'llE Govcrmr crd Court of /tjfiilrmts.