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  • Publication Name: Daily Advertiser
  • Location: London, Middlesex
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  • Years Available: 1743 - 1848
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Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 19, 1749, London, Middlesex M O N D A^, J'^Nfe '74^^ RRtV�D the Dolpbirt, Knight, from and remutirt with the DoKh India Ship ; tht Bcttjr and Pejjgjr, Wcflade, ffx>m Dcitia, who fp*e ith C�Pt. D��U from Pobl for Newrountfnind; the oth inft. WMd S. S. W. bloArs harJ. Since our laft arrived a Mail , from HoLtAKO. ' Afr^jlS*^ 3^**^ 3- Tht Flce^ at Crbnftatii is intirdy v^jtX W Ike 'fitte of failmg i* not jet fixed. It ii : North, I A*t  OM���Sf$ win foeedllv be held in the N( � RJb!ti�^ TnoqoUitjr of that Part of th* World. Mi^*6, W� have jaftreceivd Advice by an S^a^h^Bi Ca^^aot � Fife.hfcving broke oot oh the tXcTba MoBxli i� one oftlie Sab�rb� of that City. ifdku. _--------- ialadUaMi hf the Tami^ tlie Flame* fpread with fuch TitiScic^ � i ftort Tiate liMde foch Progreft. that ail w^,tMlM lite tvl^ City Wid Suburbs �Mi�Aab^ to iUbe^iafiN^ � W|^Hiw|^ ��i(ic'Mi�. \?3>fiRu-Ga|iittl�r'iiir)�hia^ i�4 li^ CKf, mni At Key vr^tote to the CdauWl of ibt^iiif Tine, has the Metabertudf the PoUce,{tf iniadletMrl^tioa to prewciit A for that llaqpoDt liil foiMpi Cooits. Ijo the �m^ii Time' the utinoft Dityu � dbd ia patting aa jn � good Stat^ of DeTctice, aad (Mm tore been fcnt to the Admuralty aarmwly to %aacii dw Il�ti6as of Ae Ruffian Fleet. ..,MUiil^'fitmt: *- It is cettaia, that a Convention hat beep fatkd ated oc>scl�dcd between Mr. Keeto and theMtmftcrs �riii Qcdaolkk Majc^)'. which has been tranftnitted bv 9 GoadertoLosdov. f�ir his Briunnick MajcRy^s Approha* tiaa. An dbe acodSaiy DiiDoruioos. vc ihaking_ for pui-caqi oiEaKadQii. mihout Delay, the grand Enterprize l^lfKaft'llwAlgeziBCs. AgreaiQnantitypf Tents have al-�cMlybeea km to Oiaa. for the Body of Troops afl'embted cbeii^ ~w�kk confifU of between la and ie;Ooo Men. Hat&awi foot. We flull Ii^ii on the Sea Side with the �kigiiipp I' |if^' tut. to fobitfi all ^-'clTds to �o Days Qaarenrinc which JfeM&l ciwsfrora any Fonsin the Mntitcrranean to thofe of the Two Sicilies, has decliccd to adhere thereto, tiil d!r2>cftcnajsa�xcn of the Depatation of Health at Rome ukttowa. ^Si^ae, Jlfj 51. 'Tis juftnow reported that our Galleys Its!^bi4 a brsik Engagement with the Barb;M'y pirates which tbey ��eot ia Poifuit of..and ti^en fomeof them. fiaasa, 11. An Edict has been publifhM here, cc^aiag, ihat for the futare, Dtferters ftall not be , {ieia&''4 �itti Dca:h, bji ihall ^ condemned to wock their mhe&t Litv ml the h'ortihcauods of. ftrong Places, and �sibeT ��!i�.�k ^'crks. Conventi aod all private Perfon* aw Ib^siddcn, ficidcr frvcre Penalties, from harhour^fig or Fn�.�6nig unern. ItV affared. that in � fltort "timtt vhrr Bdi& will appear, for feppreffiag of I..DXury, and by diat S^cau Sbe Rflin of many Families. Two (light Earth-qsL&gs b�ve lately beea felt her�^ bat ha,re done no Damage. UmJwt^ Jtast *o. Thm ore not only fome Apart-Btenis fMiwidcd for Marfha! Saj^e in the Ele(lorai Palace at Dtciks. bat� 6ae Hotel is prepared for him and his At- iH�a�wr, Jfum zo. Tliis Year every Colonel will review In owe Ri^tSM�t. bat the next his Majetly is expcdled kac 10 tii;X2oi^^ W^h'SIecdp^isto^l to ' m airJ!^..�, recpk'iikttiaf^btt &orW be iBade for K�Ta-Scotia*. Tfiomal.BreM^; h �i^itt^ 0M� of theOraomt of the BedcH�|ttberrUilder-thtfKU|ht't}6||t. tlfcXord Chanxr berlain of bit MajeAy'a l�ott(hiMr And Mr. l^b^t^ Ptarif, T*Br 16- As the Weather continues very cold, it\%l^caded that die Vintage this Year will neither be &^wnd csrfp j^cotifbi a� the ymsr 24- Letter* from MacArtcht advife. that cm Maarice of NafTau, and Count Gmnf-fcU. fiaoald be admitted into tixcir College upon which l&ey were usiaiuasoaily elected, and thii Morning they wnv iBtroduood. and look the Oaths and their Scats ac  ^BOs&M^y in the AScmbly of the Sutcs of Holiaiid. LONDON Bc�des all ibc Meafores taking by the Algerines for ficir D^sce agaisft the Spaniard?, the I?cy .md he Kc ^IBscy have cooununicated their UncafiQcfi to (he Hcpub ^icksof Tunw and Tripoli, in Alliance wtcii them, an J �:�a�ci bj> Treaty to fuccoar ihcm io eak- &{ Need. f Wiirtlic^h awolntetl one of the GiiDdetnch IJIh^ nM X^JiBrterly "Waiters in'Ordinary -FlMi)ei�'Vounc�';�i�ittaft ^efti Efin Is hppoim^d Serjeaitt of all hi* MajeftyS Caniji^n;i>8ndt)yet the Ycobeuf of tke Cariiagcf, and yeoroeo Riders, ^ ' ^ Tlte Lady NoRit� Ririift of Sir John: Karris, lica at the Point of Death; being givicitoVcr by the Phyjiciaiis. ,Laft Week the l*4y Carolji** P^�fliart� tya� iafcly de-Uven�l of a JD^aughter, at his LtkrQi(bip't.Houfe in Soitth-Au^leV Street. ^ - . ,W>ftiatn Blaekftoie, fi^^^^ �� niiafiHlly ehoifen Recqriler of WaUingford,' Berks, in the rooinol Mr. Richmond, wWhai resigned. Qn Saturday in the 'AjfternocMB fend, Vefler^y gr�vt Daniago was done to fev^M8�ins in the Rivet bythje high-Wind:  / ^�-�^M*'f- : �� ...: On' Saturday a Brentford ^(iF^^ti^^^**^*^*!?^ comiag 4own the River with i$)Ml.rtim i^f^itilii^^^ Piei�i �f the new Bridffi �t Wcfkmihfteir, attd dVeriilt, b�tt feveral Boats pHttingoff. fav*d with �>iffitfiil^ all the Faf-' (etjg�!r�. , .________ 0�,JRiidaydiedjHta'�i� todglags in'Fi^ Thomas Butler. Efqilatc a Captain in Colonel FraaerVRcgiment of Marines, lately arriv'd from the Weft-fnditf. The Tfoftccs Qf thevlnfirmaiy in janeS'SjRftet. Weft-minfler, lately� Tecqv*4 from Mrs..id;titia Watiiig. the Executrix of Mrs.n Mary Rca, cieceiui'dt 1801. 134. beiiig a Moiety of the Refidue of her -Bilatef after l^ayrakftt her i>eh(i' and v^egaciei, parfuant to the Wfll of the Tettattix. . ' : '. ; On Thurfday two Fellows, one nwn'd Xooldfon, wrre taken at h Tfoufe near Bow/ on;the.Infouifi^tiwn of one of_ their A^compriccs, cltarg'd with dlvera ftouLcries on the Highway. TiieGat*g they beiongldjo ii fa�d to confilt of fifteen, ,inoft a Gentleman f rofling the. ;Roai):at sheEtidof^UteiippeiiJi/loarticlaA, .wastlirowpJown �t the Shop qf the Proprietor, johit Sir|e, Eswrat^. in Sp. Paul's Churc.h-Yard, foif ��. fed. the Set. fhsre* Set t IS. 6d. etiually cotreA �ritH the above, acd mncXfttPC' rtor to thofe let forth by the Scale Seikti at tod. whidi wiU appear immediately to thofe who hAv�� wnwartSy par-chas'd thcitt, and wilt do themfelrcs and me the juaica make the C'omparifon. B A N K R O P T 8' ' Tiiomas Roberfon, of Coleman-StreetJ Quptntrr. John Waiter late of CatUe-Carry m Somnfctduar, Sergemake^. High Water at Loodon'Biidge this Day cr | Msnoita after a in the Mor�ii>'g, >ad 30 after a in the AtpttniBoa. * Sanrrday Bsnk Stlick �a�~Vj6 a % 4th. InSia Siaelt^ 187. $aatK Sea Steck; BO Piter. r>ino Old .Aonttiiiw, toy I half. Ditto New ic6 1 4th."' Bit;k .Aumuitka \^^6, 165 7 Sths  3 4ths. Ditto ST47, IC4 ji 4th�. Ditto Lottery 1747. 105 j 4d�4�7 8ttt�. Riunk Annot* tics 1749. 104 3 4th�. Ditto �7J9. iC4 3'ath�. Thfc* Afr ^Plriee. Ca^ifti Copper tJ. Serenpcr Cmti. fAjtefov^i'LOath �4i. ^Fire prr CeiatV dino; Jioiids,-^!..:^ t^. Ptetn. -y'r � _ ^- � ' Piiti Shtfffiiw, � ASicefore, cali*d 'Whiifi^n IJgUday^." 'i'he w|>ole to, fontlude with the Triumphs oi Pciice. .niitannia, Mt>. Mil�s ; Mars.' Mtp .M j To prevent'impo&tipns by'diiiunifh'd and� coanterr(,it Money, (here ara made ten ufcful 'and curious Weights for the following Pieces, via. a Guinea, a Half-Guinea, a Three-1*011 ncTTwelve, a Thirty-Six-Shilimg, ai� Eighteen-ShiUJtig. a Nlnc-Shilling, a Four,-Sbilling-and-8iXTPiy! to weivh, ���d on the other the Value, fo that they are nor InWe to ,Ltt niidook i!l uflng. To be Itad at Mr. Sheepcy't. 4t ll'oik-ilc^ bouthwark, Bookfcilcrsj Mr. Pinchbeck's, ftcinv thcfliy-Maxkcti Mr, KirkV, ntxc Norntumbcrlind-lfuufc, p RdttliiNdt^; a� Pt�>w yylbeM, tl>�.t��a^^ rifS Day is (Prke is,) t thtFir/mmmitrtf * Aiw fst�mlrf( ^l^'itt^Vit.C��klisi. at tteOMMbl w U&>��,Stm�, Kotr, The S�mii4 K��(>v is teO* IVr6. ��l�iS U M�fli*il m rkt tft of toty I a�t thi PttUwiiwa sMO \tt nt4t*t�r CMittaaieomxht tuft Psy ^,wqy Moitth.. _ t fBtsJ>fi^ispuhBJb% (Pri(?i4.6M:r . T GNDO^r and mttmlKSEX by atraesa4�{�ai^;lttSJ^ On Saiui'^yt Jeg^^ mil U 'pmi^% . Na I. ff Ar �tM.'ii0'Jl ^^>f�dtfy} ' ; A New and ttiJi Critkal�, Bigr�phic*t m\ iTlL OMimpl^Hiftasyoi SCOtLAKtPf (Ml�3�4�r71t�iti�M� .fiRUVK ��� the prtWdS Tf�*f ] igiA ;isB|if>i�(* A*h:M-fseit Uiofl irnnrk�b.E \V,�t��i�n(i-,.n�s i .�4afM>,to'Ur. Urittikf, im New ft>n>'$rr^t; Mr. TiMisfui. Psfae,jb ltna�i-C�vrC in the HuuMt. Bauk&nn�i (�t�Mt�;0 tiktw KaKnlwil wt/a 4�l�n'4. . , Kotc, Tfctrc will k %�(i�wa lbs Hli-ity fi';fii�d kicie tht NqmWi*. a��i ifat^wa K��wrj ' " , i � By ihc Commiffi mcrs for V'tdtaliitig 'his Majelly's N4vy. WHKREjIS ai�w> PfT^ liKtt hsJ Stmt af M�fff t/ Bxfh^U 'V^Htb Aaw yjBfrf -eimTf/^ m Afr-.yh ugaii^t/lmti "� *� i*** Kjttrt U mJlViLt^m'ithtUn.-* bud amf Mif�f imt*tfidl*t ibtm fkmm situ Ojh*. mr .^iiaur jfif/X'j, txamim^ti �W ft^'Jt* Jtar tht fmm^ ikat tkffdt fimffyiittb dt/kfir /Aw >�to tiat � �n*r /* fs^ tkJr^AemwH, and tiMTth^ titur tbt tm^p�Pim�m^g tmt ^igait^ tUim, t�d frt^uKt /JUir htiig r^tvmfdlatf.tkt.Bjt*../�.-i �vJte� ttiH f>tid mmd tiun^^d ta igf-r^h !'�/; tL.Tt ; ItK/x /i �.i.f S^Ujf Utdi PjnySSJ i'.n.l Li^^tr Mj� J f^fij'^ tifi^tmjki'm iNtOj^it utjit.-t^t: Bl.'j, iji.iKtJ ..' I /.../�."/#