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Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 28, 1943, London, Middlesex r �J * 'J via.; 3753 R IDA 1t VARY 2$ 743 hitter the 742 Writer df OBSERVATIONS on a illy Poll 0/ the iotb of J-anux effd to the Proprietors of the South-Sea Stock. I. Knight, till the Year 1720, was as generally efteera'd as known; and if he fell in that Year, when fo few flood, a good-natured Man would chiife to recoiled* fuchCircumftances as might extenuate (and many fiich there were) rather than aggravate k� ffenlt  But iriftead of this, the the Letter in the pkily Poft of'the zoth inftant, after ton-eluding Mr. Knight gpilty, fropi the Preambles ctf feveral A&s of Parliament, (which have been thought by many iinprejudiced Perfons very extraordinary, both as to the Matter and Manner of pafling them) has ^ffirm'd, that JWr. Knight ftands thereby charged as indebted cany-in no lefs a Sum than .8600001. If Truth would ferve the Turn* every Man would ufe it* but when it will hot, fojne Perfons are not f Means, even when they; 'are ceafuring cthen for want of Hoheffy. If the Letter-Writer could inake the Proprietors believe, that Mr. Knight was really. Debtor to the Company in fo great a Sum as 8600001, this, befides the Tendency it would have to inflame the Proprietors agaiiift jhim, would lead them to think that a great part of that Sum may probably remain in his Hands, and confequepdy to look.upon any Sum he may offer as a Trifle 1 Whereas had the Writer informed the Proprietors, (as the Fa�t is) that in an A& made (amongft other Things) for Payment of Mr. Knight's Creditors, {which Payment was obftru&ed by the Company's Claim) this great Sum was mentioned barely as a Claim entered before the Truftees, and that this Chum had not been profecuted; and. at the feme time had told them that 700000 L of itarofe, not fro Money received by Mr; Knight, but on the contrary, from 'theSubfcribers to the 3d and 4thSubfcription having faiPd to ^ay their Subfcription-Money ; and that this Deficiency had been reported to the Directors in the beginning of Auguft and that the Refidue of the 8600001- had" been good a Suhfeffc, and cjerfar'd to them, that for the iture there Qioukt be no fcrime Mmifter. It's aflur'd that the Troops that co -Jarihad Belleifle are upon their March,~ in order to come and take up their Quarters in tranche ComtL An ExtraS of a Letter from the Hagu e, dated Jan. 25. * The Peputation which the States of Holland a few Days * ago fent to the Brille, in order to peribade the Council e of that Town to:defift from .oppofing the Refoltftion * which has been taken for fupplying the Queen of Hun-' gary with 25000 Men, is returned, and has therein been ' luccefsful; but,the, laft that was fent to Dort is not yet ' reti*rifd, ;and for that Reafon 'tis hoped they have like- * wife fucceeded, otherwife, 'tis thought, they would * have feturaM immediately. The De&beratioh of the * States General upon this Affair very much embarrafTes c the Marquis de Fenelon, who ufes his utmoft Endea-? vours to traverfe it. He has wrote about it to his f Court, which is greatly alarmM at it, andjs not a little extraordinary Efforts of Great Britain, r the Queen of Hungary with the The Duke of CumbaHand, Wall, the. Trytoii, Saandefy from Virginia, theT'agus, Clements, .the Thomas and Wduy, Mercer, from Lilbon, and the Rebecca, Baker> from OpoVto,, ai-e.arriv'd at Dover. 1 - in order to Succours (he * 720 vefted .which had yielded to the Company about 1960001. aftc Payment of the Company, and all his other Creditors continually in Conference with the principal Members of the Government, and oxnhs nt> Opportunity of pointing oat to the States General the Share into which the Courts; of London and Berlin would draw them, in pre&ng their High Mightineffe;5 to accede to the defenfive Treaty concluded between thefe two Courts.* In the laft Confe-rence which he had with the Prefident of th^ Aflembly, he exprefs'd himfelf with a good deal of Warmth, and in very clear Terms in refpeft to this Acceflion, faying, That if their High MightineJJes fhould enter into the defen-five Alliance which was proposed to theqi* it would be manifefting to all Europe, that they difirufted the Conduct of the Emperor and the moft Chriflian King. ' Notwithftanding the Iqtrigues of the French Ambaf-fador, the Baron de Reifchach has fo far gain'd his Point as to obtain the Province of Holland's Contingent of the Wedn'efday Mr. Thomas Crump, qn eihinent Xtfpn? monger, at R".tci;ft-Grofs^ was .married, ta Mife Spdirell, only Daughter to Cape. Spurreil, Commander in the HudfonYs Bay Company's Service. . On Tudtiay laft the lie v. Mr.. Jofeph. 1^ thbur^ M. Af was prefeiited by''the liightRev, the Lprd^iftopc^ Hy t r : And the Rev.,Mr. Lionel Seaman to the Rcflt^ry of Merfton in the, County of Somerfet., / . , ' %\ Alfq (fbfii- R^?. Mr.' John: Parker to the Vicarage of Kew-bold upon Avon in the County of Warwick."'. i} Laft Night between-Nine and Ten o'Clock, a Fire broki out in a Houfe in Southampton-Row^ the next but one to the Fields, and in a, ihort time confum'd the faxn^4 Yefterday died Mr. Samuel Naffi, Porter of Si. Bart____ mew's Hofpital. , Yeflerday two Men pretended to pick up; a Ring,in Cornhill, iqt the Prefence of a young Woman,., who bought k for feveh* Shillings \ immediately^after /fufije&ing the Cheat, fhe went to a "Goldfmith in Lombard-Street.- whri "tpltt her it was Brals; upon which (he went back* and met with both the Rogues, arid cfiarg'd a Cbnftable-wit^ the Peribn thaj took the Money, who Carried him before .the Right-Hon. the Lord Mayor; and his Lordihip Committed him to Wo�d-Street-Compter. Yefterday Morning,, juft above Bridge? as a Weft-Country Barge was going to Bear-Key, one of the Men belonging to her having a Necefiity to go alhoar, attempted to jump into a Boat that put off to him, but miis'4 his Mark' arid nis'd the Qu was fent hi The Amount a Day or tfro ago in lour Iron Chefts, and was fpeedily to be tranfported to Amfterdam, to be there converted into Ducats, and afterwards fent to Vienna. Gold is now fo fcarce, that Ducats are rifea to five Florins, fix Sols, and a half went down, and was drowned. * We hear that fundry Members of the Company 0f Joyners of London, who have in Defiance, of.their Charter and Bye Laws xefus'd to appear on a great Number of lawful Summonfes. whereby they have forfeitec Writer were the&me, which, upon better ther Expe. departed th now fent hi away with the agreeable News of his having Money to xaife lU^its^Hh.* L O N D O ----m it^ed. It is likewife a^rua'd in the Le ttcr, that Mr, Knight hasJknt ieveral hundred thoufand Pounds of the Company's Money, which may be loft for want of his Evidence : If this Faft k 'true, 'tis ftrarige that it fhould be known only to the Writer of this Letter; andbeforeitis believ'd, fome better EVidence of it will be expefted, than the bare Affirmation of one, who does not appear to be very cautious in affirming Fafts. The introducing the Cafe of Mr. Waite with the Bank, on thisOccafion, could proceed from nothing but the Pleafure of making an ill-natur'd Comparifon; which the Writer would furely have denied himfelf had he confider'd the Difference between the two Cafes. Mr. Waite is fuppos'd to have carried off what he was entrufted with : Mr. Knight,^ [ Bl-igadier*Geneial Blakeney, Col. Martin The Minifter of.Hungary detain'd the Courier of the , fee -Warni t0 ^ Lbinet of the Queen, m order to know before he i , _ . ve forfeited feveral ve lately been foed e, they have thought It .is Kop'd this will N. Exprefs, with Advice have come to a Refolucion of fending 200Q0 Men immediately to join the Forces inBritifh \ q Pay, in or^ier to fuccour tlie Queen of Hungary, over and above 20000 which are to frarnfon the Barrier Towns. Yefterday an Exprefs arriv'd at the � when he left the Kingdom, had in his Cuftody 2600001. of the Company's Bonds, and, in his iPower nerar 200000L of the Company's Cafh; all which he defignedly left behind him,- from a Principle of Honour and Integrity, for the Company's Ufe, iriftead of taking them away as the Means of making his Peace. Perhaps the Writer of the � Letter, rather than not find Fault, may blame Mr. Knight's ; Indiscretion in this Particular. Confidering the malicious Spirit which appears throughout  this Letter, and another in the Daily Poft of the 24th jnfranr, (which is probably the Work of the fame delicate . Hand) it may be thought unneceiTary to have taken any Notice_of either 1 but left any Perfons fhould' think it impdfible for any Man, how eftabliih'd foever his Character faight'be for Ill-Nature, and the Want of Decency* tp knifreprefent Fa�ls in fo grofsa manner, it was thQught proper, for the Sake of Truth and )uftice� tbmake^iefe Iffcw Obfelyations. ^ - ; The Letters fpare no Body. The Writer act contented , with mifreprefenting Mr, Knight's Cafe, has irifiriuated, in a Manner ea'fily underftodd, and defign'd to be fo, many ( fcandalous and groundiefs HefleSions on Perfons of the higheft Rank; and has treated the Dire&ors (whofe pajft , Coriduft fidly juftifies the Proprietors'Choice of them) in fuch a ntannerx that if the Proprietors, in .general were to imitate his Example, none but Knaves or Fools would accept of fuch a Truft. Offic /tajefty's Ship the Worcefter, Capt. Cleland, Jamaica, on Wednefday Afternoon. Cqlebrooke, __ m _v Mafter-Geheral of the Forces at Jamaica, and feveral Officers and Gentlemen ;of Diftindion, came Pafien- gers in this Ship. Bv a Letter have Advice, that on t War put into Beerhayen d of their Oaths of Admfffion, ai|d prevent all low Methods, fuch as giving Money td-tKeReadJes to fcreen them from doing their Duty, and bearing and paying their Scot and Lot. ^ . We are informed in a ihort Time will be ptibliih'd foihe Paragraphs out of a true Copy of a. circular Letter fent td feveral Diflenting Congregations, fign'd S-1 -W---n, rm-n; with an Anftver to feveral felfe Jiepfefentationd confain'*d therein of the Naticmal Church* and iti firft Eftablifhment.. - ' { Such Quantities bfRuiii are lately arriv'd. from Jamaic^ that the beft fttll Proof is fold at the Pqnch-Houfe bbhind the Royal .-Exchange, for 7 s. 6 dv a Oallpn. -It- M verjr remarkable, .that no other Houfe is authdrn&'d t& retail Punch arid Spiritoui Liquors (under the prefent Aft of ParKameritj hr Great Britain: Of 38 Carjriag Erigageme near the to England. Yefterday an Account t caine frdn> Cherburg, that t Englifli Ships, viz. two JaienWitK ^e-Goods'from Lon bound to Jamaica, and one laden with Beef, bound: J Waterford to Havre de\ Grace, were all. taken by Spaniards, ^nd fent into,UwLt'PorL "but does not-mention their: Names. . � Yefterday was held a General Court of the So'uth-5fa; Oompaiiy, whWa iJividerid.of-i % V&s ^as declared;due oa |the (Comp*ny's ^tbek CHrlftmas iaff^ payable, th( time a Motiou, was raade, that on Mr. j^ight!s (,i�ying 100001, he ihould be djfcharg*d i but Rebates arifiug,.a Motion was made.that the/feme be decided by JJallot next Thuffday,, ^KicLwas agreed ^to. .'. ' ' ' .This J% ftfe. Waite, late Cafeier of the ^aok. -will be; examined at Guildhall beibre-one of the Iiord Chi Jn the Cuftody of. it Tipftaff at an foil Suirday tiext twb^Ghatity Seririoris wlfl-bepreach'd at St. Sepulchre,.for. the Benefit of the Chan% Girl^s of that Parifh j that intbe Morning -;by; the Right gev.."^^ lit God Martin Lord Bifepp of Gloucefter^ ;a&b thjit & the AftenioQn by!the ?UyC Mr, gur^tt, of,St.Jajn Jinniblyveraveiaeave t^mm:m^^^�^^J^^ ,tbimRunfeoowri^eroiis^nefa^ors,^ diate equal,, ., ^ey hum% defire toieturn.their^hearty;^hanks unknown Bene^a5&r, /qr a.'.^haldron of Coals fern ou Saturday la:ft- 'riorether with ah jaJTwered^yided, as aJfo will;be ihe Br6^ tke'fncentbf^tlie worthfDonors , '-( . , , -  w Xift Week Mr* Thomas Grant, late Aidant to^tb? $fzit$r Yard at Sheernefs,. in the room of Mr. Milter; tjeeea^ d. tht man bury ftiday M thefkhM*�^ Jswa, |;i ^ ^ ^ ^j^R^eje # returh-d. h^'f ufedr,^ Jdfid * - j Deal, January 26. GA M E down, the Gordon, and the Sea-Nymi)h? both Tor Jamaica; the Hedor, and the Chefter, both for Antigua ; th^ Elizabeth, and - the Enterprize, both fpr Barbadoes-.; the Bacchus, and the George GaHeyy-both fpr j Mahon, and remain with the Ships as pert laft. , Arriv^, the Shark Sloop from a Cruize'; the Great Britain^ Cropk-ftaiaks, and the Judith, Holland, Iboth from Barbadoes,; 4md the Pifmire, St. B;irbe, from Faro. The Mortar Bomb is put back. . Wind W. S. W. . Yefterday -arriv'd a Mail from. Fr an c h, ', ^ U -B L I: G (R: ... n>h. arid for fhe Benefit of'Mahki Ijt to-their-'Coache rpofe; till lately reebmtnended to Mr. k