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  • Publication Name: Daily Advertiser
  • Location: London, Middlesex
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  • Years Available: 1743 - 1848
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Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - February 25, 1749, London, Middlesex S A T R t) A Yt FtAiitrA^. 1749 Will mm i tbe llcin!�ad, Tutt, ukI ihe r hrads , GW-WltU Pike. b(Kk for Ply inoa(i>; ami � Ship for MaKdllcs. \yiiM! E. bf S. . il�M^�4 / be feat a� fodii'is poffibje to Wybo;irg, Frdleridcftaia. afcd other Piatei th Circiia and Ridtaa Finhod* � �rdcr to fupi^ly ^ Magazlaea there'.with Pit>Tili|3its; for So or iTOoofli^-licil. inmle^^ lo ofder laexsbrfe ii^itikl9(HfeC�(Rv'iut JMa thanks prtfpei' iH (end iti 8i(iUiikeni� tttott tliia Sotma to ihiMc Co�rt� |M are Mita^ijM 18. A 9��e auay Pioliif lleUcmen are latftly atlfrA tart^^M^ Ikatc fircqaeat Conferences with the Mcniten of theJlMticy, tsmoetaxa* due Elt^ao of yiaimt, Ftk ti. The. ESUb �Ua> 'IWy|inl Count it Bemes, to affiue the JEaraicfiHiif �Kafia, thatir fQiitrary to aU, Espcaadoas aay Tf^^Ub Ihetdd aii^ H KoTth^ the Etnptcfi Qkcs wvioKl fnd to her ApAaac^^tiie B^s dF^iniwty Tbpom ivhieh ftw.laa ca^ .IJiitlMJiirt^rt^^ ait: here'�rii.�rMrcd forthwidi 10 It is fan!, that Advice baj been reasinA (mm SUtSm, thu thf 6t9i ikAamn of the Ritffian Aiudliariea, cOwatasKkd by Major General De GaIIa�-in, has kft Moiada; that the (ecdod was to follow tbe 18th 1 and the thivd die a|6^. It'aafliired. that the �inp own. Ourgp. Mr. Oe �iiff Connfellor and Mincer from tbe King of Great BHtain as EIo:lor of Haaorer, wiil bare a pabiicfc Aadi* ence of their Itnj^ritl Majsfiics the i6xh. uai it's tho�^ be �riU foon reccire from the Haads of the EmKrar (he Inreititare of the EIeflot�te of Hanover, as Repsdcntadve of bi� Britannick Msjeily. The MatqBiis de Botta, Prine MiaUUf to Prince Charles of Lorrain as Gotrcsnor of tha Low Countries, willfoon fct oat for BruScli. but the Time of the Deparuirfc'of hb Hi^inefs hiacfclf is not yet bxed- They write froai Tntofilvania, that then hxi beea a kiad of I'ttutth there, nppo account of a Cathtdkk who was arretted ht embracing the' Prottilam RcUgiaa: bat that by the CaK which the Goremmcnt bad takcsi, it was foon appeafcd. laitei, Fek 13. Letters firwa Nerra. Re�d. Riga, &c-adyilc, that the Krohibitiens againft fending Cora 10 fbretgn-Coiintriies are obTervcd with die otma& Rigour } and that they are very at cntive to all Strangers tfas: arxitre there, of whom if they cnteitain the leaft Stifp:ciaa. ihcy are either anrcfted, or obligjcd io.,rctirc ia twcafy-four Hours. ; Hamlttrfh, f,h. tt. The I�S Letters from SsKlhala advUe. that M. Wend, MioIOer from the Kitg of I>en' mark, hu Lucly had a long Confemce with the Coant de Tcffin, wherein he alTur'd that Prime Mini9cr. that what Turn foever die AS^ in dte North might take, his OaniO) Uh^dtj woold perfiji ia iwk Rdbl^tion of rdi-fiauUV obfcTKiDZ die Trcutea which fnUUl bctweea Oe two ftoww i adding, that thcjoomcy whtcb the Ring b�a MaOer propofed to take into Norway, bad oa other Objca than to vifii the pribdpal Pons iberr, md to pvc the nccefTary Orders for t^paioag then They write from Paterlbourgns a Thing certain, that Coant Muaich will /hartly retern from bt^ Exile i bat People do not �gae� , about the MotUe of thiV Step -. Sooxc pt^tcsd that he Mill t�ire to hit Eflate in Gernosy; and otisers, that 10 cafe WAt, he will be agiin cof.{oycd in tbe Armio. KeHJhn, Fei. 14. 'Jhey write ffcm Wutzbourg. ih*." tba Vhapur of that Cadkcdral will psocerd oa the 4ih or W of next Month to tbe EtactioR or a new Bitbop We M�r Uiat befidei tbe KUCiot of Mcntx and forac othtrt. one of the Brothers of the Bifliop of Bair.b�^g -.$ a Candidate, and hiu � coofiderabie I^any in hb Intcrcft. Wtf, F$p. 8. Mr. Cotillantine PinelJi. one of the Dapnties of the RcpuUick of Genoa at the Coogrcfi which Was held heie, fct out from, hence a few Day* jgo, aod we bear that be retook PoiFciSon of Vcntimiglia u tfcc ^jnt of ihc Rrpublick flic 4th ioftaar. and on the 6:h W ''^ Savona, as J all t�e other PUcc� la itc JwtStrn Riviera. We are Uke�s..fe io'oui'J. thai tb� * toopt th�kt were at Genoa ire aftjilly so fjll iii�ich to ^'�'a'O Provence, except a CdiU fctoey, >khi|y \)tt rttir*d. Proper M^uf^ lee golnf tVin|;b Popalacn; a�d Uia Hotel diVillr a|t itii MaKoifi^f^ were finch^ ilhimiaatad.: | ^ng^ A^.a6. Theboilirieitj laiflaria Ictit tb Verfaifte�I ,withtijL�.w. crraiog the E�iqjaatU>a!i, came b((Pt.|�r-MonS; ago. wiA Orders l^lhe Mid C*f niu %rK�ni vv'll U� jiuacVJ at �iu^ Pitith Chwtcb of 8t. ^fttti.>l�nr4*�r *� CU�U{>va of i>�tt! W^iaera aiid BiaaA^aitt �tnl� c h4nty {^vhu^i i tkmt^a cv(St i Hf:V i�|iit::ii*�, * Fo.tle). Jiaauhcf ok St> Be;^^i^l*. :^ = The fams Df^y iv^iH C;Mit/*S.T��'�'.ii y^4Jil.(l* pr>r�ti|^ l^*. : $i, Mairy at Rnihefhirff; f.t tbk tk^^m ni xM thakity*. ' >(^ldr4fl b�|6n|i% to tho-fudi iWlar ti ingb. tKeHrrv iVir Ki�.titig, R'.d'j* ui't that in tiw Mm . ... ....... ^.;M4ri{n Out- . wicKt *x\i thm iv ^hv^' 4*Vef:�eOu by lh� Rev. Mf.laiiH Let'kttrfr 0/. �t A'>\ vvHUiw AlH� prepMrcd^Mfl^ H^asquaintu the !�(tbb\'U.! that he I il of that Wari!,,lini5 W)ci Sst^ceri, of v�?4��u� iMrnV', �! from cnticdy emoted die tftbWkbi L O. . N The Pntlen jnid Awi� Ckpt. � lilands boaiNi fdr Fii^iafite, was only eight of the Fea^ favVI. The Lords of the Trcal^rjr Gordon to be. Survtjox' of tlt� BdiriMtrgb in Scbtlaad, in the deccw'd. . ^ V The Lords of tha Adntinihy \a orWar:atPdrt!itt�th Into. Co.. Command^.Ciipt. John.MQore."-C^. Henry Kirhifdfon is � Na':iu}o's Regimontuf i>ragotiit)�,j qocre of the Dnke of boiocffet's' Captain in hi� roorn. On WedticrdBj l^lght lift TJ the late Sir (of�pb jekyli. Mailer rkd at St. janKs^s to Lady A�a Eirl of Halifax. A lew Days �oce died Mi(s .. of the late Sir John^ Bland, Bart. OaTbuirfday tried bifore the RensH f Jtl^ctt at Hicks-Ualt, a Ferftm for making ati Aflault upon one WilKam likhoUf, by gtyiiig him three Mibs with a P�ir of Scifihfs. one Wound upon bit Fopi&chd, another upon bti Nofc. and another on the ri^t SMe df hiS^Ribs. The Jivy ftwnd the Perfoo guilty, and :the Court paiTed 9r!n-tence, that he be fined $ol. and. ha imprifonid in his Majdly's Gaol of Newgate for o^ Year. - Lad Ni^t a Man wascomini^ed toMewgste^for couli* terfciting Guinea*, by raifing Stepny* on dh^ing�, .�ad gilding them. - We learn from Wiocbcfler, that the County poal th^e. was Corcc ever known to be fo full of nOtii^iout Qdmi-oals as it is at prcfcnt, there being between forty ani) fifty already gn the Kalendar; and what is renuukable, there are fome amongft them for alm^ft every CrionB that can oe named, except Trcafon; viz, tcit Ibr wilful llidunler, an4 five coomitttd on the Statute of Subbing; three for a Rape,'an J enej..fQr.Sodooiy, one for the ili|di.wav; throe .4br Heuf^reaking, two fdr Horfe Healing, one for For* gcTy. one for Smuggling, two for rrcciviog ((oleo Goodi, the reft are for various Xmds of Thefts. . OaThurfday Night, between Nine and Ten o'CIock. thirtedi Men and s Wouian of the Tranfpotu, lying again!! Marygold-Stairs, Southwark, found Meant to make their Efcapc tn a Qoat. On Tburfday Evening a fingte Highwayman GOtDroitted .fereisi Robberies near bouih-Mimi.' Laft WedneTday Evening, about Five o'CIock, a ServaAt Maid at Will's CWce-Houfe ia Cornhill was robbed in theMinories near the Vt^lualiing Office by Tlx Tellows, drefs'd in Sailors Habitj, of two Guineas, two Pieces of Etgbt, ar.d nine ShilUogi in Silver, who afterwards gave bet a vioicot Blow on the Bread, atid maile off. notwuh-iboding thcie were feveral Petjple paflihg by at the fa:nc tiae. loaiotrow there wjlj b� a publick Examination of iltc Ch4�ity Children of Do�vgate Ward, at the PariOi Ctittrch rc4ch at the l'�rl(h Ctiarch of St. Mary le-Strand, to recommend the Education of tttc Chuiiy Children b--ion^iag to ituit i'ari(h. Tomorrow Evening a Charity Sermon will be prrach'd in the hr^ih Churcti of St. Giles without Lt pplegste. Lo.idon, for tbe ikncfit ocl Smc#f(k. of v�?4iu� f>rnv', bv�dt* Yeverai^liiMr V TKwi* ts vieii f^r Ufa �t Om^mnU �yhi;lf haprapt** .,tO cifffr ro Silc on Tv^tTiay mm, \hi t^i MMit^ t| ibe ' � at Chtl^jt^Jto^ij jAUh Ttp�* d�Wf|�bo�rt- 0f St. .tamctS 8ir L>�Mii$e on a Pivft.^L(!Sn^ M.tnA ^raXrhsfcau} iftltM Chjrjia iii^M^y>|:atii|i.�Ar (l^rdi->Srlr.jf^ �*i �'l5 A N Aca)uu| Of i Vqy^ (o^ th�Pa^v�i'|f aM"�aiii^,j.- e^aw:-ai| may , F�l�� vi W.'. - r�. -mm^ .illwr'4 fvtlwra at Mr, Cir* rX|�ttf ttt tjtit (^iiig th� KMii(a4tf uf _ OFFICE./Feb. 4. tr^9. Mdfiiid rtn ^(eemt�F�tiiUfti*t(^, S(Uitft*r ft hhMtJfj^p . tugfAt^nkuthCofin ifhti......-^ t4tktn t� fi^atti tit Oj^mmrtethh >G& tkt CdrmH w Mtr'tHr Sittft, fhtfirfttf ahtilt^^ fm; �ml lilftr 't/miokt �79 Tt0t, iviib ftut tiauiPumfi u tatkyMt tbi^ iitw lis at k(t Mojtfy't Ti$r4 at Wtttwi^h { ^vjktft ijH^ mof it -uliWdhf jHth Pitf�Ht at art imtliaMif* h st^d tit J�id Sa/f, ttmd it4/�r (k,mi � � Dtp^ / t'M rk rtto, ti t0 if md ftrt&if^ SU�f4t and PHrtumLn, mJt Ptrfru ujht /hall Muni tii /aid Sail #rv. fa tAtt N�iif ti*r*t/, and tamtftfa'td'ftr that P^ff/i | and italtft tit Ftujiif a*d Si�*pi Jo fu'fialid pmll it faid -/tr and taitu ufttr tit Dtf^ Salt, tit Otf$fit Jkail ht ftrfiittfl, and it joint til Prtftrtf^^_thi. CVtya. "MiddUfftit Ihfftntl/tr^itk aad^idmr, aid Liihi'tn marti, J U'^t'ntrif. "' TPJE AnnlvcrUry Senior-, for the Benefit of Om Chijncy, wijl U jusadi*-! bv Refttin^ Mr. AttU-deacon Yarii c,v, at St. Arm � Ctturcb, WelimiriiT'^i, on t'lxfiiay, Mir�h 7. * " ' Ihtu �' Ciutk nrfc.ftly. STEWARDS. :i� will 6e a umttt al ctie St. Alt�ri.'� Itifun, i�. Iwuej'j. at TtttM Cioik nifc.ftly. �' STEWARDS. } S. aiCftARO RBOWOOI), til�, I Mr. jOiiV t rTT, $ Mm44�f ihs Ropltmihtugt, Ant |h�ir Cj^ in rJt!'�m�nt. PuNick NotUe ii herttry givtn^ ^T^WtW the Tri^tecs f.r Mr John Caf,'! JL CiiJrity, MlU meet iri U>� $d>��l-ft*v0i th* Coma yf fbuMtio diu-K wiiKvut On I hurflay the qih u tt letl, ifA